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    Like the kind of dingbat who would finally break down and get a mesh body because they didn't read the description of a L$50 outfit that won't work with their system avatar. Photo taken at the delightfully creepy Pendle Hill.
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    Day 11 is Mummy's Curse. Why does every female mummy costume have to show underboob?!?!?! Why can't I have one that has a few more bandages to it, in strategic places? Anyway, I went with an archaeologist who opened something she shouldn't have.
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    Another old outfit, remastered, and still with a black background, and this time, red light...……… :)
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    The conversion to bakes on mesh is complete! 11 tattoo layers of makeup complete this understated look.
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    My close friend who I'm hosting for today; we decided to be bloody Nuns!
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    Greetings All! Nude art should be okay on Moderate regions, including Linden Home Regions that are Moderate.
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    If people don't want to see your nude art, then they shouldn't be camming inside your place. Photography is art. Nudity is not inherently sexual. Just don't have sex without turning your parcel privacy on.
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    Portrait I did for the lovely @Shiva Swords don't think she will mind me sharing her mug on here
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    1. Yes, I do. 2. They have. They're all over Bellisseria. 3. Yes, to most of those things, but no to anything that requires any sort of RP. Also, yes, to these things AFTER the Lindens and Moles have created enough living spaces to calm everyone down. 4. I don't feel any sort of "us vs. them mentality" and at pretty much every Bellisseria event I've gone to (the ones at the fairgrounds) there have been both Lindens and Moles in attendance. 5. In theory, this sounds like a great idea. In reality, though... have you ever been to a homeowner's association meeting? 6. No. That would absolutely foster an "us vs. them mentality" in regards to Bellisseria residents and every other resident on the grid. One thing you're forgetting in all of this, I think. Bellisseria isn't meant to be an all-inclusive, self-contained environment. LL depends on people spending money, and that's not going to happen if Bellisseria residents never leave Bellisseria. I do feel as if the events that were happening in the beginning have died down, and I know some of the reasons, but not all. There were regularly scheduled Pickle parties for a while, events at the fairgrounds on the weekends, and a pretty decent calendar. I think things quickly became very clique-ish and off-putting, though, and I know there has already been all sorts of drama. LL isn't going to touch any of that. They are going to stay very far away from any sort of power-grabs and cliques. When all is said and done, Bellisseria is going to be huge. We've already seen the power dynamics in play when it comes to the larger groups. I think when Bellisseria is finished, it's going to thrive or die not as one large community, but as smaller groups of residents with similar interests and ideas come together to use the areas provided.
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    🥰 Enjoying a quiet moment at my new Linden home in Fofita. Almost time to get back to work. Those home add-ons refuse to make themselves. 🥰
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    I was talking about a dance studio on the second floor of Winchester, but I only put in the mirrors and a barre, and then the gym and fitness took over.
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    LIttleMe could be my alt, but she isn't. In fact, I have never met her except here in the forums. I retired to SL in 2007 and discovered that I can do anything I please here (as long as it isn't something nasty) and that I can be as sociable or non-sociable as I like. There are enough things to do, places to explore, and ways to be creative that there's no reason to feel stuck with someone else's idea of what make SL fun. LittleMe and I can spend hours scripting and dabbling with other ways to be creative all by ourselves without needing to deal with crowds of other people, or we can sit with a few friends and chat. If we decide to head to a crowded venue, we can be as anonymous as we like -- an introvert's paradise. As far as I am concerned, the biggest selling points for SL are: 1. I get to do things that I find interesting and can ignore the rest. 2. I don't have to tell anyone anything about myself unless I really want to, so I can be as anonymous as I wish. 3. I have an inexhaustible wealth of places to visit and activities to experience, and loads of potential friends. 4. I can leave at any time by simply clicking a little X in the upper right corner of my screen. Oh yes, and I can fly. 😎
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    I don't have to cope with the open world, so that makes me overjoyed to occupy my little corner of SL. That's everything right there. A circle of excellent friends, a plot of land to build on and decorate, design skills to hone and practice, writing and RP in safe and shielded spaces governed by firm boundaries and exclusive permissions. (It took many years to realize these secrets of abiding peace.) Logging-in is a great part of my day ❤️
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    I got one on Blackwater Shoals, too. SHOCKER! cuz I never have luck with releases. I have always managed to catch abandons, not releases. But that all changed this morning. I'm two doors down from you ZsaZsa. with a decent view of the lighthouse and the squishy pickle. I've wanted a mountain-y look and am a trees and green girl too... but this one is so pretty. It just made my day!!
