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    Big Sis gave me a makeover yesterday with new skin, and freckles, and some small slider adjustments to my face. I think she did OK.
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    I won a makeup palette off Flickr and had to take a pic with it. I decided to make a Light female counterpart to Krampus.
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    My store has no roofs. It is designed for flying and camming. In all these years I have been in business, no one has asked where to find something.
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    "Will you sign up, Johnnie? Will you serve the King?" Here I am wearing an entirely unexpected but really lovely Christmas present from @Alyona Su! Thank you Alyona! (The young men marching to war also send their gratitude!)
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    My first suggestion would be to stop looking too closely at the map. It’s only when you look at the regions in South Bellisseria that any notion of duplication becomes apparent. It has already been said in a couple of threads that this will not be nearly as obvious when you’re out and about exploring as each region will have different styles of the house according to the owners’ preference, and that is then taken further by the fact that there are many colour combinations too! Second, go explore some mainland. Take your eyes off South Bellisseria and look south to Jeogeot, or north to Sansara, or even further north to Heterocera! You’ll see roads and water on each one, and railway too on Heterocera. I love the mainland and have several parcels on Sansara and one on Jeogeot. My home is in the north east of Sansara by the wonderful town of Greater Coniston, and I have a cabin in the snow lands to the west. I love being able to fly, sail, and drive between them all (my journeys to Jeogeot are currently curtailed due to the disconnection as a result of the building secrecy but will recommence once all are linked again), and having a trailer in Bellisseria is a wonderful vacation home. As much as I do love the mainland, it’s always a pleasure going to Bellisseria and being able to appreciate all the work that has been done there. Having looked further afield, and even going across to the other mainland continents that aren’t joined to Bellisseria (yet? ), I feel sure that you’ll regain your appreciation of Bellisseria once again.
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    LOL! You have a picture out already?! Happy holidays Marut! I am a secret santa. Merry Christmas everyone.
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    I suggest taking a "wait and see" attitude...we are drawing conclusions based on little squiggles on a map...the fear is that the Victorian areas will be like the Meadowbrook and Tahoe areas...totally "cookie cutter". I think and hope that will not be the case with the new regions. After all is said and done, we will still have our lovely parcels in the "old" Bellisseria!
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    Mine isn't! He wouldn't be mine if he was.
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    Late to the party! I sent mine out already though. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/janetosilio
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    Sorting some older outfits. The nope dress and hair. The dress just looks meh, the hair texture though. 🙄 Crunchy. The heavy eyeball shading is odd but effective with this style of lower liner/accent lashes to add to the droopy eye look.
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    My broadband was advertised as being 5 Mbps, but in reality I normally get around 2 Mbps. Since textures and many other things now are delivered to your viewer by http fetching, those bandwidth settings are on a slow connection like mine actually limiting and deteriorating performance the higher they go. Setting my bandwidth settings in the viewer to 1200 for example would limit the bandwidth for textures to just 800. I have found turning the network bandwidth down to about 500 even below that improves things for me.
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    I responded the way I did, with the sad face to your comment above, because... holy crap. Yes, yes this was what was said, and trivialized. Yikes. I can't even... even... Yeah. No.
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    Or, they might not want to lend a two-bit blowhard any legitimacy. Here;s AOC's response: “I don’t owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions. And also, like catcalling, for some reason they feel entitled to one.” Shapiro is a demagogue, not a debater.
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    But I saw one just today! i must speak with My Favorite Scripting Genius Mole immediately!
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    We've added an additional time, December 23rd at Noon SLT. Hope to see you there!
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    I am across the street again, leaning against the wall and watching her. Not even trying to hide it. It’s a daily thing now. Sometimes i am there for hours, watching her serving the customers inside the cafe and i love it when she smiles .....
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    Latest home on the mainland Atoll continent in a sim called Goodelli, which is nice. I like the ground textures on the Atoll continent. (Thank you Eric Linden)
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    I plan on buying bits and bobs as I go along but I already have some stuff which will suit the Victorian theme. I have been keeping an eye out for suitable stuff at various shops and events. I just love the new homes and cannot wait 😍
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    Well, I have two issues. I have victorian/gothic furniture but it's way dated (one of my dining room chairs clocks in at 19 prims!) in the sense that it's all prims and sculpties. My second issue is that I have very little money. I do some scripting for people but my jobs are few and far between, so I have to go with cheap and/or free stuffs. With that in mind, I am initially planning on doing some serious damage to my budget at Antique Artistry (there are two MP stores by that name, one owned by Poppet McGimsie and the other by Fatima Ur, and I will be buying from both). Another one that will be receiving my L$ is JubJubs Stuff although don't think I will be spending as much there because they don't have as much stuff that I like but still enough to mention here. As time progresses, I will probably replace items that I am not 100% happy with and get some more costly pieces of furniture, but I'm sure that these two stores will do fine at first.
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    I'd build the world I created in a story a long time ago. Ganfanu is huge, so I'd never be able to afford it otherwise.
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    I do a lot of fantasy costumes and when I do, I like to have nails that match. Alaskametro does some really lovely sets.
