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    Today a Romantic dance with Ellie Newell.... Nice to spend some time with her.....
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    We all know that this world would mean nothing without a woman or a girl. Women are stronger than anyone can imagine. Let’s celebrate their endless power today. Happy Women’s day.!
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    So, part of ..ok, most of my enjoyment of SL these days is creating and photographing the characters of a story I'm working on. I'm too cheap to have an account for every one of them unlike some people I know . Today I felt the need to get some new threads for 'Robert' so this is my avatar today
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    At the Pyjama Party...…………………….More pics on the Prattle thread.
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    Sleeping through it all...Zzzzzz
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    Too late Jenna you tart...I've spent it already! 😁
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    enjoying the day in my fresh new haircut
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    I was given a list of photo friendly sims, and have been scoping them for future use. In my Lara Croft outfit...…….
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    Gettin' some steam in the early morning.
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    These are group shots I took; featuring myself (naturally), Neph, @Catrie, @momomoonusagi, @Matty Luminos, @Nadia Chatterbox, @Ivanova Shostakovich, @Maybie Nightfire, @BelindaN, @Saravendi, @TatianaNikolay
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    Waiting for the time to come, to put my plans into motion, and debating showing myself in some places; knowing I'll get my fair share of attention. Also, thinking of what I want for dinner and feeling pleased with myself.
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    Here's an unedited pic of me looking exhausted. This is what I've been doing all week: putting together an exhibit on the evolution of the Feminist movement for International Women's Day tomorrow. Not real happy with it: I didn't have enough time, and it's really highlighted how I need to update my SL building and design skills (not to mention scripting). It's VERY 2010.
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    My original slice of paradise. I can't believe I almost let this go once. My own lighthouse in the middle of Quartz Lake.
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    Keeping my clothes on in a G rated sim. This sim by the way is not G rated.
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    M4 Venus - Head (1.0) (Shape 2) [Pirocious] Newfangled Dentures (Venus)(Shape2) {HIME*DREAM} Kazumi Shape [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kimari hair-Small chest {HIME*DREAM} Kazumi Skin Applier - Milk (Updated) *{ SeVered GarDeN } * SeVerEyes # 11 - for Kemono/M3/M4 [TNK] - Shisen Eyepatch
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    Hello everyone. I am releasing my lovely cottage at Dogwood; there are railways on the backyard, and a little pond to the right, which one can turn it into part of the parcel if you derender the bushes. There are some hedges on the front, I have just derendered them Quiet area and nice neighbours I have been extremly happy here, but I need a fresh start, so I hope someone nice gets it
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    Starring @BelindaN, @momomoonusagi snuck in again (I think she likes to photobomb - joking girl, loves ya really - mwaaahs and huggers) and @Saravendi
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    Here we have; @TatianaNikolay, @momomoonusagi again, @Nadia Chatterbox again and @Maybie Nightfire
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    This is the Stross location - I could not quite believe it - perhaps this is what happens when we just random click even on builds that are not our favourites...this parcel is one of my favourite ever I think! Thanks to whomever !!
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    There are so many beautiful camper parcels in Bellisseria but this is one of my fave spots right here. It's so cosy with the campfire light by the water that I rarely go inside the camper itself.
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    Jenna quietly contemplates how to scam Dano out of his weekly LL stipend....again!
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    Neph and myself; yes I am aware I am in a basket but come on I'm a neko like what ya expect from mes!? Special thanks to @TatianaNikolay to putting out for mes!
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    Next up @Nadia Chatterbox, @momomoonusagi and @Ivanova Shostakovich
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    I've made a new list - all Victorians - all named - none of them released: SSPE1040 Clayton Ravine SSPE1045 Cobbs End SSPE1046 Malthus SSPE1047 Tilting Meadows SSPE1048 Effing Parade SSPE1049 Great Banks SSPE1051 Merriweather SSPE1052 Soft Downs SSPE1053 Epsom Quarry SSPE1056 Pididdle SSPE1057 Quixote SSPE1061 Grenouille SSPE1062 Knapping
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    I caught a lovely Linden home with my alt that I finally caved and went premium with on Friday. I couldn't believe my luck, after trying so hard(and failing) to hit the release on Thursday, I hit it on Friday and got a vic on the water in Swithins Bridge just two doors down from the one I was lusting over. And it's a keeper! I've been kinda quiet ever since because I'm so busy decorating. there are actually a few more trees in that sweet little park but I had to derender them in order to take the closer pics.
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    It's script Christmas! If you have something that you sit on to use, that's Mod, and that you don't want anyone out of group to use, and it has no 'access' menu, you can just put this script into it. Note that you can add a list of avies who can use it no matter what group they're in, and of course the owner can always use it regardless. To import this into a script inworld, copy it into your clipboard, choose "New Script" in your inventory inworld, paste in the text, and Save. Name it & set permissions. Voila, you're a scripter. // GroupOnly // created 1/2020 by Nika Talaj // Script to ensure that a piece of furniture can only be used by group members. If someone sits // who is not in group NOR the object owner NOR in the list APPROVED of avatars who can always use, // the sitter will be unsat and a polite message will be said to him/her. // // ---- Globals ------------------------------ // Put in list UUIDs of avatars who can sit on item regardless of group, each in quotes, separated by commas list APPROVED = []; integer original_prims; // ---- SUBROUTINES ------------------------------ init() { original_prims = llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey()); // object prim count not including sitters } // end init // ----------------------------------------------- // ---- STATE PROCESSING ------------------------- // ----------------------------------------------- default { /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// state_entry () { init(); } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// changed(integer change) { key sitter; integer num_prims; integer i; if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { // starting at the most recent sitter, count down and check each one to see if in group. // Note that if multiple sitters, this will find any unauthorized sitters, but may result // in checking previous sitters multiple times, as will get event for each new sitter num_prims = llGetNumberOfPrims(); // get it before avie moves! if (num_prims > original_prims) { // someone is sitting on object for (i= num_prims; i > original_prims; i--) { sitter = llGetLinkKey(i); if (sitter != NULL_KEY) { //maybe somebody got up // if sitter is not in group or always approved lis if (!llSameGroup(sitter) && (llListFindList(APPROVED, [(string)sitter]) == -1) && (sitter != llGetOwner())) { llRegionSayTo(sitter, 0, "Apologies, this item can only be used by group members."); llSleep(0.5); // delay to avoid flying on unsit llUnSit(sitter); } } //end someone sitting } //endfor } // endif someone sitting } // endif changed link } // end changed event /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// on_rez(integer start) { init(); } // end onrez }
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