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  1. This is all incorrect and unsubstantiated. Some will hire under 30 days, most wont. Payment info isn’t a normal requirement and the linden costs I don’t get where that comes from lol.
  2. Anyone is allowed to AR anything they want I know it was for sale, I was stating my own opinion on the matter.
  3. Honestly? Having details into WHAT you're getting into so the job hunter isn't wasting their time is a huge help. If it's escort services, then say that. No shame in it. But when I see these I think of all the facebook posts of "Hey want to earn money while living at home? Message me for details!" Which are always some stupid pyramid scheme.
  4. In most cases, I agree. When its just a huge prim blocking say a neighbors view just for an ad or statement? That's a bit overboard.
  5. nevermind my above comment, I'm not awake and didn't see you did that already If you have it set to group yes, then everyone in the group can. If it's set to no, then only those allowed should be able to build on it.
  6. Check mark the option I have highlighted on the role you want to have rezz option then hit save.
  7. At the Land meetings the cloud uplift has been a discussion for the past two I've been able to attend and they've said their goal is fall.
  8. I doubt anywhere official considering the last comment was what a week ago and they were on track for fall if I recall correctly? Huh? Land has been finite for awhile now, and the rental prices for most places have stayed hovering the same for years, except those taking advantage of it. It's not bad business that they aren't going to put new servers out when they don't have them It's called not having infinite resources
  9. Oh boy this is fun! I know exactly how this software works, I've used IPB since it was in the 1x branch. Along with vbulletin, mybb, phpbb and countless others. I've been utilizing forums when they were cgi based using text files. Trust me, I know EXACTLY how this forum and how forums work. I obviously know EXACTLY how it can embed, what it can't embed, what options admins have etc. I FIGURED you knew to hit ctrl v and paste the link. I've done it THOUSANDS of times before on this site, on my site, on 80+ other sites that have used the same editor with the same permissions in the p
  10. Like any modern bulletin board software it uses WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors like ckeditor. "BB code" is long since gone, where forum owners can decide what is or isn't auto embedded for security reasons. If it doesn't auto embed, it's not supposed too. There is no other editor. PS - The search works fine.
  11. is now hiring a Marketing Manager for it's businesses! Aethro needs your help in marketing it's estates, clubs and retail fronts within Second Life! We will be starting pay of 1000L/week with the possibility of higher pay based on performance. Requirements: Knowledge of how to use social media to attract talent and/or customers. Understand how to explain ROI for the possibility of any purchased marketing. Knowledge of Facebook Pages. Knowledge of marketing aspects in Second Life when it comes to estates, clubs and shops. Must be at least 60
  12. Club Dragon, located above the beautiful Dragon Vale region is currently looking for Hosts and DJ's to fill it's staffing needs! If you're looking for a team that isn't all pressure, and wants to party then this is the club for you to join! We have not yet opened however we are getting close to our launch date so needing staff is kind of important. DJ Requirements Must be able to do a show at least once a week We understand life happens, however we want people that are going to be dedicated to their fans. At least 250-300 songs in their library. Mixed
  13. I've worked in retail for 20 years...needless to say I've seen xmas freight as early as july. But nothing is as bad as living with my brother that played christmas music starting in august...until june Minus the year I literally threw out all his christmas music CD's hehe.
  14. Personally someone that says "You must pay me" makes me feel like they feel they're entitled and they will complain about anything I ask them to do. I wouldn't hire them. Be a bit more specific and explain who you are, what you'd like to do etc.
  15. If not at least it's a cute doggy to watch
  16. Depends on the real estate company. Some allow sub dividing parcels, others don't. If you rent the entire sim, most likely this is a yes, but again talk to your real estate.
  17. Um no... There are many ways to make lindens besides build and sell or become an escort. Buy and sell Land (needs startup cost) Be a host Be a customer service rep Join a RP SIM (opens up a ton of opportunities) Be a DJ Just to name a few other ideas.
  18. Just remember this is on my website that has the IPB software this is in no way saying they are going to put google authenticator or any other type of two factor on here I actually don't have google authenticator enabled on my site, I just did it for the picture hehe.
  19. This is what it looks like (if it was enabled and you could access those options) Note: this is on an IPB site I operate, it is not on this site.
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