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    I am now so cool that I wear shades in the rain! I also brought the big knife
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    If I workout, might as well be comfy! Lol.
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    Niran didn't mention it himself but I will. He has an excellent server side AO on the marketplace. Search for NiranV Dean and you'll find it. It's fairly easy to set it up with your animations and once it's all loaded you only have to wear it when you first login then you can take it off and the animations continue to work. Oh yeah I almost forgot. It's free so why not give it try.
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    On my new PC I can get more than 3 in at a time without having any FPS drop, and all of them running ultra-settings in Firestorm. In part because even at Ultra for Sl it's not using most of your GPU or your CPU or your ram once you're past certain caps. Not sure if I've gone past 4 yet - hadn't had a reason to. On my old Mac, yeah - the second account logged in and stuff better be turned down. Because if you buy a tricked out Mac, the Mac OS still doesn't give you access to most of what your paid for... And by the time I knew that I put windows on my Mac, it was old enough that it was... no longer in the 'tricked out' category but more in the 'get offa my lawn' category...
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    Your information is somewhat outdated, LL has fixed UI profile icons being oversized years ago, they are downsized to 32x32 / 64x64 by default and they are no longer immune to being thrown out of memory. With 32x32 / 64x64 images you are basically counting peas here unless you are running a 1/2GB card in which you will get texture thrashing no matter what. For BD specifically i'd suggest leaving automatic memory management on (enable it, if it isn't already), it should make somewhat good use of your available VRAM. Also BD does not need to be restarted to make new presets appear, preset lists for Windlights are refreshed on opening the windlight editors. BD doesn't have an AO and won't unless LL finally gives us the ability to call into the server-side AO features from the Viewer directly without having to use scripts.
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    Love this. Will the "thingy" be available on MP?
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    Who else geeks out about how lovingly detailed Mole decor can be? Share your favorite finds please. I so love these rhododendron by Ancient Mole in my backyard:
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    So I felt the need to redecorate lately. I kept the Adams (it's my favourite Traditional style) and kept the majority of my porch. The rest is as follows. ^ Front yard. ^ Back yard. ^ Gazebo (looking out across back yard). ^ Kitchen. ^ Living room. More pics to come.
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    Unpopular opinion: I'm a vegetarian.
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    Yes aeroplanes and gyrocopters are generally scripted to need a runway to reach the required speed before lift off. Generally, the bigger the plane the longer the runway needed. The landing strips in North Bellisseria, have always seemed quite attractive to me and a nice amenity. I have only tried flying a few times, but having something similar in the south would make a lot of sense. I wouldn't fly a plane much faster than I would a boat so expecting me to take it all the way to Jeogeot would double the journey time and be a much bigger time commitment than a short hop around the continent to a southern island airstrip. Edit to add : the one in Jinsil is a handy location for South Bellisseria, though.
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    Airplanes and airfields in SL are a bit of a joke. Especially the huge passenger planes and fast fighter planes. However, helicopters are quite nice to use for sightseeing trips in SL - and as a bonus, they don't need airfields. 😃
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    To use the Laq kitchen island as a breakfast bar, I removed the sink and pulled the cloth with the candles, etc, over to hide the resulting hole.
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    Meant to share these snaps from the weekend...this wasn't me having fun so much as observing others' fun. I was hard at work gardening in my backyard when there was a bit of a ruckus the other side of the bridge by my house in Wuthering Downs. I ran over to the bridge to discover that a flotilla of house boats had plowed into the bridge, thinking they could get under it. Fortunately no one was injured in the pile-up and the bridge is still intact. I think they ended up going around our little loop of islands and continuing their communal journey around the waterways of Bellisseria.
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    BoM on a 2007 skin. Not to shabby for 2020 thanks to bakes on mesh the old skins getting a new lease on life. Not a bad thing. With Bakes on Mesh it's good to see the old skins have life. Genus Strong mesh head with Signature Alice's body. Cheers.
