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    I can answer this. The main focus of Linden Homes is the homes themselves. One of the main features is that the home does not count against your parcel prim count. That cost is absorbed by the main parcel. We have to reserve enough Land Impact on that parcel to accommodate the maximum possible LI of all the homes rezzed. The remainder we use for all the decor items in the region. All the roads, streetlights, community areas, trees, bushes, docks, hedges... everything resides on that parcel. Adding a parcel that shares LI with the main parcel residents can rez on adds an element of risk in not having enough land impact to support the house rezzing system. Adding a rezzing zone to Linden Homes is not as simple or cut and dry as it is on the mainland. Everything has to be carefully balanced. That is why most of the rezzing zones are in regions with no resident houses in them or ones we are still in the process of making. Also, the goal is to have as many homes as possible in close proximity to one another without people feeling that they are packed in tightly together as much as we can. Our focus is on a continent of homes with some enjoyable infrastructure rather than a public space with a few homes here and there. We could go crazy adding even more community content around every corner with parks and boat launches and forests and airports and... and... and... Believe me, we LOVE making stuff like that. But the question is, how many homes would we have to delete in order to do that everywhere? How many people are we willing to leave out in the cold waiting for a home so we can have those cool things we have fun making? That's a careful balance as well. In some areas it makes perfect sense. Let's make the coastline look natural. Let's have some mountains through here and some rivers through there. Let's use that LI for more trees and plants between the houses or a community space. Let's not make everything cookie cutter and instead have each region be unique with it's own identity. And let's focus on having as many homes as we can while keeping all those elements that make the continent itself uniquely special. It takes longer to do it that way. It takes a lot of work to do it that way too. And hopefully we'll get faster as we go along and it will evolve in certain ways as well. But doesn't that usually end in a better result?
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    As promised here is the exterior of my home. This concludes my home tour. I will be keeping this home for awhile. I love how serene it is and love every room in my home indoors and out!
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    Just a slight chance on some mild rain they said...
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    Seems that most of my snaps have an ancient/exotic vibe.. Maybe I'm reliving a past life while I'm playing in second life.. hmmm.. I come from RL to relive a PL while playing in SL. 😁 .
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    Ummm you guys, I have a problem
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    Syd wanted some attention (by way of my wallet)
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    Day 4: Favorite Video Game Character. I went with a Night Elf Hunter with her pet owl.
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    Ok... it's back to the drawing board
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    Seizing a rare moment time zones align to pose for happy snaps. ðŸĪŠ
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    Oooooo! Retirement homes.... and communities!!! /me adds it to the list I'm going to call it "Sunny Acres"
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    I bought a new jacket from Coco. I like how it is loose enough to fit over other clothes.
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    Got some new friends today This one was drawing his dream girl
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    @Scylla Rhiadra picked the dress color.
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    One second ... ... the next Not always as planned
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    So, this seems a good place to post pics of campers, rather than the home and garden. I've been decorating for hourrrrssss, but I am so digging all the beauty of the new area. I'm in nesting mode. I got the teeniest one, the Colorado, because it's just so cute, and also a bit easier to get a camper feel with it due to the size. And it's like a gypsy caravan! Still have 60+ prims left, and I pretty much packed it, plus landscaping outside. I hope to see more of what others do!
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    Y'all! OMG! I can wear my old favorite skins again!
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    New brows, new hair! All is good with the world
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    I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to @Orwar for his tools on the Marketplace that I spent the night playing around with. Also thanks to @Scylla Rhiadra, @Chic Aeon, @Whirly Fizzle and others who posted many, many tips throughout this thread. I'm embarrassed to say it's the first time in almost 9 years I've ever used DOF (as subtle as that may be here)! I spent hours tonight going through the many hundreds of pages here in an effort to learn something new. While there's always room for improvement I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. 😁
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    Still got it, but with some minor adjustments 😎
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    I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!
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    Heard something about red dresses
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    Casually Exotic - Neo Japan (free hoodies and katanas at Gabriel booth)
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    scrambling up some breakfast
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    "Silas, would you stop being such a bloody drama queen?!"
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    Have been incredibly lazy lately. Cold weather isnt for me.....
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    That sure seems like an awful lot of horses to cram into a home. I can't imagine that is very sanitary, or fun for the horses. I am sure they would love to have room to roam around, enjoy fresh air, eat fresh growing grass. I can think of much better places to have a farm, a small home is perhaps not the best place to raise a large amount of farm animals. In a more serious tone, it would be best to consider how much of a regions resource you use up, before doing so, otherwise you might get an unexpected visit from myself, or one of the many other wonderful Lindens.
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    I had to change back to red head for a photo shoot (not the one below) and realized that red headed Rhonda is hawt! So I put the brunette away again.
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    I usually take my shots into photoshop.. The only editing on this on is I darkened the edges juuuuust a little.
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    I just love this Hotdog suit
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    Just some random studio shots of Skell's androgynous 'Syd' persona that I took last night, using some new poses from Hotdog. I'm really pleased with the lighting and post-processing on these: Two more behind the spoiler tag, because I couldn't choose which ones to post and I'm not going to spam four images into this post
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