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    Hi everyone, I have a small update for you regarding the Linden Homes covenant today. This is in response to the many questions we’ve had surrounding forms of commercialism within the new Linden Homes. The general gist here is: if it feels commercial, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Here is the text of the addition to the covenant which goes into effect today: Activities and items that could be construed as commercial and for profit by Linden Lab are not permitted in the residential homes and houseboats in Bellisseria. As a note of clarification and to call out a specific use case example: If a content creator is using a Linden Home as a display model to feature content they’ve created specifically for a Linden Home, this by itself is ok. What you may not do is put up signage on the parcel that advertises it, your store, brand, redirect people away from the home for purchases, etc. You can not sell items off your parcel. What you can do is direct people to your Linden Home as a demonstrator of your creations from elsewhere (your main store or marketplace listings). Also, the little cafe/pub type places that have popped up are really awesome and fun, but should also follow the same sorts of guidelines. We think in spirit, the desire to maintain the community feel of the neighborhood and homes, that this small adjustment to the covenant will help to make things clear that these are homes, not stores or shops. We have other plans in place to satisfy requests for something like a yard sale, where you could feature Linden Homes add-ons in a communal area already in place, to come soon™.
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    Hello! I have an update to our release process I want to share with everyone. As I alluded to here, we are going to try and change our release strategy for a little while to see if a particular process works better for everyone involved, including many of you who have been very patiently waiting for one of the new Linden Homes. Many of you have already been witness to the new process unfolding in front of you whether you knew it or not. Those regions that have been called out in various places such as New Hamsterdam down to SSPE136 (soon to be officially named). We did this for multiple reasons, mostly in an effort to show all of you some of the process we go through in real-time to make these beautiful new regions come to life, and give a glimpse into the timeline involved. Starting today, we’re going to try to release a region’s worth of new Linden Homes on a regular cadence. We’re aiming to try for a region per every other day, but as we can not control all the factors involved in the lengthy process, we may have some gaps which could last anywhere between a day to several days and especially on the weekends. This will also mean that I will not update this post with each region release, but keep it for larger release updates, announcements, news, information, etc. This will be followed by the future initial release of the new Campers & Trailers theme that has also now been revealed here at SL16B. This release will be large-scale like other releases we have done in the past, and then also potentially follow the release process I’ve outlined above. Next up, is an area that is going to be our first community events space called the Bellisseria Fairgrounds! Our vision for this space is to grant communal access to an area that is clear and ready for set-up of an event. We are going to supply the outlying basic infrastructure which includes water taxi access to the main continent, an airstrip and landing pad. We will have a scheduling calendar and process in place where the space can be reserved in advance. The first events already in line for use of this space will be around the 4th of July holiday coming up. More information to come about how the reservation process will work in the near future.
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    Hi Everyone! For the near future, I'm going to post inventory levels of the New Linden Homes on this post in an effort to let everyone know what is available at the time we report the counts: As of: 15 May 2020 @ 12:43pm SLT/PDT Home Type Available Campers 1 Houseboats 0 Log Homes 31 Traditional 1 Victorian 2 Please note these inventory levels may change drastically and suddenly without warning. We will try to keep them updated as time permits!
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    Hi folks! We are all beyond excited that the new Linden Homes parcels in the Bellisseria continent have been so well received. The Moles and various Lindens are hard at work creating more, and those will be made available just as soon as possible. But …. with all the attention you are all giving the new homes it’s making our web servers sad. We know that some people are using a plug-in or a browser feature to reload the home selection page, and as much as we admire the tenacity, we need to pump the brakes a bit on that traffic. Pretty soon you will start to see an error page if you have your browser set to continuously refresh those pages. No need to fear! The website is still functional. It’s just to give our servers a little breather. You will be able to resume activity again after the timeout period is over. Additionally, we are actively looking at ways of making the Linden Homes selection process a little more streamlined. Look for these changes to be coming to a Linden Homes selection page near you in the future.
