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    This pic was taken in the catacombs of Empire of Dreaming Books. If you feel like getting lost in some underground tunnels, this is a great place to do it!
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    "Whew! Scylla seems to be done with her so-called 'fashion pics' . . ." BWAHAHAH! WRONG!! (Credits beneath pic) .:Ryvolter:. - Tatia Buttoned Cardi .:Ryvolter:. - Leather Buckled Pants Zaara - Isis Shirt ("midnight blue") Alpha Female - Thick Heels
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    Welcome to the Master Plan, don't care if you understand... Breath, Betrayal, and This Is Wrong for Man Cave, plus ArchiveFaction and Madame Noir for Men Only Monthly, and Zibska for Cyber/Punk Fair. Full credits here.
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    @Hunkledink and I relaxing by the fire
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    It's nice when somebody offers to dance with you. Especially so when the venue has very nice couple dances available. 🙂 ❤️
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    This week, has been a fracking rollercoaster. Things happened. The look should say it all.
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    Having some fun in the studio this afternoon...
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    Bumrose Beach and Marina is a good place for taking photos, even if the name is rather odd...……..
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    Went dancing at Silhouettes again this week. Here is my outfit.
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    I may have bought a french bakery at some point for reasons...
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    Felt like I was in beachy mood; used depth of field and I just adores the colours in this photo however think the photo just worked and did 0 editing as felt it it was pretty enough without it.
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    Choke me in the shallow water before I get to deep. ~ Edie Brikell
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    My first time posting here 🤭 I don't know how you guys take such nice photos and edit them as well.. I'm such a noob 🙃
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    Today we’re rolling out a new logo for Second Life. Second Life has seen a surge of interest from people new to SL, longstanding residents, and groups and businesses seeking a uniquely interactive place for gatherings and special events. With this renewed attention we decided it was time to update a key part of how we tell the world what SL is all about. Second Life is still going strong, with a devoted and energetic resident community, and we want everyone to know that. The old logo has served us well but no longer projects our vision for SL as we move into this next decade. The new logo uses clearer, bolder type to communicate our optimism and confidence in what the future holds for SL. We retired the soft green color in favor of bright blue to reflect the boundless energy of our residents, who create amazing content and experiences. When it comes to what you can do with SL, the (blue) sky’s the limit! Second Life is a big product. In addition to the Viewer, there are hundreds of web pages, and the old logo is on all of them. We don’t want to distract our teams from the important projects our community knows we’re working hard on. So you will see a mix of new and old logos for a while as teams find time to make updates. We’re all excited to use the new logo and we hope you like it. -- The Second Life team
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    Guess who's been at the cyber punk fair
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    Felt like some color 🙃🥰 Neon Lights by Carolina Schön, on Flickr
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    You're welcome, dear. Your avi is truly beautiful! ❤️ N.B. Here are the matching ear pins I was talking about (see below). Just a screenshot, but you can still see it, I hope (one of my Maitreya avi's):
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    This is what happens when I go shopping:
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    Decided to try out some new looks, and settled on this cuteness I realized I pretty much always have to have some type of blush and or freckles on my avi and when I don't I feel like something is missing. I've been really loving BOM these days because I can really take advantage of the layering ability and can put on various layers and mix and match. Can only do so much of that with appliers... so yay BOM! Now that I praised BOM, I really am wearing only two layers on my face and using appliers..for makeup that is, not counting the skin. While I do create BOM layers for all my eye packs, I don't use them really for myself, as they don't let you customize left and right eye differently. As for blushes and freckles, I pretty much do BOM these days, and offer an Omega and Catwa applier only. Well, enough of my musings and back to work!
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    Inspired by the wickedly awesome scifi stuff just posted by taisiyakarpenko and VictoriaGrwd, I felt the bug again too, and wanted to do something scify-y as well. Won't be as slick as theirs, of course, but that has never deterred me before. 😁 It's a mite dystopian: SL, 2049. Trivia: the large city skytower, behind the gap in the wall, as it were, is actually taken from a shot of the Citadel (Mass Effect). I call it "Approaching the City."
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    I literally don't know where I am!
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    Evening Star houseboat on Pier Pressure moored in a square parcel with lovely quiet neighbors, views across the bay, and thanks to someone who dropped this back into pool two weeks ago. Swimming pool deck and gazebo for just watching the tide come in.
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    Feel like posting another today. Raw shot just hanging at Blarney's
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    Hey y'all! The issue should now be resolved, so you may go back to enjoying less eyeball blinding pages, if that is your preference. If things are still weird you may want to try clearing your cache/cookies and trying again.
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    SHOE SALE HEADS-UP! Ladies (and gents wearing female bodies with/without flat chest options) there's a huge sale ongoing at Pure Poison. Tons of shoes, plus some clothing items. L$1 to L$100 MP search link here.
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    Two weekends ago, my alt sister plucked out a houseboat. So far, a houseboat just hasn't worked for me. The site was off, the neighborhood was crowded, and the views just weren't pretty. Now way off in Pier Pressure, we lucked into a square mooring on the end of a tiny grouping of houseboats facing open water and a few boats across the bay. Well, I went back and looked over the notes from the forum for houseboat decorating. Pulled out all my "what next" and went shopping - especially for a new boat, the Bandit 170 at uber. I've driven over the water from Pier Pressure all the way to Gingham Point and Tilting Meadows. Thank you to whomever dropped this house boat back into the pool!
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    Even the dark side of the moon has a casual side.
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    We're currently aware of the issue and hope to return the veil of darkness to the forums soon to put your eyeballs at ease! (and mine) Time to bust out the sunglasses!
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    I have a friend who uses the display name God Almighty. I really enjoy greeting him.
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    We aren't allowed to "name and shame" in the forums. No one here can do anything about the person. File an abuse report.
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