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  1. Any News about it here? At the moment I got an inworld game ready to test in beta mode, but there´s no way to get an experience key.
  2. Why at all now this here ? Kickin´ non profit organisations in the ass by double their cost to stay in SL.... Verry good idear. I´m workin for an non profit organisation in SL and for the owner of the sim it´s hard to handle the costs every month, with double the costs the sims must close because noone of the team is able to spend the money to let the sims stay online. Kickin off people that are workin for the comunity only is a good way to clean the grid from the users. I think we won´t be able to stay as the team we are on own sims after that new pricing. "Your World , your imagination" that´s been the reason for most of us to come to sl and stay here. What´s left from it? I hope that this is a bad dream and I wake up tomorrow and see that it´s really been a dream.
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