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    I find it very entertaining to switch my looks according to my mood. I woke up one day and decided to change my shape into a more petite and "model" look. Before (with Genesis Lab bento head): After (with Genus bento head):
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    As has been mentioned, do not abandon your homes. A quick clarification on styles and such. There are 4 floor plans to the Stilt Home theme. There will be two placement options offered on the home selection page of the site. One of the selections will find the house placed where there are stairs are anchored to land, so those houses will be either the over land or maybe partially over the water for home placement. The other option offered will be for a home fully over water (no entry stairs). This is how you'll be able to choose witch type of placement you could select. In general, the Stilt Homes while they are basically done and ready for deployment, we unfortunately do not have the region capacity to release them right now. We are aiming at after the AWS project completes when region capacity becomes available to us sometime later this year. In the mean time, we're already working on the next 3 themes after it. Theme 7 is nearly content complete, but not set-up for deployment yet. Then the following themes (8 and 9) are getting ready to enter content production.
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    @AyelaNewLife, @Orwar, Rita, Nephtyria and myself casually hanging around...
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    changing locations usually leads to another pic
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    I don't know if anyone else is doing the Bare Face Challenge on Flickr, but I had a nice time with it, even if it's not in any official capacity. No makeup, no lashes, and no outside editing. Taken in Black Dragon.
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    Well, for some reason this outfit made me do a classic "catalogue shoot"
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    I finally finished obsessively tweaking my new build.. so, naturally, I had to take a couple of pictures. My builds and I always have to have matching themed... textures. 🤗😋🥰
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    I saw people on Reddit and Twitter were doing the #POTUSchallenge where you stand in front of a place you rarely visit and hold up a book you never read. Well, I wanted to get in on it. This was in some random Gorean sim.
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    We made it to the weekend! I am wearing a new Glam Affair skin first seen on Tess Falworth :). On location at Dream Village.
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    The sound created stars like me and you... Zibska for We ❤️ Roleplay. Full credits here.
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    So apparently there's a call for fully clad sexualized women of power? (That's my take and I'm sticking to it.) meh. I live it every day. No matter what I wear... or don't wear.
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    Just a little light reading today...
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    Working on the design for MickeyD's summer uniform
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    Just something I did a few weeks ago that I never finished but what the heck, figured I'd post it anyway.
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    My girl was on today, so we had a bit of painting fun...
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    Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️ Glad you like the pic hehe. And yeah, I think the masks are already coming into fashion. I haven’t been out much but I have seen quite a few pretty ones around IRL. ~~~~~~~~ Todays pic.. found an old outfit in my inventory & I just had to make it work! Also uploaded to my Flickr.
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    I love this build -- yay, books ❤️
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    What's his given name? Well that's anyone's guess, 'acause he won't tell us. We calls him Nameless, though there's some as what calls him Faceless instead. Won't let us take the bandages off, y'know. Reckon he must be monstrous underneath 'em or summat, 'acause why else wouldn't he let us see his face or know his name? It just ain't right! Full credits here.
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    It is possible I got up on the wrong side of my bed this morning.
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    After a long time primarily using skins from Stray Dog, I wanted to try something a little different. I found one I liked from Session, giving my av a slightly more aged look that I'd wanted for a while but never could get quite right.
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    Pony Salty on her first day out. A proper avatar!
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