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  1. PS ... I finally found the confirmation message ... it was sent to Gmail's "social" inbox of which I was not previously aware ... so the address has now been changed and we will see if that solves the problem
  2. Thanks Madelaine, the problem is with a Yahoo account ... and ... I did try to change it to a new gmail account and got this message: "Your email preferences have been updated. A confirmation email has been sent to your new address; please follow the directions in it to finalize your updated address." But the confirmation never arrives and the yahoo address does not change. I made sure there are filters in both email accounts to accept the IMs. I don't know what else to do
  3. IMs have stopped coming to my email when I am offline. No difference after double checking all settings. Tried changing email address in accounts, got a message saying the change would be confirmed by email, but it never came and email address did not change. Any ideas?
  4. I never had any use for it. As far as I'm concerned they should scrap it and use the resources for something worth while.
  5. Looking to replace an old clunker laptop and the specs on MSI gaming notebooks look pretty good for the price, but I'm not familiar with the brand's reliability record. Edited to add: to the answers below, since I can no longer find a means of replying to my own thread: I already have a desktop which is my main SL machine, but I also need a new laptop. I'm familiar with the limitations, but I'm looking for something that will do a reasonable job at a reasonable price. The MSI machines I am looking at do not have MSI graphics but good quality discrete nVidia cards (eg GTX670).
  6. I was asking about the SpaceNavigator recently because I'm trying to find a better way of moving in close quarters in mouselook, but Immy says I need a really steady hand for that and I can't do it after 3 glasses of wine, can I? I want my ponygirl avi to be able to move in and out of the slalom posts as smooth as silk in mouselook. With my present mice I either end up getting tangled in the cord, or (for the cordless one) having it slide off the edge of the table leaving my avi looking at the sky. Is there some gaming mouse that might help me? The same one that would let me score goals like Lionel Messi or shoot pucks like Sidney Crosby? Please help .... (whinnies)
  7. My PC performance is good (quadcore 1-7), my problem i think is the vidcard (AMD Radeon HD 4350) .. but I guess it's the old story of the "weakest link in the chain" ... however lag is generally not a problem
  8. Thinking about getting a Spacenavigator mouse. Any thoughts on whether it improves the SL experience? What are the positives and negatives? My frame rate isn't the greatest (avg about 12 fps) and I'm hoping it might give me more precise movement control. I am using Phoenix, gradually getting accustomed to Firestorm for the day when ...
  9. It shows in Canada on Sept. 4. Check the OWN schedule for your area
  10. I was afraid it would come to this ... I have been putting off learning to use an imaging program and now you are leading me down the primrose path ... oh well, I suppose it can't take away any more of my time than SL itself ... or can it?
  11. Thanks! Silly me for thinking there could be a simple answer to a simple question about SL. When you talk about resizing before uploading, do you mean using the custom size settings in the snapshot sidebar? Or is there some way of cropping it within SL, other than putting it on a prim? My usual window size is 1680 x 998. I apologize for being a dunce about this, it's really not my forte
  12. When I take a snapshot and send it as a postcard or save to my hard drive, it is all in proportion, but when I upload it to my inventory is is squished vertically. Why does this happen and how can I avoid it? The wiki doesn't seem to address this. I know it must be possible because I see pictures from others that aren't squished.
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