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    Seems that most of my snaps have an ancient/exotic vibe.. Maybe I'm reliving a past life while I'm playing in second life.. hmmm.. I come from RL to relive a PL while playing in SL. 😁 .
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    It's either or Either way, my typing goes to heck as the evening progresses.
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    Sadly, I've decided to give up my Cadhaire house, at 5:15 SLT (half hour from now). I haven't had time to do anything with it, my partner is very meh on it, and it's such a great region that someone should actually be making home there. It's on the coast road. What I like about it: mixed sand/lawn, private (lots of rocks around the back, and large space between it and other houses), region does not have houseboats in it but they are in view, region has ocean in it so I could hop my boat from the yard to open water. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cadhaire/165/120/32 Besides, I want to hop around a bit. It's fun, so shoot me. Gone within 1 minute. Back view Front view View from 2nd floor window
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    There are great locations in regions for next week and beyond, keep exploring 😊
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    I have to log in to keep Rhonda updated with the latest events and fashion =>.<=
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    Anyone else see the title and think this was a thread started by Rhonda about me? =~.^= then saw the toes...
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    OK, keep talking about something other than what I actually said. 🙄 Back on topic to everyone else.... I gave up my beach house last night and someone got it right away. It just goes to show that you can get a great location at *any* time!
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    That's actually what I did. And... my alt has also managed to add one more home to her tally today. Tossed back yet another houseboat and snagged a traditional about an hour later. Meadowbrook can't hold me down. You don't say... /clicks-teh-shiny-buttonz This is like playing gatchas except you pay by the month...
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    Sort of. > Go inworld, to the area where they've been doing releases from, in this case, the Pickle. Look for named regions that haven't been released (that is, do 'About Land' on a home parcel. If it's owned by Governor Linden, and if you look around and don't see any user stuff around the nearby yards, the region hasn't been released). > If the homes have hovertext on them, the region isn't ready for release, even if everything looks done. > Unreleased regions will generally have a big rectangle in the sky above the region. Usually it will be red, above regions that are ready. > You generally see no moles around a region for a day or two before release. They've moved on, by then. > If multiple regions are ready, you used to be able to tell what was next, because they released them in order, in horizontal rows. But they've begun mixing it up a bit. Today's release was the only region in its "row" that was unreleased, so its release was unsurprising. They are also actively working on the new Camper/Traditional regions in North Central Belli. They haven't released anything from there, but I suspect at some point they will begin to release single regions from there as well. Perhaps before they finish the pickle. They could release that set of regions simultaneously, but Patch hasn't hinted at that ... as yet. If you can be inworld around the time of a release, you can watch the minimap to see when a region that you think is ready for release goes into a restart. Homes will be released as the region comes back online, so you have a few seconds to minimize SL - I wouldn't bother closing it, that may slow down your PC - and bring your browser (which you've already set up for manual refreshing!) up.
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    Maybe some of you already knew this, though I didn't: you can go inside the Bellisseria Lighthouses and get dizzy climbing up the bazillion stairs to get to the top (Flying is a cheat!). I post it into this thread because Moles create little surprises like this *all over the grid*. Feeling bored while in SL? Go exploring, make it a game: A Mole-Surprise Hunt! (For example, how many of you know the super-secret surprise in the Crow's Nest lighthouse in Blake Sea? It's AMAZING.)
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    Edith and I wandered around an area near our neighborhood where houses are going up. Where the work is going on, I saw this breathtaking park area for the first time across the street. It had picnic tables, sweet outdoor lights and a bench up further than what is shown in the photo. It is absolutely beautiful and I have to say one of my favorite spots I've discovered so far! Edith and I both agreed that we must share. LM to the beautiful park area
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    You may have got an overly "what's on the label" idea of Sansar there! The reality is we haven't found much use for it. Sure there is worryingly "stepford wives" levels of enthusiasm from those who stand to gain from it (Bloggers, influencers & such) but for your average resident it's a new rendering engine (one of the best really) with very little content. Que the excuses about content will come, but it's recognised as harder to produce than in SL. I get it...tech trends are hard to predict...and there was SO much fear of missing out drummed up by VR pundits and if you're gonna make a VR platform you need to go all-in. Linden Labs were lucky they had SL to fall back on for funding...but residents are tired of subsidising a mistake nobody wants to admit!
