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    I am across the street again, leaning against the wall and watching her. Not even trying to hide it. It’s a daily thing now. Sometimes i am there for hours, watching her serving the customers inside the cafe and i love it when she smiles .....
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    Trying to take a portrait each day. Kind of tough this time of year with so many things to do. Self Portrait/Headshot
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    I finally started decorating my place for Christmas and I'm happy with how it looks though debating to ask my landlord to temporarily till Feb to make sand snow texture!
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    Oh for god's sake. Can we please drop the narrative that's developing here that Conall is being bullied by the nasty woman? I explicitly said that I wasn't criticizing Conall, and that I've had similar experiences of things being interpreted in ways that are different from what I intended. I've also explicitly said that I don't think Conall should stop posting, or even change the way that he's posting. If Conall is posting narrative text to go along with his pics, then he is inviting the picture to be read in that context -- just as I'm doing when I include text or poetry. All I was doing is noting an alternative reading, based on an alternative perspective. It's not "pretentious" to do so -- it is in fact responding to what Conall's picture invites. If he doesn't actually want people to think about what he's posting -- and surely he does? -- then perhaps he should just post pretty innocuous pictures. I think that would be a shame. But posting something that asks us to interpret it a certain way, and then getting sulky when someone proposes an alternate reading, is not merely passive aggressive, it's also stupid. And that's the last I have to say on this.
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    On seeing this morning's election results, I feel about like this; This honestly terrifies me. If the NHS dies, it won't be long before I, and many people I care about, follow soon after.
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    This is absolutely the problem that both the US and the UK are facing right now. When people deliberately vote against their own self-interest, due to media misinformation, and when they vote according to that misinfornation, that is a huge problem.
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    Some SLRR testing, but something went wrong.....
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    My most favorite, for @Garnet Psaltery... Merry Fishmas!
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    Omgosh! Thank you so much. I think this is my new permanent home. I really appreciate it!!!
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    Genuine relationships come from genuine intentions and effort. Relationships are built, not obtained. Its really nothing different than any long-distance relationship. I have friends I only communicate with via phone and social media who are not in SL and do not live near me. Why should that be any different in SL? I personally don't like (don't mistake this for judging) phrases like "SL relationship". The reason SL is not always effective for forming relationships has nothing to do with the platform, but more the way we use it, in my humble opinion. If you treat it like just another meeting place, you'll do fine in time. If you treat it like some sort of workaround to actually forming real connections, you'll quite likely continue to have trouble on an ongoing basis. Its a great medium for real world connection (long-distance relationships existed way before SL), it just gets overhyped as a replacement for such. It might be called Second Life, but contrary to popular belief, it is not actually "a second life". We only have one. Your encounters are brief, intellectual and then sexual in nature. There is your issue. Why are you allowing them to become sexual before it becomes a committed relationship? You're trying too hard, in my opinion. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are relationships.
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    Can I just say that I LOVE this thread and everyone who posts in it? You all are making this season a lot easier to take this year. I find my self eagerly checking in over and over to see what's up with everyone. My heart aches for your pain and soars for your triumphs. And on a cheery note, someone I work with volunteered her husband to come do a honeydo for me that I was overwhelmed by. I'm so used to not depending on anyone else, that I was thinking I might hire someone. I'm a telecommuter and we have daily check ins in small groups and before the meeting started I was bemoaning the fact that I felt so inadequate to hook up a propane tank to the generator I bought at the end of fire season. I thought I was home free until next fall since fire season ended before I got to use it, but last night we lost power for no particular reason for three hours and I started to prep it. It needed a lot of prep work. There was oil to put in and a battery to hook up and then the part that stymied me, hooking up the tank to the generator. I understood the instructions sort of but when it got to checking for leaks with soap bubbles I balked. If I did something wrong the darn thing could explode! Luckily while I was reading the manual, the lights came back on. So anyway, I'm so grateful for the kindness of strangers and the loving care I feel from you all. 💞
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    High Fidelity shut down as a public virtual world back in May. Virtual Worlds Startup High Fidelity Lays Off 25% of Staff, Pivots to Enterprise Communication - Variety. This is the "pivot to enterprise" failing. “If you had asked me when we started the company in 2014, I’d have said that by now there would be several million people using (VR headsets) daily, and we’d be competing with both big and small companies to provide the best platform—but I was wrong. Daily headset use is only in the tens of thousands, almost all for entertainment and media consumption, with very little in the way of general communication, work, or education." - Philip Rosedale. The sad thing about High Fidelity, technically, was that it wasn't a "big world" system like SL. It was a "game level loader", like Sansar and SineSpace, where you can load an instance of a canned world and have some of your friends in. That niche, in VR mode, doesn't seem to interest many people. All of those systems have user counts in 2 digits. All that work on a dead-end concept. (I tend to think that SL has the right concept - the big shared world. The tech just needs to be brought up to about 2015 game quality. This isn't impossible, just hard and expensive. Probably cheaper than Sansar was, though.)
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    This is heartless. Why should *I* be told not to whine about it when *I* voted against it?
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    Since Linden Lab has -- from the beginning -- only wanted to do their OWN THING (hence building the platform from the ground up) and since they are now almost totally focused on events -- AND since I suspect they are very different platforms ( @animats could likely comment on that --- I don't think it will make much difference. They really didn't even have the same audience base (aside from the VR component). But we'll see. I believe HiFi began work (at least publicly) about a year before Sansar (also publicly) :D. But I don't keep up on all of that and others likely know better.
