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    Messing around in my add-on with lots of small errors. Too tired of it to bother correct them, maybe I take it back in blender and fix it... maybe.
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    ACK! I posted the wrong boots above! Those were the "Syberia" boots I wore yesterday. Here are the Katalin boots.
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    Messing around with a new head and skin, still tweaking it. I'm not used to so much eyebrow and glam. Raw screenshot. That *is* me smiling.
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    Avatars are partly made up of bits and pieces of their creators' souls.
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    Greetings all! Good News! Abuse Reports are completely anonymous, so unless you tell someone that you filed an AR the person who was reported has absolutely no way of finding out, if or who, filed the Abuse Report. Linden Home regions have a covenant that must be followed, by every owner. Any parcel that has content that you believe violates the covenant should be reported by submitting an Abuse Report and the Governance Team will be able to review the report as quickly as possible.
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    Thanks so much. That coat was a PITA to deal with. I had to do some post editing on it. No. Not some. A LOT. In fact, I also had to wear the version for a different body because the one for Maitreya was not working for photo purposes with me holding that cat. Put on the Legacy version instead which covered that arm better. Additionally the cat has several poses and the one I preferred just wouldn't work with any version of the coat. Ugh. I must have done like 20 versions of that image before I got one which wouldn't have to be edited to death. The outfit underneath has minor problems too. The mesh was breaking on the right thigh slightly and the Maitreya alpha cuts were all too large (wish they would come out with an update already) to fix it. At least that was a very easy correction to make but still. Being on pain killers last night from dental work certainly didn't make this all easier 🀣 Shocked I managed to complete it at all.
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    I'm sad to hear this since that is where I met my husband who I've taken things to rl with. I never would of met him had it not been for Frank's. In that aspect, I will always be thankful for the venues. I would get dressed up and go hang out there listening to music on my own. It was enjoyable since I absolutely love the old time atmosphere and jazz music. Now I'm wondering if Sweethearts still exists. I'm going to have to grab my hubby and see.
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    and all the christmas baking and cooking We also played not only christmas carols during that time but also what was on the radio ,,,,, funny some times when i certain songs comes on good memories of dacorating the tree and singing ,,, ususally the top hits of that year would be playing as we decorated the tree , but when grand parents came over had to play the christmas carols ,,,,, eggnog , good times
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    I have had men threaten to rape and kill me on the internet (drove me off a male-dominated forum once, that did) and attempt to force RP on me involving cutting off my c******s, subjecting me to lethal electric shocks and covering me in vomit and faeces, to name but a few. It's true that they can't really do these things (though some of the would-be rapists and murderers claimed they knew who I was and could and would do it, if they thought they could get away with it). But it's also true that these guys are presumably walking around in RL and looking very much like normal people. How am I supposed to know who they are, and why would that not chill me to the bone? Couple that with all the RL harassment and abuse I have encountered (way more than I can relate here, but I'm sure you can guess. Since the age of 14. And if you're wondering, no, being heavily pregnant or having a baby with you doesn't stop it and buses aren't safe) and I'm sure you will see why I think the two of them do deserve to be looked at together for an overall picture of the world I inhabit and why I hope women whine much, much more about it than they historically have.
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    I also have a high end machine. 2700 Ryzen, 2080 GTX nVidea, 32gb ram, and more stuff... So yeah I don't experience lag much anymore. But until recently I was on a 2013 Macbook Pro... the one that at the time went for over $3000 but SL lagged, even back in 2013, on that... because Mac... - So I got used to all sorts of tricks to make things better. (My profession requires me to use Macs, so I went nuts on a high end one so I could use it for more than work... big costly mistake...) I strongly suggest 'derender and blacklist' for any sculpties you find within your draw distance. If you can find even the tiniest covenant violation for them; AR the things... they're lag beasts and it's a technology that LL really ought to just 'break' like they did with invisiprims... Likewise look around your own home for things look high on the script side, and remove the scripts or get rid of the object. If it's on a neighbor's plot; nothing you can do unless it violates the covenant... If you use Firestorm and you see any Orange on your mini-map... (right click the mini-map and select the option: show -> Temp on Rez Objects) ....AR the owner of that parcel for using a temp-rezzer. That is a covenant violation and there was a LOT of it going on during Halloween decorations that I personally ignored to let people enjoy their holiday decorations... but it made a lot of sims lag beasts... time to start zapping any of it that's still around. - make sure to do this for your sim and at least all 8 sims that touch it, regardless of draw distance settings. Many things that will rez fish or birds or butterflies and so on in a plot of land work using temp rezzers...
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    Lost Dove. It is on the second floor of the Church building.
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    I'm honestly puzzled. Why would anyone do this? What do you "get" for L$50 that would make this in any way a worthwhile expenditure?