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    Second Life is not dying. Second Life will be around for many more decades yet. It's still growing with Private Estates and Linden Owned regions showing positive growth (0.5%). The Bellisseria continent is still expanding down south. There is a huge community there now and it's set to become ten times larger during the next 6-12 months. Learning islands and Social islands are still around which are still active. The old orientation islands and help islands are still around but with hardly anyone there. Linden Lab are adding improvements and new features every year. The land prices have come down which has helped a lot. The lab are adding new places every week to the Second Life Destination Guide. There are so many amazing places there along with loads more. What's Next for Linden Lab ? Yes, some of the focus has turned towards Sansar in recent years and in a way I wish they would spend their full attention on Second Life. Sansar has low currency numbers with events held now and then. Time will tell how success it will be as the years go past. SL avatars will live forever 😐 I've been in Second Life for almost 13 years.
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    I'm not really, on the whole, a "gushy" person . . . but GUSH!! ❤️
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    I know quite a bit, but I have no doubt that even after a dozen years here there are still likely some basic things that I never learned because I never needed to. We don't know what we don't know............
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    Anthropocene I Taken at The Backwaters, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laveau/66/143/26
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    Looks like the Bellisseria Sage Burning Society is going to have to have another meeting!
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    Long ago a very dear friend gave me a Romani name. As part of a long involved joke, I needed a name and Anglicised part of the Romani one. It fit. The original Bitsy was supposed to be a foil for him to bounce off of but he didn't take to it. Instead, another friend picked it up and oh my goodness he ran with it . Then this second friend got caught up in this thing called Second Life so when I followed him in here, there was really only one choice. Buccaneer cause it made me laugh. From that came many delightful years of nominative determinism in which I utterly refused to be a pirate the way others expected me to. Tricorn yes! Sword yes! Skulls no! Japanese steampunk airship and flapper dresses, but of course! During all that we evolved a constantly meandering back story which involved time travel as an "explanation" for my shop of ancient art and mixed sartorial endeavours. In the Japanese steampunk air ship of course, with a velvet covered cannon planted with hanging geraniums. Sometimes people look down on me because it's a silly name and it does sometimes seem to colour the way some people see me. On occasion individuals have treated me badly for it, using it as a focus for their negativity. Perhaps it would be useful to have something more neutral sometimes and to be less of a target. But it was always meant to be a humourous name and it comes from the love of dear friends.
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    Exploring places, talking to people, taking pictures, shopping... and now my little family
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    No unsalted unshelled peanuts for me, thanks. Peanut M&Ms though, are good. The only problem is that you can't stop eating them. You keep going, one after another, looking for that perfect combination of JUST enough chocolate, JUST enough peanut. They are always too much or too little of one or the other, but I keep trying.
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    Are you trying to understand a script that is already written or make one up on your own, or modify a script? Scripts take patience. I wanted to learn techniques in Photoshop I didn't get to learn for 15 years. I finally learned them over the past six months. Photoshop is great to play around with and make your own textures. First learn layering and then the rest should follow. What kind of textures do you want to make? And, also I may log in every day but my groups do not have events every day right now I am interested in plus I may be afk while working in Photoshop. I go to various events when I want to but work on stuff too. I don't currently have a home. My little Dinkie clubs are my home as are my other inworld stores. Sometimes, in one of my stores I just build upstairs. Not with scripts though. With scripts you should try out in a sandbox. As far as socializing...just be you. I just have fun and laugh and enjoy the music. If you are looking for someone to spend your SL with, that's more of a challenge. I'd recommend Etosha. Etosha is for flirting and dating rather than jumping right into the slex part. Or, you could join Small Talk inworld as it's not just for tinies avatars, all avatars are welcome. This is where you may want to be an unusual avatar in Small Talk because no one will judge you if you want to be a Dragon or whatever. Or even an avi that you have made.
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    Trying out the camping-life today. I have some problems with the primlimit, not many left and i have almost just started 😅
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