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    This Chinese food wasn't looking especially appetizing, as you can see from Tayas' and my expression!
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    First time in what seems ages there are no Bellisseria homes on the Land Page. We are back to Meadowbrook.
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    In a way that sounds fun for a release. With blank lots, a Linden could tell at a glance the houses taken as they start to pop up for their new owners. maybe it's easier on the server not having owners de-rez+-re-rez houses + plus assign + abandon + re-assign 20 Traditionals all at the same time or very close to it. It could present a blank slate for a new owner to freshly pick their own house style. On the flip side, it could be interesting if someone gets a lot and never touches the mailbox to rez a house. You could end up with an empty lot next to you with just lovely grass till an owner arrives to rez their home. I've noticed some homes 6 months old that are taken and not a 1 prim anywhere. I am thankful there are at least houses and landscaping to stop it from looking so empty like mainland with no occupants.
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    I need to have more confidence in @Leora Jacobus list! I was decorating my kitchen in Bluff Knoll when suddenly there was a lot of shouting and activity next door. I was very surprised that they released a region with empty plots.
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    During my evening fly over, I noticed SSPE1052 - SSPE1048 and practiced a few landings and takeoffs. No photos, just some prop dust left in the wind. On the way back home, I found these interesting items at the SW corner of SSPE379. Lost & Found? Maybe they fell off the cliff? No doubt we'll find out soon enough why they're under water!
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    Welcome back. missed your pics.
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    Sitting in the backyard, not believing what he just heard ...
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    i putted two of my superduper located campers in the pool 8 hours ago .. after wating two hours tried to see if i could get a trad or other type, bóth my alts ended up getting their abandoned camper back! .. clearly not a lot camper hunters around.
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    I am feeling colourless and like I want to scream at the frustrations of this particular week. And I cannot sleep again and don't want to take a Zopiclone. The act of being upbeat for others takes its toll from time to time.
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    Interestingly, when my alt went to her just released parcel in Leonid there was no house on it, and they were saying in chat the parcels were empty all thru the region and to use the mailboxes to rez, it worked fine (I did not keep the parcel, despite the very nice landscaping). So this region was in stealth mode prior to release !
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    Don't be sad, your not alone! I am sticking with FS myself. Not because I can not run BD, but I am quite content with the quality of pics you can do with FS and do not feel like going trough a learning curve and spend even more time on a picture to make them a bit higher quality. Not aiming for professional quality, just to have fun and making pretty enough pics.
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    Hey hey! Happy Friday! I hope to see you at Hippiestock 10 tomorrow! Peace!
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    MadPea usually has several different HUD games throughout the year. These are usually hunt type games, and you will get some pretty cool gifts at the end. These are usually available for a limited time. The cost does vary. I've seen them anywhere from 100L to up to 500L. However, they do have some HUD driven adventure games, such as Spellbound and Nightmare in New Orleans. Spellbound is based in an Academy of Sorcery. there is magic and mystery involved, and you have to solve puzzles, etc to help out. Starting cost: 1000L for the game HUD. You may need to purchase other items as well, such as robes and a wand. Nightmare in New Orleans is also a interactive adventure game with puzzles, combat and an immersive story set in the 1950s. Starting cost: 1000L for the game HUD You can find all their current games on their website.
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    These encroachment detectors have been used by moles when building out new regions for quite some time. I think it has to do with home placement on new parcels.
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    It's the leftover veg from your Sunday roast, all mixed up with the leftover potato (roasted or mashed) and fried together. I made extra veg on Christmas Day so I could do bubble and squeak on Boxing Day. Delicious and veggie with a lovely name that comes from the sound it supposedly makes while cooking.
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    Today I'm feeling a bit surprised! Got an email from LL saying it's my 14th Rez Day. Good gawd! That's like when I turned (*a certain age*) in RL... where does the time go?
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    Can I just have the beef stew without the heart? If so, I’m sold. Because the heart...
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    This is "Amilia Black" from PixelFashions. They are still in the marketplace, but only do mesh now. I bought this back in 2006 or 2007, I don't remember precisely. Though it gives me cause to wonder: Will the creators who've dumped their old stuff to move to mesh even be able or willing to bring that old stuff back because of BOM? This is all system layers with Flexi-prim skirt. And as was usually the case in those days: Modifiable.
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    I need to stop coming in here. 🤮🥴
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    A "clear conscience"? Will no one take a moment to think about the welfare of this little guy??? Personally, I love the little, friendless anchovy. On pizza, in pasta, on crackers . . .
