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  1. I'm pretty happy in my classic Luskwood fox avatar. It was the first avie I put down money for, and it's still my main one. And writing for a newsletter here in Second Life, well, nothing like having a "fox reporter" look. Going about, there are a number of occasions in which I'm the only nonhuman around. It doesn't really bother me. I guess it does make me fairly unique. If my being around helps encourage others try try other options, that's great. But the general idea is "you be you." Please don't feel pressured to change to a particular kind of avatar just to fit in.
  2. I recommend these - https://slnewser.blogspot.com/search/label/SL video
  3. Hello Arabella, could you get in contact with me reguarding you getting booted from the sim. Due to the complaints I've been getting, have been doing a little investigation. Sorry I didn't contact you sooner. Bixyl Shuftan, Second Life Newser
  4. I never gave the account a separate display name.
  5. Some time ago, I created an alt for the purposes of learning about the new newcomer area. It hasn't been used in some months. When I thought about bringing it to a friends event (with the organizers knowing it was mine), I tried looking up the name (after checking a screenshot I took), and "Search" couldn't find the name, as it it vanished. Was this a bug, or do avatars not used for a while become subject to being erased?
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