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    I recently got a houseboat to turn it into a party spot for friends to gather and have fun.
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    If it is anything like my inventory, it's going to take quite a few BOTTLES.
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    Eh, it's not a period RP area. You see Lexus in the driveways of Painted Ladies in San Francisco too. As long as someone hasn't parked a battle ship... derend is your friend
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    I must just clarify the situation. It is difficult for me to travel at the best of times, let alone on Christmas Eve. Also there is no-one to help me, and who can afford to pay a repairman's fee at such a time, assuming one can be found? I say this to relieve you of the impression that I am not helping myself.
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    As was stated prior, do not use a public wifi place to log in from. Most of those public wifi places in libraries are bandwidth and/or capacity limited as they are paid for out of taxpayer or donor funds. Usually they are not unlimited capacity. The administrators must provide adequate bandwidth for the uses they expect their patrons to exercise, such as researching and other static low-bandwidth uses. Games are different from Second Life in the number of assets that must be updated every second. Shooter games, by and large, use static assets. Second Life assets have the ability to be changed at any time, and if so, they all have to be updated (downloaded) again and again. The network resources of shooter games generally (in my experience with my own system) are much less than those of Second Life. An example: Dota 2 vs Second Life. Over a 30 to 45 minute period (the usual amount of time it takes me to play a Dota 2 hard level bot match) the amount of resources that pass through my network is very much to be many times greater for a similar length session in Second Life than for the Dota 2 match. I have received "friendly" notices from my ISP reminding me of my network resource use when in Second Life. Never have received those same notices while playing never-ending Dota 2 matches. The usual disclaimers apply here. My experience may not be the same as anyone else's. It is just that in my region of the Earth, libraries are usually running with capacity that is much lower than what is available on a residential plan.
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    Open door time from 26 to 31 December. You are welcome .Thank you for your visit. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mynachllwyd/228/79/34
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    I think getting a good houseboat location is harder then a house. The HB are usually placed pretty close together and it is harder to get a location where you aren't boxed in by other boats or have a good view that isn't other houseboats. I do hope you find what you are looking for . Yes GOH is frustrating even for those that have several alts.
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    Slink switched entirely away from alpha cuts and provides a pretty big library of standard layers that from my experience work with almost all clothes. Very rarely do I have to make my own unless I want to. That set of alpha layers is free in her store, by the way, even if you don't have the body, IIRC
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    There are a few old people skins your brother can get if he wants to stay with a system avatar. He can spend a bit of time stalking the lucky boards at REO-G SKIN at this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tinder/48/223/3608 The larger collection board on the left is the paid group version ($300L to join). The smaller collection board on the right is the free version, no group membership needed.
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    Is there another Bellisseria? I think all of the Victorian regions (so far) have been released Patch said that there would be no more releases until 2020, but he never stated what types of homes will be released. As far as I know, the only regions that we have visibility to that have not yet been released are the ones on the southern end of the original portion of Bellisseria -- the ones still named SSPEnnn and possibly a few named surrounding regions - and some of the new houseboat groupings. I don't think there are any Victorian regions - that we can see - that have not yet been released.
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    Perhaps one would even RAWRR
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    Pyri does seem a bit daunting to look at from that angle, but I would rather the Moles did a little landscaping (plant a few trees?) and preserve the island. I don't think it should be removed because it interferes with a few folks' views. Pyri was here first.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 🤗😌🥰😎
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    Wow... SL is a bit of a ghost town this Christmas Day! Merry or Happy Christmas
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    I just shot this photo and HAD to share with you guys! Thanks You Taya (Angelina.String) for the great Christmas dress 😘
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    I'm sitting in a Victorian right now, cause I want to decorate it. But I really love the woodsy camper sites, so I'll eventually abandon the Vic. And its really nice, rivers on 2 sides, nice landscaping.
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    some vehicle choices people seem to be making for the driveways their Victorian homes seem a little out of place and awkward for the time period ....just saying
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    Even simpler, is to setup the filters and use the "recent" tab of your inventory which will show everything purchased, and in which folder, during your online session. Once you log out you'll have to find it using keywords or by logging in to SL on another computer and then using the recent tab on that computer.
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    Post your Christmas postcards here!
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    Granted. It now requires a 5-Ton Flatbed Truck to move it around. I wish I didn't drink more coffee than I should.
