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    at Kinglet Sound. I love snowy scenes 😊
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    Finally got to meet up with the person I got paired with for the BVN challenge. We're posting tomorrow but I had to share this ❀️ Nat is such a sweet person and I'm glad we go to meet! And it's nice to know someone goes through the same pain of setting up a shoot. We were in giggles tonight!
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    Me and my girl Amanda snuggling at home
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    I'm using this comment kind of as a message to some people. I am not participating in that "Secret Santa" thread, but some of you will receive a gift from me because it's my genuine and real list (and I've added some new people this year). No reciprocation is necessary. If you have a Marketplace wishlist then I tried t make a genuinely thoughtful choice from that. If not, then I tried to make a thoughtful choice just the same. (Even some of you, whom I'm sure I am on your SH*t list) There are many more I would like to add to that list, but my budget only allows so much. I feel badly I could not send more. So I will send my heartfelt best wishes to everyone one of you who read this.
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    I am across the street again, leaning against the wall and watching her. Not even trying to hide it. It’s a daily thing now. Sometimes i am there for hours, watching her serving the customers inside the cafe and i love it when she smiles .....
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    Tried my best with this one, hope its okay :]
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    That truck was supposed to be here hours ago! Animesh NPC at a major GTFO hub.
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    Trying to take a portrait each day. Kind of tough this time of year with so many things to do. Self Portrait/Headshot
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    Yes, it did look much better with the face AO on, though for the purposes of the pic I wanted to show it without. And better with 7 points than 10. After that I went to the Bellisseria Formal. Couldn't decide whether to go as a girl or a guy so I split the difference...
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    lol there's a few of us that could play the part. You only have to ask. lol My pic for the day.
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    Meanwhile, Neph is lounging in the lounge. Behaving, for once!
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    Conducting model interviews. Set up a temporary office in the back room!
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    decided to change hair ,so how do a look now?❔
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    The services we were providing interfaces to via SLShare (Facebook, Twitter, Flicker) have not maintained stable interfaces; each of them has repeatedly changed the interface in an incompatible way (sometimes with very little notice). None has been used very heavily by the user base as a whole, and because of the interface instability we have decided that they are not worth the high maintenance cost so we're removing those features from the viewer code and shutting down the backend service. We're very sorry that this will inconvenience those who were successfully using the service.
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    I finally started decorating my place for Christmas and I'm happy with how it looks though debating to ask my landlord to temporarily till Feb to make sand snow texture!
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    Today, I invested in some new demon body parts, which I had previously gotten for my alt...but are just too good to not buy for Syo aswell.
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    I decided to try @Alyona Su's trick of adding some face shear. This is 10 points, which I think may be a little too much for me; at this amount the eyes are very noticeably different sizes; I tried to use Eye Pop to even them out a bit, but apparently Catwa heads don't respond to that slider. So I'm turning the shear down to 6 points and I like that much better.
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    I wish it would come an announcement to make it clear if they plan release the Victorian houses before Christmas or in January. Yes, I know they have their plan, and I should shut up and accept the way things are done. I can still wish it was a word about their progress. A kind word and not teasing, I think that is old now. That is my Christmas wish.
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    I'm so happy that @Coby Fodenposted about the Bazar Christmas gifts. I have known about them for years, but never picked them up. I like this Christmas Ornament (red) so much. It was high Li when I unpacked it, but sized down to this is 1 Li. This is one of the few times I add full bright. The letters was hard to read without. The stars also got a bit of glow and very low light (0.1 and 1 m). The fireplace is so charming. I had to have it. To save on Li, I first unlinked all shadows. I didn't like the painting over so much and replaced it with an EW-Promo-Christmas-Painting from the Marketplace. Here the whole fireplace with decor was full bright, so I turned it off and left only the flames full bright. At last I adjusted the light intensity and radius down, and changed the ghastly orange color to a soft beigepeach one. 5 L is more than I wanted, but I will have this fireplace up for a while. The only thing I miss, is flames on the candles. When it comes to full bright, I want options to adjust it! The letters in the top picture would look better with a more muted brightness. t is only on or off now. So many times I wish I could add just a hint of brighness, to a very dark color or to details that I want to stand out. We can do it with glow, so why not with full bright! Last, I really love to look in my own window. I wist I wasn't too late to submit an entry to the winter decor contest.
