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    Baby I Like It... Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/post/14742 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/
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    😲 That is crazy cool! The LDPW are a truly talented bunch. I didn't even consider this as a possibility!
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    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deer Pass/215/23/34 Look at this House with a forest around and canal view! It could be yours when it gets to the Land Page
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    This appeared next to my alt's house this evening(I was actually looking in that direction when the text appeared). Funny enough although the text says SSPE94(although that region also now has traditional parcel markers), it's in fact SSPE79. Was wondering when they'd get to this area. Looks like she will soon have neighbors! And also looks like campers will be going in on SSPE95
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    My trailer life view.
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    Way back when, it seemed that while the 'name fill in' was being cached so that it was kept, it was also being associated with the Meadowbrook style that was on the page at the time that I did that name fill in - thus always showing me a Meadowbrook first. That might be what is going on, though I'm not sure why others don't have the same issue. Maybe related to the browser used and possibly even browser options. ETA - That does seem to be what is going on. I selected the oriental style that is last in the drop down and did the Next and then Back again. The I logged out and closed the page. Logged back in and went back to get a home and now the oriental styles are showing first, even though they are at the bottom of the drop down list.
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    I have an Ise-Tan by them which is cute and fun, but no cruise control puts me off using them for prolonged expeditions. For this new area, the Mudkippers by Arton Rotaru will take a lot of beating, small, cruise control and work just as well in the water as they do on land, they go up slopes like no other vehicle I have tried. No problems at all with sim crossing in them, I toured Corsica in one a few weeks ago with no problem and spent at least an hour on Tuesday exploring the paths and waterways of the new area with one without any problem. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/aR-Mudskipper-6x6-AATV-Off-Road-Vehicle/3313846 In the river: back to land Back on the roads: And if you really get stuck there is hover too
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    I know it's a whole new thread and threads are for ongoing discussion of things, but I think you've pretty much nailed it right here. It's about slowing down and enjoying the natural creation of Providence, 'Mother Nature" to some. Peaceful, relaxing, bewildering, healthy clean air and water. It's the bare-bones essence of the human condition: nature itself. And Patch and Moles have done an amazing job at emulating that in a virtual world. Seriously - the House and Houseboats are fun, but the Bellisseria Campsite is stunning to me.
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    See this post (if you haven't already), it may help regarding refreshing:
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    Just think how nice it will be afterwards to taste your favourites, though take it from me you'll need to watch your intake as your tum will probably get a bit rounder after the op. Sorry, hope it goes well.
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    Or maybe all three?? (Edit: I am filtering my autorefresh to show only traditional homes. The boats in Chum isn't what I am out after.)
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    This thread is exactly why everyone on SL has to have a cover story. You WILL be asked about your RL. Have a story ready. Just like your SL is a fantasy, create a cover story that's a fantasy too. Rehearse it, so that you get the basic details right. Remember that cover stories shouldn't be that different than your actual real life story, as otherwise you will just screw up and get caught lying sooner than later. It's basically what undercover cops do. They create a cover story close to their actual life but not quite, and remove all identifable details. And voila.
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    Igloos! With your own reindeer!
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    Oh, sorry! I did not mean to convey the sense that Canadians were "better" at any of this. Just different. As I said, our national myths like to convey the idea that our growth was, in important ways, more peaceful than that of the US -- and there is some truth to that. But those myths also mask a whole lot of violence. In the other thread, I made mention of the establishment of residential schools, beginning in the last decade of the 19th century, and continuing well into the middle of the 20th. These were establishments that "catered" to First Nations children forcibly taken from their parents, given new "European" names, forbidden from speaking their native tongues, and generally kept in horrendous conditions that resulted in the death of thousands of them. It was an outright attempt to extinguish indigenous identity in Canada, and it was by any definition cultural genocide, verging in places on murder by neglect. We're only now coming to terms with the horrendous damage we caused, both to the individuals involved, and to the cultures we tried to annihilate: a "Truth and Reconciliation" commission that reported on it a few years ago has laid out some of the necessary groundwork, and agonizingly small and inadequate steps have been taken to put that into effect. There is nothing "better" about that, in any sense. It's the most shameful chapter in a history that hides a great many shameful moments. At the same time, Canada's historic dependence upon the exploitation of natural resources has led to some pretty horrific environmental damage. Our federal government's recent decision to take control of and build a huge oil pipeline from the Alberta tar sands, over some very loud protests from the First Nations communities and any one else who cares about the environment, is proof that we haven't wrestled that demon to the ground either. As for the potshots at those damned Yankees that punctuate our history books, that's an inevitable corollary of being a small nation trying to define, and differentiate itself in the shadow of a much larger one, one that threatens (purposefully or not) to overwhelm us all the time. Understanding the myths that underwrite a nation's view of itself can lend really useful insights into its culture and workings. But it's important to remember that they are just that: myths.
