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    Checking one outfit... ARC 95848. I guess it's not too bad at all for occasional fancy ballroom visits.
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    I'm horrible at SL photography, and for some reason my pics turn up fairly low res ATM. But still getting my Aesthetic closer to where I want it.
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    Today I've decided to roam around the Avilion regions a little bit, and dress code is fairly strict in this medieval/fantasy driven realm. I've managed to produce myself a rather simple dress rather quickly from some spare parts and materials - yes, these are flexis, because I'm such old and odd potato - yet a friend said that it actually looks good. So, I'm making this public just to show him how wrong he is. As a bonus, and as usual when I try to look professional, I've got a derp; First attempt to take a picture had the facial expression shown below. Because my AO and timing just loves to troll me.
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    View toward the Squishy Pickle from the backyard of my "claimed on Day 1 and I'm still there" home:
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    I hate to admit it, but much of the sea floor around Bellisseria is dead boring. That's hard news for a mermaid to deliver, but it's true. Vast areas of the sea bottom are nothing but gently rolling sand, broken by occasional hillock or a monstrously deep pit like this one near Porthole. There's hardly even a bit of kelp in most places. I start to get hopeful when I see rocks, usually fairly close to shore. I swim between pinnacles and peer around tight corners, imagining that I am playing tag with the Bellisserian Sea Monster (whom none of us as ever seen -- not even a mermaid). That doesn't mean that the monster doesn't exist, of course, just that he (or she? ) is either very shy or living in some part of the Bellisserian seas where few of us ever go. The rocks are fun to explore in any case. I've seen some very dramatic outcrops. For me, the main attraction around rocks is plant life like some of the fanciful glowing flowers that grow in spots along the east coast ... and some remarkable garbage that mariners have tossed overboard. There are enough crates and barrels to stock a good sized shop, if some enterprising Bellisserian could figure a way to drag them to land. There's also a surprising amount of rum and other fortified ... um... beverages, sometimes in unbelievably large bottles. Still, as I said, these highlights are the exceptions, rare gems in the otherwise unremarkable sea floor. As a dedicated explorer, I will continue to report what I find, and will keep an eye open for that elusive monster, but don't expect to see breaking news often. The sea is a lonely place. Wait .... what's that deep rumbling sound .... ?
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    The view from my Houseboat - nothing has been derendered.
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    I am tinkering with my add-on, and have finally placed it up in Humansville. I am looking for what I must upload again. The floors and a wall so far. Some things can only be seen when I rez it in place. But the house is "working" with the physics. 55 LI now with all windows and stairs in. Before, Winchester with no windows this way: And now: I was worried about the tree, but not a leaf through the wall. Only the railing, and that is charming.
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    [KRR] Mao Skin (Pale) OMEGA [okkbye] Nefarious Freckles (OMEGA) [okkbye] chicago lippy's (omega) CATWA Mesh Eyes Pack Go&See * Shy * Catwa Eyes *ARGRACE* IORI [C] Rigged [Cubic Cherry] {Anya} glasses clean
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    As I recall, several of us from LDPW were standing on the opposite bank of the channel, on the Squishy Pickle, looking at the solid row of green dots on map on the Bellissaria side, and Patch commented it was like standing outside Winterfell waiting for the White Walkers to arrive. So of course we ended up with one of the Lindens flying up and down the region on a fire-breathing dragon yelling "Dracarys !" as hard as she could. I love this job.
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    Dancing at the new Bellisseria Lodge at Campwich Forest
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    Working on the pool and major outdoor deck. The Linden hedges are too tall to look over. But with a built up terrace, they are the perfect height to look out over and enjoy the view. This was one of the reasons for the windowless wall. Not sure how I will organize this with the pool and the stairs up, but I am 99,99% sure that the part with the glass railing will stay. There will be a sitting group here, with perfect view over the water.
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    I have had my house since April 15th, initial release day, and my houseboat since whatever day it was that they released the Squishy Pickle and neither of them are still fully decorated. Hell, both of them are only barely decorated, more unfinished than finished. I change my mind a lot; put stuff out and take it back up, rinse, repeat. Plus I have many other things that I enjoy doing in SL and so often there just isn't enough time for everything.............. you know, because of that thing called RL. However, they are my homes and I'll finish them up when I finish them up --- and I most definitely do not give a rat's patootie what anyone else thinks about it. So, you take all the time you want!!
