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    Sure do. Every time I've finished a meal!
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    Welp, I did it! Abandoned my trad earlier today. I hit the abandon button then waited on the street, in front of the house, to see how long it would take before someone grabbed it. It didn't take long at all! I had a lovely chat with the new owner. Then, I decided it was a good time to grab a camper so I could get the content pack. It didn't take long to get one. It's located in a nice peaceful spot in Toad Hollow. Well, of course, I had to play a little with the camper before giving it up, so I started decorating. I must say I'm enjoying this little home, but I'm still very anxious for the Victorians!
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    If you want to talk about it.. just to vent.. I will listen.
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    Hahahahahahahahaha! I don't remember putting that on a wishlist, but I do remember why I was looking at that. I wanted to swim around Bellisseria as a dolphin.
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    Save name and password if you can. I hope you aren't on a shared computer. 😊 I believe the big release will give almost everyone a home. Be prepared that you can get error messages. The web site can stop responding, or freeze when a lot of people log in and refresh like crazy. This happened with the long anticipated release of 700 boats that was taken in 27 minutes. People had to log off and in again, restart their browser and it was a lot of stress. The most optimistic say the big release will last for days. I hope for at least 24 hours.
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    The opening of the trailers was well underway before we got any real word so that thread isn't fool-proof by any means. They did open the one region with the lodge previous to the trailer release so people could cam around and there were people hanging out there in "release party" style to wait. Since this is such a HUGE release I think most of us believe it will take some time for all plots to be claimed. It took almost two days for everything to be snapped up in the first release and this one appears to be as big or perhaps bigger. So aside from watching for any hints from Patch in chatty form here in the forums I suggest watching the map OR have your auto-refresher on to signal you as needed. I finally figured out WHY (I am still guessing) my refresher doesn't signal me. I think it is a privacy setting which I am not going to change. Since I am not trying for a new home that isn't so important to me. Typically releases happen during West Coast business hours but that isn't always true. So be alert and be vigilant. When you see some green dots in the new areas, you will know things have started.
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    I would use it to build a matching environment for my house of choice. This time of the year, I would probably go for a late autumn/rainy winter kind of feeling. Old english/european house, surrounded by woodland with a path leading to a beach with some dunes and washed up driftwood and huge stones.
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    I post photos to Flickr to capture something I'm enjoying or just when I feel like it. I keep forgetting about groups but I have the same feeling about Flickr as elsewhere ; I don't care about numbers. This is not a criticism of those who do care, as I can see some do from all the effort they put into it. I'll look up the links people have posted and follow the ones that interest me.
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    I'm feeling somewhat better today. The antibiotics are working on the toothache and it's now a dull ache and no longer throbbing. Dreading and also can't wait for Friday and the root canal. Emotionally I'm on the roller coaster, getting the feels way too easily for my comfort level. I both love and hate thinking about people that are gone from my life and/or hearing others speak of this. I am avidly reading some threads here that I'm not up to joining, but may get there eventually. Looked at my wish list on marketplace and there is nothing on it. Looked at gifts I've received and learned that it's been two years now since "someone" left me. Still hurts even though I've moved on; I miss that level of intimacy that we shared.
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    I thought so too, but I was told directly by Patch that it was not so. They had the Victorians in pre-production when the Traditionals and Boats was released. They also have at least two other themes that is decided upon. This will not be swayed by please, pleas and appeals. I was really surprised, because I also thought the Victorians was a development from the Trads. All the things we missed in the Trads is in the Victorians. More rooms, porches and individual color change walls inside. Plus even better plants. But I was corrected.
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    Rolling restarts in progress again. Belli getting hit hard at the moment, doubt there'll be a release for an hour at least.
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    It’s really just a numbers game. If you’re not doing gamey stuff like “fave one get 2 faves back” or something like that, you just have to get your pictures seen. The best way to do that is take pictures consistently and post them in groups that have large numbers of members. People will see your work and they’ll start to like it if you’re consistent. Some people put their pics in like 30 groups right off the bat and whatever happens, happens. Some people do a “slow burn” where they add the picture to like 10 groups, generate some likes then add it to 10 more groups and so on, because some people will just like something because a bunch of other people did. Numbers.
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    Rural and grunge? So like West Virginia?
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    I would. The entire rest of the grid is about hustling people for money. Thousands of regions already out there for it. This thread title was 'Public Areas' - I came in looking for a discussion about the many parks, Pickle hangouts, people hosting music events, the lodge, the many smaller lodges, the boating, the airports, all the little spots to stop and sit with friends, and so on... Not 'how do I make a buck off these suckers?' It looks like the OP was of the same mind. Here are some popular spots: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/240/36 - a blues club. Busy when they're hosting. There is NO tipjar, and no one hawking for money. But there is a lot of chat when they host. Great for socializing if the theme fits you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Campwich Forest/126/114/44 - the lodge. Very often some people hanging out here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackwater Shoals/167/111/25 - one of The Pickle venues. There are several of these around, but mostly unused. Still you can always manage to get people to show up by giving a call out to it. Join these groups: secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about - Bellisseria Citizens https://world.secondlife.com/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074?lang=en-US secondlife:///app/group/0913c244-8878-95ba-c08c-81fc2214b555/about - Bellisseria Events https://world.secondlife.com/group/0913c244-8878-95ba-c08c-81fc2214b555?lang=en-US And then search on Bellisseria in group search for any more that fit a theme of interest to you.