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    Today, we have released an additional 2,330 new Linden Homes. This includes more Traditional, Houseboats, Campers and Victorian homes. We have released over 10,000 new Linden Homes this year! You may now resume your Game of Homes activities. The Moles and team are going to be taking a well deserved break for the rest of the year. There will be no more releases until we are back at it in 2020!
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    Hello everyone! I am back, and this time with another staggering 4,828 new Linden Homes ready for your ownership! The theme, as many of you saw in the ACS Demo region, is Log Homes. These 4,828 parcels (over 230 regions) marks our biggest release to date by far! Featuring: Four styles of Log Homes Vast rural regions with stunning scenery, including giant redwoods. Additional Railway accessibility (coming soon) More Rez Zones for your boats, horses, bikes, golf carts, ATVs, tractors... There will be more regions of all types of homes coming after this roll out. Here is a sneak peek at the new community center coming very soon for the Log Homes theme, I present the Randelsham Treehouse: We hope you all enjoy this latest addition to the new Linden Homes themes! We look forward to bringing you more themes soon. During these unprecedented times, the team hopes you're all well and staying safe! -Patch Linden and the Mole team
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    Coming Soon™ - Log Homes. But.... Not This Week™
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    Hi everyone! I’m here today to introduce you to the newest Linden Homes, Bellisseria continent feature: Weather! Starting today you can experience so many of your favorite weather effects! Things such as: Tornadoes! Get swept away in the fierce and mighty F5’s of Bellisseria… Lightning! Put away your golf clubs and umbrellas as this electrifying experience takes charge of your earthly surroundings, duck for cover and standing under trees may not be safe! Rain! Need a shower? Now you have one. April showers bring May flowers! Snow! Feeling a bit frosty, or how about needing to make some snow cream on a warm spring day? Our snow will not disappoint as in mounds up in your yards. (Yellow snow upon request) Fog! Wish you had as good a view as your neighbor? Everyone can have the same view with a thick London-style fog coating the landscape! Wind! Be blown away and mesmerized by the tumbling tumbleweeds! Earthquakes Whole 'lotta shakin' going on! Sinkholes Ever have that sinking feeling? Now you whole house might too! UFO's Protect your cows, your children, save yourselves from abduction! We’re happy we can bring you the outdoors realism you crave. And as we say here, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute!” Happy April Fool's Day
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    Hi everyone! I have a Linden Homes Security system update for you. Starting now, you can get our swanky new and improved version of the Linden Homes Security system for your home. It is packaged inside of the Content Pack that you can have delivered via your home rezzer (Mailox, Life Buoy, etc). Here is a list of the features this new version brings: 1 Land Impact - You asked for it and here it is! Menus - Now uses a dialog menu system to create and manage an access whitelist. NO MORE NOTECARD! More Admins - You can name one or more people who will have permission to administer the security system. Sky Alert - If you are using the security system in a skybox, it can notify you when someone is hovering within 1000m for more than 15 seconds, even if they are not close enough to be ejected by the system. The rest of the system still functions as-is. Hope you enjoy the update!
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    Hi folks! It’s time we bring a new style of Linden Homes into the mix. Now, in addition to Traditional and Houseboat styles, we’re introducing the newest theme: CAMPERS! You may have seen these Campers at the Linden Homes preview during SL16B. Clustered in central Bellisseria, the new Camper regions offer a secluded, rural environment, with more nature and parcel privacy than the previous theme locations. Campers allow for a simple lifestyle: choose between 8 versatile styles on 512 sqm parcels, all with open floor plans, nestled in the wooded Bellisseria regions. The campers include a new feature allowing you to rotate the direction of your camper 180 degrees! Remember, you can still use the other portion of your premium land allotment towards another 512sqm of land elsewhere on the mainland. These new Camper regions feature some special community areas as well, such as the Campwich Lodge and railway stations in select regions. Like all Linden Homes, these are first-come, first-served, so act fast to claim yours! Also, as an update to the Traditional Homes content pack, the highly requested roof and floor textures are now available. Please grab a new content pack via your mailbox today to receive them. Enjoy!
