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  1. So ... this could be the beginning of a very dangerous and slippery slope. Where does this type of thinking stop? Do we limit everything we can place outside our linden homes (lights, cars, boats, other decor) and then what about what's inside the home? Do we limit the furniture to only certain brands or types so they "fit in whit the theme" ? This all reminds me of the "Stepford Village" and would definitely not be someplace I would want to call home. Why not just take the next step and let the Lindens/Moles do ALL the decorating (outside and inside) so that everything would be in theme and not upset anyone. (Being sarcastic in case that isn't coming through clearly). One of my favorite things about walking/driving/flying around Bellisseria is seeing the uniqueness and creativity of its residents.
  2. My First home in Bellisseria is my Houseboat. I have had it since the day Bellisserria opened (4/15/19). It was my first try and I was very lucky to get it. I have other home with my Alts, but have held onto this houseboat and will continue to do so. Why I love it -- it's in an awesome location - at the end of a row of houseboats, it's a square lot, has amazing views and LOTS of water around it.
  3. hmmm ... that's interesting. The one in my set is definitely the older version. Maybe I should try a redelivery. But, either way, I love all the Muniick stuff and don't mind spending the L$25. You do have to be aware that they do re-release things sometimes with new animations or colors -- I will have to be more aware and keep that in mind.
  4. Good info - but the newer (v2) has color change built-in. The one that comes with the complete kitchen is just white. Not a big deal, but nice to be able to change the color and match the other Muniick kitchen accessories.
  5. That is strange - when I unpacked I ended up with two notecards ... the "READ ME" and a "TEXTURE CHANGING INSTRUCTIONS". I can send you the notecards in world if you would like them.
  6. I thought that the texture changing wasn't working - but then I read the directions. There are some notes on where to click to change just about everything. I'm not sure if this will help, but it helped me figure out what I was doing wrong. From the notecard: ===== TEXTURE CHANGING ===== The smaller cabinets and shelves are all controlled by one menu, while the tall pantry, tall refrigerator cabinet, and the island have their own touch menus. For the smaller cabinets and shelves, the SINK CABINET is your controller. this must be rezzed to control the other small cabinets and shelves. CLICK ON THE COUNTERTOP of the sink cabinet to bring up the menu. (This menu can only be accessed by owner) For Tall Pantry, Tall Refrigerator Cabinet, and the Island, click anywhere on the wood to bring up their texture menus. The Chandelier also has texture menu, includes the same 4 wood tones with the cabinet. Click the wood cylinder part of the frame for the menu.
  7. My first Bellisseria home was on Release day - a Houseboat in Wavebreak. Was my first try at getting a home here and I am still there.
  8. Personally, I have always found the Cabin regions to have the most lag for me. Textures take a lot longer to rez fully and it takes a while for my FPS to go back to almost normal after TP'ing into a Cabin region. My FPS is almost always lower in a Cabin region than the Houseboats, Traditionals, Campers or even Victorians. No clue why, but it is something I have noticed all along.
  9. If you find a temp-rezzing item, report it. Then the Lindens/Moles can decide what to do about it. I am sure they can determine if the object breaks the rules. Let them sort it out.
  10. Thank you so much -- I am in love with this store. So many awesome things
  11. Everything looks amazing. I would love to know where that little dining set is from. It looks perfect for the houseboats and campers.
  12. I love seeing your work. I find your things to be very well done and beautiful. Seeing your creations often push me to trying new things and I have actually started making some simple mesh things after seeing the work in this thread. Please keep sharing.
  13. if I go directly to Land Page and login with a non-premium alt, I still get the Land Selection page -- I just tested this out on MS Edge browser on Windows 10.
  14. Find the life preserver near your houseboat and click on it. That will give you the choices. https://gyazo.com/ce42d0f08b04f4bbd8b9292ad0ffe88c
  15. Recent photo of my home. Added some flowers and changed a few things around.
  16. This might not be a popular opinion, but what the heck. This person decorated their home the way they wanted, and I am going to assume they are happy with it and spent some time doing it. Then they get their home posted here in the forums for people to complain about and pick apart. It is amazing that everyone is just looking for reasons to AR this home. If the thread starter wants to AR then by all means AR. I really dislike these posts that shame/ridicule others homes. The lindens have already said that if you have a problem with something, send an AR. Taking it to the forums is in bad taste (in my opinion).
  17. found out that my Overlook home in Cyclone has a strange bug. The small room on the first floor seems to be missing something that makes the window trim change. No matter what I choose for Woodwork color the one window trim stays white. Anyone else seeing this with the Overlook homes? https://gyazo.com/9f54c4e35a6854ad22d4a078c5c84c58
  18. Great Place. Thank you so much for creating this. Just be careful of that TeaCup Ride - it can get a little wild 🙂
  19. I am wondering how this communication system will work. Will it be only for people that have homes already in Bellisseria? Will it communicate to all of SL? What about all the residents waiting to get homes? I know that nobody has the answers to that yet. Just some curiosity on my end. I hope that it works out well.
  20. Many of those 4000+ may be alts, accounts that just don't log in often, or people like me that try to stay out of that group chat to avoid all the ignoring, inside jokes and discussions, and useless banter that goes on. I have five Alts that are all members of that group, but rarely check what is going on in there. It is just not a good way of getting information to all the residents of SL.
  21. Not really a "furniture" question, but I was wondering if anyone has made a ceiling skin for the Verne Victorian? I wish we could change the ceiling texture and it's easy to skin the rooms with square/rectangular ceilings, but the rooms with the turrets are giving me a lot of trouble. I tried, but just can't work it out. I looked on the MP but didn't find anything. So, if anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.
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