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    Trying to take a portrait each day. Kind of tough this time of year with so many things to do. Self Portrait/Headshot
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    I don't know why it's small but it's probably red because you just ripped off the skull to see it.
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    Welp, I did it! Abandoned my trad earlier today. I hit the abandon button then waited on the street, in front of the house, to see how long it would take before someone grabbed it. It didn't take long at all! I had a lovely chat with the new owner. Then, I decided it was a good time to grab a camper so I could get the content pack. It didn't take long to get one. It's located in a nice peaceful spot in Toad Hollow. Well, of course, I had to play a little with the camper before giving it up, so I started decorating. I must say I'm enjoying this little home, but I'm still very anxious for the Victorians!
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    Sure do. Every time I've finished a meal!
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    There are really quite a lot of named unreleased regions now! This is the updated list sorted by SSPE numbers SSPE281 Cantrip Coast SSPE297 Blue Duck SSPE298 Twilling SSPE299 Blackwater Park SSPE300 Fraid Knot SSPE301 Sprinkles SSPE302 Surfdom SSPE308 Yearning SSPE313 Mercy Hill SSPE314 Deer Moor SSPE315 Westlake SSPE317 Falcon Heights SSPE318 Forrest Field SSPE319 Silent Shores SSPE324 Soggy Shore #SSPE327 Drawmi SSPE328 Spinoza SSPE329 Blueberry Patch SSPE330 Cobbs Market SSPE333 Gridley Crossroads SSPE342 Franklin Hollow SSPE355 South Haven SSPE356 Bluff Knoll SSPE357 Leomund I marked Drawmi because it is the only one left from the OLD list and likely to go first.
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    If we start censoring topics certain people don't like, where does it end? Who gets to decide what is allowed and what isn't (other than the Lindens, that is), and if we start that discussion, isn't that in and of itself sort of political?
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    Yay! I'm so happy to have you both! ♡♡ Welcome! You guys popped in at just the right time, because today is the last day to let me know you want to participate! Starting tomorrow, I'll be sorting everyone out! ♡
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    THIS ^^^^ The whole "you can't make me" thing reminds me so much of people who oppose gay marriage because they irrationally believe that it in some obscure and illogical way impacts upon their own conventional partnering. It doesn't. Get over it. Same with pronouns. Be a jerk, or don't be: it's your choice. But if you choose the former, I'll be exercising my right to call you one,
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    That's a pretty narrow and squiggly definition of 'harassment'. Good thing your opinion and the actual rules are two very different things.
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    Books shouldn't smell. It's a sign of something being wrong; it's either mold or lignin - a substance found in wood pulp which is what is causing post-1800 books to turn into brittle, yellowed cakes that fall asunder if you look at them the wrong way. Unless it's the scent of smoke or nicotine, which means that someone in the past has done the books serious harm. If it's the smell of leather, that's okay. The use of wood pulp is largely considered the greatest challenge for book and paper conservators today, as it's irreversible, and that despite gargantuan amount of resources, of time and money, that has been spent trying to find a solution - ranging from picking the books apart to bathe the individual pages in various pH-neutralizing agents, to fuming them - in a century or so, we're going to have a 200+ year gap in the world's book and document collections, unless a viable solution is found. Whilst we do make archival paper out of chemical wood pulp these days, we don't actually know how well they will last. Important documents and books should always be printed on paper made from textile fiber, with archival ink - books made 500 years ago still have pages as brightly white as the day they were printed, with colours more vibrant than LED monitors (and gold leaf illuminations!). Of course, back then a lot of the ink used was acidic instead, and that eats through the pages ... Meh, we'll learn, eventually. Stable pigments (like soot, i.e. pure carbon) with stable binders (shellac is nice and also gives it a nice sheen) on paper made from lint lasts at least 5 times as long as the modern stuff. ... Or we'll save it all on hard drives, 'cause no one ever lost anything important that was stored on a hard drive, right?
