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  1. Reasonable prices would also be appreciated. I had someone try to charge me 4500L for 527 prims today. I'm pretty sure I'm not walking around looking like a noob... I do have a last name so it must be obvious I have SOME time under my belt. :matte-motes-whistle:
  2. Hi there, My SL family and I are in search of a sim that has five empty parcels by each other. We have looked into a homestead but would rather have our own parcel and pay our own money so that we don't bother each other that way. The sim must have ABSOLUTELY NO BREEDABLES! This would be long term. One parcel needs around 1500prims second needs about 1000 third less than 1000 and i'm still not sure how many the other two may need. If you have anything available or if you would be willing to split some land up for us, please IM me in SL. As I said before, this would be for a long term move. We are very considerate neighbors so no need to worry about a ruckus. :) Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help all! Not too long after I posted I did a character test and it helped for my clothing to download.. I just had to put my av back together and haven't had problems since. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  4. When I log on, my avatar has been revereted to noob form.  I can't change it because my clothing won't download.  What the heck should I do?  I don't want to abandon my av but I've tried everything!  Different viewers, clearing cache, my friend signed on to see if it was just my viewer or comp and it's not.  It's only with my one av but not with my alt.  Any ideas????
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