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    I'm not getting paid enough to play online psychologist for some random person with their random issues. This thread is diverting into a bit too much personal drama monging lately, for my liking, turning it rather unattractive to enjoy. That said... There were complaints that the common dressing area was way too plain and too boring, so it got a bit of decoration love. ... while several details on the close-up need some loving: the necklace has an annoying attachment point and moves weirdly. And for whatever reason, the hair creator decided to texture the lower end of the hair compoents with the same alphaed curl texture. Plus clipping on the clothing parts, but well.
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    Sorry, second drawing of Gabby here. (It wouldn't let me load both on the same post). BTW, Maddy helped me choose the first pose, above, on the basis of her reading of Gabby's personality. The one below is one I liked.
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    Creole trad going back at 5:10 pm slt...again...nice location but...
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    My alt is still on the naughty step so I am planting my garden in Heath Cliff
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    Molly Conundrum Molly Dismantled Molly Huntsman Molly Littlepaws Molly Nova Molly Ravenhurst Molly Wumpkins Molly Yeetly this is bring flashbacks to the olden days. I can't decide. What else you got ?! altho!!! when I squish my eyes I can see me being Molly Wumpkins like, let me molly fy that for you. You wants one wump in your kins with that or two wumps ?? 😸
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    I like your way of thinking 😊 especially the memories.
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    It's gone quiet on this thread, could it be there are 297 people at Medicine Hat, all waiting for Whitney? 🤣
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    She: "Sell the car!" Me: "No!"
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    I'd've picked Wumpkins for you too, Molly, from that list. "Lindal Ravenhurst" sounds nicely Victorian, and would go well with my Caledon persona. But I think I'll just stick with "Kidd".
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    Well, y'all have inspired me to start a proper blog. I should have done this years ago. https://mattiluminos.wordpress.com/ Not much there yet, just a bit of an intro.
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    It's honestly a little over my head for anything beyond personal tinkering. There is an Arch Linux user though who created a package that compiles Firestorm directly from the nightly source. I sent an email asking him to take a look to see if its even possible in theory.
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    Further info can be found in my blog so can click the link in post or go to link in my signature if you have signatures turned on.
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    It may not be "disclosure" in the strict sense of the word, because the information they're disclosing is untrue. But it's "harassment".
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    I would like clues which are hard enough to feel satisfying when you get them, but not so obscure as to be demotivating.
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    So glad it’s Friday. 😀 This lovely smoky eye shadow that I’m wearing here was a gift from @Panteleeva. I LOVE it!! Thank you Panteleeva. ❤️
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    My friend snagged a trad right near the beach and the airstrip. But this is his neighbor: Wall all around the property, security orb, and look who's on the always banned list:
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    Almighty flickr is your lord and savior :3
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    I use Flickr for now, but when I hit the maximum allowed on a free account, I will probably look for somewhere else. Profile feeds are pretty useless, you can only post raw snapshots taken real-time in world, and they are a maximum 1024 x 768. You can't take a larger pic, edit it and re-upload it.
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    What my avatar looks like today and also what yours could look like in case you need a little help with that. After a couple of years of just blogging looks (and the occasional post about a house / interior) I finally thought it might be a good idea to start putting the shapes I make for the blog on Marketplace. It's slow going. This is only the second one I've put online.
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    The way this thread was titled started the conversation off with having mesh requirements be something bad - racist, body-shaming, elitist, prejudice. Those are real things and would be referring to the real person who decides on their requirements or rules for themselves or their group/region/club/whatever. Why does it need to be called anything other than a requirement or rule? Why is this even an issue?
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    Chillin' @Angelina String 's cool as crap skybox. >w<
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    After an exhausting time of trying out vahjayjay demos (another thread), I took myself out on a thank-you-for-a-good-time date at Hazardous, because I'm just really happy Hazardous is open again. screenshot
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    I wouldn't call it anything in particular. It's not really any different from me expecting guests in my club be dressed formally for events; a mesh body or head is still just an attachment that you wear, it's practically no different from an item of clothing. Although given the cost of the average mesh body and head compared to the cost of a formal dress or tuxedo, it is probably a somewhat elitist expectation. But it's their sim, their rules, and for those who can't or won't comply, there are plenty of other sims that don't have that requirement. It's absolutely not racist.
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    I would call it, perfectly within the rights of the person paying the bills to require whatever they want. I don't think anyone should be required to get a mesh body but certainly understand why some people have it as a rule
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    Life Drawing - The Conversation (ETA: Thanks to @Eva Knoller for bringing me the coffee.)
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    Another time, another place, some setting sun.
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    Depends on what do you see as purpose. And there's a good chance your meaning of purpose might not be the same as someone else's. I've already seen plenty of people on forums (much less in world) calling such things pathetic, shallow and what not, whenever it comes up, but what those people tend to forget that others might not be in SL for the same reasons. I won't speak for others, but for myself. I do not log to SL to make rl connections, I have zero interest in person behind an avatar and I won't ask (nor share) any rl details, I don't need or want online friends either (acquaintances/RP contacts are fine). For me SL is a playground where I mess around my region building stuff from some other people's creations, shop, dress up my avatar and explore other places from time to time. I might randomly chat to someone if I have time and they IM me when they see me exploring/shopping somewhere, but other than that my form of socializing in SL is RP (yes, the adult kind). From this RP I want two things - a decent looking avatar (no, just "being mesh" won't do. default shapes, especially for one mesh heads brand, are awful, so are their default skins) and decent emoting skills. Obviously everyone has their standards and I'm well aware that some people might find my RP/emoting/English skills below their own standards and not everyone going to like my avatar either. And it's fine. So if those conditions are not met, then I'm not going to engage (or stop it if it already started, in case I find emoting lacking) in RP. It's not to feel superior (and I find anyone who actually does... to be pretty silly), it's because I know what I want from my time in world. And I personally see it no different from having other standards, which most of us do have. Very much like a lot of people avoid talking to gesture spammers or ones who can't be bothered to type and use "u; r" etc. But yeah, outside of RP I don't care what they wear/have or anything, so if a random talk happens and they behave like reasonable human beings, have something to say or ask and I have time for the chat, I'll talk to them. That type of RP is usually not the one you imagine and mostly it's either standing still or sitting on some furniture while typing long-ish emotes.
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    I met a friend at Burrows for morning coffee.
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    For this particular sim it apparently is their requirement. Their sim, their rules.
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    I tend to agree, but it's probably not good practice if you want to attract people to your sim.
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    Does it need a label? I would simply call it a requirement. Not all that different than requiring period attire, human avatars, combat HUD, account age or any number of other requirements people put on their sims.
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    Hanging out with my critters old and new.
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    *Booty's Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Dawn HD Eyeshadow
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