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    Howdy everyone! There have been some questions and discussions about decorating Linden Homes in Bellisseria for holidays and seasons. Bellisseria is very much a community and part of being a community is celebrating holidays. So yes, Residents are definitely allowed or even encouraged to decorate their homes for holidays they personally enjoy or observe. In response to the recent queries regarding seasonal decorations and content, we would like to announce the following guidelines being introduced as of today: Seasonal and holiday decorations are permitted as long as they are not intrusive to your neighbors and staying in general continuity of the area, as per the covenant. Natural seasonal elements are permitted if they are applied subtly, such as a light dusting of snow or a scatter of leaves. Decoration should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing. As always please take your neighbors into consideration when decorating for the season. Outdoor holiday decorations are "in theme" with Linden Homes if they are congruent with the holiday season (no Christmas decorations in May or Halloween decor in April) Remember to keep all seasonal and holiday decorations within the borders of your parcel and ensure that no content extends over the parcel lines. We will also be updating the covenant to include the following: Seasonal and holiday decorations are permitted as long as they are tastefully applied. Natural seasonal elements are permitted if they are applied subtly, such as a light dusting of snow or a scatter of leaves. Outdoor holiday decorations should be congruent with the holiday season (no Christmas decorations in May or Halloween decor in April for example). Remember to keep all seasonal and holiday decorations within the borders of your parcel and ensure that no content extends over the parcel lines. Decoration should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing. Happy holidays! Patch & the Moles
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    Howdy everyone! Today we are releasing our newest addition of Linden Homes themes, Victorian. The team has been hard at work over the past several months putting together what we think is our most stunning release to date. The Victorian homes have some brand new features such as: A choice of 4 stylish Victorian houses. The ability to change the interior walls to whatever color you want, via an in-built color picker HUD. Multiple rooms with interior doors. Front, back and/or wrap around porches. Stunning, vast Victorian landscaping. A warm and vibrant community. Railway accessible Nearly 1600 Victorian homes will launch this week, the majority of them happening today (Monday, 16 December, 2019). Plus another 500 coming before the end of the year! In addition to that, over 1,600 Traditional Homes, Houseboats and Campers will be released later this week! We hope you enjoy the new homes as we continue to grow the Bellisseria continent and community. Happy Holidays! Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team
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    Hello everyone! We are proud to announce the release of our brand new Log Home community area, The Randelsham Tree House, as I teased prior. The Randelsham Tree House is located in the lush Randelsham Forest and is a great community hangout place surrounded by stunning natural scenery. It has railroad access and it’s own station, Randelsham Station. Like other community areas before it, the tree house is able to be reserved as a community use space to gather with the community, your friends. socialize, hold events, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. -Patch Linden and the Mole team
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    Recently got the lelutka Nova head, and this is my look today.Tomorrow i might look different, since I like to play with the shape until i'm satisfied with it.
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    The right amount of leather.
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    Ah, well, that would be because I have been scripting new houses non-stop for a while and haven't had a chance to shower. Sorry about that. I'll try to stand downwind. 😵 Quartz and I are often the last people to handle a Linden Home before it is set into the home rezzer for a region, so it will have either his name or mine on it until the end of time. The home will never show the name of the person who owns the parcel it's on, because LDPW doesn't sell the home with the parcel. It stays the property of Linden Lab, so we absorb the Land Impact instead of you.