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    /me walks around The Big Apple, The Windy City, Beantown and The Mile High City in puzzlement. Their nicknames certainly seem to have some legs. But hey, by all means, let's keep Second Life a geographic nickname-free world! Particularly since LL's continent names are so easy to remember, pronounce and type. And such meaningful descriptors of what is actually IN the continent. Lord forbid that some people should use descriptive nicknames to give people a clue that South Bellisseria is a Victorian paradise. Or that Middle Bellisseria is filled with campers. Field trip to Heterobear ... er ... Herterosarah ... er ... oh heck! Let's go to Jugrot! It's closer anyway. But tomato, tomahto. I'm willing to let strictly literal namers use their clear-but-unhelpful monikers, if they'll refrain from dissing the various nicknames that the rest of us have fun inventing.
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    Neph is still dancing in the next room, whilst I'm busy working ... And pondering whether I at all care for this shirt. But if I wasn't working on a shoot, since obviously this is a regular snapshot framing me mid-AO, what was I doing? Well, I'm glad you asked, since it may well be of interest to some: ... Totally didn't just take a quick snap to advertise my business or anything. *cough*
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    Undiminished You're the one I didn't see, you who lie Unremarked, concealed in plain sight behind The drapes of hair and the surprising eye. We have passed words and smiles, but I blind To your insistence still have failed to trace You bent over busy with book, keys, shoe, Dishcloth, being your life, filling the space That is only yours, the edge between you And not you undiminished by my Important failure. Each of us brings Our own light with us and in it we fly Sovereign, if alone, on blazing wings.
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    Hairstyle *barberyumyum*L10B(05) (L) Shape {HIME*DREAM} Ayane Shape (Modified) BOM Layers [KRR] Irisviel Skin GENUS/OMEGA Izzie's - Genus - Eyebrows thin white Izzie's - Under Eye Concealer light cool Izzie's - Genus - Eyelid Changer Monolid 1 cool Izzie's - Genus - Baby Hairs V2 Hairbase white Applier Based Izzie's - Omega Freckles & Blush Applier AG. Prestige Eyes - Omega Applier - Albinism
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    That two region wide strip of open water was always intended to be filled (mostly) with land and houses. Building and providing homes is always going to be the priority. I try to do it in a way that gives an interesting coastline and leaves a passable channel for boats to get from one area of open water to another. Sometimes those channels are a little tight, but not even close to the way some areas on the mainland can be. (And which some residents sometimes block with their stuff and fill with offsim objects, but that's a whole other topic.) If the Lab wants to add more open water regions around Bellisseria they can, but they need a good reason. You just need to give them a really good one (because that is a lot of empty regions). The most powerful argument would be if they see the ones that are already there being consistently used by residents. The same goes for things like public spaces for the community like Campwich Lodge. If they are being utilized and there is a call for more, we'll build more. Right now what is being utilized and called for the most is more houses, so that's what we build the most.
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    Oh for god's sake. Can we please drop the narrative that's developing here that Conall is being bullied by the nasty woman? I explicitly said that I wasn't criticizing Conall, and that I've had similar experiences of things being interpreted in ways that are different from what I intended. I've also explicitly said that I don't think Conall should stop posting, or even change the way that he's posting. If Conall is posting narrative text to go along with his pics, then he is inviting the picture to be read in that context -- just as I'm doing when I include text or poetry. All I was doing is noting an alternative reading, based on an alternative perspective. It's not "pretentious" to do so -- it is in fact responding to what Conall's picture invites. If he doesn't actually want people to think about what he's posting -- and surely he does? -- then perhaps he should just post pretty innocuous pictures. I think that would be a shame. But posting something that asks us to interpret it a certain way, and then getting sulky when someone proposes an alternate reading, is not merely passive aggressive, it's also stupid. And that's the last I have to say on this.
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    I agree. Southern Bellisseria also makes the most sense. But, Southern Belli... Ummm... still makes me think of human body parts. ~snickers~ A sea view for now, once South Bellisseria is released that will likely change into a nice Mountain View. Perhaps this would be a more effective picture for you that may have better appeal to @Patch Linden? (And I do get it; you're becoming frustrated. Though this also reinforces the awesomeness of the job that Patch and Moles are accomplishing!)
