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  1. Thank you for posting this thread, Toy. I just got around to looking on the forums to see if others were having the same problems I've seen at a popular blues venue. I first noticed it about the time you brought it up but last December that veune was one of a few that were constantly griefed with sim crashers and video card exploits. It's since been closed to anyone but members to get a handle on it. Now on to your thread... I've seen the same thing many times and quite a few when djing. I never experience the lag however. . I just crash with almost everyone else. Some nights as many as 4 or 5 times some nights only a couple and again the sim never crashes. For me the lag issue might be because I've built a high end machine and have great bandwidth. I dunno. There is not even any rhyme or reason that I've ever figured out. One night there might be 35 people there and it happens while this venue a week ago had a huge anniversay party with over 80 people there and not one crash although those with older computers experienced a lot of lag. If I remember I'll try and get a screenshot of the satastics but again I never have any warning except that I do see local go quiet and that's rare at my shows there.
  2. 1. Probaby A but b is fine too. 2. I prefer my hosts not use them unless they are short. 3. It just seems rude if a host only uses's capital letters. 4. I rarely ever see this. All my hosts are spontanious. 5. Where is the every 40 minutes or so slection? I suppose once an hour is ok. 6. Definately C. I had a host who wrote a story line over weeks in hers. Others I have are always creative.
  3. Not a lot of mention of blues here. I'd have to admit that I"m a bit biased but if you've never actually listened to blues you might just turn into a fan. I'd be wrong in saying that the blues clubs are exclusivly blues or that a lot of blues dj's doin't wander a bit but in saying that, there is a wealth if good clubs and good dj's who do try to stick to the genre. . Check out the Junkyard Crossroads The Wharf Cay's. Just to be fair to this post, I also dj blues on SL It's a huge passion.
  4. Thanks for your comment, Vegro. It would be nice to at least have AAC as there are a lot of people who have poor bandwidth, Using that would help a lot of them as they wouldn't be using as much.
  5. I've done some searching here and if there is much on this subject, I'm not finding an answer. I understand why DJ's and entertainers can't stream AAC here but Ogg works like a champ as well as mp3. Listening tests show that using an off world player like foobar and winamp are superior to the player used for as far as I know, every viewer used for SL. My guess why the offworld players sound better is really pretty simple. They probably aren't using old codecs for playback. Does anyone know if LL might be thinking of at least updating the codecs or even thinking of switching what software is including in the viewers so it might be possible to us to use AAC someday?
  6. If your stream is starting and stopping, that's usualy a sign that something either isn't configured right or that you are having uploading issues to your shoutcast/icecast service. That could be several different things going on. If that's the case, you might not be alble to hear anything in land. If you are uploading ok, then make sure the url you put into land , starts with http://
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