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    For anyone having difficulty with the Destination Guide suggestion form, an alternative is to email the editors directly with your inquiry via the email address: editor at lindenlab.com (replace "at" with @).
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    Marketplace Search Option Desperately Needed How often do you try to search for something on Marketplace and discover your search result ends with you trawling through pages of what is best described as SPAM LISTINGS of the same item with the same picture but in a separate listing for 20-50 + color options !!. Please give us an option to be able to filter out sellers by un checking a seller or their ads from our searches simply by clicking that sellers name on the listing and selecting hide seller even if it is just temp for that login, just as you can on sites like ebay and amazon. This I am sure will be a very popular option among many customers
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    This is a very useful page. We get a lot of questions in SL Answers about how to sell L$ and then do a credit transfer. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find the page unless you already know that it is here. This ought to be one of the first things that pops up if you do a search for Sell Lindens, for example. Unfortunately, nothing helpful pops up at all. This page also needs to be available in each of the supported languages.
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    What I'd really like to know is whether there is a way to view one's AR report history. There's an incident I need to look up from 2012 and I don't see a way of doing that. At the time I didn't always get confirmation Emails from my inworld ARs. ty
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    many times, I just give up and buy nothing. An option like this would save my sanity and keep me shopping!
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    Landbots are no longer allowed, as per Linden Lab Official:Bot policy (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Inworld_policy_on_bots#Policy). This section should be removed (from http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Selling-and-renting-land-to-others/ta-p/700135#Section_.1.1): "Some Residents use scripted agents, or "landbots," which can detect land at below-market prices the moment it appears in search, teleport to the spot and buy the land faster than any human can. While landbots are legal in Second Life and provide a valuable service for Residents who wish to sell land quickly, ..."
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    With local payments active for non-U.S. residents, the chapter about setting up a payment relationship needs to be updated: You cannot simply add a payment method anymore, you actually have to buy Linden Dollars or stuff on the Marketplace to be able to store a payment information!
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    In addition to the advice given in this article if you are getting the message "the system is logging you out ..." there is also some additional advice for this login problem provided by Marigold Devin, who is quite the expert in this scenario as a 'ghost hunter'! (This bug where an avatar presence becomes stuck inworld has become affectionately know as 'ghosting'!) Note that the advice bellow can be followed if you are repeatedly getting the "the system is logging you out ..." message and are unable to log in. Before you follow the advice below, follow the main advice in this article first and I would advise you still definitely contact support for a region restart if you can! Please also note that this advice may change. cease to work, or become redundant as LL work to fix this 'ghosting' bug. Finally, also note that point (e) is important, as I understand it, to prevent you having continued problems! Here is the additional 'DIY' advice you can try if you are repeatedly getting the "the system is logging you out ..." message when you try to log in: (a) Bring up your viewer screen BUT DO NOT LOG IN YET (b) Change your login start location (to do this click on "edit" at the top of the log in screen, then "preferences", "general", and tick the box next to where it says "show start location on login screen", click OK/apply) (c) Fill in your normal name and password details, and now where there is an extra box, type in the sim name of Furball (this is an empty Governor Linden owned sim) (d) Now try to log in. Please ignore the message that may come up on your screen and ignore the time in particular. Just keep trying to log in, and try, try, try. You WILL be able to log in between 1-30 minutes. (e) VERY IMPORTANT. Now go to where you were LAST in Second Life (where your 'ghosted' presence will be). As you get close to your stuck presence you should 'merge' with it to prevent you having the same problem the next time you log in.
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    how do you verify your age with LL
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    Great idea. This can be so frustrating. We need something like this to filter out the spam ads.
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    I'd like to know what recourse I have against a designer in Secondlife. I purchased an item from them at an event and when i opened it part of the file was missing. I've repeatedly sent notecards with my transaction information included, all which go unanswered. I even went to their Facebook page and posted there all my transaction information, She did respond there telling me not to spam her Facebook and to send a notecard inworld. I explained that i had many times and there was no communication back. I did go to her store and had it redelivered, still getting the same file with the missing pieces. Please help :-(
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    The graphics in this article need to be updated to reflect the current viewer. There also should be a section devoted to group fees, such as a fee to join the group and roles having to pay group liabilities. Many new people are not aware that they should pay attention when they join groups to see if there is a fee and to check to see if they are expected to pay for group liabilities. If they are, they can leave the group to avoid these charges. We get questions about this all the time in the Answers and Forums sections from new people that think their money was stolen. It is important to newbs since so many have little to no money yet and some even log on and find they have a negative $L balance. It's the kind of thing that can turn them off to SL and make them leave.
