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  1. Like many of you, we are feeling a combination of horror and outrage over the history of racism against Black lives. What we continue to witness is deeply disturbing and demanding of immediate social change. The killing of George Floyd seen on video around the world is only one in a long and unacceptable series of violent and racist attacks and discriminatory behavior directed against people of color. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, all victims of systemic oppression and violence, and with Black communities across the U.S., the globe, and the virtual world in condemn
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  2. @AyelaNewLife, @Orwar, Rita, Nephtyria and myself casually hanging around...
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  3. I saw people on Reddit and Twitter were doing the #POTUSchallenge where you stand in front of a place you rarely visit and hold up a book you never read. Well, I wanted to get in on it. This was in some random Gorean sim.
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  4. Celebrating with my girls 😍😋🥰 3K! by Carolina Schön, on Flickr
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  5. Working on the design for MickeyD's summer uniform
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  6. Me, @JenniexKim & @PixieGirrrrl hanging out today. We look pretty badass.. right?
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  7. I think he likes me ❤️
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  9. Another #POTUSchallenge This time it's a place where spampires roam.
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  10. changing locations usually leads to another pic
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  11. Thanks to @Stranger Hoxley I had a chance to explore a spaceship most possibly from another galaxy. In case of doubts, I am on the left, wearing white suit.
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  12. My inspiration was pride 2020, as I am trans. I felt that I wanted to show that off in this picture. I hope you all enjoy ♥
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  13. My favorite virtual day is each day that I am able to log on and explore.
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  14. It's me again... but with the girls! Bling it on
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  15. I managed to escape from the ship but... something is definitely wrong with the colors. And the gravity.
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  16. I took a pic before the sun went down
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  17. Saskia is still no gravity woman and the extraterrestrials are still watching......
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  18. At the Butterfly Conservatory.
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  19. I'm pretty sure I'll find the answer to the meaning of life at the bottom of this mug.
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  20. Relaxing in my new house (yes, I moved out of Bellisseria again, and this time I have an old Tuscany farmhouse)
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  21. Working off some fries . . .
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  22. Blocking is an admission of guilt.
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  23. Whomever let this parcel go yesterday (it has the now legendary GOH graphic on the land tab) is my new best friend. I am a happy camper now!
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  24. Lovely photo Saskia. I hope you don't mind but I found this: Leave go my hands, let me catch breath and see; Let the dew-fall drench either side of me; Clear apple-leaves are soft upon that moon Seen sidelong like a blossom in the tree; And God, ah God, that day should be so soon. ~ Algernon Charles Swinburne
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  25. Your daughter is far too young to use Second Life. All users must be aged 16 or over. From the Terms and Conditions:
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  26. AND.........I visited Backdrop City after a long time and it seems much better than it was. This dress and the shoes are by C.Chantal.
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  27. I am letting go of a real nice seaside traditional in approximate 10 minutes. It sits on a cliff and overlooks water. If you know how to swing the sun around in your windlight settings, the sunset is wonderful there. I hate letting this go but I have the Victorian I really wanted and will be knocking my alts down to free accounts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ketran/136/186/38
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