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  1. Posted by Amanda Linden on Feb 9, 2011 11:34:08 PM
    Check out the SL Blogs to Get Second Life and Linden Lab News: The SL Blogs are always the best place to go for news and information about Second Life.

    Follow Us on Twitter: Twitter is a great way to get the latest and greatest information about Linden Lab and Second Life.

    Like Us on Facebook: Facebook is the best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life

    Feb 10, 2011 2:05 AM Amanda Linden  says:
    One point that's come up several times that I would like to clarify is regarding Facebook to find out the cool stuff going on in Second Life. Of course, there are lots of ways to find out about happenings in Second Life including through groups, the Destination Guide, Events, etc. But, Facebook is where we share some of the ones that we're excited about.

    Feb 10, 2011 9:57 AM Amanda Linden  says:
    Ossian/Rauol/Jilla and the rest of folks who  commented on Facebook.--We do not depend on Facebook/Twitter to  communicate with you, but since so many of our Residents are using these  social platforms, it makes sense for us to be where you are...

    Hmmm... after reading those comments, I must say that I'm still rather confused what actually is the very best place to find information about Second Life

    Do we miss out something if we do not use Twitter and Facebook? It really would make sense that all information is provided where we are ---> Second Life and Linden Lab's own web pages.

    Twitter and Facebook should only be secondary means, maybe just to fish and lure new customers, nothing more. Those are not places to share ideas about Second Life because we all do not use them.


    I would really like to see multiple attachment points supported. I thought V2 was supposedly going to do that.

    Viewer 2 has multiple attachments. Linden Lab chose not to create additional attachment points. Instead they made it so that you can attach many things on the same spot. Like for example on chest you can attach bra, necklace, collar.. etc.

    Phoenix and Emerald (maybe some others) used a hack to create secondary attachment points. If you put anything on those points all who are not using viewer which has this secondary point hack will indeed see your attachment hanging in the air.

    Third party viewers will eventually go to the route how it's done in Viewer 2. They will implement it because it is the standard Linden Lab way of doing it. No hack needed. In the end, everybody will be seeing attachments correctly. Phoenix team has already stated that they take the secondary point hack away and do it in the way it's done in Viewer 2. Most likely it will be in the next Phoenix release (about to be launched "within few weeks" as they say).

    Ah, I must comment again: Fake Names was really a major mistake from the Lab. The grid is full of silly meaningless single names now. Grrrr..... There is even DramaLlama And multitude of totally crazy names like flamingbob101909090

  3. Hello Jack, and the rest of Linden Lab. Congratulations for totally destroying the User Names. You really managed to do it with great success! Now there are already hundreds, if not even thousands, of silly, meaningless, senseless, absurd and incomprehensible hard to remember User Names in the grid. Did you tell the new users in the account creation page: "Please take some time, carefully create sensible and nice User Name, because that will be your true identity in Second Life"? Of course you didn't! You were so excited and enthusiastic about Display Names that you forgot such important detail.

    Well here is a small sample of the silly User Names what have been recently created:

    IwantAlastName  <--- Look, somebody wants last name what the Lab did away with!

    How are we supposed to remember those names if we have to deal with any of those people? Do we need to create a notecard, and put some details there to aid our memory perhaps? Or what were you thinking about? I guess you forgot to think this matter at all!

    Well, I think I try to avoid people with incomprehensible User Names totally. Maybe they are not interesting after all. Not caring about their true indentity a bit already tells something about them.

    It is really sad that the Lab invented this absurd Fake Name thing. Aaarrgghh... eagerly waiting for the next great invention to surface.

  4. Viewer 2 search is painfully slow compared to 1.x viewer search. And it resets after every TP. Start search again from the very beginning. Not user friendly at all. Wait, wait, wait .... yawn.

    If I need to quickly find for example live music events, I rather use 1.x viewer. Or search people, again 1.x viewer search is more usable.

    Search must be fast. It's not fun waiting, waiting and still waiting for the search results.

  5. Posted by Jack Linden on Nov 17, 2010 9:40:24 PM
    "... and many additional performance and usability enhancements."

    Why the search is not even yet fixed? It's a pain to use as it is now. It's slow to load in the first place, it's slow to search, and what's idea behind it that it resets itself after every TP? Then open it again, wait for it load, search again from the very start. Arrgghh...!

    Could you guys in the Lab compare how it worked in the 1.x viewer and how it works in Viewer 2? Search for example live events, TP somewhere, search again for the next interesting live event, TP, search, TP....