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    You can BUY a 1024 sized parcel and use that as your "free tier" that comes with Premium. If it is 1024 or less there is no cost per month, only the purchase price. And to be clear you don't "receive" a new Linden Home -- you have the ability to "pick" a plot on Bellisseria (if available) or one of the older Linden homes if there are no new ones to choose from at the moment. Note that premium (yearly) is on sale now so if you are going to pay yearly you might want to use this page to pay. https://secondlife.com/premium/
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    Granted. Though the noise of that chainsaw required to open them has given all the neighbors reason to file police reports. I wish it would just switch to Spring the day after Christmas.
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    I've had a problem with Funsie as well. This dates back a few years, but the female owner is a very nasty woman. She not only banned me, but she erased or "de-rez" my son. Basically she "killed" him. Then she threatened me with a lawyer if I ever tried to fight back. This was after all the money spent on the Funsies company. I made the best out of bad situation. So I held a "funeral" for my Funsies son. The funeral was so packed, it ended up being standing room only. Still have photos from the funeral. Zoobies will you get better customer service, but it's costly. My recommendation is eSpijito babies. I've NEVER had a problem with them. They don't price gouge you either. Just pay a lump sum upfront. If you want to make your child older, then just go back, pay another fee and that's it. Very easy. I wish I would've gone to them in the first place. However, my avatar has stopped having babies, so it's been a while.
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    When I asked for more water not only did it get turned down, some ridiculed me for it. And a part of that was specifically to look at a region north of Hanshin... But I also noted in that thread that some folks would end up way too close to jeogeot and that mountain once those islands went live... some will like that, most won't. With luck and time those spots will mostly go to people who find seeing mainland an attraction... Putting some islands over north of hanshin would have been good... it a better area and more water there was needed even before Bellisseria... but too late now... People called my thread too soon... but really it was too late by a year...
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    I just woke up, so that's about 10 hours of solid, much-needed sleep for me. Plenty of messages from my family and they all seem to be having a wonderful time where they are - some went to Germany, some to New Orleans, some in Chicago, some just a couple hours away from me. Everyone is safe, and sound, and happy. Can't really ask for more than that. Just after the stroke of midnight, I had an ex messaging me. I made a stupid bet with him back in... March, April, sometime around there... that I would still be with my partner in December. He wanted to make sure that I knew I'd lost the bet, and he wanted to make sure I knew I'd lost on Christmas, because he's just that kinda guy. Charming, right? My penalty for losing the bet is supposed to be that I become his slave. That won't be happening. I'd rather be known as someone who reneges on a bet than someone who would be involved with the likes of him. I no longer remember the exact terms of the bet, but even though my partner is now a former partner, he's still someone I'm incredibly close to and love very much, and I have my new fella who is utterly magnificent that I also love to the moon and back. I may have technically lost the bet, but overall, I win. The fact that he chose just after midnight on Christmas morning to attempt to rub in my "loss" just further cements in my mind what an utter douche nozzle he is. I'll be ordering a delicious Indian meal for my Christmas dinner later this afternoon, and vegging out on the couch to continue binging a docu-series on Hulu called "Disappeared" about people who vanished without a trace. It's creeping me out, but it's also fascinating. Some were likely kidnapped or killed, some had terrible accidents while out hiking or something, and there is the possibility that some of them simply walked off and went off the grid. Imagine having the guts to do that. It's a bit tempting at times, isn't it? Anyway, we all made it to Christmas day! For me, the celebration will start at midnight when it's officially Boxing Day and no longer Christmas. It always feels like some sort of weight is lifted off my shoulders then, and I can really enjoy being off work the next few days. Hugs to everyone who has stuck this month out with me!
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    See Pussycat's post here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/439050-when-did-you-last-see-a-bellessarian-home-available/?do=findComment&comment=2030759 It is not a mistake in land terraforming. The mistake was to put the new Bellisseria subcontinents so close to Mainland. It should have been minimum 2 empty water sims in between.
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    I didn't get round to a general one but I made this for a Tiny friend.
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    Merry Christmas! This Victorian just makes me happy. *The fountain is from Atelier Visconti. This one is A.V. Fountain Nympha, one of several I have stacked in storage. Hope this gives you another place to shop. Chucky Jigsaw.
