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    Hi folks! We are all beyond excited that the new Linden Homes parcels in the Bellisseria continent have been so well received. The Moles and various Lindens are hard at work creating more, and those will be made available just as soon as possible. But …. with all the attention you are all giving the new homes it’s making our web servers sad. We know that some people are using a plug-in or a browser feature to reload the home selection page, and as much as we admire the tenacity, we need to pump the brakes a bit on that traffic. Pretty soon you will start to see an error page if you have your browser set to continuously refresh those pages. No need to fear! The website is still functional. It’s just to give our servers a little breather. You will be able to resume activity again after the timeout period is over. Additionally, we are actively looking at ways of making the Linden Homes selection process a little more streamlined. Look for these changes to be coming to a Linden Homes selection page near you in the future.
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    For a much-needed change of pace, I thought it was time to get back to portraiture for a bit.
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    .sooooooooooo I came home today and was futzing about and low and behold what is that I hear... but ...a sneeze!! *gasp* I followed the sound and grinned ear to ear!!! As much as I HATED those fairy's in elderglen...something about having one of my own here in Bellisseria is charming. I hope she lingers in that bush as long as I live here!!! Ty for all you do!!! PS: Bianca Linden..ty for removing the dozens of them you did for me in my last home... I truly am thankful... guess i just needed this new place to really appreciate their charm!
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    I am pretty much an introvert and conversions, in the forums and group chats add to it. It disheartens me each time some feels its ok to be a bully, cruel or mean. Gives me very little faith in humanity. We really need to do better. Thank you patch for all your hard work and you massive heart. Thank you each and every Linden that puts in the time and loves second life as much as each and everyone of the residents. Thank you to the moles whole are working hard each and every day. Thank you to every resident, that takes the time to help another resident. take the time to tell someone thank you, sometimes they really need it.
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    Ghosty and I were on RL summer vacation (wondering if I can replicate the sunsets I shot into Windlight settings) - finally getting back to a normal routine, which means back to virtual time also 😊
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    Still adding little things here and there but for the most part I am done! My home on Bandit.
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    I'm still around...just busy with a new piece of land, blogging, and my bf lol. On one of our dates he took me to Little Havana and I knew I had to go back for a photo shoot!
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    I waited the rest of the afternoon while you were out boating to see if you'd find them! 😂 I'm glad you like her, and want to keep her. There's two of them.... 🤐
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    Mole X here, in that I'm the one who runs and checks the scripts, and configures the settings, to prepare homes for final release towards the end of our involvement in their initial release. That, however, is by no means the final step in the whole release process -- to use an analogy that probably breaks down at some point, we're responsible for making the product, and I'm one of the last of the LDPW moles involved before the products leave the factory. However, there's a whole lot of other things other people have to do in order to get the products to a warehouse somewhere, enter them into inventory, and then remove them from inventory in response to an order and transfer them to their new owner. I don't know all the stages involved after we're finished. I do know that they involve several Lindens from (at least) two other LL departments and their part of the process generally takes a day or so from start to finish. I also know something of the tasks involved for LL in changing the ownership of several regions at a time, moving them from one estate to another, and changing selective parcel settings for the resident parcels (hitherto common throughout the region). I don't understand all of them, or not in detail, but at least I know the processes exist and what some of them involve. I also know roughly how long, approximately, it took to revise the back-end of the Linden Homes web page to accommodate a completely new kind of Linden Home, offering several different choices of home (and often of theme too, so we have houses and houseboats on the same region) which you control from an in-world house control panel rather than from the website, so I doubt any change to the allocation process (waiting list, lottery, etc), even if LL were minded to make one, could be achieved and properly tested this year. I'm simply giving my own observations here, as someone involved in the production process, but I can promise you that we do read these discussions, and consider and debate ideas that we haven't already investigated, but a lot of them just aren't doable right now, either because they're not doable at all or because we simply can't consider them for this phase in the overall project, since we couldn't both adopt them and, at the same time, stand any hope of sticking to our original release schedules, let alone the expedited ones we've had to develop over recent months. And, of course, any major changes would need to be made backwards-compatible with the regions we've already released, which is often a lot more difficult than it sounds because of server-side complexities of which I had no idea before I joined the Moles and the full subtleties of which we (and LL) are still discovering.
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    Yesterday I was lucky enough to get an end plot on Bandit next to water and this time I'm staying put. Even my husband said not to give this one up and he was adamant that he needed a drive (anyway, I chucked him a pond down so he's as happy as Larry). I even have somewhere to put my Audrey II ( I don't trust it in the house 🤣)
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    #SquirrelLife Because Bellisseria Squirrel should not be limited to only 1 kind of house on her lot! PS: Thanks to @MichaMoz for making the first Traditional/Houseboat Lot possible... Squirrel STYLE!!!
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    Can't we all just get along? ... enough said... no need for comments. likes are welcome. 🥰
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    Just in case anyone wasn't sure, here's a hint or two...
