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    Howdy everyone! There have been some questions and discussions about decorating Linden Homes in Bellisseria for holidays and seasons. Bellisseria is very much a community and part of being a community is celebrating holidays. So yes, Residents are definitely allowed or even encouraged to decorate their homes for holidays they personally enjoy or observe. In response to the recent queries regarding seasonal decorations and content, we would like to announce the following guidelines being introduced as of today: Seasonal and holiday decorations are permitted as long as they are not intrusive to your neighbors and staying in general continuity of the area, as per the covenant. Natural seasonal elements are permitted if they are applied subtly, such as a light dusting of snow or a scatter of leaves. Decoration should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing. As always please take your neighbors into consideration when decorating for the season. Outdoor holiday decorations are "in theme" with Linden Homes if they are congruent with the holiday season (no Christmas decorations in May or Halloween decor in April) Remember to keep all seasonal and holiday decorations within the borders of your parcel and ensure that no content extends over the parcel lines. We will also be updating the covenant to include the following: Seasonal and holiday decorations are permitted as long as they are tastefully applied. Natural seasonal elements are permitted if they are applied subtly, such as a light dusting of snow or a scatter of leaves. Outdoor holiday decorations should be congruent with the holiday season (no Christmas decorations in May or Halloween decor in April for example). Remember to keep all seasonal and holiday decorations within the borders of your parcel and ensure that no content extends over the parcel lines. Decoration should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing. Happy holidays! Patch & the Moles
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    Playing around .... I tend to like the raw shots better tho
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    I am wearing another new hair today, along with my Hair Hoe shirt! Thank you, Taya! It is official now. @Angelina String
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    "Red is your color. Jealousy drives your beauty. Irredeemable."
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    Messing around with a new head and skin, still tweaking it. I'm not used to so much eyebrow and glam. Raw screenshot. That *is* me smiling.
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    Thanks to you and Miyo for a great day out. I had so much fun. And Riley made a new friend - her first! We should so make this a weekly thing! Rally the Bellisseria parents! And this is Riley and I at Pal Park today.
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    Greetings all! Good News! Abuse Reports are completely anonymous, so unless you tell someone that you filed an AR the person who was reported has absolutely no way of finding out, if or who, filed the Abuse Report. Linden Home regions have a covenant that must be followed, by every owner. Any parcel that has content that you believe violates the covenant should be reported by submitting an Abuse Report and the Governance Team will be able to review the report as quickly as possible.
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    Messing around in my add-on with lots of small errors. Too tired of it to bother correct them, maybe I take it back in blender and fix it... maybe.
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    Thanks! I use Daniel from Catwa + Signature Gianni for my main guy. I use Daniel again for my guy using Belleza Jake. I'm sort of a potato and haven't really looked at other male heads. I found there's a reasonable amount of clothing for each body but I'm picky so shopping is hard. 😂
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    ACK! I posted the wrong boots above! Those were the "Syberia" boots I wore yesterday. Here are the Katalin boots.
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    I do wish the owner all the best in the world, in all worlds, and offer my thanks for all the memories offered anyone and everyone that has ever made memories there. Though I did really like the place, and enjoyed many memories there too. I'm a bit disturbed they want to reel in as many people as they can for the next little bit, despite knowing they're closing, and already paid up. That doesn't scream "thanks for the memories" it screams "maybe we can get a little bit more money out of them, and bring in more people". It's just a weird (to me) way to say "thanks for helping us keep the place alive for all these years". I think maybe I'm feeling too cynical or people today, now I am sure someone will come along to try and keep the place going, it has been well loved for a long time. If not that place, maybe someone will open a new place that follows suit. You just never know.
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    Huh, and there was me thinking for the last 12 years that teleports worked like this...
