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    A visit to Dead Dollz in world, and then Burrows. An aristocratic girl must make an effort to look refined sometimes. Dress: Dead Dollz Goode. Hat: NSP Lace Rose.
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    I swear, it takes me forever to find the most popular stores. Like Neve. Sigh. On the plus side, I was able to coordinate The Eldritch Horror's* outfit with mine *As a side note, she is much less of a horror since I took the "angry" expression out of her rotation. There's actually very little resemblance to the Bride of Chucky anymore.
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    And the well-wishers let the devil in. And if the river ran dry they'd deny it happening. A gorgeous free gift from ContraptioN for members of L'Homme Magazine Readers Group.
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    Oh look! Another picture at Garrigua. Great minds!
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    Thanks to @Orwar's tutorial, I managed to pull off this lighting effect.
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    No time for an elaborate shot tonight (I'm sleeeeeeeepy), but I did take this one to show off . . . . . . my FIRST EVER FULLY BOM OUTFIT!! Yes, that's right. I'm now on board. Sort of. This is with the Slink Redux, which (after a few minutes figuring out what was what) is happily very easy to use. The coat is an oldish one, but one of my favourites: it comes only in standard sizes, but with an alpha layer, which worked perfectly! Now, I need to find a few more high-quality system layer clothes for under things (tees, jeans, undies, etc.), although I was pleasantly surprised to discover how many of my applier clothing sets come with system layers. And then, on to figuring out BOM on Lara.
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    I's a kitteh today. This is a mod of the Curious Chinchilla, with ears from Felis, teeth from the Rainworx tiger (shrunk to fit), Catseye bento tail and BOM feet from Kibitz. And for a laugh, this is my first furry avatar from 2006/2007... ...
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    Party Preparations in Progress... Setting up and testing some syncronized dancepads at the club - guess who's me
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    Sitting in a cafe in Garrigua, waiting for the lag to ease off...
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    Apparently, @Conall DeCuir and I had the same idea of where to take pics. Though his is so much more creative than mine. 😛
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    Enjoying my redecorated home.
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    MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! I now have the Innside house I've wanted all along!!!!! The person who got it actually got 2 of the 3 houses I liked most, had seen me casting longing looks at this one, and contacted me to say she would release it. She yelled GO! I refreshed like mad... AND IT WORKED! Now I can finally go into the kitchen to get something to eat after 6 hours of being glued to my laptop!
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    So a few day's ago I brought a few thing mostly demos just to have a bit of fun. One of them was a signature mesh vest. But I just have a system body because I'm cheap/broke/not interested to buy a mesh body, but it made me interested how difficult is to make an alpha mask for a clothe. And that is the result. I created something. I'm thinking that I will put it on the MP.
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    My alt looks like the mama to my main, lol
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    Cruising trough that nice French village mentioned here earlier
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    Or will I? There, now it cannot be unseen
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    It's apparently the beard that is my main feature, I've got multiple enquieries the last 24 hours on what it is and where to get it It's in the skin applier, Jay from Stray Dog, you select "Clean" or "Beard" when you apply the skin. I was this close to post a picture of me clean shaven, but it made me look like a 15 year old school boy, a sight I will spare you!
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    I am not much of a photographer, and since I always have vehicles using up valuable prims, I don't get to fill my places with clutter.. but anyway here's a few pics of my houseboat:
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    AM I pandering enough yet? or are you still offended? also it would be lovely if firestorm ever remembered that avatar eye movement was off.
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    summer mood, inspired by yesterday meeting with forum angels
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    Relaxing after long hours of decorating the garden
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    Hopping randomly from region to region, taking occasional snapshots. Using https://secondlife.com/destinations?lang=en-US as a guide where to go. This was at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eden Island/137/236/22 nice looking place to walk around.
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    So I was at an impromptu dance party at Campwich Station, and we noticed something lurking in the forest nearby... Top left, circled in red... let's take a closer look... creepy. From his profile: It ended when Mystic ran him over in a freight train, but there was no sign of his remains... ETA: It came back. And now there's no sign of Mystic...
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    Raise your hand if you remember when dresses like this used to be called "shirts"! Unbelievably, this didn't come with panties, even though it is so short that bits peek out. And it is so tight that 99% of my underwear won't fit under it. Thank gods for my Dead Dollz panties, as they fit under everything I've tried them with so far. And yes, I bought this despite my slight grumbling because I thought it was wicked cute. :p
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    Before the shower I thought about a bath.
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    Thank you @Conall DeCuir for sharing a great photo-op location.
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    I think I finally turned a corner and over my bug; which is relief as I really hate being poorly. So back to causing mischief!
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