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    They actually copied that over? LOL We've been musing at that on the SL Maps since the very beginning days. How odd it is to see it close-up and the actual shape of it! Thank you @Patch Linden and Moles for copying that over, how fascinating it is to see the prims used to create it!
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    @Skell Dagger I'm just very impressed with the time and kindness that you took here. Also, I've just wanted to say for a while that every time I see "Mister Frilly Britches" I chuckle.
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    When I joined SL every name I could think of was already taken. Then I tried 'Lyban' and it worked! Later, I remembered that 'Li Ban' was the name of a 6th c. mermaid from Irish mythology. So, in keeping with the name, sometimes I go for a little swim...
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    Thanks! I use Daniel from Catwa + Signature Gianni for my main guy. I use Daniel again for my guy using Belleza Jake. I'm sort of a potato and haven't really looked at other male heads. I found there's a reasonable amount of clothing for each body but I'm picky so shopping is hard. πŸ˜‚
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    Acuz snowflakes are as snowflakes do, they dump on your head like poop then melt instantly as soon as you look at them. Poor little things! Hahaha
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    Among the quips my father always beat into my head: "It takes longer to do something right the first time, but three times as long to do the same something a second time." When I try to help people (in SL and RL) if they don't have "the time" for the explanation of why then I stop helping them and ask them to contact me when they do have the time because my time is as important as there time is. (Though I get it: CSR is a different monster altogether!)
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    I first read this as if it was about the souls of the people, who made the individual parts of the avatar. Like an abomination, sewed together from the corpsesof the innocent, their souls bound together in never ending agony...
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    Well that's fair enough. Just explaining why some people do find it gratifying. I've had some erotica published in RL that started life as SL cyber. If you like reading and writing it, chances are you'll like it as a collaboration with someone you gel with.
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    According to the international music summit pop is the most popular followed by rock and EDM-and that is worldwide, versus a singular region. According to others like business insider, hip-hop surpassed them all in 2018 (for the first time ever, so, definitely not a decades old thing-this is a new thing for that genre, lol) and also remained there-barely-in 2019. While others profess that rap overtook them all in 2018 and is still teetering there. But in either case, it's only in the US. The US is a very undecided country when it comes to just about everything, though, we are too big of a melting pot to really have any true, valid, accurate consensus of anything, lol. Mainstream and popular aren't necessarily mutually inclusive or exclusive-which only lends to the problem, lol. I'm also not convinced that everyone actually knows the difference between certain genres which are often similar, and that makes things even more confusing. Worldwide, hip-hop has never and will never be the most popular or mainstream, primarily because there are regions of the world which are far more decisive and have one genre that outshines them all (pop, in most of them) and those regions are massive in comparison. Rock would likely always come in as a second mainstream-if only due to its age and longevity, and being more universally known worldwide All other genres probably pull in very close to one another, and niches will of course never be mainstream-hence why they're niches lol As for where to find it in sl., you likely won't. Even if you find places that say they play it primarily, or mostly, odds are good that they don't, they mix it with other genres (or they simply don't know the difference between genres). It's not AS popular a genre in sl as it might be in places in rl, that's why you don't see it as much-clubs that cater to it primarily sit mostly empty, and they don't last long. In sl, rock is mainstream and has always been so, probably will always be so, because it's a more universally mainstream than any other genre (not just for djs but also general streams places play), easier to cater to, and can almost guarantee an audience.
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    Yes, I will be adding the updated links.
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    A lifetime, or two weeks, whichever comes first. I wonder if I should plunk down L$50 on the 90% discounted membership on the gamble that it does stay open.
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    Of course it can, but I work inworld support every day and I have lost count of the number of people who come into group day after day, having been given 'the simple answer' - which they've then followed to the letter, then only a day or so later they come back because they messed up and don't know how to fix it. They get given the same 'simple answer', mainly because "they don't have time" to listen to the explanation as to why it's happening. But they're quite happy to take up support's time (and their own) asking the same question over and over and over and over, day after day after day...
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    I've just expressed how a "mouslook driver" prefers how to do it. That should be useful, regardless whether you choose to implement that or not. I speak frankly and plainly, any emotion or mood you choose to insert into my words is on you, not me.
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    No, SL will not close soon. We had popular places that closed way before and - look! SL is still around. The reason why this one here gets its own thread and so much attention is, because with its 13 years its been the exception from the rule. Any venue that exists for more than a year in SL can call itself well-established.
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    A Linden will be giving a pop-quiz in the morning!
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    Huh, and there was me thinking for the last 12 years that teleports worked like this...
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    Me too. But nice job on the playing around shot.