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    Well I wasn't going to bother anymore with this thread, but as you're one of these people who edit their posts after someone has already replied to them, seems like I have to. I've gone in multiple sailing group cruises in Bellisseria, both from the LCC and the RSYC. At no time in these events did anyone ever complain about the lack of room to move, in fact the only complaint ever heard was that some people were expecting the chunks of ice in the Moonia region to be phantom, which they weren't. Again, your statement regarding the "5m gap" is factually incorrect. The West End region currently has the narrowest passage in Bellisseria for boats to pass by. It measures at 16m wide (yes I went there and measured it). Even a cursory look at the new areas scheduled for release clearly show that the area you refer to is substantially wider than that, at least twice as wide, more likely 3 times. This puts the "5m gap" at a minimum of 32m wide, more likely to be around 50m as I originally posted. What the heck is anyone using that they can't squeeze a couple of boats through a 50m gap? Seriously, I'd like to know. You also seem to conveniently forget that, in fact, there is a full-region wide passage in Southern Bellisseria right near to your supposed trouble spot. It stretches from Petrel Shallows in the west, 12 regions across, to Edmund Fitzgerald in the east. It is simply not visible on the in-world map yet, but the regions are there. This passage then extends south alongside the Pyri Peaks funfair, before joining up with the Jeogeot coastline and heading south west. Again, this passage is a least one-region wide at all times. In some areas of Bellisseria, north or south, there will be narrow waterways - a lot like RL really, it is not some problem that needs fixing. I actually want the same thing as you, more sailing areas in SL, however, I don't think that we sailors have any right to expect LL to work on giving us what we want when there are currently thousands of premium members without a new style home. Simply ask yourself this... if you were currently waiting for a new home (and maybe had been waiting months for one), would you still be asking for more sailing areas, or would you be wanting LL to do everything they could to get you into a new home as fast as possible? It is frankly unreasonable to expect LL to divert any kind of resources away from making new homes in order to appease the wants of a small group. And on that note i'm done here, enjoy your thread 😏
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    I wish his father had.
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    Finished decorating the trailer for the holidays.
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    So, today's pic was hard. I tried 2 different outfits and went to 2 different Christmas sims and just didn't like any of the pics. So, I ended up on our photo platform with yet another pic in front of a black background. πŸ˜› I had kind of wanted to avoid that, as I feel like I've done that a lot lately, but that's what worked best.
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    This is me at FogBound Blues, just as I looked last night and probably will for a few days because pleather looks good in SL.
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    My pic comes with a brief story: After my mom's death in 2018 everyone in my family sort of stopped celebrating Christmas. It just doesn't feel right without her, no one even puts up a tree anymore. But at the same time I miss the Christmas joy and sense of community and family and warmth this time of year used to fill me with. tl;dr: Thanks SL for letting me keep Christmas alive in some way, even if it's "just virtual"
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    Regarding the abbreviation & nicknames: I don't believe Mz. Foden was scolding anyone or preaching. I would offer that famous US cities didn't get their nicknames (more than anything, due to advertising) over night, but rather decades of usage. Organizations (NATO mentioned above) sometimes start out with a specific acronym, but no one would call NATO The "North Ameri TO" to start a trend. Region names not only serve to differentiate spots on a map, but most importantly help when we communicate with each other. You can call an area a pickle, a pump, or a trailer park by the tracks, but unless people are in your circle they'll have no idea where your referencing to and thus can end up excluding / baffling other's in conversation, rather than being clear & inclusive. A common frame of reference keeps everyone on the same page.
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    Hitler's dead? He can't be! He's always so alive and well in Internet arguments!
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    Do you ALWAYS fully type out United States of America or sometimes shorten it to USA or US? Ditto for the various states? People shorten things all the time for all sorts of reasons, trying to find abbreviations that simplify the typing/writing/talking. Many things invariably get nicknames, usually just because many folks find nicknames fun, some of which we might go along with and some that we don't. Sometimes, it is not even about any "extreme extra effort" to type or say something, but simply "just because". I have my times where I'll type something out in full and my times where I shorten things down - and sometimes even use nicknames because either I think they are cute or because that just happens to be the name that most people know something by. I sure as heck am not going to say that anyone else is wrong or bad in any way for choosing to use an abbreviation or nickname.
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