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    I went back this eve as I had missed part of Golden (since Golden had major problems and both Sami and I crashed when there and then it was empty but "there" for a long while. I haven't had any issues TPing in or flying between sims. I derender everyone when entering which helps. I agree about the timed demos. Happily we don't see those all that often. Happy unpacking! Edit: Of the whole event and many nice gifts, this was my favorite. I am not keeping much. I seldom do, but I definitely enjoy finding odd niche items and then rediscovering them a year or five down the road when I can use them LOL.
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    Maybe reality is a shared, consensual reality, influenced, shaped and molded by our own collective consciousness. That could explain its imperfection. But... maybe I'm just off my rocker.
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    I'd totally date that hair. Not so sure about the rest of the guy though.
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    High Fidelity shut down as a public virtual world back in May. Virtual Worlds Startup High Fidelity Lays Off 25% of Staff, Pivots to Enterprise Communication - Variety. This is the "pivot to enterprise" failing. “If you had asked me when we started the company in 2014, I’d have said that by now there would be several million people using (VR headsets) daily, and we’d be competing with both big and small companies to provide the best platform—but I was wrong. Daily headset use is only in the tens of thousands, almost all for entertainment and media consumption, with very little in the way of general communication, work, or education." - Philip Rosedale. The sad thing about High Fidelity, technically, was that it wasn't a "big world" system like SL. It was a "game level loader", like Sansar and SineSpace, where you can load an instance of a canned world and have some of your friends in. That niche, in VR mode, doesn't seem to interest many people. All of those systems have user counts in 2 digits. All that work on a dead-end concept. (I tend to think that SL has the right concept - the big shared world. The tech just needs to be brought up to about 2015 game quality. This isn't impossible, just hard and expensive. Probably cheaper than Sansar was, though.)
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    Some SLRR testing, but something went wrong.....
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    I finally started decorating my place for Christmas and I'm happy with how it looks though debating to ask my landlord to temporarily till Feb to make sand snow texture!
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    One of my little corners of New Babbage. Steampunk Retail/Industrial district. The street is not quite set yet so the layout/purpose/furnishings aren’t finalized. But I like this layout for now! 2020 project is going to be fun! Edit: yep, there’s living space too. Some overt, some co-op, some semi-controlled squatting
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    Genuine relationships come from genuine intentions and effort. Relationships are built, not obtained. Its really nothing different than any long-distance relationship. I have friends I only communicate with via phone and social media who are not in SL and do not live near me. Why should that be any different in SL? I personally don't like (don't mistake this for judging) phrases like "SL relationship". The reason SL is not always effective for forming relationships has nothing to do with the platform, but more the way we use it, in my humble opinion. If you treat it like just another meeting place, you'll do fine in time. If you treat it like some sort of workaround to actually forming real connections, you'll quite likely continue to have trouble on an ongoing basis. Its a great medium for real world connection (long-distance relationships existed way before SL), it just gets overhyped as a replacement for such. It might be called Second Life, but contrary to popular belief, it is not actually "a second life". We only have one. Your encounters are brief, intellectual and then sexual in nature. There is your issue. Why are you allowing them to become sexual before it becomes a committed relationship? You're trying too hard, in my opinion. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are relationships.
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    Yay! I'm so happy to have you both! ♡♡ Welcome! You guys popped in at just the right time, because today is the last day to let me know you want to participate! Starting tomorrow, I'll be sorting everyone out! ♡
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    Lately I've been doing a lot of shopping while in my mer form. Thank goodness for portable fish tanks! 😜 ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2019/12/10/mer-2/ ~Vael
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    I hope moderator and forum developpers read particulary this section of the forum concerning the forum. And if what we write is not deletable I think there is law in our world and they must conform to it. What I write is my data. If I want I should be able to delete it. What ever the content. without reason.
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    yep, was just throwing out a number. I have a simple avatar in use that only has 4000k My favourite quote of this discussion because its true, haha. I can be smug about the work I do to optimize in both SL and Sansar, trying to contribute to keep everything efficient and looking good, but being smug is all you will get for it. Others who dont do this still get clout and sales - I get to be smug hahahaahah
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    Woo! Welcooome! ♡ I don't think I've seen you around the forums before? So, welcome to that too if you're new! I'm so glad you'll be joining all of us! ^^ XD best gif to represent wishlist posting, evar! (Even if it was about your theme. X3 ) It's so good to have you! Welcome! ♡
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    It's HARD to create a wish list! I'm a situational shopper, rather than an aspirational one: I buy things as I find I need them, or because I happen across them by chance! Also, it's embarrassing ("Why on earth would Scylla want that???"). But I'm trying! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/Scylla.Rhiadra
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    Why do people keep bringing up this idea that detail and optimized content are at two opposite ends of a spectrum? Within the constraints of what Linden Lab allows, this is still their system, we just rent it for a while.
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    I'd buy a noise suppression headset for the screaming that it would cause 😂
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    I assume that you're aware of the fact that I'm talking about full characters/creatures, not a general content creation process applied on everything, including static objects. Indeed what I'm talking about is only rigged content. With this said... Where exactly did I "insist"? Need a source for it? Do a search among game engine forums, polycount, modding comunities as i did, and except for specific cases about particular items, i found that to be the most commonly used ratio on characters. Want an hands-on example? Skyrim or fallout mod creation kit, and inspect the models.
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