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    Concerning the "strict naming" of "custom LOD files". This paragraph appears to be inaccurate and/or superceded by code changes* in two ways. First, I recall that it was the naming of the objects in the file that had the strict suffix requirements, not the naming of the files. Second, this requirement seems to have been relaxed, even with ImporterLegacyNaming set to False. Thus the file combinations listed in BUG-8996 are uploaded successfully whether ImporterLegacyNaming is True or False. Neither the file names, nor the object names in those files have the prescribed suffixes. This is presumably because something like the changes requested in that jira, which make life much easier, were made. This part of the documentation was probably written before those changes. {*tests in release viewer 3.8.4 (305119)}. (Note however that this may change again with recent commits for 8.3.5)
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    It looks like we have a complete list of shortcut keys here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Shortcut
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    This article needs to be updated regarding th ecurrent policy for educational/non profit discounts. Article has been updated. TY
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    i am just wondering why i have been abuse reported for some reason i came on to second life for 10 mins or so to send an im to ebbe linden didnt say a word to anyone but i appear to be in violation for some reason do i just have to show up to get abuse reported i think on this occasion the abuse report is in error a i trueley believe i have not done any thing to deserve your action against me
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    In section The About Land Window (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-your-parcel/ta-p/700113#Section_.10), the following text appears: Home Page - Address of the media you would like to show on your parcel. For example,http://secondlife.com is the URL for Second Life's Knowledge Base. Set the Media URL by pressing the Set button and entering the new URL into the SET MEDIA URL window. http://secondlife.com (which is also the example given in the accompanying graphic) is NOT the URL for Second Life's Knowledge Base (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English/tkb-p/English_KB), it is the URL for the Dashboard (when logged in; redirects to secure page https://secondlife.com/... ). In addition, the link points to neither the Knowledge Base nor the Dashboard. Instead, it points to the Wiki (http://wiki.secondlife.com/).
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    Deberían quitar del artículo las noticias ya que los links indicados no existen mas en el apartado Land del blog. De hecho, la versión en inglés no tiene dichas noticias. SaludOS/2
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    1) Remains the problem of my previous comment. 2) And more. About we can set or Home on "Land OWNED by a group" perhaps is a little vague. Anyone in a group with the proper ability in the rol can set the Home in land SET (not owned, not deeded) to group.
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    The "Item listing fields" paragraph needs the adittion of "Usage Requirements" (between "Permissions" and "International tabs"). Sorry, edited for typo (my bad English LOL).
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    See this paragraph: There are three types of land you can set as your home location: Land you ownLand owned by a group you belong toInfohubsThe link of Infohubs goes to an "Unexpexted Error" page.
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    For the Spanish users of 3D software, it's very odd translate "mesh" as "modelo". In Spanish is fully usual the word "mesh" when you use 3D software. In fact, Spanish Blender Support Communities (as g-blender), or tutorials (as blender-gulo), or the official Spanish Forum of SL in threads as this or this or this or this and others, or SL private forums (as this thread of my forum use "mesh" and "meshes" without problem. Another possible translation is "Malla" (see the article in the Wikipedia in Spanish). But "modelo"? Resume: I do not know any Sapnsih speaker who uses the word "model" instead of "mesh". Just my opinion, of course, maybe I'm wrong - - - - - - - - - - Para los usaurios ene spañol de software 3D, es muy raro traducir "mesh" como "modelo". En español, es muy corriente usar el término "mesh" en el contexto de programas 3D. De hecho, comunidades de soporte de Blender en español (como g-blender), o manuales (como blender-gulo), o el foro oficial en español de Sl en temas como este o este o este o este y otros, o foros privados sobre SL (como este tema de mi foro) usan "mesh" y "meshes" sin problema. Otra posible traducción es "Malla" (ver el artículo de la Wikipedia en español). ¿Pero "modelo"? En resumen: no conozco a ningún hispano hablante que use la palabra "modelo" en vez de "mesh". Es sólo mi opinión, claro, puedo estar equivocada.
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    There are some links that don't go to another article or paragraph. All those links goes to this same article, this actual page: + "see instructions for setting up Process Credit `payment trough wire transfer" go to this same article. + "this article on wire transfers" + "Wire transfer request" + "I made a mistake in my request..."
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    Maybe the link of "Contacting Linden Lab Billing" is broken: http://d3.parature.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=4417&task=knowledge&questionID=6500
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    I agree with Suella. The advice by Marigold is a resource whose effectiveness has been proven many times and by many Residents (me too). Perhaps can be added to the KB article as a "workaround".
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    I tried both of the email links and neither of them would go through for me. That's not good.
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    The email link to the Destination Guide Editors is broken and only takes you to a blank page. Information should be included as to how a the Destination Guide SLURL for an existing venue in the Destination Guide that has moved can be updated.
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    See the third phrase: "For additional help, see Login problems in the Extended Knowledge Base." The link of "Login problems" goes to a wiki page that redirects to this KB article :)
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