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    https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/gkgmr30kwvdt (From last week, but it sounds like you have the same issue.) We are aware that some Residents may be having problems logging back into Second Life. When the login fails, they receive the following error message: "Login failed. Account already logging in." Our engineers are digging into the issue.If this is happening to you, here's a few things to try:* Wait five minutes and try again* Restart your modem, and try again.If the issue still persists after trying these two things, please contact our support team for assistance.
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    Interestingly, when my alt went to her just released parcel in Leonid there was no house on it, and they were saying in chat the parcels were empty all thru the region and to use the mailboxes to rez, it worked fine (I did not keep the parcel, despite the very nice landscaping). So this region was in stealth mode prior to release !
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    Two Words.......... Savoury Duck. Clue: no duck is involved.
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    Since the "Show your style" thread is so huge, I am afraid that the BoM styles disappear in it. Here I think we can shere what we do with BoM. It does not have to be 100% BoM, but also how BoM goes with our other things. My alt has Slink Redux Hourglass and [AK BOM] Bento Head Morgan SLUV. Thank you to @Gregorian Chantfor the tip - Akeruka sell BoM heads for 1000 L (group only). Not sure when the sale ends. The [noho] Mesh Capri Pants is only for mesh bodies that uses alpha cuts. I took a quick search on the marketplace for capri. I bought a demo that had an alpha layer. I now have an alpha layer for all capri pants. It is faster than making my own layer, cost nothing (no uploads) and maybe I even buy the capris from the demo. The COCO top fits the mesh body so well that no alpha layer is needed. Group gift in store. BoM layers: League Aria bronze with Mr.Bloch lipstick, EMO-tions hairbase, Corvus tattoo and not so visible, but important: Blacklace underwear. Thank you to Ryan Schultz, I could pick up perfect coverage for my hands and feet default nails. https://ryanschultz.com/2019/10/03/second-life-bakes-on-mesh-truly-a-second-life-for-your-system-avatar-skins-and-clothing/
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    Hey hey! Happy Friday! I hope to see you at Hippiestock 10 tomorrow! Peace!
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    When I was a small girl, I regularly ate chitterlings and pig bag with salt and pepper and vinegar. Teeny fish offal holds no fear for me.
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    A "clear conscience"? Will no one take a moment to think about the welfare of this little guy??? Personally, I love the little, friendless anchovy. On pizza, in pasta, on crackers . . .
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    Because you're too daft to understand what you've purchased. Hint: It's not the texture. Can you explain the difference between you buying an applier and extracting the actual texture, and me buying a video game and extracting the textures from that? Let me guess, is it something along the lines of "games cost more or are bigger than just appliers?" Or a more relevant example again, when you buy yourself a mesh body, why do you think it's not okay to extract the model and make adjustments to it? I guess you already explained that "you have to do it locally," but you have to do that with textures as well so that doesn't count. What gives? Could it be because people can easily tell when you've re-uploaded an edited model?
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    Ripping mesh will require some method to get it out of second life in a way that can be used locally. Ripping a texture is as simple as pointing my web browser into my viewer cache directory. It's only an infringement when (not that you could, but only after the fact that) you redistribute it. It is impossible to license or in any way control private use. If you think you can, well, good luck with that. If I buy commercial software then change the interface in a way the developer never intended, there is nothing they can do unless I try to redistribute that. It is 100% legal. Apparently not as much as you are. You like to tag comments with the laugh emoji a lot. I understand why, but if it makes you happy do so then never stop. The permissions system is specifically a permissions system. it is not a license. Perhaps a dictionary to better understand word definitions would be something for you to consider. For everyone: your arguments are valid when it comes to redistribution of third-party intellectual property, but absolutely moot otherwise. It is the same ridiculous argument the EU makes when they attempt to pass a law that says if you take a photograph of the Eiffel Tower, you have infringed on that intellectual property. Convince me that that is true then I may even consider some of your arguments here worth evaluating. Nevertheless, it's okay, I know that facts can be such annoying things. As for DMCA anything: that law is for one purpose: Takedowns and legal action afterward. It is literally impossible to file a DMCA against anything I've done. There is nothing to "take down". As for a "license" - those are a set of rules one must agree to before any transaction regarding them is made. As for permissions: the texture I purchased had only one restriction: "No Transfer" - I have not transferred it to anyone. So what imaginary license have I offended? How am I breaking I.P., then? I'd love to see that one argued in any authoritative governance hearing. Your arguments regarding my chosen use (including the changing) of something I have purchased are not based on logic, they are laughably based on "win the debate at all costs". Okay, fine: you all win. Feel better?