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    Bellisseria continent, Pontoon region. Bellisseria has lots of beautiful places for taking snapshots.
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    getting into the mood for some gritty roleplay
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    I remained literally without money... but it was worth... .-.
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    I went to Lutz in my new gown earlier to take some pictures. It's time to break some news...…...I had a wager with a few people that I could make a new alt, and they wouldn't suspect it was me...……... Well one person finally sussed out who I really am, so it's time to reveal the truth. I had to mesh up on day 2 and it's a big clue when you're out in world, but being a newbie mesh brunette has certainly opened my eyes...….and I'm loving the Skye experience!! I'm a Newell...……..yeah, not a sister. A cousin. My name is a nod to Marvels Agents of Shield, and my on line name is Skye. I couldn't get Johnson, so I had to make do with double N. Thankyou for making Skye so welcome Angels!!!!!
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    Looking very suburban. Took Riley for a walk to see the new home; or rather the cul-de-sac at the end of the street. Not the best pic but it's the most recent one!
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    I am done with redoing everything now I think.. Happy with everything but bedroom, and since that's definitely the least used area in my home *cough* I don't care! So it feels like a place that's me now, and that's all I wanted. Not a showcase fancy thing. 'cause I'm anything but fancy. Now I'll see if I can link from flickr.. Had just been attaching pictures from my computer before. Frontside, coastal landscape on one side, greenery/garden on the other.. No need to make choices there! and there's a beach over there somewhere (from the back) walking through the front door kitchen and dining. I hadn't planned on having a kitchen, but had no clue what else to do with the extra room that would look ok. Living room. Again, not really any theme 'cept a Morena theme... finally a pervy peek through the bedroom window. Added a back wall for a bathroom. That upper room in the continental is so.. tunnel-y. Best to break it up. And I'm done. I hope I didn't put too many pictures.. It's hard to not share!
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    Okay, let's give this a try! We need an injection of joy around these parts! Bellisserians, how has your (Second)life changed since you landed on Bellisseria? Is it what you were expecting? What brings you happiness when you look around? I'll start, and it's pretty simple. An incredible group of new neighbors and friends. I was lucky enough to get my home in the first hour or so with absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I just saw "houseboat" and thought it sounded cool. I was absolutely gobsmacked by how beautiful it was - and full of excited, happy people! The large resident groups sprung up almost immediately, and they're great, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for so I made my own resident group. It is far, far smaller (102 as of today!), and certainly more niche than the big ones, but wow... what an amazing group of people it's brought into my world! Hilarious, intelligent, supportive, diverse... I could brag on my peeps for hours. We spend the day and night in our own little Discord server sharing everything from recipes to... well, dirty things because we're a rather salacious group as well. This kind of closeness and support and respect is something I haven't seen a lot of previously in SL. I can be sitting on my deck, and have a neighbor stop in for a chat. People on boats waving. And this little group of awesomeness that has turned into something far more than I ever imagined. How about you? How has our SL changed since you got your house or boat?
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    Playing around with (yet another) alt
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    Got pulled out to comment on LAQ eyes, so I thought I could show you how I look today as well
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    Apologies for the poor quality of this one. My desktop PC died so I had to get my laptop out and install GIMP on it, and I have no clue how to use this darn thing.
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    Upgraded my guy alt with the AK bento gift head & skin applier
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    No, while I don't know in detail what needs doing after we finish with a region, I do know some of the various steps between our finishing a region and it becoming available and, particularly since it involves people who are very busy anyway (including the Land team), it's no small task. Furthermore, whatever your subjective impression may be of how many regions look ready, I attend our team meetings and use the same online forms and reports as do the other Moles, so I know what stage all the regions are at, and I can assure you that we release them as we complete each small batch. I'm deliberately being vague about how long a delay there is between my finishing off on a region and the region becoming available because the short answer is I don't know, and I don't want to fuel speculation, since plans can be disrupted by all sorts of unexpected events, ranging from the mundane, like unexpected staff absences because of illness, to the more unusual like the multitude of issues that keep requiring "unscheduled maintenance" . However, in the normal course of events, I would say that generally, after we've finished with them, I'd expect the new regions to be released at some point over the next couple of days or so, taking into account weekends, public holidays and other potential disruptors The big limiting factor, I'm afraid, is how quickly we can finish the regions while still keeping up-to-date on other scheduled work. We're working as fast as we can, but things take as long as they take.
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    The molespotters would be disappointed -- I'm probably the last of the Moles to be actively involved in a release of additional house/houseboat regions and all I know is that, after I'm finished and my work has been checked then, under normal circumstances, they'll be passed over to another LL department who will, in turn, coordinate with two (I think) other departments and we'll see the regions go live a few days after that. So if you're watching our movements in the hope of gleaning extra information, I'm sorry but we can't help you, even inadvertently. We just don't know that kind of thing because no one does until a lot nearer the time, since there are a lot of things to coordinate before a release can happen.
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