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    Playing around .... I tend to like the raw shots better tho
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    THIS! ^^^^^^^ Most ask for sex or are headed in that direction. My way of dealing with it is as follows... [01:33] Rustam (rustam.serenity): hi[01:34] (Me): ?[01:34] Rustam (rustam.serenity): how are you? [01:35] (Me): "37 Single & Looking" lol [01:35] (Me): is that what you want? [01:35] Rustam (rustam.serenity): 39 now [01:36] Rustam (rustam.serenity): and Single [01:36] (Me): Try there https://community.secondlife.com/…/317-lifestyles-and-rela…/ [01:37] (Me): https://community.secondlife.com/…/444558-friends-and-dati…/ she seems nice (Sorry for calling you out dude) I have a bookmark saved for just such an occasion lol. In my profile, if you men read it , it says I'm not looking or am interested in either a romantic or sexual relationship. Unfortunately some in SL, don't care. I changed my avatar to look more chibi and stopped going to clubs or big events because of that. It gets very annoying. At least that has been My experience with the "Hi How are you?" intro.
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    New version of the Mermaid Swim πŸ™‚
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    We were having sex on the ironing board and it broke. Not the ironing board.
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    If I walked into a pub and saw people dancing in perfect sync and the DJ shouted "Welcome (my RL name)!" through a megaphone, that would...really freak me out...
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    It's generally all the body parts stuff, isn't it? I still get a bit jarred internally when I have to talk about heads, skins, eyes and so on. It's like being in some sort of Silence of the Lambs alternative universe.
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    I know para RP'ers that run two or three avatars on two or three different SIMs at the same time. That way they have something to do during the long periods of waiting. Para RP has to be the most boring thing ever invented, but three simultaneous sessions is only one third as boring as one.
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    Titlers sort of died out when we got Display Names. Those, plus group role titles, are a much better way to label yourself.
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    I'm a man of simple tastes, I suppose.
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    Thanks for the advice.I'll feel more secure during the restart earthquakes now
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    Long ago a very dear friend gave me a Romani name. As part of a long involved joke, I needed a name and Anglicised part of the Romani one. It fit. The original Bitsy was supposed to be a foil for him to bounce off of but he didn't take to it. Instead, another friend picked it up and oh my goodness he ran with it . Then this second friend got caught up in this thing called Second Life so when I followed him in here, there was really only one choice. Buccaneer cause it made me laugh. From that came many delightful years of nominative determinism in which I utterly refused to be a pirate the way others expected me to. Tricorn yes! Sword yes! Skulls no! Japanese steampunk airship and flapper dresses, but of course! During all that we evolved a constantly meandering back story which involved time travel as an "explanation" for my shop of ancient art and mixed sartorial endeavours. In the Japanese steampunk air ship of course, with a velvet covered cannon planted with hanging geraniums. Sometimes people look down on me because it's a silly name and it does sometimes seem to colour the way some people see me. On occasion individuals have treated me badly for it, using it as a focus for their negativity. Perhaps it would be useful to have something more neutral sometimes and to be less of a target. But it was always meant to be a humourous name and it comes from the love of dear friends.
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    My RL nickname is "Maddy" and I can't be bothered to remember to respond to anything else. My original SL last name was Marbach, a good German sounding name that begins with the same letter as my Germanic RL last name. I eventually abandoned that avatar by setting her adrift on a burning raft, because that's what a drama princess does. Brenda Connolly bet I wouldn't be able to stay away from SL for even three weeks. I won the bet by staying away for... five! When I returned, I went through several last names, rejecting each as a better one became available. If you do a "Member Search" here for "Madelaine", you'll see my original "Madelaine Marbach" (dunno why she doesn't show a start date of April 6, 2008), then you'll see "Madelaine Mosswood" (Oct 8, 2010), "Madelaine McKeenan" (Oct 12) Madelaine Macpherson (Oct 19) and finally "Madelaine McMasters" (Oct 20). The e-mail address I used to register all those names was madelaine.yourlastnamehere, an admission of the absurdity of my endeavors. I settled on McMasters because it's Irish sounding (Mom's 100% Irish) and I didn't expect McMistress to show up anytime soon.
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    I see an awful lot of people who appear to have decided to START with Marvelous Designer. (I'm not going to mention that most of them probably don't have a license but that's beside the point) Then they export their work to Blender (or any other modeling package really), and they end up completely swamped, because not only do they have to deal with an extremely complex export, but that mesh is gonna require a lot of cleanup, which requires some serious practice on blender, practice they could have acquired by STARTING in Blender with a much simpler project, and working their way up until they are somewhat comfortable with all the basic modeling skills. Before doing anything fancy you need, first and foremost to be able to go in edit mode and build, expand, and fix raw geometry. I know the feeling of hopping into some piece of software, expecting to avoid getting into that skill that I don't have, I've been there before. I started 3D modeling because I couldn't drawn, and I thought that I could get around the issue that way. To this day, I still can't draw
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