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    I don’t mind if I miss out on a home that was posted on here. No one should feel bad when we say we missed it. I’ve got some fantastic homes from posts on here but the two I’m not letting go were just randoms. It’s the thrill of the chase!
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    I was going to live concert, so i changed a bit and took quick snap.
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    One of these days I'll learn the post production stuff but I am enjoying posting my Raw images, you have all been so kind. This is another one on my property, I did reduce the image weight by optimizing the shot for the web, but that's the only button I pressed - didn't even crop it, and you know what? I'm not even sure I would, the more I look at it the more I'm happy with the composition. (*Edited to add the photo!)
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    If they do that, I hope they change the title from "Partner" to "Sister Wife". 🍿
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    And there are also all those new themes coming at some point.
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    Perhaps we don't need a free avi to become Super Premium. What if a Premium avi could just upgrade?
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    Maybe Super Premium let us get 2 house on one avi
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    I'm kind of stupified that we apparently have to have this discussion. Again.
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    Just a crop and a bit of background blurring.. done in Firestorm with Places-Embryo as the wind light on ultra.. and I used a FACELIGHT.. OMG for shame.. (giggles) . Taken at Hazardous... pose made by me and soon on Marketplace.. when I get around to it
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    Today’s look.. simplistic and sexy if I do say so myself.
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    Electricity is in my Soul.. Had some fun updating my Robot look.
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    I'd like to request that sims be rezzable at the (0, 0, 0) point for at least a very short period so that residents are able to use the Restore to Last Position feature. Restore to Last Position works by rezzing an item out of your inventory at (0, 0, 0) and then moving it immediately into the last position it was rezzed at, before being picked up or returned. It's incredibly useful to be able to rez out items where they last were after they're returned to inventory, either on purpose or by accident. It's especially useful with items that require precision locations, like house addons. I realize it's a big ask to create small autoreturn parcels on hundreds of sims, and I understand if you'd rather not - but I wanted to offer the suggestion nonetheless!
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    Multiples?? I can’t even find one!
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    Psh. No. Compared to what I’ve been through, SL and the forums here are child’s play. I’ve had disagreements. But, never to a point where I dealt with seriously rude people. Mostly just racist trolls and people using me for stuff, but never any real or downright nasty people. And, to be honest the people on these forums are cool. Most people don’t want confrontation or dealing with very pressing matters. Like I said, this forum is tame and thankfully SL is sort of the same way.
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    a random pic i just took of myself. hope it's ok to post here. if not i'll delete it
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    That seems like a lot of work for something poly relationships already do. They make use of the tabs & plaster it on their main bio. Polygamy, polyandry, thruples, harems of alts... you can’t expect that the viewer layout be reworked to indulge you. Especially when a widely utilized alternative exists.
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    Oh! That Vic on the smallish island with a few others was a gem and I missed it. Looks for my sad face emoji. CONGRATS to whomever scored that beauty! ETA: I do not mind staying in the GOH. To me it is like a treasure hunt.
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    I don't recall ever hearing a man refer to another man as their "BFF" in RL or SL or any old L. Probably because we see every other male as someone we potentially may need to kill some day, so the second "F" really doesn't apply.
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    There aren't enough guys in SL to go round.
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    You think the scales are equally balanced? Maybe this will help. Saw it on FB today. “A pic of the riots in Minneapolis, MN last night. ...ohh wait, that’s not Minneapolis. That’s San Francisco after the Giants won the WS in 2010. Black people riot when they are fed up with their lives being seen as disposable. White people riot when their team wins a ball game. So if you think I’m going to give two sh**s about some inconvenienced truckers last night, you’re wrong.“ Slightly edited to change broken windows to inconvenienced truckers. Maybe it’s different in the UK, but here there are multiple incidents every single day of black people being beaten, arrested, and/or flat out murdered for committing crimes like driving while black, sitting while black, walking while black, eating while black... I’m a middle aged white woman and have never had to fear the police. That is not the reality for every single black person in the US. Every single one. And time and time again, their fear has been shown to be completely justified. The scales are NOT balanced.
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    Toxic masculinity. They’re afraid people will think they caught the gay.
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    Leg day. Winners train... And the point of these two pics is to show off a couple of body mod/deformers I found yesterday. One to thicken the upper arms (made for Belleza Jake but apparently works nicely with other bodies too. The other one thickens the upper body.
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    I dunno, I think a "Cheaper by the Dozen" discount would be nice.
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    It so seldom does.
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    I just moved in, yesterday, and I get... well... my second house guest. Or third maybe. In any event, what a pleasant surprise! Nice to move into a place that seems to retain a sense of community and spontaneity. I'll have to dig up my old cat things from when I had cats of my own. No mice in this house, I guess.
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    No worries. I am casually keeping watch for my main to get a home. However, I am considering leaving her homeless in anticipation of Super Premium. 😛
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    I am continually saddened by the fact that some men think that the only way they can be a man is through violence and toxicity; while being unaware that these traits only make them weak.
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    Why not just create a Pick tab and list all of your partners? Some hang out or marry exclusively with a favorite/beloved friend (hence: PARTNER). Why would the Lab want to reformat the partner tab if a Pick tab could serve the same purpose?
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    To be fair, I have seen men with their buddies in their picks. It’s rare, but I’ve seen it once or twice.
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    Yeah, I figured that. I also think most of the women in men's profiles are of women they wanted to date but for some reason couldn't so they opted for BFF.
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    Definately not your fault. It is just the way the cards fall. I have missed out too on some that have been posted. There is no way that people should be made to feel bad in regards to when they release the parcel. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be and that is why I missed out.
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    From my own point of view as a potential catcher of a house, I agree. I'd rather have the head's up. But then I see people post in here time after time about missing out on one, and I wonder if it's better to just say nothing at all. I guess I feel like it's supposed to be my fault that I released a house at the wrong time. 😛
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    I think it's always good to post the parcels we are about to abandon. It's true it can frustrating sometimes, but at least, you get a chance
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    Thanks @kiramanell! And you just reminded me I have a selfie to post! 🙂 At Puddlechurch Resort.
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    Note from the artist: "I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express." ETA: It's xkcd, obviously.
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