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  1. There was also an Android client called Lumiya which allowed you to log into SL on your phone and you could keep yourself logged in and use group chat like any other chat app, or even turn on 3d view. The app is dead and no longer on the google play store, however those who still have it can still use it to keep themselves online to chat with friends and interact with group chats and such. I personally leave my avatar online most of the time and park him in bed when I head to bed or at a desk when I'm working on stuff in another window. The idea kind of came from a cyberpunk book I read i
  2. I have noticed this behavior on mainland regions as well. I have witnessed many avatars teleport in and spend less than 5 seconds in the region. I assume many of those are land survey bots of some type that drop in and grab region information and teleport off to the next region on their survey list. Try not to take it personally. Not every avatar has an actual person driving it. The most common land survey bot will teleport in fairly close to the center of the region, slowly turn in 45 degree increments and then teleport out after rotating 720 degrees.
  3. If you are diligent, you can attempt refreshing the page. If one is abandoned by another resident then the option will be available on the page immediately. A friend did this until one finally showed up and they were able to acquire a traditional home. I did a similar thing on Wednesday to acquire a houseboat as they were the first to be taken up until someone abandoned one.
  4. I don't necessarily think paying your admins as being frowned upon. It's been my experience that admins do receive compensation in some ways that aren't really tangible outside of the scope of the rp sim itself. The first thing that comes to mind is additional powers and privileges such as rez rights. As an admin I could rez extra props that might help flesh out an area. I had been in charge of a garage and was able to add a number of additional garage props to make the garage more immersive for everyone else who played in there. I also was able to post notices of events I wanted to do i
  5. This topic is a couple of weeks old but I also wanted to throw this out there. I often use a text viewer called radegast and if I need to activate something on the hud I can tell the viewer to render that hud in 3d so I can touch a button but those viewers don't support touch coordinates but touch linked works. I know it's niche but might also be a factor to weigh in if you want mobile viewers and text viewers able to interact with the hud.
  6. Some roleplay sims operate at a technical loss but are however funded by an existing SL business. I've known of a few such places where their primary source of income is an inworld and/or marketplace store possibly even unrelated to roleplay sim itself other than sharing the same owner. Others do sell to their patrons, whether it might be weapons for a combat system they are using or vehicles used in modern day RP sims that operates a police station and emergency response RP. Some do rent mall space to creators who might sell clothing and accessories consistent with the theme of the RP sim.
  7. As an ex-combat developer for DCS2, I would have to say that the quality people expect is greater than what we have now which is more on par with circa-2005 games than what you would expect today. What has put me off from combat in general is more of the quality of life issues when it comes to developing and using combat systems in SL. First of all controls are pretty clunky for melee weapons to begin with compared to other PC combat games. If I had the tools to script combat similar to even the very first witcher game, I'd be a lot more happy but due to limitations of the Linden Scriptin
  8. I've been a premium member since mid 2007 so my first instinctive reaction to the news was "What's the big deal?" until I looked into it more closely. My main influence to being a premium member was owning land. LIke most people, I started off as a free account and rented from land owners, acquring larger and larger parcels until it made more sense to go premium and buy land as it would ultimately be cheaper in the long run. Since then, Linden Lab has offered more perks for premium members over the years. Premium Sandboxes, Linden Homes, Premium Gifts. All of those were fluff to me as my
  9. I haven't looked into bloodlines in quite awhile now, but not only is there's a bit of pay to win aspect of it, the leaderboard system was, when I last looked, a pyramid scheme in a ways. Your leaderboard score is based on your minions...the people you've bitten personally. If those people go and bite people..not only does it apply to their own score, but it gets applied to yours as well since you bit them and now they're biting others. So the scoring system is one big giant pyramid. I participated in the "vampire rp community" for quite a number of years and what I have come to discover
  10. Estelle Pienaar wrote: Easiest method, but absolutely no security. If a product ever gets popular and a griefer searches the channels for the communication, he/she can send commands to your customers attachments! See also this discussion: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/Channel-Fair-Use/td-p/2784502 You don't need to lecture me on security. I was lead developer for the DCS2 combat meter for a while. I was merely responding within the scope of the original message which requested assistance in ensuring there wouldn't be any cross talk between hud and avatar attachmen
  11. If you use llRegionSayTo then the only person who will receive the message is the avatar and that avatar's attachments. Easiest method.
  12. Nope. It' uses mesh prims with 8 faces. Each face is a single letter. There's only 3 textures it uses for rendering the letters so it loads very quickly.
  13. You should ditch both of them and use Nexii's Nextext which is mesh based. It's available on the marketplace full permissions. You might be able to find it inworld for free but I encourage that it's worth the marketplace price and its always good to toss a few bucks at the developer. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NexText-Third-Gen-Text-Rendering-for-HUDs-and-Boards-Rich-Text-Colours-Bold-Italics-Underline/4542779
  14. It's my understanding that VICE is being phased out for a new system called MCE (Modern Combat Environment) made by Aeon Voom.
  15. Perrie Juran wrote Sure there are people who do these things for fun but that doesn't change the fact that to do it right and to do it well takes time, and actually could take a lot of time Just adding to what has been said already. If someone can do great quality mesh work, it also would be more profitable for them to pay a scripter for a gun script for their mesh guns than to sell the gun models full permission to someone. Especially since the original poster mentioned having them textured too. I know someone like myself or even some of the most well known weapon creators would sell a s
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