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    So long, and thanks for all the fish
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    Resting up on the veranda of the Psycho House
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    Be sure Maddy understands what you mean.
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    Oh, and who's up for a housewarming party???? Just saying.....🤔
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    Now that Bento is here the 3rd option is talking to everyone in sign language, maybe throw up some gang signs?
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    Maybe it is just time to keep a low profile and let things settle a bit. It seems that your current conduct is a road to nowhere and only amuses or triggers the people who seem to have an issue with you. If you pull out from the public view and just do your own thing, it will probably die down.
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    my AO doesn't quite throw gangsta but my bento fingers are constantly forming gestures which i quite like
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    Well ok. Still 4 hours or so away. Nothing whatsoever to so with SL so I will send a pic inworld when done.
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    They are out there. It took me some time and patience to get one. When I say one, I've actually been through about 8 in the last few months. I did do the auto refresh thing to try it. I mostly found it useless/stressful. However, it worked. It is what it is. I followed the posts and paid attention. You get a feel for when to watch. People drop homes before a possible new release and drop them shortly after as well. That's the window. The above threads mentioned are the best. But also watch the SSP thread. That's really where I got it. No matter what... it's stressful unless you get a lucky card 😜 Note: I appreciate that you do pay by the year, but we all do just in smaller increments if we cannot splurge at once.
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    I from time to time will go to visit my very first home in sl. A premium Tahoe theme. Seeing the changes over the years. Yet in a sacred way still the same . Has anyone else taken a trip in second life to visit their first abode and how was the experience?
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    I'll be watching Fraiser for a little bit before bed.. it's one of those shows that I can watch over and over..I think I'm on my fifth time watching the series.. Not back to back ,but will watch it once a year.. It's such a funny show.. This was a good scene..
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    My home sim is closing in around four weeks, so it pushed me into taking up a Linden Home...….although I did have two other Plan B's Yeah I went Premium a few weeks ago...… just to test y'understand. So I got an old Linden home, which is fine for me and for the last two days I've been finding out how much fun decorating and furnishing is, and also what the prim allowance entails. It looks like I might have to chose between a kitchen or a bathroom...…..I'm running out of prim allowance... So here's a sneaky peaky inside...…….. I'm quite pleased how it's gone, being a totally open plan room...…..
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    Something that brings me delight in Bellisseria, is inspecting the landscape on the different regions. I've noticed much of the time, it'll be like Alotta did most of this one, then Moonstruck did most of the next, Garden the next, and so on. It seems to help giving each region individuality. But what truly warms my heart, is when I see a masterpiece like this waterfall, when they all seem to have come together to make one thing.. This one near my dream home includes Moonstruck, Missy, Fox, and Yonder all adding bits and pieces. I don't know why, but it adds charm to see one tree owned by someone, the tree behind it another person, a shrub by another. They're like signatures: "I was here", and the collaboration to make especially nice little spots is a great vibe stamped all across the continent. Thank you Moles!
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    Note that the next BIG release (many regions all at once) when people have a MUCH better chance of getting something is expected AFTER the December RFL event closes. The new (we have no idea on the theme) places will be out then hopefully. This isn't official at all, but we do know that the new themes will be showcased at that event in the same manner that the other Linden Homes have been showcased in the past. Typically the new big release happens not too long after we see what is coming next (can be a couple of months or so though. So unless you enjoy trying to "catch" (the current popular term) a plot using auto-refresh you will most likely need to wait until the first of the year - possibly early Spring. That's not too far off really. So waiting or "fishing" are really the only two choices now.
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    These threads are the most important. The first one tells you how to set up auto-refresh. The second when posters here abandon Bellisseria homes. The third is speculations, but it is very helpful to know when a Linden is inworld. They have to be there when a new region is released. It is too high demand for the homes, even if they release 1 or more regions 5 days a week. It is not impossible, but it is hard. Read the whole first thread and 2-3 pages of the other ones, to see how it works. And then you may be lucky and post: Also join the group Bellisseria Citizens inworld. Patch Linden and Whitney Linden post there. Maybe other Lindens too.
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    Halloween +Highlighter set gift from Cosmetize(in group notices).