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    Super long, feel free to skip, no TLDR; I am going to say one more thing, and then I am going to shut up about this topic, because I know me, and I know I will get very, very heated if I don't...and the reason I am saying anything at all is for the same reason, it will eat me up if I don't say something.... It is beyond dangerous to tell others *precisely how they should deal with their own illnesses. This also includes mental illnesses, of which there are a LOT. What works for one, may not work for all, hence why there are no specific blanket treatments for most things. Hell, even infections don't have a one size fits all treatment plan. Medication works, IF, it is right for that person, that situation, that, whatever. Saying it doesn't, because it didn't work for you, didn't work for people you know, because you don't like it, because you don't agree with it...is dangerous. Cancer isn't treated the same in all people. I can say with absolute confidence that if everyone listened to the naysayers when it comes to cancer treatments, we'd have a lot less people on this planet. I may not agree that others' treatment methods would work for me, but I cannot, I absolutely CANNOT agree that no one should take that route. That is dangerous, and it is very demeaning. I can say this with confidence because I had cancer as a child, and I went through different treatment options, I still deal with some of the after effects of such, and I had a lot of naysayers all around me..even in the medical field. What worked for me, likely won't work for countless others, just as what worked for them, didn't work for me. That doesn't make ANY of those methods ineffective, it makes them situationally dependent. It's a slap in the face to tell me "this treatment should never be used". I know it's a slap in the face to me, because it is the slap I was dealt for years dealing with my own treatment, my own remission, my own..everything. I'd be dead if I or my parents listened to everyone who spoke with authority on what would and would not work. Please do not ever negate another's treatment plan, and definitely do not ever speak on it with any amount of authority. Even if you ARE an oncologist, therapist, doctor, nurse, whatever the hell...you're not omnipotent, and you don't get to tell people what does and does not work for all with any amount of authority. Because...it just might/might not work, and then where will that person be? They'll be left feeling like they're the defective one because someone spoke about it with authority-who's really just talking out their ass. It's really disheartening to be told you're going down the wrong treatment path, it doesn't even matter who's saying it, it's a crushing blow, and it serves absolutely no purpose to do so in this manner, except perhaps to make the person doing it feel better about themselves (which takes me back to the last sentence of the last paragraph...it's important). Telling people there are other options, other paths without speaking on authority about the path they're currently on...that's helpful. Telling them they're flat out doing it wrong because you said so...no, that's not helpful, it's hurtful., and pretty damn dangerous. When dealing with mental illnesses, especially, this can be even more damaging than physical illnesses, because so much more of the human brain, and body, is likely affected. They often don't work in tandem, sometimes work against one another, and having outside forces furthering that divide is something that I have personally never once seen work (that's anecdotal, it may work, I suppose, but I've never seen it work, never experienced it work, never read about it working, never seen evidence that it can...but there is always the possibility that it has, or would, so I don't negate that). Telling people not to medicate because medication is the devil, is dangerous. That's as dangerous as the idiots that thought we could pray my cancer away (no, not my family, before anyone thinks that, lol), or take herbs alone, or use ..I won't get into that, there's a lot of weird treatments out there...and that it would absolutely, without fail, always work. It's as harmful as simply ignoring that we have a multitude of options for treatment...for damn good reason. We have them, because not everything works for everyone, every body, every illness. Negating one method entirely because it wasn't effective for you (someone you know, blah blah), is stupid, hurtful, arrogant, and a slue of other words I could use but will piss people off, so I won't. It's something I, personally, take issue with, because I've dealt with it time and time again. For me, personally, I like to use laughter for a lot of things, it's why I always recommend things that I think might make someone smile, laugh, maybe have a few good minutes. I find it the best way, most of the time, for me to go forth and try and deal with something head on, because it gives me a positive outlook from the get go. It's not a cure, it doesn't fix pretty much anything on its own, but it's an effective tool in my personal arsenal. I never tell people "this is how you fix it". I say "this is what works for me", "might I recommend", "this is what I do", "maybe you could/should try", because maybe, just maybe, the person I'm saying it to might need that, or maybe he/she needs to to the exact opposite, they need to be mad, they need to cry, they need to vent at that very moment. That doesn't make their method any less effective than mine. Different strokes and all that jazz, being what they