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    Did you think you were going somewhere?
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    “What Do Women Want?” (Kim Addonizio, 2000) I want a red dress. I want it flimsy and cheap, I want it too tight, I want to wear it until someone tears it off me. I want it sleeveless and backless, this dress, so no one has to guess what’s underneath. I want to walk down the street past Thrifty’s and the hardware store with all those keys glittering in the window, past Mr. and Mrs. Wong selling day-old donuts in their café, past the Guerra brothers slinging pigs from the truck and onto the dolly, hoisting the slick snouts over their shoulders. I want to walk like I’m the only woman on earth and I can have my pick. I want that red dress bad. I want it to confirm your worst fears about me, to show you how little I care about you or anything except what I want. When I find it, I’ll pull that garment from its hanger like I’m choosing a body to carry me into this world, through the birth-cries and the love-cries too, and I’ll wear it like bones, like skin, it’ll be the goddamned dress they bury me in. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/42520/what-do-women-want
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    Inspired by @Skell Dagger & @Saravendi (...and Vermeer )
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    Today at beach. A little sand between your toes takes away your woes 🌞
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    Staying with the Red Dress thing, this outfit came up during my wardrobe review. The change of dress from PVC, and Genus Classic, and brunette hair shifts how I look way up the respectability spectrum...….. Almost snooty
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    So this is my look this morning, with my usual glasses. Last weeks felt in love with this mechanic arm from Omnis and can't take it off
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    Completely lost for words ... other than, here I am all dressed up in my red dress...
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    So, some months ago Taya (@Angelina String) very generously offered to let me take a picture of her. (She's promised me in return that she's going to take a pic of both of us!) And she said she thought it should be something "different." I'm not sure if this is different or not, but it was fun! And Taya totally got the mood I was going for, in her choice of outfit for the shoot. Anyway, thank you Taya!
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    I have no money, so here is my 'Zero Linden' avatar: Body: eBody Classic v8.6 - Free at the main store (not L$1) Shape: Free - Made it myself Skin: Merlin - Merlin Free Avatar 3 - Free from Marketplace Eyes: [coffee] Catwa, Omega & Standard Eyes - Free from Marketplace Beauty Spot: Chabada - Beauty spot - Free from Marketplace Hair: barberyumyum*85(SNR) GIFT - Free group gift, free join Choker: EQUAL - Spring Choker - Free gift from FaMESHed Watch: **RE** Vix Watch GIFT - Free gift from FaMESHed Dress: eBODY - EBENTO Event Gift - Spring Dress Shoes: Fashion Addiction - Free group gift, free join Glasses: Balaclava - Oliver Glasses - Subscriber gift Location: Atonement
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    I am enjoying the view from the summer house.
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    OMG I love this gown. There is nothing like a posh frock to kick me out of a butch phase Please ignore the mismatched makeup. I was in a hurry to share
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    This is me after a marathon shopping spree with Taya today!
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    I'll have to look for a red dress later, but here's a silver one lol.
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    I had some messes with mine dome but it is back and up again
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    (PIggy backing on Scylla) Red Dress - Laurie Anderson Well I was down at the Zig Zag That's the Zig Zag Bar & Grill And everybody was talking at once And it was getting really shrill. And I've been around the block But I don't care I'm on a roll - I'm on a wild ride 'Cause the moon is full and look out baby - I'm at high tide. I've got a beautiful red dress And you'd look really good standing beside it. I've got some beautiful new red shoes And they look so fine I've got a hundred and five fever And it's high tide. Well just the other day I won the lottery I mean lots of money I got so excited I ran into my place and i said: HEY! Is anybody home? Nobody answered but I guess that's not too weird Since I live alone. I've got a beautiful red dress And you'd look really good standing beside it. Girls? We can take it And if we can't we're gonna fake it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves We're gonna make it And if we don't we're gonna take it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves Well they say women shouldn't be the president 'Cause we go crazy from time to time Well push my button baby here I come Yeah look out baby I'm at high tide I've got a beautiful red dress And you'd look really good standing beside it. I've got a little jug of red sangria wine And we could take little sips from time to time I've got some bright red drop dead lips I've got a little red card and mechanical hips I've got a hundred and five fever! OK! OK! Hold it! I just want to say something. You know, for every dollar a man makes A woman makes 63 cents. Now, fifty years ago that was 62 cents. So, with that kind of luck, It'll be the year 3, 888 Before we make a buck. But hey, girls? We can take it And if we can't we're gonna fake it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves (Yeah tell it to the judge) We're gonna make it And if we don't we're gonna take it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves We've got a fever of a hundred and five And look baby It's high tide. Well I could just go on and on and on... But tonight I've got a headache
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    Cant wait for summer! It's still 50s here in the Bay Area and we can't wait for the bathing suit season. So i went ahead a had a summery day in SL. =^.^=
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    Was doing a slightly less suitable for forum version, but dressed up!
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    "Hey, those girls over there look familiar..."
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    Sweater by ISON | Cargo pants by TETRA 🦑
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    I was going to do all sorts of clever things in PS with this pic, but decided that I liked it pretty much exactly as it was too much. This has been cropped: otherwise (rarely for me!), it's a raw take on the subject.
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    Like no one is watching. (And, in fact, no one was. Except me. And now you, sort of, I guess.)
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    I'm nearly done with the Windlass, me and the girls have had so much fun zhuzhing!
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