    There is a huge difference. The old search was a joy to use. This new one, for whom did the Lab make it I wonder?   FIX THE SEARCH. Don't toy with useless features such as the Fake Names thing. Thank you.

  6. You can choose to hide/ignore Display Names by ticking the box in Preferences->General if you don't like them.

    Jack said: "... This release includes the full launch of Display Names allowing greater self-expression"

    "Allowing greater self-expression"... hmmm.. (why I always burst into laughter when I see this? ). Well, now if lots of people will hide the display names from their viewer, for whom those who use display names will express their "greater self-expression" with Fake Names? To themselves?

    This Fake Name thing should have been thrown to garbage, instead of being implemented to our nuisance. In Second Life the true identity is very important. Now we need to remember the permanent User Name, and the Display Name which the person can change over and over again. Grrrr...!

  7. Posted by Jack Linden on Nov 17, 2010 9:40:24 PM
    I’m delighted to announce that today we have released Viewer 2.3 as the  main Second Life Viewer and the default download for new Residents. This  release includes the full launch of Display Names allowing greater self-expression...

    All what I can say is that I'm not at all delighted that the Lab released this Fake Name thing. "Greater self expression"? With Fake Names? Really! Uff....


    Second, I know the majority of people in SL will simply take what they see as truth without digging any further and thus will be easily fooled by display names. I believe that if Linden Labs is not allowing people to use the Linden name in a display name, then they obviously know there is a risk of impersonation and SHOULD NOT implement display names in a manner that allows users to impersonate each other.

    I still have to read up on the whole "Unique Name" thing, but it sounds like users WILL NOT be able to choose a display name that is identical to a real User Name, as all user names are Unique Names and will not be allowed as display names.

    Well Ayame, the sad truth is that we can use anybody's unique User Name as our Display Name. I just tested it. I had no difficulty to use Ayame Musashi as my display name. No tweaking with similar looking unicode characters. Just copy and paste your name. And voila, there it is floating above my head.

    Linden Lab sure are aware of the impersonation threat. But they are only concerned about the Linden name, which they protected. They see no threat (or do not care) what threat we might face if somebody impersonates us.

    Personally (as I have stated many times) I feel that this Fake Name idea is one of the worst ideas the Lab has ever "invented". Uuufff...

  9. The Fake Name project just shows that no amount of user input is not going to revert Linden Lab back from what they have decided to do. As we all know very well...

    The Lab still has the unfortunate monopoly (unfortunate for us the users , cool for the Lab ) of providing the most content rich virtual world. And the Lab sure is aware of their strong position.

    Monopoly, as well as as too much power, has unfotunate tendency to corrupt, and to make arrogant. One feels like some god. "I can do anything", you know... I have a feeling that the Lab is not going to change until there is real competetive alternative. So, we users have not much other choice than to receive what ever is delivered.

    Oh, by the way, if there is no real concern about Display Names:
    Why is Linden name protected, so that it cannot be used as a Display Name?
    This has been asked many times, total silence from the Lab as a response... why?

    This is a bad, very bad idea (as said already so many times)...

  10. Posted by Grant Linden on Oct 7, 2010 2:10:47 AM
    We are thrilled to announce that the SL Marketplace is the new destination...

    I couln't help but burst in laughter when I saw this ... (sorry...).

    This is becoming a joke: every single time Linden Lab announces something what they "invented" and what most users hate and do not like and what is incomplete, the Lab are "thrilled, excited, and what not..."

    Well, as a buyer I am an avid reader of reviews. The reviews are important before I make decision to buy something. Now, in the "smooth and enjoyable experience for the customer web page" reading the reviews is a pain. Only two reviews per page. Are you serious?

    It goes like this:

    Click reviews
    Wait for the page to load
    Scroll the page down
    Read the two reviews.

    Then it continues:
    Click next
    Wait for the page to load
    Scroll the page down
    Read the two next reviews
    Click next
    Wait for the page to load
    Scroll the page down
    Read the two next reviews
    Click next
    Wait for the page to load
    Scroll the page down
    Read the two next reviews
    Click next
    Wait for the page to load
    Read the two next reviews.. etc.

    Lots of clicks, lots of waits . What do you think: is this "smooth and enjoyable"?

    Unfortunately I must say that most likely I will not be doing any shoppings there until it's ready and more "review reader" friendly. Please fix it. Thank you.

