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    Relaxing at Dashwood Lake in Bellisseria.
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    I posted this elsewhere on the forums, so I figured it should also go here. Here I am with my alts, AjayMcDowwll Alter, then me, then Piper Kitalpha. As I said there... fear our squirrely wrath
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    Sandrine, my partner, keeps telling me I'd look good in a potato sack. I decided to test that theory. The cowboy boots were a bonus.
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    It was so fun getting together with the everyone this weekend! I am sad I just missed Scylla. Looking forward to the next get together with even more thread regulars. PARTY This was taken at Whimberly. And I have @Angelina Stringto thank for the PhotoScape X mention in a past post. It's a great, FREE alternative to Photoshop.
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    I am now so cool that I wear shades in the rain! I also brought the big knife
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    Apparently, my mere existence offends, and my presence causes fear and disgust. But to be fair, the kind of individuals who resort to gossip and slander, who express such opinions of me behind my back - one doesn't need a particularly high horse to look down on their yoke and laugh at their pathetic meaninglessness. If their lives are so empty that they have nothing better to do with their time, I'm only happy to oblige by giving them something to talk about. I don't have any need or desire for popularity or validation through others; I can't imagine how dull things must be, if those are the only motives that one has to go on in life. ... So I'm going to go ahead and post this picture so that I can get a higher 'forum score'! But mostly because people prod me to see if I'm still alive if I don't post something every now and then.
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    And the well-wishers let the devil in. And if the river ran dry they'd deny it happening. A gorgeous free gift from ContraptioN for members of L'Homme Magazine Readers Group.
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    It's time for the fortnightly Belly Dance again. It's hard to get good pics at the actual event so I took these of my outfit after. I went full kitty tonight with my ancient neko skin that's seeing new life due to Baked on Mesh. Now if i can only get the original creator to make it higher resolution.
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    I think perhaps I'm beginning to get a bit of a handle on Black Dragon. Other than cropping and resizing for the forum, this is straight out of the viewer, with no further editing. I'm not particularly aiming for that (I'm not a purist in that regard), but it does say something about the power of the viewer that so much that might normally be added in post-production can be achieved within it.
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    "Wat you think, hooman? Place nice?"
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    ❤️ There are different types of love....^^ the most important thing is to enjoy those moments . I felt so happy today that my friend came online that I ask him to make a random picture just for no reason. Valentine's is not just for couples!
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    Hanging out at Sheworthy Let me see if I can find a good tux and a bit of water ...
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    Goes to the beach as nothing had turned out as he had thought it would ...flashing the blonde a smile nontheless as he passes her .. maybe he should catch some side piece ...................... 😎
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    I should have gone to author's point but it was crowded instead I took a left turn to Eternal Dark Sanctuary...should have brought a heavier jacket but I was mesmerized and couldn't leave without at least one pic since I FINALLY found some hair I liked.
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    On my way to Sicily, to hook up with La Famiglia, and it's deadly for my back
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    So glad it’s Friday. 😀 This lovely smoky eye shadow that I’m wearing here was a gift from @Panteleeva. I LOVE it!! Thank you Panteleeva. ❤️
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    Worst vacation ever. crappy hotel.....check his side piece in the room next door... check. Bus stop down the road.... check.
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    Normally not something I would go for, but Inspired by @Skell Dagger's post (and blog!) I got myself some leather!
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    If I workout, might as well be comfy! Lol.
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    What my avatar looks like today and also what yours could look like in case you need a little help with that. After a couple of years of just blogging looks (and the occasional post about a house / interior) I finally thought it might be a good idea to start putting the shapes I make for the blog on Marketplace. It's slow going. This is only the second one I've put online.
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    Or will I? There, now it cannot be unseen
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    So it's Valentine's again, and nosey people gonna nosey. My reaction when friends and family keep on asking if I'm seeing anybody:
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    Ending my evening with a quick stop by Burrow Coffee Co. after a fun night of live music. ❤️🎵
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    Thanks to @Lene Nykvistfor this great bikini
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