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    For some additional context, since I did talk to OP: Supposedly, 4 avatars on the sim as fine, but 9 was causing noticeable lag. The homestead sim is running at 50% scripts while the total script count is ~1200. I can only think of other homestead(s) being overloaded on the same server and/or things like physics problems, but I didn't visit the sim myself. It's important to note that scripts are the very last things to run, after all other tasks. If the sim spends a lot of time working on non-script related processes, scripts won't get much time to run no matter how "low-lag" they are. You mean LSO. Also, LSO scripts initialize much faster during teleports and while the object is being rezzed. The difference is huge, especially noticeable during teleports (in the arriving sim) and fast-rezzing things like bullets. Though, LSO runs much slower than Mono, and uses less script time overall. /ramble
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    You're The One I Crave... Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/ Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/DLUVSL Insta: https://www.instagram.com/dluvsl/
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    Still a valid question though. Weren't we promised 1 to 2 days as normal and anything longer as unusual? Mine normally takes a day, and I would be annoyed if it took much longer - our fees were increased on that promise.
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    Yup your right that what you said is much more then old skins and makeup. I've seen others using the old system clothes on BoM bodies and in some cases they look good and aged well. others it was easy to see time was not as kind . Back when mesh was new I was hooked ; so I did a large inventory purge of the old system clothes. I have some system clothes I've started to pick up that were recent creations specific for Bakes on Mesh. So I've started to mix and match with some mesh outfits for a good look. the options we now have thanks to bakes on mesh for me has given me cause to dig through the cob webs of unused inventory. That I kept for a myriad of reasons and it's given me a smile to see old things be new again. Admittedly there are old outfits long purged I regretted doing it. But at the time I also felt they'd never have a use. the old skins I did keep as a few were hand drawn and very nicely done. It's art from an era of Second Life that to me feels like it was part of a golden age. The grid was a much larger place with a vastly higher population then present. To me at least it had a larger feel , I was also a decade + younger too. So the nostalgia factor is fun exploring again. So the sci fi geek in me finds one of the neater ways to explore is travel in style with a Tardis. 🙂 We all got vices and as a whovian why not use a Tardis . Exploring the grid can be a good past time when I need a break from the workshop or blender driving me to want to consume more Guinness then the human body should drink in a single sitting laughs. We've all been there and we've made our own mistakes and errors. Sometimes I learn and grow from the error, other times I end up repeating the mistake.... it happens.
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    Totally bored with this film... thank God they allow smoking in the theater!
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    If I workout, might as well be comfy! Lol.
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    I will check scripts, but I do ride slow. Have not gotten out of first gear lol
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    I am now so cool that I wear shades in the rain! I also brought the big knife
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    So I felt the need to redecorate lately. I kept the Adams (it's my favourite Traditional style) and kept the majority of my porch. The rest is as follows. ^ Front yard. ^ Back yard. ^ Gazebo (looking out across back yard). ^ Kitchen. ^ Living room. More pics to come.
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    Celestiall! I kept the home fire burning for you as long as I could. Turns out the average home burns to the ground in just a few hours. Now it's just a cold, wet, slippery mess. Welcome back!!
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    BoM on a 2007 skin. Not to shabby for 2020 thanks to bakes on mesh the old skins getting a new lease on life. Not a bad thing. With Bakes on Mesh it's good to see the old skins have life. Genus Strong mesh head with Signature Alice's body. Cheers.
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    http://krafties.com Dis. Because not pokemon Pokemon battles, yo. =w= I haven't played in a while, but I don't remember it being all that expensive to play, or even get into for that matter.
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    I just got a houseboat and am amazed at what you can do with 351 prims in a small area like that. I used two add-ons to gie me a separate bedroom and bathroom. Then I split the large livingroom into two separate living areas--one is for entertaining and the other is for reading by the fire on a cold night.
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    You don't have to pay someone to be out of touch. It also doesn't matter that you're out of touch if your audience is equally out of touch.
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    Second Life being mentioned in the same paragraph as that juggernaut is the only take away of any value here, using Fortnite as a stick to poke LL with is dumb to several orders of magnitude. Heck, put all the virtual worlds together and the decimal point is still in the wrong place.
