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    Hanging out with Taya today... took this in her studio!
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    It is Nadia from Exile. Check you Received Items folder
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    An album would be awesome. Pretty sure I saw your name in the citizens chat once regarding a well decorated home they were admiring I've got a collection of virtual homes and am aiming to make more myself this year - before I discovered Bellisseria I was buying up all those laser cut doll house kits in RL !!!!
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    OMG Rose. That's my sim! Or more accurately, the SLLU sim for which I am an administrator. I remember this!!!!
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    My main takeaways from this thread; I really should IM some of you lovely people more often And, if any of you would like to IM me at any time, please do!
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    Sorry if this has been answered before (I looked, maybe not hard enough?) but could you possibly tell me where the hair is from? I think I want it! Nope... definitely MUST have it! Is the hair base included? (Always important to ask as some creators are including them now as part of the mesh). Not sure if it helps but if you were looking for feedback on the shape just raise the lips corner a smidgen. Arched brows can be sexy or scary but less angled brows might soften the "pout" if that's what you want. Personally I love the look. There's far too many perfect beings out here in the SL-universe, a generally disapproving look (?) might be the one thing that sets you apart from the rest.
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    @Quartz Mole Sent message using the alt that owns the plot. Of note: when I logged just now to get you the SLURL the house had 'fixed itself' and was rotated right. But then I foolishly re-rezzed the house, and the rotations & position were off again. šŸ˜®
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    I'm retired, so there are no "days off" or any days to call in sick -- real or imagined. If I'm sick, I'm sick. I am very rarely too sick to log in to SL, but I can't do anything creative if I do. That takes 90% of the fun out of it.
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    Whitney Linden is posting in the group chat not sure if there will be another release but doesn't hurt to be ready just in case.
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    It depends on how sick I am. I was actually home sick yesterday and spent very little time in-world. I was feeling pretty crappy and just wanted lounge around reading and binge-watching Victoria. About once a quarter or so I take a mental health sick day, and those days I do spend a fair amount of time on SL.
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    So ... I'm listening to KONA stream radio when a song from my youth plays. It's a silly song but when it started I got that nostalgic feeling. This is a long way from my typical genre but ... I was a young girl at the time when this came out and I loved it back then. Of course by the end of the song I'm thinking "how did I ever listen to this?" LOL I was a little girl. What can I say?
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    Six Cans Of Pop Emptied E N T R Y
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    This forum needs Hug buttons. So many posts here deserving of hugs. But back to a couple of earlier posts; Yep, I get this a lot too; a lot of guys assume I'm a girl even when I'm not trying to be femme. And I have it mentioned three times in my profile that I am male in SL and RL. And still they IM me with hopeful hopeless pick-up lines without reading my profile. So I ask them if they've actually read it, and obviously they haven't. After a few moments of silence, while they actually do read it, they either insult me or quietly block me. That said, I got a cold IM from a guy a couple of weeks back, the purpose of which was solely to say how much he liked my profile, and he'd clearly read all of it. I'm kicking myself now for not offering a friend request. But IMs like that from men are as rare as hen's teeth. They absolutely do. I had to leave all but two of the disability-related groups because it turned out that most of them weren't support or social groups at all - I got so fed up with getting hit-on by people with a fetish for amputees who were joining these groups solely to get access to the members' lists. And those people are often less picky about gender, they're only interested in stumps, so telling them I am a guy often didn't put them off.
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    What a fantastic idea! Give new users last names like old ones and burn all the people in the middle that have signed up over half of SL's existence! That's won't cause any issues at all. Unless "Residents" decide that they've been deceived with promises of bringing last names back (578 days ago and counting), had enough and take their $ elsewhere.
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    Yes that's one I regret letting go. The location was so perfect. Love the tiny homes, wish they would give us more prim allowance with them though.
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    there is also the Party of Oh is so cool that we can't even invite ourselves, even when is at our place :šŸ˜ŗ
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    I am begging the Lindens to create a new second life with rules to keep lag down and to keep things looking nice...The two main rules should be no temp rez items and nothing below 500 meters in the sky...i have tried to buy land on the mainland but the lag is so bad everywhere there is nothing to buy...i have seen many fps levels below 8.0
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    Hi there, been running around checking out haunted sims and so far found some really good ones. The best I've seen so far has got to be Vipers Haunted Halloween. You travel through hell to get to the "good place" and its worth the effort. You can check it out at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Panther Hills/57/215/94 I also visited Haunted House of Horror III and got lost in the maze. not a bad haunt but the ending was a surprise. You can find that one here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Felicitys Funhouse/224/198/3207 So anyone else got a place to head to and check out?
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    I guess my theory that if a place gets tossed enough times in a row it gets a 'timeout' was wrong. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger Beach/160/52/27 - Sandy plot across street from beach. Claimed at 12:39 PST. Looks like the new person has kept it since. Looks like a good spot if you like sand texture - but I guess the people who like that all want exactly next to beach and not adjacent.
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    Hi to all my neighbors, i as well am in Well Springs. Iā€™m right next door to Elora and across from Rae. This is my keeper and am slowly decorating which is a first as i never decorated my previous parcels. Definitely a place to call home.
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    Yes, I saw your name on the land there! Hello to you!
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    I joined Second Life back in 2009 on my original account. I started over one time after my divorce since my ex was into sl too. I didn't like giving up the option of a last name, but it was worth it for a fresh start. I wouldn't personally be willing to start over again just to get a last name. I'm looking forward to what LL has set up. I'm going to be more than happy to pay for the option of a last name on this account since Lyrical is the one account that has truly felt like me. It wouldn't be a good idea If they started offering new accounts with last names. Like many have said, it would upset a lot of people who've been in sl for years and have a lot of time/money invested into their accounts with the Resident name. No matter the solution they come up with, there are always going to be down sides to it. There are always going to be people who aren't completely happy. The solution they are implementing I feel is the most fair under the circumstances because although it's important to attract new users to sl, it is also important to maintain the happiness of the long term users as well.
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    Better Off Naked Unless Seen PERVE
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    I'm not a FS support person but I'm wondering if perhaps you need to do a clean install of the FS BoM viewer. If you just installed without doing the extra steps to insure a clean install it can possibly lead to issues. Just a suggestion. I know in the past when I've had issues with a new version I've taken the extra steps to do a clean install and saw significant improvement.
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    Exclusive to who? People with more money then sense? lol
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    I actually downloaded the SL viewer so I could test BoM before FS released their BoM version. So I've been using both viewers. I really have not experienced any increased lag, other than the normal lag we all experience from time to time in maxed out regions, with either the FS viewer or the SL viewer.
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    Just comfy clothes while I absent mindlessly work on my Halloween picture for this year- the extra pair of eyes seem to help!
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    "Silas, would you stop being such a bloody drama queen?!"
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    Another old outfit, remastered, and still with a black background, and this time, red light...ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ :)
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    Very beautiful location for houses. Especially where the dark green house is. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rocky Heights/192/77/24 (At the time of posting, the houses in this region not released yet.)
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