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    1. Have a BOM-capable viewer 2. Obtain the BOM relay for your particular body (or a generic Omega relay if your body doesn't have one but is omega-ready, such as this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bake-on-Mesh-skin-applier-Omega/14391590) 3. Wear both the body and the relay. 4. Click the relay. The body will turn red. 5. Remove your full body alpha. The body will show your system skin. From now on, all system skins and layers you wear will show on your mesh body, and will change automatically as you add and remove layers. You don't need to wear the relay all the time. Some bodies won't work, if they are not omega-compatible and don't have any kind of applier capability; for example the free bodies from Altamura.
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    One thing I have an issue with, is that older skins have heavy eye makeup. I have some skins from Gala Phoenix with no eye makeup, as the "Angel Pure" skins. I have tried the Under Eye Concealer from Izzie's and it helps on the heavy blackness that many sooty eyes have. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-DEMO-Under-Eye-Concealer/13318215 I have not tried the BoM nose fix, but I have placed the demo in my shopping cart. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-DEMO-BOM-Nose-Fix/18404932 I am looking for some eyelines that is white, tintable, that I can use to cover the black, inside eyeliners. I will try the guyliner and see how much it covers. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-DEMO-Guyliner-Set-Catwa-LeLutka/16783517 I don't know how to cover all the skins with inner corner eyeliners. Skin makers in the old days loved to make inner corner eyeliners!! 😩 I think these eyeliners look terrible now. I will probably use them for Halloween, and not else.
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    But...but...if you aren't at the party, you'll miss out on all the party favors! (I admire anyone who's an independent. But you can be an independent and still be a member of whichever party is least repugnant to you. This gives you an incredible advantage of numbers.)
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    Unpopular opinion: I think the slap fights that happen here are goofy, yet hilarious...even when I’m involved in them.
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    So I installed Black Dragon and had a play around with it today. Absolutely LOVE that pose adjusting thing. And the shadows; I have never seen such lovely soft shadows in SL, ever. I had a lot of fun with it. This is a raw snapshot, not one single bit of post processing at all. Even the vignette is part of the viewer. Full size 4800px-wide version is on my Flickr. I just wish my PC was powerful enough for me to run around with SL looking like this all the time. Unfortunately it's not really powerful enough for Black Dragon (my fps here was down to 6, and even with all the graphics settings dropped to the lowest settings I could find, it never went above 20, which is about what I get with Firestorm on High/Ultra). I'll definitely be using it for future photos though. I only ever see that tiling effect when I have Ambient Occlusion turned on, regardless of resolution.
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    & there is my opening. I created the five letters game for the strict purpose of upping my post count to 500 so that I could have the sparkly stars next to my name here in the forums. While that was going on I made a point to go through and like every single person‘s response. That did nothing for my own post count and it did nothing for my reputation count. I did it because it was a nice thing to do to show appreciation for others playing in the game that I started. Within about three weeks I got to where I wanted to be and I pretty much left the game alone since then and it’s still being played. Lots of the people playing have plenty of post counts so I assume that they continue to play because they enjoy it. If all the games in the forums need to be moved to their own little sub-forum I don’t see a problem with that. But I also don’t think that the games stop anyone from clicking to a second page to see if there’s other threads they want to comment on that might possibly been pushed down because of the games. 💁‍♀️
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    I think it's probably true that people enjoy the affirmation that comes from seeing people "like" their appearance or pic-taking abilities. That's pretty natural, but it is still secondary to posting the pics. I can't imagine anyone is going to the hassle of taking and posting photos for the express purpose of merely boosting reputation points. Why would anyone care about those per se? They contribute absolutely nothing. I don't even notice them, tbh (although I will occasionally look at post count).