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    essence still have their gifts for genus,lelutka and catwa. fatpack of face appliers)) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Essences/86/114/22
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    /puts-on-bitter-hat-of-history I used to be in the 'Arbor Project' which started that was but over it's history was more about abuse-reporting violations of the mainland rules that dealt mostly with blocking or advertising. - But it's lost it's influence over the years. Anytime you see a giant 'sale' or 'rent' sign on the map or in world... that's a failure of the 'Arbor Project' to have any influence with the Lindens anymore... One reason Arbor lost it's influence is that it came out that another similar group was using it's connections with the Lindens to grief people under the guise of community betterment... ie: people abused the access they had, the Lindens seem to have chosen to pull back rather than try to vet who was good and who was bad and risk getting it wrong... There have been groups like that in the past - for various regions and purposes. Most of them limited in scale. "Bay City Alliance" is the best of them - lots of activities together and lots of inroads with the lindens and the moles that help to keep Bay City and the nearby sims looking good. There is a reason that outside of Bellesaria the place you are most likely to find moles putting out a new build is Bay City or a sim within avatar-walking distance of it... and it's that community and the fact that it's run by an SL user who is high regard in almost all circles. The polar opposite of 'Bay City' is Zindra... and Zindra is also very likely the reason Bellisaria happened in 2019 and not years ago... The moles and lindens got burned very hard with Zindra. Explore around Zindra and you will see several mole builds made before it opened, and then half-done things like the Zindra Mall. - Zindra shows the risk Bellisaria now faces. There are signs that this risk is already brewing, but small in impact. With Zindra the Lindens held weekly office hours in world at places like the downtown Zindra cafe. But the meetings turned extremely bitter when 2 different groups started showing up claiming to be the SOLE AND ONLY LEGITIMATE community group representing ALL residents on the continent. The Linden who hosted those meetings was subjected to an hour of foul mouthed fighting between different camps demanding he grief the other camp, ban them, mute them, and so on... I went to a few of those meetings and every time I saw a meeting start out with a Linden nicely trying to note some new stuff the team was bringing everyone, and then F-bombs and worse being dropped in response as the two groups fought in front of him to claim the right to be the one receiving control over all the new shinies... and then turning on him when he refused to be partisan. ... and by the end of the meeting the Linden would just leave (a few times he TP'd out in the middle of his own meeting), and the new shiny... had 50/50 odds of being pulled and not released... because after that treatment who would do it? Now... search Bellisaria under groups and you will find... just a few too many results that share themes. A few of them even say "we are the real residents who do not like the jerks in that other group"... - if that conduct continues... Bellisaria is doomed. Before Zindra many Lindens held weekly office hours and Lindens were easy to find inworld and very approachable. After Zindra they went dark for some years, and the few that now do Office Hours seem to be rather quiet about it - not something openly advertised. It's very hard to find a linden or mole 'in the wild' unless something is happening, like a new sim opening in Bellisaria... Nothing like Bellisaria has happened in years, but things like it used to be common... - I just hope people don't abuse the opportunity this time. Bay City managed to avoid it... so if you want a great mainland community, look to Bay City Alliance. But there is a reason why there are so few similar communities in SL... and the story of Zindra reveals it... I think after Zindra... the wider SL just got shy about doing community on a large scale...
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    It is possible because if you can see it, you can copy it: Prop up your iPad or angle your Television and begin playing your Netflix, set up a video camera to live-stream to YouTube and aim it at the iPad or television playing Netflix, then get the URL of the YouTube stream and out that onto a prim and set Media on a Prim in properties of the prim and point the URL to that stream address. DONE! And my comment is serious, not a quip or trolling or anything - I am very serious. If you want to put Netflix (or any other locked-down content) in-world badly enough, there is always a way and for Netflix, this is the way.
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    I do have to respectfully disagree. I have never reported a player before but what she does is not ok and it would be good to see if staff of sl actually took it seriously. Because lets be very basic here. What do we do? We pay hundreds of dollars to run the sim, we support sl like this and this is same as none profit business for us. Then you have someone come in and slander it, how is this different than harassment or cyber bulling? In places like sl things like that should be taken seriously because these are real world problems, avatars do no ran themselves, same as facebook profiles do not ran themselves, there are people behind the screens and some have anxiety issues. Not me, I am fortunate enough but some do, some people she has in her profile, lying about them, is sl staff ok with that? I always handle things as calmly as possible but I do take this one seriously and I do want something to actually come out of it. Like I said, idc what she does or what opinion she verbally shares and if she stays around or not, all I care for is open claim in her profile, which she parades as fact when it is based on her personal opinion. People can actually sue for things like that.
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