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    Today I was inspired by @Ajay McDowwll so I took Riley to a zoo. The Lincoln County Zoo to be exact. I wanted to explore somewhere I hadn't been before and not have to worry about setting up a pose etc, so it's not a perfect pic but I like it anyway. The zoo itself is very well done. We had a guided tour by a moving bot (?) named Kenny (I think he must have been drinking on the job the way he staggered all over the paths but don't tell anyone! XD) and we also picked up a few souvenirs too. There's a lot crammed in so those looking for places to take pics might also enjoy it. (And yes that bird looks possessed). 😆 If anyone's interested this is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lincoln County/220/87/21
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    Little light, shining... Vendetta for Skin Fair. Full credits here.
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    Took a leisurely ride around Bellisseria yesterday. This morning's big event was pushing refresh on my online grocery order until a delivery window opened up, which it finally did. I think my neighbors could hear my whooping in victory. Life is strange now. 🙂
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    Trying to get someone in a better mood. It's working better some moments than others...
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    In these dark days I have to face the dark side of SL too...... Glad I found a fire to keep me warm.....
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    Taya Reboot, kind of... To go BoM, I had to do a lot of changes - and it have taken some time to get somewhat close to something I can live with Still WIP I guess... LeLUTKA Lake with DeeTales Flora skin - makeup from alaskametro, and lots of fixes and enhancements from Izzie's. BoM and the Universal Neckmatch is fantastic with the neckseam issue - I'm still wearing my "old" The Skinnery bodyskin in Honey, and with the neckmatch tattoo, it integrates seamless with my Deetales Flora headskin - yay! (Not in any way, shape or form affiliated with the above mentioned brands - just a quite satisfied customer ) ❤️~Taya
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    no edit.. just a crop.. I am forever changing my look.. some days the slightly darker side comes calling, and cats come out to play
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    How do your avatar look today? The same way she looks everyday. I'm too happy with my look to change her. She may not be everyone's cup of tea, but she's exactly mine! 😄
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    Coronavirus and second life I would like to thank all them that work behind the scenes to keep second life running during this coronavirus outbreak and all lindens and moles for their hard work and dedication on building us these beautiful homes. It gives us all that escape from reality known as rl speciality with people on self- isolation without you we would not have this escape from the world THANK YOU to all linden staff and stay safe love you all
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    Birth for Uber. And yes, the skin is called 'Dagger' and it's on the Catwa 'Skell' head, so it's sorta-kinda Skell Dagger
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    A little futuristic...I was at my friend's set at a new club and I had to come back to the sim lol.
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    ❤️ A picture with my bestie and finally I can be a girl again XD yay!!! She's the one on the left :3 no matter what she wears, she always stands out!
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    The world is on fire...……………………………..we need heroes...…………………………………...
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    ❤️ A random pic I made last night to please my friend (yes she wanted a couple pic but I didn't want her boyfriend to kick my bento butt later XD thus the mask). I was going to delete it but then I decided to mess a little bit with psp and this came out lol..... unaplaned shot.
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    I found a unicorn at the beach today...……………..and grabbed one quick shot.
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    I didn't take any pics of my bath but here's me heading to bed after.
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    I am not sure which of these I prefer, so... both! If Black Dragon had nothing else but the in-viewer poser, I'd be hooked. Gah, I love that feature! (Screenshots. The color one is my own SR-made, walking around with rose colored glasses WL. The B&W is a custom filter I made that is more contrasty than either of the viewer ones.)
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    Waiting for the train to leave. Away from the disaster.
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