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  1. Yes, this is the biggest problem, a lot of avatars are too complex to even render in static. And animating them is a nightmare for a mobile device.
  2. Really sorry to hear you had the bad experience with SpeedLight. However, we fix bugs every week; probably you could give us a chance. SpeedLight IMs, chats and groups usually work like a charm: about a thousand of residents use SpeedLight regularly. The most complex and troublesome part is 3D view: we put a lot of efforts there, there's still a lot of issues and lot things to do. However, we've recently managed to display avatars in mobile and web (still in development):
  3. As far as I know this will be a kind of "chat" client. You will be able to access IMs but you won't be online anywhere in world. I mean, you login to Second Life but do not connect to any sim (staying "in space"). Actually, during the early development of SpeedLight, I was going to concentrate on IM/chats as well - a kind of web text client for Second Life. But it turned out that residents do want to be online, fully rezzed and visible in world. That's why we've started adding 3D.
  4. You can use SpeedLight viewer. It has a mobile app (Android) and also runs in a browser, including mobile. Provides inventory access, IMs, groups.
  5. SpeedLight web viewer is looking for beta-testers to test a new feature. The feature is related to IMs, so the only requirement is just a bit of SL experience. You can use your main avatar, or your alt - it does not matter. All beta testers get SpeedLight Gold facility for two weeks. To get involved, reply here or contact me in Discord: glaznah#4435 You can also ask any questions here.
  6. Sorry for missing your question! Small businesses with less than 250 employees are exempt from appointing a data protection officer unless they are engaged in regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a “large scale”. SpeedLight is not engaged. SpeedLight privacy policy is available here.
  7. SpeedLight provides 3D for everyone starting from yesterday's update. With a limited 3D experience yet, but already usable.
  8. We suspend the delivery (actually, we don't start it) when there are a lot of recipients. The most of users of this feature are business owners, they send notifications to specific customers. LL also bans for spamming so the feature is quite safe.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, I've missed your message. We have a Gold membership (USD $8 per month) which provides extended features for a fee (unlimited online time vs 1 hour sessions, mas IM tool, more feature-full 3D rendering). This does not pay all the expenses yet, but it already brings the noticeable income. As for server powers, we share them with SmartBots, our major project. SmartBots utilizes dozen of servers and pays itself.
  10. 1Shiloh, you can use our web viewer - SpeedLight. It is available both as web application (https://speedlight.io) and Android app (search for SpeedLight in Google Play). All social features (IM, chat, groups, teleporting) do work. And we've just added the basic 3D world view for our Gold users; 3D will be available for everyone soon.
  11. Hello. Sorry for the necro-posting, I've just found this topic. We are developing a 100% web-based viewer, SpeedLight - https://speedlight.io. The 3D world view is currently under development (we expect the first version to be released by the end of February), but you can use all social features of SL now: IMs, local chat, groups and others. SpeedLight offers two options: free and paid ("gold"). Free includes all SL functionality except 3D for now. Gold facility includes some more premium features like "mass IM". The viewer is TPV approved, here's some more info here in forums:
  12. Hello everyone, This is an official thread for SpeedLight web viewer (consider it a continuation of this question thread). I am Glaznah Gassner, the creator and the CEO. About SpeedLight SpeedLight is the web viewer. It works both on desktop PCs and mobile devices (we also have a mobile app, but only for Patreon patrons for now). This means that there's nothing to download; you can login to SL at any time, from any device and on the go. SpeedLight is an approved SL Third Party Viewer. SpeedLight already provides the most important features (and we add more every week):
  13. The password is being saved in your browser's storage, your own system. As for the username portion - that's the good point. I will consult regarding this.
  14. We try to stay away off user's personal data as much as possible. For example, SpeedLight has to store IMs to show them across the devices (and to allow the offline IMs history). But we understand that this can be unacceptable by some users. We've added the end-to-end IMs encryption so IMs are stored encrypted, and being decrypted in your browser only (more details here). SpeedLight is the commercial viewer: we charge the money for the "Gold facility" features. This is how we earn money to maintain the project. As for WhoisGuard: the domains contacts contain the sensitive data (
  15. This works in the following way: When you login, your browser sends your credentials directly to SL login servers (directly and SSL-encrypted) SL server checks the credentials. If everything is ok, the avatar logs in without connecting to any sim. Thus, avatar is logged in but still "nowhere". Then SL server returns the one-time login token. This token can be used only once to connect to a sim. Your browser picks this login token and forwards it to the SpeedLight server. SpeedLight server picks the token, connects you to a sim and keeps your avatar online. Fro
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