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    LL are in a very different position with a very different virtual ecosystem and a lot of the superficial differences are not possible. Fortnite is not and can never be a metaverse, it's a storefront that provides set piece amusements on the side. There is no way for example, for LL to add game like dress up or decorating mechanics as SL toolset is not designed with that in mind. What works in one situation just wont work in every situation and attempting to implement such a system would add burdensome constraints to content creators and consumers. While these constrains are in and of themselves acceptable in spaces like Fortnite, they just wouldn't be for SL users (akin to an over night removal or all prim handling and content). Engineering changes to the SL platform are also unlikely to ever happen. We're never going to have seamless region crossings (or all the other things), and even if such items could be added, it wouldn't do anything to attract new users. The teen gaming crowd are not sitting around desperately hoping for a slightly better Second Life, and Epic are not trying to attract an older or wider audience. Forbes only cares because the Fortnite franchise as a whole currently has value. Give it a year and the tech inclined press will have moved on to whatever the next big thing is (while still spouting nonesense about how 5G blockchains will be the one thing that makes VR a success).
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    Be honest. I got a Victorian on an alt and a camper, and after decorating them, bringing in a few friends to discuss this or that, running out of prims, I fled to other chores and forgot to go to them for a week or more. Here it is the new decade already and I don't know WHAT I'm going to do with them. Probably ditch them as I did past ones which bored me. To be sure, I got a hot tip -- if you join the group Bellisseria Parade, you get lists of rez areas and different stuff to use exploring which is useful, so that may extend its shelf life. But these houses are eating up tier that can't be rented or even have a tipjar on them, so either I have to do something with them or let them go. They are in the SL Public Land Preserve so anyone can come there and hang out if they like. In the past I found few people bother to do that because they can't buy anything and can't decorate anything, and that's what people like to do. Stay tuned, I'm going to come to the point in a minute. I decided to ditch the old-fashioned Chesapeake which has the rooms because to make it pink I needed like 6 extra prims and finally that was just too many. Plus, everybody around me had the exact same mobile home. I liked the other old school one but you can't pull up that unsightly ramp. So I picked this one called Shenandoah which has a nice awning that you can wrap up if you want. So not all the furniture from the other one fits in here so what to do? Well, plus I got these new bugs from Soul Mate, I put them out. Now what. Onion sets. A little too early. Will I get abuse-reported for off-season content? I got this Dr. Who sort of booth from one of those weekend discounts mainly as a place to hide from the butterflies when I'm outdoors because they really bother me. I wish I could turn them off. No, I don't use de-render because I only use the SL viewer which doesn't have that, and it's a good thing. The Lindens should remove the butterflies. I put in a tree -- but that's a lot of tree (fundati). Prims are down to even 30, and I haven't even made dinner yet. I was going to buy a new tea set but then I found this hunt gift from Mountain Rose and yes, primmy, but it is glorious with all kinds of little pieces. The other day I thought I'm going to make a matcha whisk. Let's just say it's a lot harder than it looks. Problem: the tea and its animations need you to be not on a couch, like what I have here, but on mats, kneeling with "Japanese sit". So now, one, two mats -- yikes, prims. This is why I don't overly worry about some tenants leaving for Linden Homes because this weekend, a few literally started drifting back to my rentals, even with their tier because a) lag b) no prims. I haven't felt any lag when there, actually but prims -- yes, that hurts. OK, so what to do? And this is where TAKE A PRIM, LEAVE A PRIM comes in. (Like that endless thread in "general" which I never open, do you? Because I don't come to the forums to play word games). This could be potentially more fun. So I made 11 prims for you to pick what could go next here, what is the priority. A futon? A room divider/counter? More chairs? The mat? You can join the group and put out something you think fits. Hint: if you put it on "share," anyone else can return it. Then you can leave a notecard (in the asparagus jar) to say which prims you would ditch (of the ones I put out). The bugs, and their food (I put out the tea that had the eyeball for their food) might be your first choice. But maybe not. Oops, make that 10 prims, because I absolutely have to leave a ouiji board for the cat, Oracle. Come here and give it a try. If you grief me of course you'll be banned.
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    Once the BOM textures are applied to the body it will always display the bakes. The only purpose of the Omega applier is to send the "magic" texture UUID's to the body. If your body has another way of being textured by UUID's then you can do it that way.
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    OMG - Thank you for that very detailed set of instructions !!! Needless to say that the wiki page referenced in the announcement thread was not very helpful to the average consumer who does not create.
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    Especially when it's been weeks and maybe even months since I've had a decent night's sleep. 🤪
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    Tig's a lesbian with tiny, once cancerous boobs. My physique is like hers, but shorter. As for the breast cancer, I seems I'll be dealing with it forever. My cancer feeds on estrogen, so I'll be taking estrogen receptor blocking drugs for the rest of my life. Though I don't care much for the side effects, I hope to complain about them for a very long time.
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    Not saying this is the case here, but that is typical in SL to really mean: I have found someone else to be with on an alt account, but still want to keep you on the side.
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