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    This might be of interest. When you first sign up for SL and log in, your avatar appears on "Learning Island". After you explore there, you come to a portal that teleports you to "Social Island" where there are more "getting started" tutorials. There are actually about a dozen identical copies of Learning Island and Social Island, and when one starts to get crowded, new arrivals get sent to one of the less crowded ones. Only actual newcomers can get to Learning Island. Once you leave, you are an "experienced resident" and cannot return. Up until recently, everyone could visit any of the Social Islands. Like the older Help Island and Infohubs, this resulted in these areas attracting griefers, scammers, and troublemakers who like to shock or take advantage of new, inexperienced residents. That is still true, mostly. But LL is experimenting, trying to improve the new user experience (and thereby improve retention). On one Social Island, only newcomers can visit, just like Learning Island. They have to find out stuff for themselves, but they won't be bothered by the riff-raff. On another Social Island, members of a trained mentoring group may visit, and offer assistance to the new residents. This is similar to the old LL Mentors program, but the mentors are a resident-run group. In another experiment, there are two or three different versions of Learning Island/Social Island. There's a Romantic one, and a Science Fiction one, and I think another one, but I don't recall its theme. Anyone can visit these regions. I haven't seen any newcomers there, so I don't think the automated intake system is using them, people have to find them on their own. Kudos to LL for these experiments, and I hope the data gives useful results that lead to improvements!
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    It is tempting to stand on the other side of that border and make silly faces to tease you, but that would be mean and un-molelike. Maybe I'll see if I can get @Quartz Mole to freshen your drink.🐭
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    They cannot take down an old region if even a single house on the region is claimed by someone. Also, they will not just throw up a new region in the area where the old ones are, so there is no reason or benefit to taking down an old region right now. If those old regions really were taking up enough resources to concern LL then I'm pretty sure they'd do something about them. Many folks have claimed that they could whip out new regions in no time, but such claims have no clue how much work is involved in the actual terraforming and how much back end work is associated with each region. There are plenty of posts by the Moles and Lindens explaining all of this in detail. A bit of searching will find them or I might even post a few links when I get home tonight. If they truly could just plot new regions down super fast, they would probably be as horrid as the old home regions and thus very few would want them. If you'd like to whine vent some more, this thread is designed just for that, with plenty of people that will toss sympathy your way:
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    Perhaps unless your last name is Mole or Linden it would be best to not speak in absolutes. You have no way of knowing if the houseboats earlier were the only release today. You have no way of knowing for certain that Patch and Derrick are the only ones able to release the regions. Moles do a lot more than build and script. The release times are all over the place. The schedule is out the window - they happen when they happen. The new regions are named, but they are NOT releasing the trailers at this time. Saying they're releasing them now is just wrong and confusing to people.
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    Pool Party this afternoon in Puffin Head. Governance18 Linden came over for a bit.
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    Whoa - Patch in same time zone as I am (I presume anyway) and up and at 'em when I am, I don't feel like an SL fifth wheel any more! ~Runs to Patch's Flickr!~ I've been spying the map constantly and I've been seeing a single greenie at the (what we're calling it) "community center", near the edge by the water! Is that there? Hahaha! Yes, yes, some may think me a stalker. (Oh gosh dangit, that may be a bridge - but still... wow.) Anticipation as a word just doesn't do it. Hahaha! I look at the map and try to imagine what it looks like "on the ground" - that is so much more awesome than I was imagining. Wow! For everyone else:
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    My experience: is its harder to get a housbeboat than a house. And it makes me a little sad to hear such derogatory words about my region. I was so happy to get a houseboat. And it's on the Squishy Pickle.(see the nice picture from @karynmaria) I also have a nice view and a weekend feeling. It is for the very rich SL Residents 😉. A place to spend the weekend recovering from your stressful life on your homestead. Yes-thats the fact. However, if you follow this thread it is hard not to be unsettled (right word?). Sometimes I tought -grab your bagage and try to find a better place. Perhaps I am not brave enough and I have only one premium. It is not so easy to find a houseboat at all. I´m curious it there will be more houseboats in the future and how they integrate into the landscape. Maybay I`ll move and risk beeing homeless for a while-we will see. So until now, I am living on my Squishy-Pickle- Houseboat and enjoy the peace, the silence and relaxe. (Btw 2: In Germany this word has also a slightly different meaning due to the history and it hasn´t changed so much in the meantime Be carfully how to use it.)
