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    Finally, I have a house, it's in Jefferson Park! 😅😍😍😍 Thank you all for the instructions and incentives😙
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    So I picked up some new hair from the Hair Fair today, and it kind of reminded me of Bowie.
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    OK, Rhyme - I'll release it at 6:55PM SL time - i.e. in 2 minutes. But keep in mind that I didn't get it until 2 hours after Leora released it, so keep trying.
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    I will do that, Alumna. I am still "at it " too I am doing one avie with the auto refresh and my alt with the manual refresh. Maybe my timing is off, or the skunk in my yard the dogs were going crazy over was the culprit!!! I had to close the door to the deck because the smell was too close for comfort!
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    Since going premium just last week I've managed to snag a total of 9 properties (though the count of distinct properties is actually 7 as I've gotten my own abandons twice!) - all by manually refreshing (with arthritic hands, no less). It really does come down to persistence and luck. All but 2 of my properties were abandons from older regions, and 3, I think, were secured *hours* after the mad rush when regions were released. So throw some time at the process when you can!
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    Saw Silent Mole as I was out checking out some stuff on Pickle Island
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    Me: What is that place you where at it looks amazing. Them: Oh it was just a backdrop. Me: *sobs*
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    Hey, did not know I could do that , so I guess it is more like Sara's Magic PSTrick But now I understand why you insisted on me holding my hand like that:
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    I think you misunderstood. Your previous statement was that there would not be another release today, as if you knew that for certain. I was asking if you received that information from a reliable source, or if that was just speculation on your part.
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    I will keep trying, i hope i'm not doing something wrong ... i have patience though thank you for the heads up anyway, Alumna
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    THE MOVIE GARAGE! ***PROMO - Join the VIP Group & Refer a friend for 1 Week No Admission!*** OPENING NIGHT {COMING SOON!} Featuring: ONE Episode of Sabrina & THREE Episodes of HIMYM - Season 1 We will have Popcorn, Chips & Chocolate Cake Available! The Movie Garage will be a Weekly Movie or TV Show night where you can come to meet other like-minded movie buffs! Movies will be played Online or In SL Depending on Film Perks Included: • Weekly Movies • Monthly Movie Raffle {1 Free Movie +1 Extra Guest} •Ladies Night • Cuddle Buddies {Singles or Couples Night} • Family Movie Night {Bring the whole gang!} & More to Come! Rules: Join Our VIP GROUP: secondlife:///app/group/3a85b051-6171-5b17-c9e7-d52f05c1dc38/about {L$530} ALWAYS GRANTS YOU A SEAT {We Hold up to 10!} VIP members pay L$220/Per Showing {INCLUDES WHOLE NIGHT} NON VIP MEMBER DROP IN - L$620/Per Showing Date will be this week TBA We'd love to see you buffs there ♥ {Feel Free to ask Questions!}
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    Is this like “SL Desperate Housewives”?
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    Gorgeous photo, Chic. But get rid of that chunky metal hunk-a-junk house and fill the space with Joshua trees
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    So basically Abnor giggled and walked away? 😂😂😂
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    My avi wore the same thing all weekend, but I did buy the cute corgi that I first saw in Catrie's post. I have named him Carl the Corgi. Pronounced Coral, like Rick Grimes says it.
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    Happy Anniversary!
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    thats not what some of your pics show...
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    It's that word "retaliation" that is the problem. She has blatantly admitted to filing the lawsuit just to "get back at" LL.
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    A token male was needed for the thread.
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    Pretty funny how things develop sometimes: I was seriously posting my request here to find other people with same interest (and yes, I know how to find those persons in SL, too). And I was positively surprised, that I got the first answers shortly after my message was posted. Call me naive, but I did not expected that at the same time here in reply section so many negative minded post appeared, trying to explain that I don‘t have any clue about what i am talking about and would be unsure about my own standing as a DOM, etc. etc. Well, this let me think about never to post such requests here again ..... the victory is completely yours, congrats to all, who helped! On the other hand, your several comments made this topic to a „hot“ discussed Topic here in forum with a lot of traffic ..... and this may be the reason for i still get messages from people who share my interests. So at the end, this is maybe a win-win situation. 😉
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    I don't know. It just happened.
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    And because I couldn't wait to share...he proposed last night and I said yes
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    So I came home from shopping yesterday and what did I find? A BOAT in my swimming pool!!!!!! ROFL
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    Playing around to see what interesting effects I could get with Windlight and projected lighting. This Torley preset ([TOR] SPECIAL - Threshold) looked amazing with the pink and teal projected lighting from one of the Weekend Ruiner photobooths. These two images are completely un-edited, except for cropping and resizing:
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    Heard a song and had to do a pic inspired by it.
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    All have gone to beach....so I went too.
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    Ok... it's back to the drawing board
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    It's complicated, and that's fine...
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    Taking a new head out for a spin (that just sounds wrong).
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    Riding the vaporwave trend, with more colour than I think anyone has ever seen me in! Bless Syd, for being more willing to step out of the black now and then (And ohhhh... those pants!)
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    Felt cute... might delete later. x
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    Now ............................................. ................................................................ and then (obviously I gained somewhat bigger hips over time )
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    Someone's trash is other's treasure. Look at those cars! Just a little bit duct tape on the side and it's good to go!
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    Omg this is pretty!! Where did you take this photo at? Oh my gosh 😍.. anyways..
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