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  1. Im watched Torley Linden's youtube video about Merchant Outbox..I did everything same what he said..At last opened my Merchant outbox and nothing happened..(1.shock) ok it should be my mistake..uninstall sl viewer and firestorm then "clean install"..tried first with sl viewer..same..MO didnt work..then tried with Firestorm..same ..nothing happend..(2.shock) my merchant outbox didnt synch with MP..im using latest ver. of Firestorm and Sl viewer..Tried both..Nothing Happend.. Now..can anyone please tell me what is going on? my marketplace page is down and im sooo tired of being try..i saw many merchant who is using direct delivery..what is this..a magic? Please note that: i tried; open Received items folder+merchant outbox...didnt work.. i have no magicbox in world anymore.. log out from MP+log out from sl then log in to both..didnt work.. as you can see need help here..thank you.
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