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  1. Hi There, I recently changed my password and all is well till I tried logging into the beta grid. I got a failed message check caps lock etc. I knew I had put my password in correctly so in desparation I used my old password and it worked. My question is how do I update my password for the beta grid? I kinda assumed updating it for the website and main grid would also update it for the beta grid too. Hopefully I'm missing something simple.
  2. I'm thinking of a Surface for SL. Don't worry about the sound quality Just accept you have to use buds, Bluetooth or good old analogue, 3.5mm Jack. If all you are doing is attending a lecture then note card the lecturer. Turn on your emails then you'll have a way to chat without the main SL client. Request the slides and chat log, easy enough to ctrl+c out to .txt. If they use a audio you'll have to attend. Apologies if I'm teaching Granny to suck eggs. I see you have a gaming rig. I have no internet to speak of so resources are scarce for me. But I'm tempted to get a Surface any
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