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    Really feeling it in this new suit by David Heather. What does my avatar look like today? Snazzy! https://billybeaverhausen.com/2019/06/15/david-heather-equal10/
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    "Thank you for your report. We've reviewed your report and determined that it is not something we can tackle at this time. Please be assured that we truly appreciate the time you invested in creating this report, and have given it thoughtful consideration among our governance team."
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    I can finally run advanced lighting!
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    After seeing how well the new homes coming out ... a huge thank you to all the moles again - especially to the great landscapers and gardeners between them (love your work, garden mole) - hoping to catch one of the new in the next release!
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    Thanks, I know I do tend to take pictures with me just a part of the whole scene, and often not looking at the camera. Like this one
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    Used measurements from Marianne McCann's Typical Kid shape as a guide to get a better proportioned child avatar shape. With my GA.EG Mia Shape
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    I've been feeling sick the past couple days, but luckily I took pics ahead of time.
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    It feels like I've worked very hard, to accomplish many things but mainly managed to screw everything up. Beer will fix it.
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    I love my castle, but the lag spikes were absolutely terrible. I should have known the deal was too good to be true I've opted to just bite the bullet, and purchase some mainland, where it is not nearly as bad. But now I have castles, as many castles as I want without the lagspikes šŸ˜ This one started to float away, I had to secure it with a chain and stake. I'm saving my pennies for my favorite castle, the Fabien castle II. So today, was mostly trying to figure out how to setup land for a group, finding the right castles, decorating them, and of course chaining them down so they don't float off into my neighbor's yard. Oh, and also fishing, lots of fishing
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    My flabber is completely and utterly ghasted šŸ˜²
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    It was an example of a landlord needing capital to continue doing business with those expenses being factored in and as a result rental fees having to be raised. I didn't mean to imply that SL needed repairs; however, I do believe making the move to the cloud is going to create some rather substantial expenses in the short term. Also, the Lab has already said it takes more manpower to comply with new regulations which takes money as well. You seem to be of the opinion that LL is just out to grab your profits for no good reason. That everything is just hunky dory and they are squeezing every drop out of the turnip so they can play with a new idea. It is obvious to me that they have thought long and hard about Second Life's future and are putting their best efforts forward to insure that SL is still thriving 15 years from now. It's too bad your focus is so short sighted that you can't comprehend their motives.
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    Iā€™m more real than most!
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    Ok so I've given up trying to download FaceApp. It seems I need some operating system to work it and for the sake of a creepy grin I can't be rsed (UK saying). So tomorrow I'll repost some portrait shots and if anybody can be bothered to grab the screenshot and make the Newells smile.........well....... Oh and I've tried to change my Flickr profile pic and it won't work?????????
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    ...sets you on fire. ;-).
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    Lol, I'm prolly old enough to be his granny! You're too funny!
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    @Beth Macbain - Watch out, now Blush is sweet talking Quartz.
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    While that is pretty decent advice for RL, these forums would be so boring if everyone followed that advice here. Sometimes, watching the discussions here is so much better than any of the so-called "reality" TV shows - entertainment at its finest. šŸ˜
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    As a retired teacher, may I compliment you on a beautifully written sentence!
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    These are nearly meaningless when used to denote a given time as they mean so many things to so many different people. Gimme a number please Might as well just say soon!!!!
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    Awwwwwwwwwww! Such a darling person you are, Rhonda. And yeah, I'd never conflate those two words. On top of which, there is nothing wrong with "slu++y" -- so long as YOU are the one defining and choosing it, right?
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    If it is based on in world votes, looks has nothing to do with it. But maybe I'm just a bit jaded. As for the implication that you are not sexy enough ... Never forget, Sexy =/= Slu++y
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    I think she's talking about how many vendors it takes to rez in her shop when she is selling single colors. If I were in your shoes, and I have been, I'd keep the best sellers and new releases in your shop. Then retire the older items to the marketplace with several signs in the shop stating that older releases are in your MP store. I'd also make each of those signs a link giver to your MP store. I'd be sure to have all the single colors in the shop while you consider them to still be a new release. Once the initial rush has died down or you see that they aren't going to be best sellers, then I'd retire them to the MP store.
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    The second, or rather first pose I'm working on for a little pose set. The bodysuit is available at Cureless[+] for L$50 for FLF right now.
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    My alt is The Original Bellisseria Cat šŸ˜‰
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    I cannot thank Rhonda enough. She very generously sent me a shape, a notecard listing the shape slider values, and a style card listing all of the components I needed. It was wonderfully kind of her to do that much work just to help a stranger. Had it not been for her generous help, I'd still be floundering. Even with that enormous leg up, I spent all day yesterday tweaking the shape. I had an identical twin alt. I put her on a posing stand wearing my system head, and I got on one next to her wearing my new head. At times, I superimposed the avatars. In the end, I think I achieved what I was seeking. What do you think? Friends say they can recognize me. The one on your right is the system head. I welcome any suggestions for further changes. Again, I thank Rhonda for her invaluable help.
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    Details: https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2019/06/14/love-is-love-and-only-love/
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    If you've changed your password, he can't see a damned thing other than your online status, which is available to everyone.
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    because password he can go inworld and pretend to be you. He can go round greifing and trolling and everyone will blame you. He can delete all your stuff in your inventory. Abandon any land you have. If you have a payment method attached to your account he can buy L$ which will be charged to you RL. He can change the account password and lock you out if you can access the account then do and change the password like right now if you cant access because he changed the password then file a Support Ticket and explain your situation. If the account does have a payment method then as well as a Support Ticket contact your credit card provider or PayPal/Skrill and block any payments to LL until you get it all sorted out
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    An IP address is an address for a computer, like a house has an address, so does your computer, these addresses are not private, as any computer your computer communicates with knows that address, or it would have no clue where to send the requested data back to. Change your password, and move on..:) Happy sling
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    Doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to hide a broken feature. Perhaps it's just a strategy to make you purchase the body. I'm sure it's not flawless because then they'd be bragging about it in the demo folder but I feel like people should try and be more optimistic. Are we going to hold on to our Maitreya bodies for the rest of Second Life's existence? It's a new and interesting approach. People complain about the price but if this body allows you to wear clothing that aren't specifically designed for the body you're wearing then maybe that L$5,000 isn't so bad after all.
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