are. Sometimes, that's also the route I need to take, I need to be mad, I need ot vent, I need to cry, I need to be angry, because I need that release. Then I can press forward when I'm ready to. A lot of the time, laughter helps me get to that point, even if my next step is the polar opposite and results in my getting mad, screaming, crying, venting, punching a damn wall...whatever. That's my method, it's no less valid than your method, and your method is no less valid than my method. I don't like people that speak on such things with authority, because you can't possibly be that damn smart, if you were, you wouldn't have to deal with the very issue you're trying to help someone else deal with, lol. No one on this planet is all knowing, absolutely no one. We only know what we know, and what we come to know., we don't know anything else. I get told all the time many ways I can slow my vision loss. I don't typically mind, even though I know they probably won't work (simply because of why I have it, really, it's a complicated issue and a bit odd at the same time, far from typical). I do mind when people say "you NEED to do this, because only THIS works". Nope, it does not, and you can't possibly know that it will. Share your anecdotes with me, share your research, share your opinion...absolutely, but don't tell me what does and doesn't work for all. The same goes for ALL other illnesses, issues, whatever you want to call them. Share your ideas, share your opinions, share your experiences, share what has and hasn't worked for you, someone you know, whatever have you..but don't tell me my way is flat wrong, don't tell me your way is flat right. That's going to piss me off, and I am fairly certain, I'm not alone. No one gets out of here alive, and it's really hard sometimes oto figure out why you're doing poorly when others around you are not. It's good to hear others say, type, what is or has worked for them, things they do, things they've tried, it can be helpful even in process of elimination. It's not nice to be told "you're doing it all wrong because I said so, and here's why". You don't friggen know me, you can't possibly know my methods are wrong...even if I'm not successful (at this very moment, or at all), that doesn't mean the method is wrong, it may just mean it's not right at that moment, for that issue, or even for me. It's not to be completely discarded just because you say so, though(or even because I say so)
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    Well, personally, I'd feel rather inadequate and sad if I didn't think I was different from other people. Or that I was so good at conforming to social norms that I "fit in" perfectly. What a dreary existence that would be. What a dreary person that would make me. You're right: no one is ever going to know exactly how you feel. And yet, here you are, pretty regularly actually, connecting with people who can't possibly imagine what you are feeling, but nonetheless seem to like and respond to you. Being a part of humanity doesn't require some sort of magical ability to inhabit someone else's head: we can't do that. I wouldn't want someone to do that to me. Being really human means instead being able to connect with someone, to enjoy and value someone, precisely because they are special and different. So, yeah. You're not just different: you're unique. There's never going to be another you. And that makes you unimaginably valuable. So for everyone's sake, and especially for those of us here who have come to know and value you . . . take care of yourself.
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    It's on topic if you squint, tilt your head, have weird mental processing, and are on the correct dosage: I just thought it was funny (and I did think about what we've been talking about).
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    One of the most popular modern day fads has got to be pressing F5 repeatedly (within set limits, of course) to refresh the Land page in the hope of getting one of the new Linden Homes. However, the "fad of all fads" award, at the moment, surely has to go to abandoning a new Linden Home, then pressing F5 repeatedly in the hope of getting a better new Linden Home! (Lazier Craftier players of this have discovered the joys of auto-refresh functions.) Lots of folks, who haven't yet succeeded in getting one of the new homes, will be praying that this will soon rate as a "short-lived" fad, I'm sure!
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    If I walked into a pub and saw people dancing in perfect sync and the DJ shouted "Welcome (my RL name)!" through a megaphone, that would...really freak me out...
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    This what I went through too Drake, I am still dismissed as hormonal but I have few trusted friends I can talk too when I hit low however if I crash to ultra low then I hide away and refuse to come out and my mom has to deal with her daughter aka me with what you have dealt with your own child so HUGS!!! Thank you for being a good dad, trying to support them in their low moments as I know I appreciated my mom efforts now but took me ages to open up and talk. However on my bipolar; I take each day as it arrives because frankly I can't see past the end of the current day; exercise helps maybe a little but I know for sure if got my doctors to actually listen to me, that would help but in meantime I talk to those I can and do trust. I'm out of this thread as I don't want to say more for my own sanity and personal reasons. Hugs and love to all who need right now!