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    I see that clearly now, yes the vastness is HUGE up there. I'm always willing to trash the U.S. -- I'm so sick of what's going on here. If you say Canada has had a better relationship with nature and Natives I'll take it! lol A little voice says, however, that once anyone has success in conquering it can be like the spread of a virus -- very hard to stop it. So were the Canadians actually 'better', or were they simply unable to continue on with Western man's objectives to conquer nature and make nature submit to man, vs realizing man is a part of nature and not all that great in the scheme of things.
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    Well, Canada, like the States, has a really pretty diverse range of geographically-determined cultures, and I speak from the perspective of only one -- albeit, a very influential one. Canada's attitude to the history of our expansion westward has changed, and continues to change really quite radically, as our relationship to, and understanding of, indigenous cultures and first nations evolves. But the older "official narrative" (i.e., the one that appeared in textbooks, and on CBC) of the west was that it was essentially empty space that was gradually populated by tiny clusters of European settlers, mostly, after about 1890, immigrants from Eastern Europe. The building of the intercontinental railroad tied these tiny rural communities to the larger urban centres: it was literally a precondition for Confederation in 1867, as the building of the CP line to the west coast was an actual precondition of the western provinces and territories signing on to the new nation. The hammering of the "last spike" of the intercontinental in 1885 is an iconic moment (and photograph) in Canadian history. We used to like to pretend that our relationship with western First Nations was peaceful and well-ordered: the Mounties, in their early incarnation as the Northwest Mounted Police, supposedly used reason and diplomacy rather than guns to keep the peace. A famous story is of the arrival of Sitting Bull and the Sioux as refugees from the States after the Battle of the Little Big Horn: this "fearsome band of warriors" was "subdued," we used to be told, by a single Mountie who greeted and welcomed them to Canada, firmly insisting that this was not the USA, and that no violence would be tolerated. Of course, the truth is a bit different. The Sioux were "settled" peaceably, but no provision was made to feed them, as they were not native to Canada. They eventually began starving to death, and most drifted south again, back to the USA. And we had two rebellions by First Nations peoples in the West, the Metis, led by Louis Riel. Both were crushed by military force, and Riel was eventually tried and hanged. He is now regarded as something of a Canadian hero, actually, which shows how things are changing (although he's always been revered in French Canada, because the Metis spoke French, and were the descendants of intermarriage between early French trappers and the local indigenous populations). It's an evolving story, as I said, but it is different from the US one. In fact, many of the stories about violence and conflict in the Canadian West (and especially in the Yukon, which is a whole other story) traditionally centre around gun-toting, whiskey-smuggling Americans. What is true, I think, is that our "myths" don't focus upon movement, or "expansion" as such. They are instead mostly (whether accurately or not) about stability, community, and that most Canadian of concepts, "good government."
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    A 1024 has an LI of 351. Someone is getting ripped off renting a 4096 at 312 LI.
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    Scylla I see you as a traveler to wild places of the mind... Perhaps there are many paths to the wilderness. When leaving comfort and safety (in the mind or the physical world), a larger and more-encompassing reality can emerge. Of course, this is not really happening in my little camper in Bellisseria -- here I sit in my comfy chair playing around a bit and having fun. But it reminds me, the camper nestled in the wilderness reminds me, of leaving some of the comfort and safety behind, and the beauty that might emerge when I let go of some safety, or some patterned ways of viewing the world, and choose to experience a reality beyond my usual consciousness.
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    Yes. Your pic, with the shadows and light, does a wonderful job of catching the strangeness of a room that should be bright, cheerful, and bustling. Buildings and places that are meant for people always feel to me odd when they are empty. My campus is like that in the summer: beautiful, and green, and sunny . . . and yet somehow "not right." It's how I sometimes feel in SL, too, when I'm wandering through an urban build or some other place that represents somewhere that should be busy. Landscape can sometimes be about quiet and solitude, of course -- but I think people always make it much more interesting.
