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    Odaraia realises she got turned around on her way to the beach.
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    Neph was jealous of my car, so I got her a motorbike! With a sidecar, so that she can bring a friend. Two, with the extra seat on the bike itself. And a trench coat, to keep her warm whilst out and about!
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    *GF* Karen Bib Dress -pink-[M-flat] ::Envious:: Josie Boots XXS [JSH] Bangles
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    Yes - of course And... awww, thank you!! And I'm wearing Zoey
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    ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2020/01/15/e-volution/
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    I started to do a set of photos that would have been setup and with a fancy backdrop and everything but someone IM'd me and I ended up chatting all evening so I just took some pics in my boudoir.
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    Talking about appropriate outfits... Bowling on high heels, what was I thinking!?
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    You might want to reconsider having so long an auto-return time -- only yesterday several Moles with Estate Manager powers had to waste time clearing up after a day-old throwaway account who had (we assume) been going round Bellesaria looking for parcels with open-rez turned on and rezzing some pretty nasty griefing objects when he found them. OK, if someone abuses your hospitality and drops a particle griefer or a graphics crasher on your parcel when you're not around, it's only going to be there for 30 minutes, which is better than leaving auto-return off completely, but that's a lot longer than it need be, especially for people living nearby, Our LDPW vehicle rez areas have a short auto-return time -- one minute, from memory -- precisely because of that danger. And a minute is plenty long enough to rez a vehicle, which the simulator won't auto-return while someone is sitting on it.
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    Want Your Bad Romance... Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/ Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/DLUVSL Insta: https://www.instagram.com/dluvsl/
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    ... decoration in progress ... ... when I finish the work, I have a party and I invite everyone to listen to some contemporary Brazilian music ...
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    I finally got my library done the way I wanted it: 1.) lighter wood: I took the "LH - Victorian - Interior Floor Light Wood Texture" out of the texture pack, set it to rotate degree 90 at the sides horiz 5.0 vertic 2,5 - at the back degree 0 horiz 6 vertic 3 - 2.) The cushions I took the Library Burlap and tinted it darker with grey 128/128/128 makes a coacoa brown - horiz 5 vert 5 3.) added a nice beige carpet I picked up at @Peony Swee*****er's store, lApple Fall Atelier Pendant Lamp and from my favourite Gacha series by 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Old armchair
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    My favorite moment was when I learned of the discontinuance of their video channel before I learned of its existence.
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    We have absolutely no objections to people adding to the fences, walls or hedges around their parcel or connecting to them. That's why those items are in the content packs in the first place. Or even making a small short driveway to the sidewalk. Placing docks is different. It sets the precedent that anyone can do that, and not everyone is as "community minded" in the application.
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    catched yesterday .. sorry for being a water side addict
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    Wouldn't it be great if it actually took off with the houseboat?
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    Well........ according to Patch, they will not ever be releasing any SIMs of anything. They only release REGIONs.
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    I just got a houseboat and am amazed at what you can do with 351 prims in a small area like that. I used two add-ons to gie me a separate bedroom and bathroom. Then I split the large livingroom into two separate living areas--one is for entertaining and the other is for reading by the fire on a cold night.
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    To a different point, for those unsure about using the lavender exterior house paint on their Victorians, there is this one in Ohio, Cian found. Even I have to admire its beauty.
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    I want to thank everyone for their answers and opinions. I appreciate how in depth many of you answered these questions and the thought you put into them. 😊 I don't really think there is any right or wrong here. The variety of answers shows just illustrates that we are a variety of people using the SL platform in a variety of ways. SL is a big world and I think there is room for all of us.
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    A trailer in Carnival (wasn't yet claimed when I snapped this).
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    I wanted to do something a little dreamy today.
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    I was visiting a friend down in Gullwing, and afterwords walked along the dunes. I was glad to find a concession booth that was not pickles on a stick. I much more prefer some good ice cream
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    Up until last week it was pretty much every day for 11 years (apart from a 4 day break when in hospital) but last week I felt the need to take a week away from SL, responding to social media and the forums. I did reply to a customer's offline message via email and sorted all that out but apart from that nothing but a quick scan. (mark forum read happened a lot) Now its Monday morning, I feel refreshed and strong and will be logging back in to SL later hopefully for another 11 year stint 😜
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    Found this hat from Grim Bros. Loved that store
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    Yet another pre-owned spot I stumbled upon playing Game of Homes! So pretty and it's right next to one of the train stations too! Can't wait for the trains to be operational! I honestly think the camper landscapes and roadways/rivers are my favorite now. That was a surprise!
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    @Mitch Merricks the managing director of the Galaxy for its first 8 years dropped in to visit last night. The ship was moved a few times - I believe he said 3 in his time on board, and two more since LL acquired it (the recent move to Belli being one of those.) He also has a blog here: http://ssgalaxynews.blogspot.com/ No updates since 2015, but some interesting pics. While I'm among those who wonder why it's in such close proximity to the LH, and agree with the idea of putting a region's distance between it and the residents, I love having her in Bellisseria for the time being. (Derrick Linden did say they were trying out this location "for a bit" so it's possible she won't remain here.) It's a fun mashup of the new and the old, though. I admit to being one of the first on board and staying for several hours just to soak up the nostalgia. There are of course some who believe she should remain in the Blake as a local attraction/landmark, and others who feel Bellisseria should have modernized attractions, but there were more people on board in those few hours last night than the ship has seen in years.
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    I was so amazingly pleased with this first pic, it was my profile pic in 2010 and I thought I looked amazing. Haha.
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    Yeah, the OP may have higher criteria for "active" than I can meet. I login pretty much every day and often stay connected for hours (sometimes long after I've wandered AFK in RL), but it's not social most of the time, rather puttering around with scripts, trying some hare-brained scheme I dreamt up offline, or "maintaining" random stuff that's caught my attention. (For example, I just this morning realized that some "RealWaves" I've had rezzed offshore for years are Full Bright. So I've subjected my neighbors to that hideousness all this time. And of course they're No-Mod because the creator is so ludicrously full of himself. And I can't seem to find an adequate replacement, so that'll burn more time. If at this late date I need to make and texture and script effing waves myself, I'm gonna be pretty disgusted.) Also, I wonder if the OP has this forum confused with VirtualVerse née SLUniverse where, as others have pointed out, it's a badge of honor to have forgotten how to login to SL. I really don't get that vibe here. (It's weird over there, too, because the board owner clearly logs in all the time and regularly makes timely, topical posts.) As we used to say of hallucinogens, reality is for those who can't handle Second Life.
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    I log in but not sure I am active, I tend to stay away from people.
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    Not sure what you have open in LI for bookcases. 22769 has 3 different styles that are more traditional and would make a lovely library feature in a house. And the LI is reasonable.
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    I have to disagree with you, I hope they don't move Ahab's Haunt here as well. Bellisseria will always stay the same, not changing the landscape, but that's what makes SL so attractive for me. The creativity of the users. You don't see much of that in Bellisseria, because the creativity there is only limited to your own four walls, which might be good for some people. For me this is by far not enough. There is also a grid outside of Bellisseria and premium users live there as well. But even if you are not premium, you are not a worse person. In 1024m I would feel locked up, even if it might be the navel of the world for you. The sailing area around the Blake Sea is by far bigger than Bellisseria and for sailors and pilots much more attractive and historically grown. I don't think you have to break it to keep the Bellissarians happy and to keep them happy.
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    Yea we all know. There's a separate thread for it now
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    Here's my pic of playing in the snow with @BelindaN at Author's Point. We had a pile of snowballs nearby in case anyone got in our shot.
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