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    Seems that most of my snaps have an ancient/exotic vibe.. Maybe I'm reliving a past life while I'm playing in second life.. hmmm.. I come from RL to relive a PL while playing in SL. 😁 .
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    "Silas, would you stop being such a bloody drama queen?!"
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    Portrait I did for the lovely @Shiva Swords don't think she will mind me sharing her mug on here
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    I took the girls out earlier, which is always a massive effort. This time I ran three viewers on one laptop, but eventually one crashed. It's a lot of fun doing this but the sim has to be quiet, because when I crank up the graphics…..the lag is dire! So here we are: Three different Windlight settings. I took about ten images over an hour or so, well, maybe two.....
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    Thinking about the quietness of time.
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    Hanging out with Taya today... took this in her studio!
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    Like the kind of dingbat who would finally break down and get a mesh body because they didn't read the description of a L$50 outfit that won't work with their system avatar. Photo taken at the delightfully creepy Pendle Hill.
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    I tried to add a little fall color for a background but Clover says it looks like I am walking away from a burning building. If that's the case, Maddy should approve.
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    Took a bike ride down the road and stopped here right at the end of our driveway to look at the lake. Still can't believe we live here lol.
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    Today? Just like yesterday (totally inappropriate beach wear, I know...) (Straight outta BD, not even a crop this time either...)
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    Similar to last year, I decided to do a different theme or costume every day for the month of October. Day 1: Autumn Harvest Day 2: Mafia
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    (Enfer Sombre*) Genus Skin applier - Porcelain Tone - Juliet AG. Daydreamer Eyes - Pack 3 (Catwa Genus Omega)
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    Another old outfit, remastered, and still with a black background, and this time, red light...……… :)
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    Day 11 is Mummy's Curse. Why does every female mummy costume have to show underboob?!?!?! Why can't I have one that has a few more bandages to it, in strategic places? Anyway, I went with an archaeologist who opened something she shouldn't have.
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    WoooHooo my First Chair for the yard, totally done in Blender. From Blender Bender Class Blue Week 5 taught by Graham.
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    The conversion to bakes on mesh is complete! 11 tattoo layers of makeup complete this understated look.
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    Masquerade. Outfit by Bare Rose, mask from Avatar Bizarre.
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    Bakes on mesh allowed me to check out one of the skins from my old skin store, I think I made this in maybe 2009? I've put it on Lelutka Piper and it fits! Remember the days before tattoo layers, when you bought skins with makeup already on them, that's what this is. Anyway, my avatar really looks like me today because I wore this skin for ages, maybe in a paler tone though. I don't know if I have the PSD file for this skin, maybe on an old hard drive somewhere. Obviously the uploaded textures are only 512 pixels so the quality is poor. That's Magika Billie hair which is nice and natural looking.
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    This dress by Ison is bento animated and looks like it’s blowing in the wind.
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