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    I have had men threaten to rape and kill me on the internet (drove me off a male-dominated forum once, that did) and attempt to force RP on me involving cutting off my c******s, subjecting me to lethal electric shocks and covering me in vomit and faeces, to name but a few. It's true that they can't really do these things (though some of the would-be rapists and murderers claimed they knew who I was and could and would do it, if they thought they could get away with it). But it's also true that these guys are presumably walking around in RL and looking very much like normal people. How am I supposed to know who they are, and why would that not chill me to the bone? Couple that with all the RL harassment and abuse I have encountered (way more than I can relate here, but I'm sure you can guess. Since the age of 14. And if you're wondering, no, being heavily pregnant or having a baby with you doesn't stop it and buses aren't safe) and I'm sure you will see why I think the two of them do deserve to be looked at together for an overall picture of the world I inhabit and why I hope women whine much, much more about it than they historically have.
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    I am a big believer in historical information. I was likely a lowly scribe copying manuscripts for years on end long long ago -- that in another life thing. Whatever the reason I wanted to note for history that today was a REALLY BAD DAY in Sansar. The latest update came with a few applauded additions (hand controller hold changes for desktop if I remember correctly, so you can hold your gun and shoot more realistically -- not a biggie for me). The new camera controls are indeed better in the dressing room and will be a help to creators taking vendor photos for sure (you can actually take a screenshot of your shoes up close now). Other changes and additions were hit and miss with some not working well, some just not working, some causing continuous crashes for those building -- and now and then just for those standing around. And then there was a REALLY BIG OOPS that pretty much broke a lot of content. If you are a certified Sansar citizen you can read it all on Discord. Take your coffee (well really you better take the pot) as the comments scroll on forever in the certified social "sansar"channel. The devs think they have found their mistake and hope to fix it soon, but meanwhile a lot of previously very supportive Sansar citizenry were humming those "leaving on a jet plane" lyrics as they surveyed the continuous disregard for the builders of the worlds. The problems of today didn't affect me much. I made my items "against the rules" and so there were few changes to my stuff, but I certainly sympathize with the folks who were juggling those last straws and wondering if it might be better to go someone else or simply to stop trying to swim upstream. This was especially bad timing after the layoffs of last week. And honestly (and it was commented on via Discord) we don't even know who is working on the fix (or who caused the problem). The senior software engineer is apparently gone (comments on Glass Door) and the job is now listing as open on the Sansar website. So a few folks anyway were wondering who they're gonna call. I had visions of a twenty something fellow trying to do it all and patch up the problems (ones that he might not have had anything to do with at all). I am glad that I am not in his imaginary shoes. Lots of folks are currently on the fence. Some will calm down, some probably won't. Eventually we just get tired. I am still there but not "invested" like I was in the past and like some are still (the ones most upset). I totally get their dismay and frustration. I hope it all works out, but today was definitely not a good day.
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    Thanks so much. That coat was a PITA to deal with. I had to do some post editing on it. No. Not some. A LOT. In fact, I also had to wear the version for a different body because the one for Maitreya was not working for photo purposes with me holding that cat. Put on the Legacy version instead which covered that arm better. Additionally the cat has several poses and the one I preferred just wouldn't work with any version of the coat. Ugh. I must have done like 20 versions of that image before I got one which wouldn't have to be edited to death. The outfit underneath has minor problems too. The mesh was breaking on the right thigh slightly and the Maitreya alpha cuts were all too large (wish they would come out with an update already) to fix it. At least that was a very easy correction to make but still. Being on pain killers last night from dental work certainly didn't make this all easier 🤣 Shocked I managed to complete it at all.
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    You said earlier Could you please post a link to the page on that site that says that? The first thing i saw was "Treatment for mental illnesses usually consists of therapy, medication, or a combination of the two." I didn't see anything there about exercise being the number one thing...
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    This has been my favourite location so far, lovely views, nice neighbours and less than 1 minute's walking distance from the beach. Will be abandoning in the next few minutes. I hope someone loves this plot! edit: still in maintenance, must be a slow day today!
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    Great picture - I'm a huge fan of your blog. It's been amazingly helpful in helping a long time SL person navigate the craziness that is mesh avatars. Thank you
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    It's generally all the body parts stuff, isn't it? I still get a bit jarred internally when I have to talk about heads, skins, eyes and so on. It's like being in some sort of Silence of the Lambs alternative universe.
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    I'm about 7ft in game...he gives slenderman a run for his money
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    Gotta remind him the great thing about snow in SL is that you don't have to shovel it!
