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    Today (or at the moment actually) I am a bit more demure.
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    I think I'm through tweaking the new shape. Raw screenshot taken at a favorite sim (Erebos Harbor).
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    Tokyo street, but not THE Tokyo Street
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    The Bellisseria Orca was lonely....
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    Sell him your soul, never look back...
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    Hey again. As threatened I have ripped mine up and started again because: I decided my house was too big and empty and thought a smaller space would work better with the LI restrictions. I saw a picture of someones Zen garden and I thought it looked lovely, so wanted to try my own. Everyone had the same house on my street, so I thought I'd mix up the neighbourhood a bit! I'm pretty happy with the results. I've now added rain in the garden, which looks GREAT.. but makes it a pig to click on anything! If anyone can suggest a way of avoiding this I'm open to suggestions! I didn't want to post too many pics, but I wanted a view of the trees growing over the house.. I'm pretty proud of them This house was built using the Blushed living add-on which is great. But I did find it a real pain to line up. All the angles were just slightly off and I had to change the angles but fractions of percent to get it to line up. So, use them, but YMMV
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    Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! I am a bottle of red deep, so feeling pretty good at this juncture. And I liked this picture when I took it earlier, but now hate the hand positioning. Sigh.
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    Holy moly. I'm a new oldbie to the Forums, so I wasn't familiar with your work. /me falls over in a faint. If I can ever get Flickr to work etc etc a for-sure "follow" for me. Jeebus you're putting up some awesome pix.
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    Today's look involves a pair of tiiiiiiiny shorts and an old-school walkman. Remember those? I'm feeling nostalgic now. It's bedtime soon, so maybe I'll dream of simpler times... Mind you, I'm not sure what exactly was simple about teenage angst in the early 90's. Anywhoooo, enjoy the view. credits: https://billybeaverhausen.com/2019/05/27/thirst-equal10/
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    Audacity is a free program that should be able to do the conversion for you.
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    In very generic terms, not mentioning any specific creator, I agree, especially when the item in questions has a high land impact and to keep it specific to the Linden Homes forums, we are all watching our prims/LI closely since it's limited.
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    A little relaxation time at Rosewood Horse Farm... and there were cats!
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    If something is going to give an item for you to wear, and it is going to use LI as part of its process, I think that the creator should include that in the description on the MP, and in an info NC with the product. I know I've bought furnishings before that have rezzed items as part of a scene, and they've included info about how much LI to be sure to have available to use that feature. I like getting that kind of 'heads up' so I know what to expect when using the product.
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    There's a discussion I was reading in one of posts in the section of the forums yesterday, that the houseboats may be slightly off-kilter by fractions of a percent, so some of the homes may be also, which may aggravate getting add-ons easily lined up perfectly.
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    Ahem. :::cough::: I think I could start batting for the other team after this picture. What a wonderful, dynamic pose (getting all technical now, while fanning self). Great outfit. I'd say you :::cough::: nailed "sultry." (Sultry most likely enjoyed it.)
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    I wanna share with you my favorite applier of all time like ever when i got my genus head not too long ago. I'm always wanting this for my entire second life to make my avatar close to ariana. So here it is! My ariana grande inspired skin from tres beau and it looks fab with this make up but i hope they make a no make up version of it. I'm looking forward to see your favorite head applier for genus so please comment down below! By the way, here's a glimpse of my genus head. ❤️
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    I put this into another thread about Genus appliers put I like it enough to drop it here also. I haven't used Bold & Beauty's appliers much at all. Not sure why now. Certainly is the kind of look I prefer - fresh and natural.
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    Been on a mission since last night. I haven't changed my clothes, but i did re-texture my whole apartment. Got rid of the tattered curtains and the crumbling brick and went for a more sleek look. And special thanks to the person who posted the tip about switching the alpha blending mode on hair because it really came in handy for the conflicting transparencies with the new curtains behind my fish tank and crystal ball.
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    I went there when those regions were new, waaaay back when. I also went back sometime before Belliseria opened and on both occasions, I was less than impressed. That very first time I didn't even think they were worth premium, even though the buildings were right up to par for the state of SL at time. The second time I had a look I was bored out of my skull, there are very few unique features in the landscaping, everything feels rather flat (textures, the land, etc) I would not have enjoyed living there. Belliseria is much, very much different, but it takes a visit to the old Linden Homes regions to actually understand HOW different it is. So I can recommend it. To get to one of the old Linden Home areas, I would personally start at the (premium) Sandbox Artifex then fly north or east. Or TP to Kellek where three home styles meet and explore from there.
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    <.< I kind of went shopping at the Avanti sale.
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    That people getting so hysterical after theur send me lm of freebie galaxy and I say 'no thanks'.😄
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    the topic does come up sometimes, but LL is never going to do it as the inworld is a shared experience. The basis of a shared experience is that we can't opt other people out of it, we can only opt ourselves out. A bit like the real world in this sense. All we can do with other people, same as the real world, is ban/prevent people only from our own properties/groups/etc. We can't ban/block/prevent them from the shared (public) space. Only LL can do that as the owner of the public/shared space
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    think google will help you faster, and have a look if the bitrate and khz are right for upload. like these: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sound_Clips Next to this a soundfile can't be 10 seconds long or taller, if you want a whole song you'll have to cut it in parts and use a script to let it sound like one again.
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    Beautifully done, Ivory- so cozy and every detail seems to be in its perfect place! Great job!
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    It is hard to pick my favorite look.
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    Did you think you were going somewhere?
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