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    Hi Residents! We rolled out some changes to how region crossings work this week, and I want to explain a little about why and what we changed. Please note that this blog post is gonna be a bunch more technical than my normal posts, because this is a tricky technical thing. Here’s a really quick summary, however: As part of moving regions to the cloud we discovered that region crossings between the cloud and our data center were terrible. Since we now had an easy way to reproduce the issue, we dug into it, and were able to find some really old bugs, and fixed them. Hooray! And now for a fuller description! The process of crossing from one region to another when you’re riding in a vehicle is pretty involved. The region you’re leaving needs to be able to tell the region where you’re arriving everything it knows about the vehicle, and has to do it really quickly. That includes all of the scripts in the vehicle, everything that’s attached to it, the direction and how fast it’s going, and lots of other stuff. To make this happen quickly, early on in Second Life’s history we made some assumptions about our network, including things like how big a packet can be. Those assumptions generally worked okay on our own network, but not outside it. When you crossed from one region to another, the regions were putting a lot of information into large packets and sending them across our network. This was usually okay because our network was purposefully built to run Second Life. Then, as soon we tried to do this on someone else’s network (in the cloud), things didn’t work quite right. The problem was most noticeable when crossing from a region in our data center to one in the cloud. The first thing our engineering teams tried was breaking those large packets up into smaller ones, but that actually made the problem worse. Rather than send one big packet and wait for the other side to say it received the data, with smaller packets, it had to repeat that bunch of times for each packet. (Send, get an acknowledgement, send another piece, get an acknowledgement, etc.) It was still mostly okay across our network, but way worse when a region in our network was talking to one in the cloud. We now knew this code would never work well, so we needed a different approach. Next, our engineering team decided to use another way to send the data across the network, using the same protocol and method we use for other types of data. Most importantly, it is faster and more reliable. That did the trick! We’re still collecting statistics on the impact this change has, but things are looking very positive. Once this new code was written, the performance when going from region to region got a lot better, and it worked between our data center and the cloud! The improvement was so dramatic that we decided to not make our Residents wait for uplifted simulators, and rolled the changes out right away. That code is what rolled out to the grid this week. It’s really exciting that the cloud migration is helping us find really old bugs and make Second Life better as we go. A gridbun that’s really ready to hop among the clouds, April Linden
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    Question was asked: "May we display your profile picture on our screen?" /me clicked "Yes" This is how it looked. Me standing in front of my profile picture. Double vanity shot? 😉
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    Certain people don't like my Birkenstocks. *cough* BUT, they are very comfortable, which is essential when exploring the grid. 😉
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    But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun
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    Love seeing more kitten heels popping up on the grid. 💕
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    Soooooooo in other words basically you were here for the pixel boom-booms.
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    Toujours... Zibska for Wanderlust Weekend. Full credits here.
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    Ok, so I've thought about making a Malt from time to time, but I just couldn't summon the enthusiasm. Until a few days ago a friend asked me if I would help him make a new avi. Well, how could I say no? But what do I know about guy avis???? My first job was researching and so I read Skell's Virtual Bloke blog, and asked him about skins. I also asked some of the Angels who have dabbled in Malts. So here after three days is the work in progress of my friends new avi. There is still work to do, but I'm happy with how it's going. Due to my limited knowledge of BoM, this avi is applier based, That might change, Body is Signature Geralt, the head is Catwa Victor. See what you think.
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    I didn't love this picture so I probably over-tweaked it, but I really love this outfit today... 💕
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    I've been shopping...and wishing I'd bought the top fatpack!
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    A crisp black and white photo always gives me a feeling of nostalgia and brings back memories of looking through my mom's old photo albums. Black and white images just have a certain charm that somehow vanishes when color appears. This week, I challenge you to take a black and white picture in Second Life. If you don't have any photo processing software, no worries, check out the black and white filter in the snapshot menu. Hit the snapshot button in your toolbar. Choose the 'save to disk' option. Change the Filter to 'Black & White.' Then hit the save button. Here's the raw screenshot: To participate in this challenge, take a black and white picture in Second Life and share it here! If you decide to do this challenge and post it on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtags #SecondLifeChallenge and #BlackAndWhiteChallenge. You can also add your images to the Second Life Challenge Flickr Group as well as the Official Second Life Group. Thanks for participating in the challenges!
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    Out little video projects have turned out more than a few videos of beautiful Bellisseria and the lives and entertainment that can be find on this vast continent in Second Life. So, we decide to start up a thread to showcase the videos Sceneris, Cian and myself, have produced for everyone's enjoyment. Our latest project is showcasing the Bellisseria SLRR rail lines. I know some have ventured the tracks to explore Bellisseria but many have never taken a few moments to enjoy a completely different way to see Bellisseria and I believe its one of the finest experiences you'll discover to view Bellisseria via the train lines. So sit back and enjoy the ride with us. PS: A personal thank you to @Patch Linden and his team of Moles and the other Lindens involved in this extraordinary project. Come away with us on the Bellisseria Rail Lines Video premiere's tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12th at 10:00 a.m. (slt)
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    I love infrared photography, so that's how I've treated mine.
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    You would probably be enormously disturbed by me, then. All the same person. No alts.
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    Posted this in a necro-post first by mistake. Lesson learned.
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    If you want some beautiful Dekorations for your Kichen, you should get these vegetable- arrangements at NUTMEG as a GG for FREE. They are only 2 or even 1 landimpact each! Group is free. There is a vase of tulips and a firebowl as GG aswell.
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    well... it wasn't that long ...
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    Can I haz yer stuffz?
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    Whaaaat!!! No!!!!! Can't believe how much this flimsy dress must weigh!!
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