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    I work with children who have all sorts of mental and physical illnesses and disabilities. I would venture a well-educated guess that many of these kids with extreme physical limitations and disabilities have higher IQs than anyone in these forums, yet they frequently and maliciously hear the r-word or are called the r-word in school, on the bus, on outings, even in the halls where I work (and they live). How lacking in empathy does a person have to be to argue the hateful point that these children, or any children, or any adult, should not be offended by a word that is almost always used in an incredibly derogatory manner in today's society? How dare anyone think they have any right to tell another person what is offensive and what isn't? The r-word is an offensive word. Period. It causes pain to a great many people. It matters not one single iota that anyone believes it isn't offensive because it is. The individual human beings that this word is used to describe say it is an offensive word. Why is this so hard for anyone to understand?
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    I wonder what your style is. I can think of some ideas: More formal look with wood terrace instead of a flat green prim. Raised planters. I think a terrace flor is 100% better than a grass prim. Or a stone terrace, like this: Or whimsical, with ponds in natural rocks and plants around. Gravel, wood and stone paving are much better options than a green prim.
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    real time trailer rezzing in bellisseria
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    Is there a SL script for the forum that would auto-like anything that VictoriaGrwd posts?
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    Yup. It's there and I found it. Good hunting. Edit: Gee, this photo really got stretched vertically. I look sort of "eely." Go figure.
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    I don't usually click Like on all the consecutive posts of the same outfit but ... rawr! Even your shadows are sexy.
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    The pointy green ones mark the centre of the regions. If you look at them in edit, you can see it in the object name.
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    I took a trip to River Run to see why it is so sought after. It is a very pretty sim, yes. But others south of it looks very promising too.
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    Dancing to a live violin performance of folk dances at the Renaissance Faire
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    Following this topic is like watching a bad soap on television. There is tension in the air, but nothing ever happens :p.
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    Unless you happen to be a pirate, of course. In which case, she looks like sadness, death, and the iron gibbet.
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    Moles are just humans, they can do mistakes. They respond quick to tickets, I think this was a bit unfair.😕
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    Well, not everyone. I'm not logged in, and I don't even know where you are. No way in the world I can see you.
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    The green trailer placeholders are being removed in areas, the houseboats in SSP230 are now the right way around in the docks, the big building is getting new tree decor... so looks to be the final frills getting done. I did notice someone working up in SSP84 as well, so I wonder if they'll toss that one into the release as well.
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    I agree, Maddy. The tone in Answers has stayed pretty upbeat. We've had an occasional "helper" who decides to make snarky comments or try to deliberately snow some poor newbie with technobabble, but the regulars are a pretty good lot. Most have been with Answers for years, so we don't have to spend a lot of time guessing what the OP means or how to find an answer. We each have some special area of interest and expertise too. I typically defer to Nalates on hardware issues and I step aside to let Lindal handle land questions. They usually wait till I grab the scripting questions. I started hanging out in Answers in about 2008, when Void Singer made some comment about getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again. It turns out that she meant "in the Scripting forum," but I took it as a suggestion to do what I could in Answers. It just became a habit. I suppose I would have stayed solely with Answers and Scripting if the tone in GD hadn't changed a few years ago. I'm fairly even-tempered but I don't have much patience with trolls and others who are deliberately nasty. Since about 2014, it seems that a number of those people I had been avoiding in GD left, and the ones I enjoyed reading were on the ascendant, so I wandered in and have been enjoying myself.
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    Yeah, Lindal. What she said!! I never returned.
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    Adding a better image, since they became so small. You know it is a textured prim there if you are looking for it, but it's not easy to see because there are no straight line.
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