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    One more before I fall asleep! Love the new wet look outfit from BB. No practical use in any way I could think off, but excellent for picture
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    @Scylla Rhiadra picked the dress color.
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    One second ... ... the next Not always as planned
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    Getting a costume ready for a party this Friday.
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    And one of just Clover. She's the #1 reason it's good to be me.
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    Someone mentioned to me today that they don't think they've ever seen my avi dressed in "normal" clothes. And I just got to thinking...but I think, honestly, all these avi varieties of mine are "normal" me. ๐Ÿ’› Although, to be fair, I do have "normal" clothes for my avi. Wait until winter time, I'll be dressed up in sweaters all day erryday.
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    Re-do of the earlier pic, this time including Joseph. It's not as laggy as you would think with 4 viewers running at once but my GPU fan was screaming at me This is my alt squad. All mesh. I may have a problem ....
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    I made a purchase this evening that I never expected to make. In the meantime, while I ponder a blog post about it, have this shot of a gorgeous skin by Birth that I've had for ages and still utterly adore.
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    I posted this in the "Close-up Portraits" thread but I like it so much, I'll toss it in here too. This is probably the most I've ever done in terms of post-processing. And yes, that is me.
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    Oops posted the wrong one...
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    new skin i picked up today ^^
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    Shopping, sightseeing, shopping, posing - no rest for the wicked ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Good question... I do once in a great while look to see who liked someone's image... not mine... someone else's. Otherwise I am just happy with the Likes I get. We've talked before about why we give Likes... The reasons are so diverse I doubt one can take any serious information from the number of Likes... other than there is some positive something going. From Saturday.... after some Photoshop.
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    Ok.... me again at the Hair Event! Only got 1/2 through it, however I will be back and the lag was bad ๐Ÿ˜ก
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    Yesterday @Rhonda Huntress brightened my day and gifted me skirt,top and summer outhit,which totally changed my style! Thank you Rhonda ๐Ÿ˜˜
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    Orange*Pekoe - Bikini n.3 AVI(L) none
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    Hi everybody long time since I posted anything here but got inspired yesterday by all your great pics and I am always blown away by Skells awesome photos, anyway I read his brilliant tutorial and this is my first attempt using his great advise.
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    ( `โˆ€ยด)ใ‚โ€
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    You are all such incredibly talented photographers, I was quite pleased with what I had achieved in the few days since I got my home, I still am but wow. OK so my pics of my house that I was happy with until I saw all of yours lol x
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    I'm a nurse today LOL. Only because it's a future release I'm working on.
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