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  1. I believe pushing any lump sums of spending on your residents is a mistake, as residents spending patterns are all about micro transactions. I believe if your marketing team would put this into consideration when they approach features like group slots and prim allowance, etc, they should be able to come up with a lot more lucrative solutions that doesn't make the users feel like they're spending as much money, while actually spending more money, and having fun doing it. Think of it like your SL inventory, none of us want to know how much money we've spent on it, yet we keep spending very happily. Micro transactions feel rewarding, that's why it's the more successful approach in the gaming industry overall. Secondly, you may not think the process credit fee increase is a big deal, but it is. As a great amount of creators already are pushed to their limits with work load and making ends meat, this will force them to consider other opportunities. Don't forget that the creators are quite literally what makes SL. Without them you wouldn't be able to play games with your mates inworld, use those dance animations (or other animations, hint, hint), customise your face to your liking, decorate your house, etc. Treat your creators well, or they will continue to disappear. My intentions with this is not to complain. I've only spoken up as there's an ever so slight possibility it might spark an internal discussion on how to approach things in a way that will benefit SL greatly as a whole. Because I love this platform and I genuinely care and want it to do very well.
  2. This would not just be a tragedy for me as a seller, but as someone who currently use the marketplace for shopping on a daily basis. I am happy to see that there is interest in improving the current search function, because I agree that is it lacking. But please, take a step back, look at it, listen to your residents, and question if this really is an improvement.
  3. Can we setup our own vendors to give 100% to the resident "donate linden"?
  4. I am always very positive when a new version is released. I have commented many times on the good job you go and report some bugs. but it's rare i have something really bad to say. This release however, I cant believe it passed testing (if it was tested at all) and is actually an official release. If this release was a beta I would still think it was shocking how bad it was. There are MAJOR bugs, bugs that make it nearly impossible to use the viewer. Profiles take ages to load (if they load at all, which they don't half of the time) and when they do there is no pictures, no links, no groups and NO PICKS. I hated it bad enough when you made search web based, now profiles take years to load too. Please stop pushing facebook on the residents. Most people come to SL to escape RL for a while. That's what is so appealing with SL to begin with. Facebook is for keeping in touch with RL friends and family. I think it's rare anyone uses facebook for anything else. Make this feature OPTIONAL. So those few that want this feature can have it. You cant type in map locations at all anymore. As soon as I press enter after typing in a sim name it all just goes blank again. I think the lindens make some great choices, and do some great things. But I also think you need to spend more time inworld with people to learn what's actually needed. Your focus couldn't be more off most of the time. The profiles was working so wonderfully as it was, why do you ruin a great thing? =/ Here is the only good thing I have to say about this release: I like the auto updates a great deal.
  5. It is very comforting to see that you spend time doing what we do. I really, really hope you keep spending time in-world to learn even more about how things work. Like in social situations, shops, roleplay areas etc. Really taking the time to see it from our eyes, will get secondlife and yourself FAR!
  6. Only says "SSL handshake failed" now when I try to load a profile. Personally, I really don't understand why you push web based features. It's always significantly slower. Like search for example (which is just a mess now adays). Also, what is up with the "share this" links? Someone said they are optional. Can't find any options for those. If they aren't removable, someone WILL lose a head The new version of KDU is very noticeable and I am very happy about that part. Also, being able to log in to favorite links is a great idea.
  7. This really is taking a giant step backwards for SL. None profitable organizations will just flood out of SL next year. Also, I was hoping to see standard regions being significantly reduced now with all the cutbacks and layoffs. I hope reconsiderations will be made.
  8. This is wonderful! I am happy the decision to add the translater was added. But I don't love the way search is developing. It is very slow in general and there should be an option for hits per page. The upside is that you can sort by relavance, name, traffic etc. You should add the feature of being able to sort groups my members, relavance and name aswell!
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