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    Unless the rezzers are actually doing something, the amount of load on the servers is minimal, so "super" is a bit of an exaggeration.
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    Gender Identity is the correct term. This refers to how someone perceives themselves according to how a society defines feminine vs masculine. It's in your mind and not what's between your legs.
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    They are the same; Gender is the written form. Sex signifies man or women; boy or girl, Gender is male or female. This is how I learned the definitions of the word. Though the word sex also references copulation, its primary definition has always been the "binary gender" of the person (see what I did there ) - Gender was used primarily in written publications to avoid ambiguity that can come with the word sex. Here's the etymology: https://www.etymonline.com/word/gender In short: "gender" is usually singular and "sex" is usually plural.
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    I loved the Kill Bill movies but this is just a track I like.
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    Something totally different ........ I love it as it is 1. about beer and 2. good mood music
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    And thats in essence the problem with what feels like around 99% of all necrothreads: There is no new information and there is nothing helpful added. Its ranting, its me-too, its digging up and re-heathing either drama or outdated discussions. Or responding to personal questions of people, who are probably not in SL anymore or might have managed to solve their problem some time in the past 10 years. Its clutter.
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    The pound sterling has just gone up!!! 1 GBP = 1.34745 USD
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    It never gets old lol and another fav is bold and beautiful as well ,,, and here is from 1988 this explains my hair style i am stuck in the 80s lol victor has not changed much , theme song for beli and vic areas young and restless ,,, wink ,,, cast of young and restless ,
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    In a nutshell, as the Assembly became more and more powerful at the expense of the Senate, it began to decide on matters of war, who would be consul, etc. based less on who would do the best job and more on who would give them the most, rather than generally deferring to the Senate. Oh, and outright bribery became much more common, because you couldn't bribe your way into the Senate, but you could bribe enough people to be a Consul, even if it was technically illegal. Follow the careers of Marius to Caesar to Augustus and watch how bribing and/or whipping up the urban populace (the "democratic" element in their government) became ever more important. Prior to that time, the internal rivalries between Senators ensured that no one could attain supreme power for longer than a year. Even someone like Scipio Africanus, who finally put an end to Hannibal's campaign against Rome, couldn't stay on top for long. But, when a scared populace decides to ignore the law and elect a popular general (Marius) Consul in absentia, and do it 5 years in a row, because his partisans on the one hand raise the level of fear (of the Cimbri and the Teutones) and on the other promise great rewards from plunder, and you've set the stage for civil wars, triumvirates, and finally perpetual dictatorship. Add into the mix the permanent elimination of property requirements to serve in the legions (thus permitting Marius, Sulla, etc. to turn penniless men into soldiers reliant on their general, not the Republic, for their future) and you've laid the groundwork for someone like Pompey, at best a mediocre general, despised by the Senatorial elite, but rich and popular with the ignorant commoners. Remind you of anyone?
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    They do it to make sure that their store is listed first in an alphabetic search. I edit the names of every item in my inventory to remove leading charactars, otherwise I will never find anything I need ever again. However, I do use some of these special characters to sort my outfits so they do have their uses.
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    One of my little corners of New Babbage. Steampunk Retail/Industrial district. The street is not quite set yet so the layout/purpose/furnishings aren’t finalized. But I like this layout for now! 2020 project is going to be fun! Edit: yep, there’s living space too. Some overt, some co-op, some semi-controlled squatting
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    Mistletoe is nice, especially suspended ABOVE.
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    Just saw an article that might make you remove your tongue from your cheek on that one. Apparently, a TON of pension managers and financial consultants get kickbacks from the funds they encourage people to invest in. There's a popular, supposedly independent financial consulting firm in the US, Edward Jones. The article said "Edward Jones receives revenue sharing (i.e., kickbacks) from virtually all of the 576 mutual funds and financial products they offer." They made over $200M last year from this.
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    If we start censoring topics certain people don't like, where does it end? Who gets to decide what is allowed and what isn't (other than the Lindens, that is), and if we start that discussion, isn't that in and of itself sort of political?
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    Lately I've been doing a lot of shopping while in my mer form. Thank goodness for portable fish tanks! 😜 ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2019/12/10/mer-2/ ~Vael
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    Want the look? Find out more on Heidi Rewell's blog.
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    High on a snow-covered mountain From her throne she looks down at the clowns Who think youth can be found in a fountain High on the wings of her rhythms She will smile at the guys who come on with their eyes But she'll never dance with them And in smoke-filled rooms of electric sound A legend is built around The Snow Queen ~ Carole King <Click here for more on the Sugarcoated Pixels blog>
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    <Full image with credits on nimoe constantine's flickr>
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    "The Frost Queen came about because I wanted to create the image of a powerful Snow Queen who wields her powers with icy prowess for The Lost Unicorn Gallery Opening at the Enchantment Snow Queen round on Nov 9th. " <Details on the Threads and Tunage blog>
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    "One of the most interesting tasks involved in building a sim or a group of sims in Second Life is the one of landscaping: not only because this is how we give some (virtual) concreteness to the atmosphere we mean to create, but also because it determines how integrated the different areas of our project will feel to our visitors, and how the transition between them flows. " <Click for more on Second Sighting by Ricco Saenz>
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    True. I just want her to get a feel for mesh before she invests any large amounts of RL money.
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