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    I've never heard of a limit on how close you can cam to an avatar. In my 12 years here, I have always been able to cam inside avs, just as Qie has. It's not something I do every day, but it's useful when you're trying to help someone find a lost piece of jewelry.
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    No sightings of the Linden Lads right now in Deer Pass, Badger Beach and Chum Houseboats. I have to get going to work, spotters needed in these regions! A release should happen today!
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    To be fair, people have been paranoid/uneducated about IP addresses since the dawn of time. "OMG they have my IP address, can they hack me???" or "NEVER GIVE YOUR IP ADDRESS TO ANYONE!!!" Other privacy concerns, like how websites/Google collect so much data about you they can recreate your whole personality and then sell that data is a bigger, real concern. There are companies dedicated to collecting and selling information about you specifically. Whether or not you care is up to you, but VPNs (and not all VPNs are the same) are one way to hide your actions from being connected to you.
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    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deer Pass/221/125/31 Deer Pass Homes cross over to other side of the canal and this road has a rez zone. The road goes through Badger Beach.
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    Thank you both. Chic, I will try the script you have here so I can compare. As of now, the cabinet is working and by a bit of trial and error, I was also able to figure out how to modify a z axis swinging door to swing on the x, and move the pivot point from center to the far edge so it doesn't swing from the middle of the mesh. (this particular cabinet has a top hatch as well as the two sliding doors, that was problem 2, but now solved also!) Thanks again.
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    A second independent door? Just name the second door something else. Notice the comment line in the script that says // All prims in the door must be named "DOOR", and none can be the root prim of the linkset Well, in your second door, name all prims something like "door" instead of "DOOR", and be sure to change the two places in the script that look for the name of the door that you touched.
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    I did once but he and i no longer friends he live seem province as i did so was cool but later on in years personalty changed and we would be argue a lot i stop talking to him and blocked him. but i love meet someone live my country or same city as me i can't travel and don't want the person come all who knows where just to see me.
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    Spot on. I never meet a woman from SL in RL unless she has cammed naked for months and has a good body and very little limits.
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    It's really just practice. Finding things that are low in prims and learning to link stuff together. It's also good to walk about and take a look what others are using you can edit on items to find out where to get them. It's okay to copy and make it your own. I have done it.
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    Oh? I love that area...have relatives there and remember a summer spent with them in childhood.
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    The answer is three posts above yours... and it's already been going for a week... and it's available 24 hours a day.
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    Blush, I think BoM will be nice. I don’t think it’s been released for Firestorm yet. Can’t wait!
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    We have two whole months to entertain the Lindens and Moles. I can just see them all now giggling with glee at our speculations of what the next model might be .
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    Nothing in world as I'm not logged in there yet (soon) but just been working on some home improvements! Still have the house on the market and another potential buyer due to come have a look tomorrow after lunch so I've been painting and patching and fixing kitchen cupboard doors; you know, all those things I should have done years ago but never got around to. I don't want to sound sexist but there's something very gratifying about doing home repairs by myself, especially when I've no training. My little brother is a qualified tradesman but he lives almost 3 hours away, so he probably could have done it all a lot quicker and better but then I'd have no sense of accomplishment! One more coat of paint to go so I'm on the forums while I wait for the first coat to dry. 👷‍♀️(<-- a less than accurate representation of me, except I'm covered in plaster dust and not wearing a helmet. Or high-vis vest. And my skin isn't yellow... you know what, never mind. Just enjoy the picture).
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    He's home. And just as ornery as ever.
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    Dancing at the new Bellisseria Lodge at Campwich Forest
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    At risk of being on topic, I could do with another clue if anyone has one. Just to narrow it down a bit, as I'm struggling doing my usual grid search of the whole area.
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    I personally find hotdogs to be totally revolting to begin with. So yeah, Pepto, minus the hotdog.
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    I am Satan, it seems. Or satin. Possibly Batman. Satanic Batman in satin? Something like that anyway...
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    Best I ever had was when I had been dating a girl I'd met thru SL. Once, we set up a laptop next to the bed, both avvies logged in and slex'ing, as we matched the positions IRL. Worst, far too many to remember, but agreed, lack of emoting was usually the reason. If I wanted to have sex with someone who would just lie there, barely moving, and just grunting now & then, I'd have stayed with my ex-wife ;)
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    I literally have 0 Linden homes, and can wait until the whole project is done.
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