  11. The real problem in SL about names are the very silly, and even very bad usernames that some have chosen.

    Display Names are not going to solve this problem. Only allowing people to change their username the problem would be solved. Now, as soon the under aged are allowed to main grid and hundreds, even thousands of avatars are having offensive usernames, offensive usernames pose a very serious problem.

    A small sample of actual very silly SL usernames:

    1234567890 Dojoji
    1234567890123456789012345678901 Yootz
    9876543210012345679987654 Oh
    abcdefghijclmnopqrstuvwxyx Yuitza
    zyxwvutsr Zymurgy
    OMG Offcourse
    007 Offcourse
    Ofcourse Offcourse
    stupidstupidstupid Cioc
    StupidStinkyMonkeyFace Dreddm

    Now if StupidStinkyMonkeyFace Dreddm chose Display Name Professor Carl Donahue would it raise his credibility in our eyes? Or would we just laugh, as we still could see the very silly username?

    And now about the offensive names. I post only one here to save your eyes for any more offence (again, there are hundreds, even thousands of offensive usernames in SL):
    OhMyDaysIHaveTheItchiestBalls Pooley

    Question: when the minors come to main grid, is Mr OhMyDaysIHaveTheItchiestBalls Pooley able to send IM to some 13 year old kid? Even if this person used Display Name "The Nicest Santa Claus" his username will draw all the attention.

    How is Linden Lab going to solve this bad username problem?


    Antialiasing wasn't working for me on this release, even after rebooting and relogging.  I was not liking the jaggies!

    I went to my NVIDIA Control Panel and found a setting to "overide application settings" for antialiasing.  This works perfectly, SL actually looks even better than it did before.  I think my video card does a better job of antialiasing.  I'm really glad I discovered this

    Yes indeed. I always use antialiasing enabled in the graphics card driver overriding any application settings.

    I wonder why people want to use the application setting for antialiasing. I have a strong feeling that the graphics card driver itself can do a better job in antialiasing than any application setting.

    So, everybody: Use graphics card setting for antialiasing, override application setting .


    Antialiasing worked before but now I have jagged edges around everything.

    Anyone else seeing this?

    I have no jagged edges. Smooth edges as always. The thing is that I always keep the antialiasing off in the application. But I have enabled antialiasing in my graphics card driver (overriding application setting). Works always like charm. (My graphics card is: NVidia Quadro FX 1600M/PCI/SSE2)


    Sign ups to Second Life are flat. If the population is not growing, what can be done to increase it?

    Hmmm... why the population should always increase and increase?

    There is a limit for growing and increasing. Linden Lab should first fix the lag issues, TP issues, inventory issues, slow rezzing issues, region crossing issues and many other things, like the horrible default "duck" walk.

    If the population increases rapidly, the lag will be unbearable if something is not done to it. Will the new residents stay long in laggy environment walking like a silly duck, qwack, qwack? Well, they can enhance themselves and have greater self expression with some stupid Display Name.

    I think the Display Name thing does not fulfil the dreams of Linden Lab. Fix the basic things first!

    Posted by Jack Linden on Sep 14, 2010 6:14:24 AM

    We’ve read every single one of your comments and Jira submissions and as a result have been rethinking certain aspects of the feature with your comments in mind.

    Hello Jack,

    Thank you very much for reading all the comments

    Did you also read carefully the multiple comments where it was asked that why the Linden name is protected so that nobody can use it as their display name? So far this question has not been answered (or maybe I have missed it... ). It seems a bit unfair that one name is protected, and the names what we have thought to be ours only and what we dearly love are not.

    Could you perhaps kindly let us know what is the reason for protecting Linden name? No need to answer why other usernames are not protected, we already know it. We are interested to know the reasons for the Linden name protection. Or is the reason perhaps a secret, and the Lab does not want to tell it?

    Waiting for your answer... even an answer "we don't want to disclose the reason" will be appreaciated  
    Thank you for your attention.

    PS. I will not make any suggestions how to enhance the Display Names, because I know it is rather futile anyway. You do what you have planned to do, maybe with some tiny miniscule changes to the original plan. Personally I still see the Display Name implementation as a big disaster for our user experience.

  16. So, it will go on almost as planned, with some very tiny changes   I'm thrilled to see what usernames new residents will invent . Maybe something like:


    Greater self expression with new type usernames. Wow! How easy to remember who is who! Thank you very much for making our life easier...

    What did Philip say? Was it something like: "Second Life should be more like iPhone. Easy and fun to use." Is the Display Name project really helping in that direction, I wonder?

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