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  1. ladies... i don't need to debate this with you..in fact, you can't take care of my issue...however, when i click on what's 'smack-dab' there, it takes you to what you already own. i can get THERE without coming HERE. in spite of all that. thank you for your concern. linden doesn't function equally well for all of us.... on that...i'm out.
  2. for one try finding this page or any real requisite information on the process...the difficulty begins at the beginning. but that is a constant of the culture: announce a service to the clientelle, and then make the processes so obscure and obtuse that service is almost impossible to access. yes, i've read about 'following blogs', 'release times', and all the rest. how about a bit of straight talk that takes one to the proposed solution?
  3. some of us are still wondering why the process is so damn difficult?
  4. hi, some of my tangos tops show slight holes in them. does anyone know what this and how to fix them? they seem to always be in the same place. thanks, om~
  5. i don't have lion yet, however, yesterday i downloaded 2.7.4 and now i log in my avi appears naked, bald and only partially razzed, and my sim won't rez beyond a few dunes and water. the problems seems to also have affected 2.7.2 as well. has anyone had similar issues and/or found solutions? thanks, om~
  6. i just downloaded 2.7.4, thinking dutifully that like other updates there would some minor improvements and some glitches that might be lived with. as a macbook pro user who has had her share of difficulties with sl viewers, today's 'premier' is not a good one. not only would my avi not materialize, but my entire sim has been reduced to a sand dune.... people, what kind of testing is done before you roll these things out? i'm inclined to agree with that thread that simply said: 'STOP IT!'. sometimes, one should leave well enough alone--particularly if the repercussions of the next step have not been adequately anticipated. i appreciate what you attempt to do in refining our experiences on sl and i'm sure that your intentions are good. but as my Mama used to say 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' and this viewer appears, at the moment, to be headed in that direction. refine..i know you must. test, always. and DON'T forget those of us who choose mac as our means of being in this life. sb~
  7. this is an interesting discussion, but i have a problem: i'm about to purchase a new laptop specifically for sl, and the windows7 package comes as 64 rather than 32 bits. any suggestions on what i should do? thank you. om~
  8. hello all. thanks for all your help. unfortunately, nothing worked. so, i think it's time to call it quits with sl...at least for the time being. om~
  9. luc, am i to take onyx (i like that name, of course) thru all of its paces: 'maintenance', 'cleaning,' 'automation', 'utilities', 'parameters' ? thanks, o~
  10. thank you leilei and luke. one more question: what about this issue of running sl thr ough bootcamp. how does that work? DOES it work? will i need to load windows7? and will it affect anything else l'm doing? thank you. om~
  11. you guys are truly scaring me. i came to apple because i was tired of all the garbage that was infecting my pc's. i bought the top of the line mpb last year--dual core, i7, etc. because i was told that it would run sl--not the new jobbie you're referencing here, but its predecessor. the long and short of this is after running perfectly for 8 months, it's begun to freeze on take-off and the only thing that restores it is a hard reboot. i just got a call from the mac techs and their argument is that it's not a hardware problem, per se, but the simple fact that sl is supposed to run on a desktop w/ at least an nvidia 9600 or ati 4870 (?). now i read you all and you say that even the newest mbp w/ the amd6750m is useless as well? do i have to go back to pc's? forgive me. i have no tech sense, so speak slowly to this girl. thanks, onyx
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