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  1. Sim has been rented and is no longer available. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Since people have started offering them for 14,999/week, I'll reduce the rent to 14,998/week. Also going to relax a bit on the "non-negotiable" part... if you've got a reasonable offer, I'm opening to listening.
  3. Fair enough. Anyhow, still matching the price, but not going to compete by dropping it lower.
  4. Wasn't my intention to start a price war, I'd thought Luna's sim had already sold. However, now that we're here, I'll match the US$975 plus fees asking price.
  5. Alternately, offering to sell it for US$1000 + transfer fee. See details.
  6. Selling a full (20k prim) grandfathered sim, with next monthly payment due on the 19th. Asking for US$1000, plus the US$600 transfer fee. I hardly ever log in any more, but I do get offline IMs to e-mail, so please feel free to contact me any time. Alternately, it's available to rent for L$15k/week or L$60k/month: See details.
  7. Full sim available for rent. Price is L$15k per 7 days, or L$60k per 30 days. Non-negotiable; it's already significantly less than the 16.5k/week someone else is offering below. Estate ownership will be provided if desired. Set your own covenant, managers, and anything else you want, subject only to LL's TOS. Resellers are welcome. Please IM Maeyanie Mosienko in-world (I get offline messages to e-mail, so even if I'm not around I'll get it), or just teleport to Insula Inferi and buy the land. It's currently sent to L$15k sale price, and includes the first week's rent. Only the one sim is currently available. First person to buy the land wins.
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