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    When I stopped watching the news for anything but the weather and removed any kind of political jargan as soon as it hit my browser or around the dinner table and inside our house, peace and quiet soon followed and my own thoughts and ideas emerged and overcame everything.. Once the clutter and noise was removed,there was much more clarity and enlightenment.. hehehehe
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    The problem with "naming your bliss", is in most cultures there is not a God name for "bliss". However, in Hinduism there is a suffix (or prefix) "Ananda" - which exactly means "bliss". So, if you can see "bliss" or "ananda" everywhere, you've pretty much "made it". If not, keep looking, it's there/everywhere!
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    It is the "Christmas Snow Dream Gown" in red from ApoTHEOSes
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    I’m in charge of the community holiday calendar for New Babbage this year so my office is pretty cheer-ily messy. Donner Square is a tiny tabletop village I have set out for the past few years a world within a world...also, Steam Santa and the Boiler Elf stopped in via steam sleigh after they discharged their traditional annual holiday party duties. Santa changed to his Hawaiian gear and started his vacay (photos carefully safe from prying eyes) but I’m sure the Boiler Elf won’t go until all the fruitcake has been eaten, ‘nog drained and the daily gifts done (around Epiphinay, our calendar is a real multi-holiday inclusive mashup, as it should be). New Babbage is merry at winter holiday time.
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    Wow! That's very nice. That's how they're supposed to look! And I see that Fancy Decor gatcha set that I spent thousands on trying to get the rare clavichord : ) Well, my Verne is an opium den, which in fact disguises a British spying operation. Go up to the Anxiety skybox using the teleporter in the foyer, sit on libertine's decorator's stool, and click on the Dynasty buffet to see DenisLeontevv's old Soviet radio station.
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    Sneaking up on @Quartz Mole with a handful of mistletoe like... LET ME THANK YOU PROPERLY FOR... THINGS... AND STUFF... AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! I have no cooties, I swear!
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    To me it's less "oh lord he wants sex" and more "oh lord he wants me to carry a conversation with his blank profile butt" lol
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    Not really. Every object can be scaled up or down within a scene. This is being kept in a transformation record called scale, because it is something that can be animated overtime. However, when working on items you may find it easier to use the scale manipulation to resize things that are, instead, meant to be at their base size. For this reason, there are functions to "freeze" or "apply" the transformations you did to tell the software that what you see on screen is what the base transformation should be. So if you resize and rotate an object, for example, there will be a record to keep track of those transformations to retrieve the "base" (zero rotation and natural scale). In Blender, if you hit the combination CTRL+A to apply the transformations, you can then pick "rotation and scale" so that whatever rotation or scale was on the record gets wiped and the new rotation and scale YOU SEE ON Screen becomes the new base rotation and scale. Objects default rotation and translation values are shown as zero in all three axis, the scale instead is 1 on all three axis. Before exporting a file you should always check the transforms and, especially when scale is different than a set of three 1, apply the transformations. Then you're absolutely sure that your object matches with blender's scene settings.
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    Well the size thing is easy: when you import the simplebot in blender the scale is 0,047. Before you export you need to 'apply scale' so that the scale is 1.0. Why your avatar is all folded up I don't know. I just tested it and found no problems. By testing I mean I downloaded the simplebot, imported to Blender, applied scale, exported as Collada with 'operator presets': 'SL + Open Sim Rigged', uploaded to the beta grid and presto, no problems.
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    I have not done a video in a long while, with the introduction of Bakes on Mesh by Second Life to the grid, the release of the new Redux system by Slink gave everyone the chance to see first hand how it could work. They have been working diligently on the newer system for a year or so, and while Bakes on Mesh was not a part of the official viewers it was in beta for a great amount of time, so people could test out features, create content for it to be ready to go. <click here to read more at SasyScarborough>
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    No clothes?? No skins? Lol https://www.flickr.com/groups/4644070@N22/ Hating and bashing without proper researching. Legacy is by far the best looking body in SL in 15 years. I've had none of the drama lined out in this post. Maybe some folks just need a reason to be negative, which is fine for me because I dont mind looking better than 98% of those around me. But I'm also happy to help anyone who cares about visual fidelity and I get that there's a lot in SL or in rl that do not care about this at all ❤️
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    You're not entitled to help from fellow residents, making childish posts about my behaviour doesn't incentivize helpfulness from me, doubtful it will others. Your PM was received with less politeness than you claim to have put into it. I treat folks as they appear to deserve to be treated, and commit time where that time is likely to be appreciated. I take steps to manage my stress levels based on urgency and the healthiness of the dynamic involved. Looks like I made the right call and will be sticking to it from here on out. Kind fricken' regards.
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