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    Well that was fast! In less than 48 hours, our new Traditional Homes and Houseboats on the new Bellisseria continent have been claimed. We're really pleased and overwhelmed at the positive response to the new models and at the rapid speed with which they were acquired. Welcome to the neighborhood: we’re glad to have you here! For those of you who weren’t able to get in, don’t worry: you’re not out of luck. More Houseboats will be coming in the very near future, followed by additional Traditional homes and newer themes that we hope you’re also going to love. The LDPW and Moles are hard at work crafting the themes and the rest of the continent for your enjoyment, so get ready for new styles and new neighbors over the course of the year. Stay tuned to this post: we’ll be updating the status of home availability and other pertinent information as we go forward, so you’ll be able to jump in and get your new home. Current Inventory Status (15 May 2019 @ 10:27am SLT ) Traditional Homes: Out of Stock Houseboats: Out of Stock
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    When you get likened to your literary hero, you may as well go all out with it. (Yes, I even hid the fingernails on my right hand, to mimic Stephen Maturin's three missing fingernails.) An infrequent triple-image post from me, with slightly different photo treatment on the full-body shot than on the close-ups. And I was so glad I finally managed to find the perfect sideburns for this look. (Not sorry about the tintype borders. I love 'em )
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    I just want to send out huge thank yous and hugs hugs hugs to our beloved Moles for all the hard work they have been doing so we can all enjoy second life ,,,,
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    This was yesterday and the day before and the day before that lol. Raw shot in BD. Huge hugs to @Sylvia Tamalyn for cleaning up prims at the hangout so I could rezz stuff for this shoot.
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    Riley and I at PAL Park an hour or so ago. 😊
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    Hey folks! As that special time of year approaches, full of joy, fun and festivities, we would like to celebrate along with you. As a special feature to help with your seasonal decorations, we have now included snow caps and Winter lights in your Linden Home content packs for Traditional, Houseboat, and Trailer homes! The content packs are available via your house controllers. Please remember to adhere to the 🎄 Seasonal Content and Decoration Guidelines 🦃 An update to our release schedule - We’ve been hard at work on releasing regions and as I’m sure many have noticed, our new “normal” release schedule is generally 1 region per day minimum, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and other special circumstances. We’ve got a bunch more surprises to come. 🎁 Have fun decorating! Patch and the Moles.
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    I really miss RL travel. Sniff. Since I can't travel for real, I am continuing my SL ventures! Today I went to La Petite Joie.
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    I tried for 12 hours to get into Uber to get the new Deadwool Jacket and i was really desperate.
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    All equally blessed. Mostly (maybe; I guess it depends) back, after an equilibrium-restoring two-month break from the forum.
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    I try to keep my paws out of this thread. Who wants to see cat pictures anyway? Today I finally updated Par's human form a little. It's been awhile. Scary, yes? No tail, mostly hairless ... not at all a proper cat.
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    And yes, here we go .. changing looks in less than an hour!
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    Well, OK then Did not find Eva, but got to know this guy:
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    Today I was inspired by @Ajay McDowwll so I took Riley to a zoo. The Lincoln County Zoo to be exact. I wanted to explore somewhere I hadn't been before and not have to worry about setting up a pose etc, so it's not a perfect pic but I like it anyway. The zoo itself is very well done. We had a guided tour by a moving bot (?) named Kenny (I think he must have been drinking on the job the way he staggered all over the paths but don't tell anyone! XD) and we also picked up a few souvenirs too. There's a lot crammed in so those looking for places to take pics might also enjoy it. (And yes that bird looks possessed). 😆 If anyone's interested this is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lincoln County/220/87/21
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    Hello, it's been a while. (new Lelutka, Lake)
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    I'm done tweaking. It's to the point it all looks the same and I'm just making it worse instead of better. So ... here I am with a BOM head. Notice the hair, eyebrow and eye shadow all play nicely! No alpha glitch. And to tie this back to my dance thread ... here's the full look. . I kind of have the body of a woman wrestler. But that's the body I made and I made it for a reason. So it's gonna stay that way.
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    Thanks everyone for the congrats and well wishes! My new title is Vice President of Product Operations. It has been an honor and pleasure in serving the community over the past 12+ years.
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    Just did this photo today and feeling really great in this bento head.
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