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  1. Hi Thinkerer and Uchenna! Actually my company, Suzy"s Super Cast & Crew, is a casting service and talent agency based in SL. We've been operating for about three years now. We have placed actors in a number of machinima and live events and have always gotten high marks from our clients. Many SSC&C actors are well known and respected performers in SL as well as in RL. Uchenna (I did get your IM Thanks for contacting us and someone will be contacting you with more information.) For more information about SSC&C, please go to our webstie http://runninglady.com/sscc/index.html Best, Suzy Yue
  2. Welcome to SL, Rod Thanks for posting the pics! Looks like you're learning quickly, as your home looks very nice already. Being a noob can be fun in SL because everything is still an adventure. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome, Rod, and good luck. I hope runing Second Life will be a challenging and rewarding experience for you. I'm just one of many who are excited to see what plans you have in store for enriching the experience of Second Life residents. Take care!
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