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    This coat is so fabulous that I want to wear it everywhere. 🙂
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    I got bored, so I made system layer jeggings. And yes, yes my typist is a middle-aged woman
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    Sooo... I was going to post my last pic here and somehow I took a wrong turn and landed in the other thread. So here's another.
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    The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades...
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    From basic to creative. I will say, being on SL for a few years has taught me how to be creative with character creations. Enjoy!
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    Just to celibrate I have 100 followers at Flickr. But for you also lots of..
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    I'm sticking with the bunny ears theme:)
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    It's been a while for me... ❤️ Hope everyone is enjoying a safe/healthy summer!
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    I guess I’ll contribute to this thread since I did the other one so much!
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    From time to time I lose my mind... A gorgeous recent glittery release from Adored. You know me; I'm all about the sparkles Full credits here.
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    In avoidance of work mode. I SO need a pool boy
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    Seriously love your pictures so much, Sunny. Would love some landmarks where you shop too!! ~ Trying out the pigtails. Have I told you guys how much I love Magika hair? Because I do.
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    I've been feeling uninspired lately. Yesterday, I pulled out the free Catwa Freya head I'd gotten a while back and decided to play around with it. Whether I'll keep it full time or not, who knows. but for now, it's something different.
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    I don't know why I just LOVE this outfit....but I DO!!! Maybe it's my bunny ears?
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    So many beautiful ladies! 😘 Here's me, from my first photo in 2006 compared to me today:
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    The fit for today! Decided to go to a little self photography studio and snap some shots.
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    Isn't it great when you can almost put together a whole look with gifts from an event? Sure, the head, body and body skin have been bought, but the skin for the mesh head, clothing, accessories and hair are all free. There's no such thing as a free dinner! No, but it appears to be a good time for anniversary gifts.
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    I had the best birthday I could’ve hoped for thanks to these girls. @PixieGirrrrl & @JenniexKim I love you both so much, thank you 🎈
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    It takes so much time to wind and unwind... HEVO for Saturday Sale, plus Exile for Fifty Linden Friday. Both are still out as at 6pm SLT on Sunday 28th June, but if you want to grab them you'll need to get your damn skates on! Full credits here.
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    While we're on the subject of reflections, here's "Lofty Thoughts"
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    Happy Sunday Everyone, thought i would post my first picture here on this thread : ) Kindest Regards, Josephine
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