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    No credits this time. Just a random Sunday night snap.
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    So I'm breaking my rules 🥵 BUT this is how I looked a while back
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    At first I wasn't sure what to do with this back room, so it became an art studio for a while: Then I realized I could have my own laundry room now that I have a house with separate kitchen and bedroom. Owning a washer and dryer set is the dream of every urban apartment dweller.
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    Happy belated 4th even though this picture has nothing to do with America ❤️
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    This is me as the defining BAD example of being a Fairy God Mother! (for starters, I need to stop smoking while on the job)
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    Riding the Bellisseria Express, thanks to the Bellisseria Travelers Club!!
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    I want you, be around When that evening sun goes down I want you, be around Keep my both feet on the ground When that evening sun goes down (Van Morrison)
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    Walking the streets at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kirbee/145/205/23 Not far from Panamole Canal, which is just behind the houses on the left, running parallel with this street.
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    i'm no lawyer ..but these things are sometimes less innocent than it looks. You can be assured your email gets on spamlists and other tricks waiting ..nobody gives $5 for being so nice to give your email... and a user that here pays you for it...hmm he won't get worse by many sign ups either. Think we don't need to look at TOS ... it's simply in general not wise to do these things on the www. To be sure, report the post and let support decide
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    I went to a day late 4th of July party with fireworks. Here's how I looked.
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    Here's another fond memory... back in 2012/2013 @Madison Talon and I were involved in a 1940s wartime RP called Swing Times. It was set in a US naval base during WW2 and it was here that Club Noir was born. All good things must come to an end however, and it was announced that Swing Times would be closing in less than a week. So Madison and I decided to send it out with a bang; we had a shotgun wedding in the sim's last few hours. @Beathag McMahon was DJ for the reception party, and she's been DJing for me ever since.
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    I'm going to guess that they're doing something like little kids do when they are learning to read. They read the words on the page and vocalize them, at least to extent of moving their lips. They may not even know that they are doing it. It's like doubling down to be sure that the brain really gets the message from the page. If you were going a little hard of hearing, I can imagine you doing the same sort of lip syncing to help focus on what's being said.
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    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haraiki Bay/31/1/41
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    Hit 300 followers on Flickr today. YAY!
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    I decided to be a hopper for a while. Got a log home but tossed it back in the pool, passed on a camper. Now waiting to refresh....
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    I have been trying for a Vic on water for quite a while now. I really would faint if I got this Vic 🙂
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    Just wandering around, found a cool house. Then clicked to see who's it is. Pleasant surprise.
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    Street ends in a rez zone, then transitions quickly into a dirt road that cuts through a tree. Cool! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1103/51/148/49
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    Some collect stamps, I collect avatars. I am the second from the right with my 3 female alts.
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    Spotted at Widow Point - The Bellisseria Birb 😄
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