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    forgot to press submit reply yesterday apparently so I´ll do 2 in 1 XD and the proof I got out of there:
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    Hi Please don't judge to savagely i am only 7 days i think into SL and having lots of fun I have been learning since yesterday going hours on end LOL how to put together a basic outfit and specially after challenging with a VCO Gacha Milli which i really like and other 2016 Designs to they are so whimsical and going to the Store is like leaving the SL going landing a fantasy land i could in there with these slot machines yer!!!! (i am about the night light it looked so shiny and glittery there but in the bright forum white flo lights it is hello)
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    So, for some reason I ended up looking like this... Black Dragon, very not un-postprocessed (still looks a bit like me though)! Cropped, cross processed and added light-leaks in the free version of PhotoScape X, recommended by a friend...
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    I started to do a set of photos that would have been setup and with a fancy backdrop and everything but someone IM'd me and I ended up chatting all evening so I just took some pics in my boudoir.
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    Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve! Beauregard and Princess celebrated a little too hard already and are pooped!
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    My alt stumbled into an ICE PARTY that takes place on Bellisseria Fairgrounds... Must have missed the announcment ... just wondered why about 20 green dots gathered on a tiny island and investigated.
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    Took the kids for a walk through a few of the new Bellisseria regions with @momomoonusagi. Here we are at SSPE359. The trip there was a good laugh going up and down all those hills with babies in strollers. We must have looked insane!
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    yeah, u also fly like i did lol, can't imagine if theres little kids though, region crossing already lost my concentration halfway, by the time i saw it will be already too late to brake, the new area is fun to explore, while the lag is still at its minimum
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    this is what happens when driving randomly from southern belli
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    So true story . . . . I was recently hired as a flight instructor by one of the major aircraft makers in SL. One of the things they asked me to do was to learn some of the really advanced flying techniques that most people don’t know. Suits me well because the reason I like this maker is because of the realism and the learning involved in flying their products. But it does mean a lot more flying than I did before. So I’m flying in and out of the airport where they are located a lot. And just beyond the airport, within the approach path to it, is the Fiji Estates. And, out of the blue, a couple of days ago, I get a message from Jane (not the user’s real name) who tells me in a very hostile way that she saw me in her house and I shouldn’t go in someone else’s house without their permission and thanks to me, her security orb is going to be turned on now. Well . . . I don’t know who this person is or where their house is. But I do know that I haven’t been wandering around inside of anyone’s home. I started to type a sarcastic come back about how I’m sure the person is very important, but I don’t know or care about where their house is. Then I realize that might reflect badly on more than just me. So I tell Jane I haven’t been in the house, explain what I’m doing and why. It takes a bit of convincing, but by the time I get down to explaining in specific terms what I’m doing and which aviation company I’m working for, the conversation turns. We had a friendly conversation from that point forward and parted on good terms. I hope Jane and I cross paths again. I’m sure it probably helps that you can look in my groups and see that I’m in their staff group and they are known for both ultrarealism and for offering instructors. Makes it easy to verify. But the bottom line here, and the reason why I mention the story, is that sometimes people really do get upset over things that are actually a misunderstanding. So take a moment. Breath. Don’t fly off the hand right away. As long as people can talk about it without getting into that irrational anger too far, these things can be worked out and often times people really can part ways as friends, provided that both parties allow it to happen.
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