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    I am now so cool that I wear shades in the rain! I also brought the big knife
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    If I workout, might as well be comfy! Lol.
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    Thanks to @Lene Nykvistfor this great bikini
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    So I installed Black Dragon and had a play around with it today. Absolutely LOVE that pose adjusting thing. And the shadows; I have never seen such lovely soft shadows in SL, ever. I had a lot of fun with it. This is a raw snapshot, not one single bit of post processing at all. Even the vignette is part of the viewer. Full size 4800px-wide version is on my Flickr. I just wish my PC was powerful enough for me to run around with SL looking like this all the time. Unfortunately it's not really powerful enough for Black Dragon (my fps here was down to 6, and even with all the graphics settings dropped to the lowest settings I could find, it never went above 20, which is about what I get with Firestorm on High/Ultra). I'll definitely be using it for future photos though. I only ever see that tiling effect when I have Ambient Occlusion turned on, regardless of resolution.
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    I think you are way overdressed for SL surfing, but that's just me.
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    So I felt the need to redecorate lately. I kept the Adams (it's my favourite Traditional style) and kept the majority of my porch. The rest is as follows. ^ Front yard. ^ Back yard. ^ Gazebo (looking out across back yard). ^ Kitchen. ^ Living room. More pics to come.
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    I don't know who abanddonned this plot at Sassafras. But thank you It's lovely
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    Who else geeks out about how lovingly detailed Mole decor can be? Share your favorite finds please. I so love these rhododendron by Ancient Mole in my backyard:
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    Yeah, comments like those pop-up from different people every once in a while. Like many, I see this thread as not only a picture gallery, but also as a resource for those wanting to do better than they are now. And with that said, I'll give away my secret sauce: I try to never take my snapshots with the default camera; I almost always CTRL+0 six to eight times to "zoom" the image. It's what is called "Compressing the Field of View" in camera-speak, but what many do not realize is that it also removes the simulated lens distortion and "flattens" that, so the true avatar (or subject) shape comes through. (Another PRO-TIP: Do this when editing shape to see the true shape and you'll look amazing afterward.) In my Ballet image in a previous post, I did the opposite: CTRL+8 two or three time to make a wider shot to get more of the theatre balconies in-frame, even though it adds more distortion. Think "Fisheye lens" - even though it doesn't go that far. SO PRO-TIP: CTRL+0 and CTRL+8 are your best friends when snapshotting. (And CTRL+9 resets camera to default). So alt-cam, move camera back, away from subject, CTRL+0 four to eight times to get that look. Then turn on Depth of Field and voila!
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    To use the Laq kitchen island as a breakfast bar, I removed the sink and pulled the cloth with the candles, etc, over to hide the resulting hole.
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    How much do you click the reaction buttons? What makes you click or abstain? ETA If you could edit the buttons what would you do? Why I am wondering: It Is sad to come across a post someone has put time and thought into, and they get no reaction — and the reason, I am pretty sure, is that they are newish and not well known. They must assume no one read what they wrote, or that everyone disliked it so much that their only response is stony silence.
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    nearly embarassed to show it.. just catched ( btw after getting a "normal" street Victorian.. and putted back in the pool)
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    OK, finally managed to get my bathroom and family room pictures up! I'd love to have either one in real life... So, this was the Hardy and the other two rooms (upstairs) were a bedroom and a combination guest bedroom/craft room. You can see that I didn't have a ton of decor/clutter, and curtains up only in the bathroom. But I also put a pretty detailed pond in the backyard, and plants in the front yard, and a few LI of ground cover because the land is sandy, and an 11LI skybox, and I still have about 28LI left. So those of you would like to try decorating a Hardy but are intimidated, I encourage you to give it a try. Especially if you like the Victorian exterior but would like to try a more contemporary interior.
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    forgot to press submit reply yesterday apparently so I´ll do 2 in 1 XD and the proof I got out of there:
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    First time in what seems ages there are no Bellisseria homes on the Land Page. We are back to Meadowbrook.
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    Niran didn't mention it himself but I will. He has an excellent server side AO on the marketplace. Search for NiranV Dean and you'll find it. It's fairly easy to set it up with your animations and once it's all loaded you only have to wear it when you first login then you can take it off and the animations continue to work. Oh yeah I almost forgot. It's free so why not give it try.
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    poor residents if i were a mole.. i wouldn't take a home, but whole region
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    Beautifully done. My friend Maggie & I have driven by this spot so many times and wished it was home! The perfect house for a Beautiful lot and a lovely home.
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    But, I’m happy being non mesh and I look just as good as everybody else! See, here’s a picture that I took today! (Gimme my damned like reactions nao!)
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    Most of us have read all or part of the Community Guidelines http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines , but every time I read it, I notice something else. In case it has been a while, a link to it is visible from most forum main pages — in response to forum requests for more visibility. (Yes it was even less visible before.) Something not all of us may realize is that the mods request we assist them in monitoring the forums, as they don’t have the manpower to read every thread. This means taking responsibility for alerting the mods when the CG are violated. As the CG stars, that doesn’t mean shutting down spirited debate (such as ketchup vs Mayo) . It does mean that mods request we report these behaviors: When a thread is started in GD but belongs in Employment, report it so mods can move it. When someone spams. When someone pastes IMs. When someone Names and shames another resident. When someone name calls or flames. We all should know/learn how to get our points across without resorting to grade school behavior. No ones style or freedom of speech is violated if they don’t get to call people names. I also think when someone new drops by, usually seeking help, and starts violating Guidelines, we should direct them to them before otherwise responding.
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    wow that looks just awesome! You have such good luck with these camper locations!
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    Pssssst. You don't look at all like Betty Page in this pic! Now, wear a swimsuit and strike a sexy pose, and you're on to something!
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    That’s pretty much what it means over here too now.
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    Hi Please don't judge to savagely i am only 7 days i think into SL and having lots of fun I have been learning since yesterday going hours on end LOL how to put together a basic outfit and specially after challenging with a VCO Gacha Milli which i really like and other 2016 Designs to they are so whimsical and going to the Store is like leaving the SL going landing a fantasy land i could in there with these slot machines yer!!!! (i am about the night light it looked so shiny and glittery there but in the bright forum white flo lights it is hello)
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    My new boat studio in Trafalgar, a relaxed place to relax and get inspired by the sea and receive friends. I consider this place special, facing the open sea. inside everything colorful and informal. bathroom panels are sliding doors and can be used to create privacy. the photo studio has special lights and backgrounds. and there is also a small space reserved for video projection.
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    I'm just having a little fun besides editing photos I thought I'd join in the #DecadeChallenge. It may not has been a decade since I've joined in yet I do think half a decade still counts seeing huge changes that I've gone through lol Here comes my #SecondLifeChallenge ! Hope everyone's having a wonderful day! XD Flickr Link | Facebook Post Link
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    You are excused, we will handle it. 😘
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    Your information is somewhat outdated, LL has fixed UI profile icons being oversized years ago, they are downsized to 32x32 / 64x64 by default and they are no longer immune to being thrown out of memory. With 32x32 / 64x64 images you are basically counting peas here unless you are running a 1/2GB card in which you will get texture thrashing no matter what. For BD specifically i'd suggest leaving automatic memory management on (enable it, if it isn't already), it should make somewhat good use of your available VRAM. Also BD does not need to be restarted to make new presets appear, preset lists for Windlights are refreshed on opening the windlight editors. BD doesn't have an AO and won't unless LL finally gives us the ability to call into the server-side AO features from the Viewer directly without having to use scripts.
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