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    Abstract in black and white.
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    Here is some more information on the communication system coming out soon: It will be a Mailbox based system that will allow the team (Lindens and Moles involved with the LDPW) to communicate with home owners directly. It has a few neat features that include inventory and text (IM) delivery, message expiration controls and a couple other tricks. We'll give more information in a real update once it's ready to go. It will not communicate with all Premium members. I have no way to effectively do that without spinning up a high effort, several department task just to send an email through that sort of communication channel. I'm not sure it is a good use of our time, especially in the context of sending minor updates. We don't want to cause email fatigue. We feel for our purposes, communicating with everyone at large is best done here in the forums, and via the update post.
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    I am not sure which of these I prefer, so... both! If Black Dragon had nothing else but the in-viewer poser, I'd be hooked. Gah, I love that feature! (Screenshots. The color one is my own SR-made, walking around with rose colored glasses WL. The B&W is a custom filter I made that is more contrasty than either of the viewer ones.)
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    It's All In Your Head... Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/ Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Insta: https://www.instagram.com/dluvsl/ Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/DLUVSL
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    first day of a layoff spent in bed
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    Your noctural midnight... Zibska for Skin Fair. Full credits here.
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    After the Great Internet Outage of 2020 (we lost our connection a couple of weeks ago, due to some backend borkage on Spectrum's part), I finally acquired enough points to get Ellie her rocking horse! Except... this thing? Is SO not a horse. But she appears to be having fun at least 🙂 Also, I can't believe how well I did on today's matchy-matchy attempt 😛
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    // Neon // by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
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    Grabbed a cone for you too...
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    Tchaikovsky? Really? Dahling, you can't be serious: he's positively muzak!! Give me something I can't hear in an elevator. Give me the Music of the Spheres. Give me . . . Rameau!
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    throwback monday,lol me in winter 2018
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    Waiting for the train to leave. Away from the disaster.
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    Top & shorts by Two Sided, boots by MH Unique, hair by Doux, tattoo by Rebels.
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    Friends, I'm sorry, but I think we are totally missing a few points here (risking to get a warning point here, but it has to be said): 1. Some people here in the forums were just requesting updates to be communicated through a different channel, since not everybody is inworld at the same time or checking the chat. WE got it and it is all fine now. 2. We all mentioned first comes first, and that both Lindens and Moles needed to focus in the RL situation, since we are all humans. We were not attacking anyone, but complaining about a communication system. 3. We ALL are going through the same RL situation, just watch the news to find out what we are going in Europe; just try to imagine how we are feeling. 4. SL is a business and Residents are customers who want to have a close relation with LL employess. But still, as customers, we wanted our feedback to be heard; if a LL employee felt insulted, I am truly sorry, but I have checked the forums and actually coudln't find any kind of insult. 5. The Bellisseria chat is wonderful but US oriented: not all residents live in the US, and I personally just use it for notices, since I don't get most of the jokes or the daily/political life they are referring to. Plus, it is way too many messages for some of us, that does not mean we don't want to socialize. And with this, I'm taking a break from the forums and maybe from Belli. We are dealing with real problems in my country now, and just feeling that I cannot complain about a communication channel or make an innocent silly joke, seems... welll, I dont get it... Love you guys, my home is still open to anyone who needs a place to disconnect.
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    I could get used to this 'self isolating' business!
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    ❤️ I had to do a picture alone but then she just jumped on the photo so plan A changed to plan B.... Feels good to have someone special around you even when you're trying to work on something <33333 this girl reminded me again the important meaning of friendship and family- And yes lol I'm the guy XD but only cause she wanted to be the cutest one in the picture xp
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    Screenshot, then playing with an app and really adding a lot of obvious processing, lol. My name is Fauve and I have a filter problem...
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    As concerns about the current coronavirus outbreak continue, we want to assure the community that we have taken steps to ensure that the Second Life operations stay steady while also helping our employees stay safe through this public health crisis. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have been affected by this unprecedented event. Second Life will continue to be available without interruption as we get through this tough time together. Due to our previous crisis contingency planning and the flexible nature of our distributed workforce, we are not expecting any changes to response times for support inquiries and payment processing. We know that Second Life serves a great purpose for our community as people seek ways to stay in touch with their friends and co-workers, as they grapple with new social distancing protocols, mandated remote work requirements, and other precautionary measures. With the closure of many universities and displaced conferences and events, Second Life also continues to be an option for disrupted organizations looking for new remote work, classroom or event solutions. To help, we recently implemented a reduction in pricing to a flat $99/month per region for qualified education and nonprofit organizations. We are seeing an increase in new registrations and returning residents during this outbreak. Please be kind and welcoming to those who may just need a friendly conversation to escape from this crazy world for a moment or more. If you have a friend or colleague who is looking for a safe place to socialize online during these tough times, we encourage you to help them discover how Second Life can enable them to feel less isolated by connecting them to your favorite communities or experiences. Like many companies across the globe, we’ve put into action new remote work policies for our employees to ensure that they can take care of themselves and their families while continuing to work from home. Prior to this incident, a large percentage of our company was already working from the “Moonlab” (that’s what we call remote employees’ locations), so we have been able to transition quickly and efficiently to a fully remote setup. For the past 17 years, Second Life has been a special place that brings people across the world together -- and we appreciate your trust and support as we get through this rough time together. Ebbe and all the Lindens From the Moonlab. 3.18.2020. Pictured: Some of the many Linden Lab employees at a recent meeting in Second Life.
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    Sadly it is true. What happens is, someone clicks that little spam button in their email on any type of email you get from us or the grid at large, mistakenly thinking that's an easy way to "filter" the general grid/group email noise you might get. What isn't realized, is clicking that little button has actual penalty implications against us and our emails then become blacklisted in various spam filtering systems and eventually all end up going to the land of spam (however your email provider handles them). Then you may miss seeing importnt information from us and now you have to white list them to ensure delivery.
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    Photos of the suit will come tomorrow. For today i was in a darker mood ...
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    Coming Soon™ - Log Homes. But.... Not This Week™
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    Doing a bit of CR cosplay on my alt..
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    Ready for the meetup this next weekend, messing around with settings at Cyber Fair and yes, I bought the poses...but I just liked the wind light and ambiance there so I snapped one on their demo pose stand. 1 setting up, 2 with some firestorm phototools settings tweaks.
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    Today I went out to explore and I wanted to share this view.....
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