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    I'd like to lighten the mood, but life is a terminal condition, and we all go through the mincer at times. And the more love you put in, the more grief comes out. My Mother is on a terminal slide right now. We haven't had the sweetest relationship. She was a spoilt child who became a bully. And with an entourage if guys in tow over time.... y'know....blonde, good looking etc etc. But when the chips were down she was always there. A rock in adversity. Who knows when she will go. You never see it coming. But the clock is ticking. Just to up the mood..... I was at the dentist having a crown fitted. So the mouthful of plastic, and the injections. I hate the one in the roof of my mouth. So he's almost done and is reshaping the crown to fit, when, under his breath he says.......and right in my ear.... "Oh *****!" My immediate thought was... "Oh *****!" Note: a word starting with S, ending in T.
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    Can I just say that I LOVE this thread and everyone who posts in it? You all are making this season a lot easier to take this year. I find my self eagerly checking in over and over to see what's up with everyone. My heart aches for your pain and soars for your triumphs. And on a cheery note, someone I work with volunteered her husband to come do a honeydo for me that I was overwhelmed by. I'm so used to not depending on anyone else, that I was thinking I might hire someone. I'm a telecommuter and we have daily check ins in small groups and before the meeting started I was bemoaning the fact that I felt so inadequate to hook up a propane tank to the generator I bought at the end of fire season. I thought I was home free until next fall since fire season ended before I got to use it, but last night we lost power for no particular reason for three hours and I started to prep it. It needed a lot of prep work. There was oil to put in and a battery to hook up and then the part that stymied me, hooking up the tank to the generator. I understood the instructions sort of but when it got to checking for leaks with soap bubbles I balked. If I did something wrong the darn thing could explode! Luckily while I was reading the manual, the lights came back on. So anyway, I'm so grateful for the kindness of strangers and the loving care I feel from you all. 💞
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    If you don't like a product offered by a creator, don't buy it. People have different sense of fashion and preferences, not everything is made to appeal to everyone. If you don't want to buy something from a creator because they also sell a pair of low-riding trousers with a lacy thong, fair do's - but to expect that anyone cares about your reason is just juvenile, to be honest. You want creators to stop making things that other people enjoy, and only make things that you want? Grow up.
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    Lately I've been doing a lot of shopping while in my mer form. Thank goodness for portable fish tanks! 😜 ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2019/12/10/mer-2/ ~Vael
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    I'm one of those that only occasionally go out onto the water, but wanted the houseboat for the views - and I got one with fabulous long distance views without having to derender tons of stuff.
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    All packed up and ready to go...
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    Dearest Lindal, it looks like I should have read all of the thread... so thank you for pointing that out to me. and Dearest Rolig, I do indeed see what you did there and it is super cleaver. now onto WORKS we often really know something... AFTER
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    I'm in an aggravated mood today. I have to work tonight at another freaking holiday party for rich people where I have to smile and say "Merry Christmas!" AND I have to wear a dress which meant I had to shave my legs this morning (it's winter and I live alone - screw that) AND wear full make up. I know it won't be that big of a deal once I get there. I know most of the people, and it's only 2 hours, and it's being catered by one of my favorite restaurants. It's just the idea of having to be there when I'd rather be home in my pajamas. My dad's birthday is in a couple days as well. I lost Mom in 2008 and Dad in 2017. I was incredibly close to both of them. Mom was my best friend and I survived that. For some reason, I thought that it would be a bit easier when I lost Dad but it was so much worse. I think it was the realization that I suddenly had no parents - the reality of being an adult orphan. It was more than just mourning - it was terror. I've never felt so completely alone in the world, even with a ton of siblings and other relatives and friends. Being an orphan, even at age 50, sucks. Anyway... at least it's Thursday.
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    You remember it slightly incorrectly. The Legacy Profiles project restores the in-viewer version of the profile floater; most of that floater will be in the native viewer UI rather than an embedded web window as in the current default release, but it will still have a tab that will be a web interface just to the feed. You can get the Project viewer for this and try it out for yourself.
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    I found it disturbing too, Saraya. That image conveyed a suicidal mood to me.
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    Every unbouncy girl hopes huge -- B R A S T Definition of brast archaic past tense of BURST
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    Happy Fezday. Post bishes, is it your fez, fiends, mammaries of first fez, how are you celibate?
