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  1. Just playing around with my C88 haul from earlier today... So many great items this month! ♥
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  2. I should have gone to author's point but it was crowded instead I took a left turn to Eternal Dark Sanctuary...should have brought a heavier jacket but I was mesmerized and couldn't leave without at least one pic since I FINALLY found some hair I liked.
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  4. Making diner. Very well done steak, beer doused.
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  5. Game of basketball? Always!! 😜
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  6. Another Blueberry Mega Pack outfit, at Author's Point just now...……..
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  7. Trying out the Black Dragon viewer.
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  8. when I joined, most of the girl were already gone, but it was us who met Danny The Drunk and shared rum... I guess it was rum! @Scylla Rhiadra @Angelina String @Saravendi and @Zennessa
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  9. Collaborating with Aedan at Bumrose Marina...……….
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  10. Is anyone up for a game of basketball? What... in 6-inch heels? Why not? #GameBlouses
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  12. Hi folks, inspired by a theme event - zodiacs- I took this pic. I love it 🥰 Want to see it in action? https://gyazo.com/aa8c3c21d8ae535aaf37bf17382db009
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  13. My first self picture what I don't hate totally.
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  14. A second shot from this afternoon, of me and @Catrie. Not a very good pic, but I wasn't really focused on picture taking.
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  15. First of a couple of quickie shots from today's get together at Taya's place. From left to right, @Catrie, me, @Angelina String, @Laika Ravikumar, @BelindaN, and @Saravendi. @Eva Knoller had sadly just left when I finally got around to taking this, but we were later joined by @CordeliaDeVere, @Saskia Rieko, and @Zennessa. Also, Danny the Drunk. There was much discussion of . . . Well, never you mind what we discussed. But there was much of it.
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  16. Fingernails, thorn trees, my fickle heart, too. So many things in this sad little world grow back, except for you. The matching unisex suit to yesterday's unisex dress. Hotdog for The Mens Dept, and dear god I love this series. I may potentially have a new persona for Skell because of these two outfits.
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  17. So, yep, I clearly edited this a bit outside of SL but mostly the background really. Had to grab this cute hair from the FLF list .. and tested a new eye set I made as well as some lips. The skin is a lovely skin by Glam Affair @ Anthem. I am so glad to see that we still are getting Catwa skins with options fo BOM & Appliers. I think that is a smart option, to be honest. Also, found my cute card from Tres Blah.. its like it fell to the back of my virtual closet and I finally dug it up! I've stopped shopping as much for this reason.. I now try to only get one or two items from the weekend s
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  18. This didn't turn out like I'd hoped, and when I ran it thru the free portion of faceapp it made my avi's smile freakishly scary (i've used it before and liked the result). Can't win them all.
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  19. Going on an adventure on my bicycle.
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  20. aspect ratio is messed up because i pulled it out of SL (away from my main computer) but i think i will be keeping this look for a while
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  22. Welcome @Stranger Hoxley! This was taken at Bayou Chat Du Noir. Lovely photo spot! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BAYOU CHAT NOIR/61/190/21
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  23. Anybody here? I was just idly checking the Land Page... and after half a dozen refreshes saw Belli in the dropdown list... and wound up with this stunning parcel in Sario (on the Pickle)! If Innside had already come and gone, I'd be very tempted to keep this one: water on 2 sides, pretty views, an off-road entrance, and a hill to the side obscuring the road and much of the nearest house. If anyone's interested, here's a heads up that I'll release it at 5:30PM SL time. Still in Maintenance 5:46PM
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  24. Out at Gregfield before lunch, just clicking and chatting...……...I need to explore there some more. Although I'm not big on skirts, the Blueberry Mega Pack has turned my head somewhat, so I made a yellow statement today.
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