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    I don't get snow, well hardly ever, here in Texas. So I really enjoy having a white Christmas in SL. Some years I've bought a little bit of snowy mainland and others I've rented a little snow patch on a private island. I have friends who live up north and hate snow. In fact, one of them hated it every December when I would make it snow in SL. He kept saying can't we have a Christmas at the beach this year. So, I get it how some might not like the snow but for some of us it's nearly all we get. There's enough SL to go around for all so we can all enjoy the season as we choose.
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    So true story . . . . I was recently hired as a flight instructor by one of the major aircraft makers in SL. One of the things they asked me to do was to learn some of the really advanced flying techniques that most people don’t know. Suits me well because the reason I like this maker is because of the realism and the learning involved in flying their products. But it does mean a lot more flying than I did before. So I’m flying in and out of the airport where they are located a lot. And just beyond the airport, within the approach path to it, is the Fiji Estates. And, out of the blue, a couple of days ago, I get a message from Jane (not the user’s real name) who tells me in a very hostile way that she saw me in her house and I shouldn’t go in someone else’s house without their permission and thanks to me, her security orb is going to be turned on now. Well . . . I don’t know who this person is or where their house is. But I do know that I haven’t been wandering around inside of anyone’s home. I started to type a sarcastic come back about how I’m sure the person is very important, but I don’t know or care about where their house is. Then I realize that might reflect badly on more than just me. So I tell Jane I haven’t been in the house, explain what I’m doing and why. It takes a bit of convincing, but by the time I get down to explaining in specific terms what I’m doing and which aviation company I’m working for, the conversation turns. We had a friendly conversation from that point forward and parted on good terms. I hope Jane and I cross paths again. I’m sure it probably helps that you can look in my groups and see that I’m in their staff group and they are known for both ultrarealism and for offering instructors. Makes it easy to verify. But the bottom line here, and the reason why I mention the story, is that sometimes people really do get upset over things that are actually a misunderstanding. So take a moment. Breath. Don’t fly off the hand right away. As long as people can talk about it without getting into that irrational anger too far, these things can be worked out and often times people really can part ways as friends, provided that both parties allow it to happen.
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    Carumba seems to be a nice region, there's a little green area behind the homes.; so let's give it a try after months of camping. I've been lucky with the 'already set up entryway' and most importantly, with the neighbours hehe
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    These are gorgeous. I didn't get one because I have the blue one they had for a previous FLF but might pop back and get one of these as I prefer them.
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    I'm not going to insult you by saying I know how you feel. You're you, and I'm nowhere near inside your brain. I will say that I've felt my own version of this myself, and you're not alone in feeling like an outsider. It's taken nearly half a century for me to realize that it's totally okay for me to just be... me. I don't have to live my life exactly as my parents did to be happy. I don't have to fit my parents' version of successful. I don't have to hold the same ideals as everyone in my community. It's okay for me to not fit in... and that's huge. I was brought up to believe my job was to be like everyone else, to only stand out in terms of excellence (be it behavior, academics, performance, etc.), and to never draw attention to myself by taking up too much space -- too much physical space, too much aural space, too much emotional space. Basically just sit down, look cute, and perform on cue. After years of therapy and blessed, blessed medication, I'm able to let go. I'm able to live and just be happy being me. Is everyone going to like me? Nope. Is everyone going to get me? Nope. But enough people do both of those things that I'm fine with it... most days. When the other kind of days get to be more in number than the good ones, I check in with my doctor and we assess the situation. I'm currently mid med-change. It's a beast dealing with the chemistry alterations, but I look forward to seeing what effects this one has on me. I figure if I need to live a medicated life, I'm going to entertain it as an observational study with a sample size of n=1 You're okay. You're you, and that's the most important thing in the world. I'm glad this thread has helped ❤️
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    told you not to make me do it, I can keep this up for pages and pages, I love me some bad memes Oh, but first..my two favorite jokes from when I was a kid. Seriously, I laughed uncontrollably at these (still do), and LOVED telling them to my parents' friends...they were all amused too, probably because I was a weird kid. knock knock Who's there? Dwayne Dwayne who? Dwayne the tub I'm dwowndin'" What do you call a dog with no legs? Doesn't matter, he's not coming anyway Now, back to terrible memes, puns and jokes...
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