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    RL children: 2 minutes of pleasure 9 months of discomfort 9 hours of searing pain A lifetime of disappointment.
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    Oh everyone has a brain in RL, too! But just having a brain doesn't say much. There once was a chicken, that survived its own (botched) decapitation, because part of its brain (at least the brainstem) was still intact. It could breath, digest food and keep other vital functions running.
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    If I had 7000 unused prims, I would start an event. - monthly - themed for something under-represented in the Resident community and specific - not just shopping related but information-accessible and informative and participatory as well (ie generate interest and presence in the region even if not spending money) - can cycle through 12 interesting facets of one major theme (ie Specialized Ornaments of the Human Form — January is shoes month, February is jewelled chains month... ) - get people involved who do it for Tips, not salary (advertising and promotion, infrastructure, munches coordination, artists wrangling...) ie who do it for love of the experience and passion for the topic rather than livelihood and bills paying I think about this a lot 😁 What would I do with 7000 prims! I could spam this thread for days with different ideas. I’ll stop at this one.
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    I thought so too, but I was told directly by Patch that it was not so. They had the Victorians in pre-production when the Traditionals and Boats was released. They also have at least two other themes that is decided upon. This will not be swayed by please, pleas and appeals. I was really surprised, because I also thought the Victorians was a development from the Trads. All the things we missed in the Trads is in the Victorians. More rooms, porches and individual color change walls inside. Plus even better plants. But I was corrected.
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    I recently got rid of my Catwa Head and Belleza jake bento body and went to a simpler Jomo mesh avatar with no extra animations or bento and just that alone saw my frame rates soar and lag decrease considerably. If need be, make an avatar with less bells and whistles just for sailing. Take off all huds unless for sailing. Going simpler is actually a little more fun without worrying about looks so much all the time.
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    Yes, they're without houses on both versions of Belli. Gardens or community areas, in lieu of open water? ETA: and, if the blue/green ones are placeholders until they put houses down, why are they on both the SSP and Belli continents? You'd think that on SSP at least, they'd have houses. Perhaps they weren't able to put the final houses in beforehand because of something unique about those particular coastal regions.
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    Showing someone what a decent "face-shear" slider adjustment can look like for a more realistic look. I figured 'what the heck, throw it into "Hows does your avatar look" because, well, this is how I look. Zero post process, zero touch-up, no makeup, no smirks, just plain-Jane boring me. LOL
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    Just your basic ice angel bondage sub... (ok, a grumpy one because of the claws). (Channeling Rainman: Sparkly, very sparkly.)
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    Looks like it. I googled grey monk and its the name of a poem written by William Blake. Good work Sherlock 😉 Its a very long poem but here's a taster; 'I die, I die!' the Mother said,'My children die for lack of bread. What more has the merciless Tyrant said?'The Monk sat down on the stony bed.The blood red ran from the Grey Monk's side,His hands and feet were wounded wide,His body bent, his arms and kneesLike to the roots of ancient trees. Wlliam Blake was not quite Victorian but still 😛
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    I gotta say that pic made me wonder what he gets up to in his spare time. Should he actually have any Since when do wet suits have nipple ring cut-outs?
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    I'm parked inworld right now with an "unavailable" message... because my cats needed me to spend time with them, but RL demanded I go to work. Yep, I've well and truly lost it.
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    From their Featured News page " We’ve heard many complaints from our Residents about duplicated event listings and spam. To combat this problem, we’re introducing a nominal fee which will help discourage spamming and encourage higher-quality events from committed event hosts. Basic members will be charged L$50 to create an event listing while Premium members will pay L$10. On the heels of this change, we will introduce the ability for Premium members to schedule recurring events. "
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    I have VAW, didn't pick up VJJ due to lack of interest. I like it plenty, and there's jewelry and stuff other designers have made for it that are pretty cute. It was pretty easy to set up and match skins and whatnot, too. So I recommend it.
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    Under Comm -> Online status, make sure you do not have "Reject all group invites" ticked.
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