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    All dressed up and nowhere to go...
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    Was digging through my Christmas stuff and found this lingerie set I got from Salt & Pepper's advent calendar, last year, I believe.
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    Sure do. Every time I've finished a meal!
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    Snow Pony with hoof materials centaur skin from Thistle Dew available on the 3rd part skin wall at Jinx https://i.gyazo.com/5ebee0e21df0932332f40529f57eac9c.mp4 on Petites
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    buys anything from blueberry-takes a pic and good morning ))
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    We all have a little Angel in us...
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    [KRR] Daoko // Hair ALTAIR* sakura hairclip
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    Wednesday arrived early this week ...
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    7000 prims? Excuse me while I fall over and faint. Holy cow. I'd terraform and sink most of the available land and make an underwater photography/exploring place. Then with the leftovers I'd do the platforms, like others have said, with varying themes depending upon how many prims are left from the main build. My last build was in the now defunct portion of Fanci Deep, where I was not allowed to terraform, and I'm thinking I had about 1000 prims to extend over about 1/2 a sim. It was a sunken town, definitely not a traditional mer place (though mers loved it). I think I'd do something similar and MOAR!!! rawr! Photos:
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    I'll be saying goodbye to this home tomorrow. I've decided to put all my stuff in storage and stay in the houseboat for the time being. This way I will be ready the moment I hear the Vics are open.
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    Yeah, finally I got a very nice camper at the beach, nice views: https://gyazo.com/a0ce5f62688f7018f98f5f822a878d29 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pugwash/17/122/26
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    You cannot see those names on the map. Only when you TP or walk into them. Good opportunity for me to see which has/had which SSPE number. And they named some more! Here is my new list of ALL the named but not yet released regions (that fit into the old SSPE system) SSPE281 Cantrip Coast SSPE288 Melville Deep SSPE292 Comfort SSPE297 Blue Duck SSPE298 Twilling SSPE299 Blackwater Park SSPE300 Fraid Knot SSPE301 Sprinkles SSPE302 Surfdom SSPE304 Armada SSPE308 Yearning SSPE313 Mercy Hill SSPE314 Deer Moor SSPE315 Westlake SSPE317 Falcon Heights SSPE318 Forrest Field SSPE326 Hooten Holler SSPE327 Drawmi usually they release these in the sequence of the SSPE numbers ... but now I am unsure ... there had been a rest of the OLD list ... SSPE292 Comfort SSPE326 Hooten Holler SSPE327 Drawmi Wether theyl'll complete that first and AFTER that go on to Cantrip Coast or Cantrip Coast today I fail to foresee Another complication : Melville Deep and Armada belong to a 4region houseboat "isle" that you cannot TOP into so they might fall out of the sequence though they did have SSPE numbers. It iss getting complicated.
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    Decided to take a break from the interior Xmas decorating and decided to build a sand-snowman! 💛
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    Welp, I did it! Abandoned my trad earlier today. I hit the abandon button then waited on the street, in front of the house, to see how long it would take before someone grabbed it. It didn't take long at all! I had a lovely chat with the new owner. Then, I decided it was a good time to grab a camper so I could get the content pack. It didn't take long to get one. It's located in a nice peaceful spot in Toad Hollow. Well, of course, I had to play a little with the camper before giving it up, so I started decorating. I must say I'm enjoying this little home, but I'm still very anxious for the Victorians!
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    And the kitchen and some of the entry: I took a "clean" shot without adding the white around the edges, so you can see the baubles better. I am wondering if I shall find white curtains and hang the baubles over. I have some, but I can't use curtains with alpha, the baubles have alpha, so it will be a mess. I really, really like the oven. I added the plate under. Fire safety!
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    I’ll give five imaginary L$ to whoever can guess where I am... that’s right! It’s NYC Christas again.
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    Here is what I made with 700 prims. It's an old build and an upgrade is long overdue but I hope it'll still give you some ideas. I would have used most of those prims to make six or seven sky platforms with different landscapes such as a park, a forest, a tropical rainforest, a mystious lake surrounded by rolling hills, a mountain landscape, a desert etc.etc. If it was a free standing sim I would have added matching surround landscapes too. For the rest of the prims, teddy bears do sound cute.
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    Quick run to NYC for a hot dog! #Hangry
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    "Make the drums louder! Make the guitar louder! Make the lights brighter! Turn 'em up!"
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    My house is very close to the water. I see people boating every single day. There are single boats and there are groups of boats going by my house. Even I go boating, not every day but quite often anyway.
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    Washing Roses Away The flowers were sweet and pink; so thoughtful (My green robe ripples silent to the floor) Of you to bring them. I rushed the bouquet (And settles there beside the roses) After you left to the kitchen, to place (The hot water kisses my toes, my foot) Them in fresh water: they deserved that at least (I lower myself with a gentle splash) Just for seeming so beautiful. But now (And slide down the smooth white back of the tub) Alas! They are wilting, dying, sad blooms! (Sighing as the water blankets tummy) This, though, will console; I kept the roses (Arms legs breasts shoulders, laps against my chin) Longer than I kept you; they smelt so nice. (Splash)
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