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    Showing someone what a decent "face-shear" slider adjustment can look like for a more realistic look. I figured 'what the heck, throw it into "Hows does your avatar look" because, well, this is how I look. Zero post process, zero touch-up, no makeup, no smirks, just plain-Jane boring me. LOL
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    Great piece of advice: how can a script, designed for an external application, be supplied as demo? A crippled version doesn't let the user evaluate the product, while allowing full evaluation basically means giving the plug in out for free. What was the quote about removing all doubts? 😆
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    Just your basic ice angel bondage sub... (ok, a grumpy one because of the claws). (Channeling Rainman: Sparkly, very sparkly.)
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    Every unbouncy girl hopes huge -- B R A S T Definition of brast archaic past tense of BURST
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    I don't have a list. As an aspiring gold-digging sub, I really should create one. Also, I will need more goodies to fill up 7000 prims worth of stuff. More stuff!
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    Not the way I decorate! That's only 101.4 prims per club and that's only like two bondage racks and a bed! 😋
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    Yes! That would be very valuable.... Any guesses as to what region will be released today? Asking for a friend... (Nah, actually, asking for myself.)
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    I am amazed that this forum is still activ and used. This kind of forum was in years 2000. I noticed that it is an old fashion way of communication. Ancestor of social network. Maybe this community is very old.
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    Yes, they're without houses on both versions of Belli. Gardens or community areas, in lieu of open water? ETA: and, if the blue/green ones are placeholders until they put houses down, why are they on both the SSP and Belli continents? You'd think that on SSP at least, they'd have houses. Perhaps they weren't able to put the final houses in beforehand because of something unique about those particular coastal regions.
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    Granted! Poof! Balance 0..... But you undo all my good work, in a matter of hours, due to the New Year's Sales. I wish I could remember my cards' pin numbers correctly.
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    thank you so much!!! I am only seeing the old homes, to that is good to know. I do have full allocated land allowance, so that is good info that I don't have to give that up to get the new home. thanks so much for your help
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    I want demo listings and color/option listings consolidated or treated as spam. And I want the ability to report whole stores instead of listings. And I want LL to not call it a resident dispute when a buyer doesn't know how to use a script I sold them.
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    Hello renards89 Cerise, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues resetting your password. For the security of your account we must verify ownership before Support can assist you. I see that you had a case open where a Support agent was working with you today to verify your account but it appears that you have closed the case before the agent could continue assisting you. If you have any questions or concerns about your account we ask that you please contact Support by filing a ticket: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ Also we strongly encourage that you do not copy and paste replies from support cases since they are private communications between yourself and Support, and are not appropriate for the forums. These replies can also contain sensitive information that can put your account at risk. I have edited your original post to remove this information.
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    Do you all not think that LL, @Patch Linden, and the LDPW have a plan for what they're doing? None of these areas have been released yet, right, nor are they accessible to the public? With all the work that has been put into making Bellisseria so unique and wonderful, do you really think they're just going to dump a bunch of crap in the sea between the original Bellisseria and Jeogeot and leave it that way?! LL also knows better than anyone how many premium members are trying for Linden Homes and what themes people want. They have access that we don't, remember? Patch and Co. have plans... short-term and long-term. I have no idea what any of them are, but with what has been done in the past 9 months, I don't think they're going to suddenly eff it up now.
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    hehe thanks. I hung up my katana long ago, but I do have gestures we used for fights. Mine was a cute curtsy with accompanying text in English and Japanese. If I can find it in my inventory we can swap. 😉
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    **The information contained here should not be misinterpreted as legal advice.** Hello, Content Creators of Second Life! It has been a while since we have had any new DMCA reporting news, but we are pleased to announce that reporting has never been easier. We hope everyone’s aware of the Intellectual Property Online Webform, which has replaced the prior submission method by fax. If needed, you can still send us snail mail. Found someone violating your intellectual property? Ripped skins Textures Animations Body part(s) Clothing Head over to www.lindenlab.com and follow this link to submit your DMCA notification: https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy. Please note that only the authorized rights holder may submit a notice of copyright infringement. Section 17 U.S.C.§ 512(f) of the DMCA states that you may be liable for any damages, including costs and attorney’s fees incurred by us or our users if you knowingly materially misrepresent that material or activity is infringing. We also implore Marketplace store owners to make sure that all of their listings are in compliance with the Marketplace Guidelines https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines As always, we welcome your feedback and you may send an email to ipteam@lindenlab.com. We appreciate your interest and support of the Second Life environment. The Intellectual Property Team at Linden Lab
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    Updated versions of these 👍
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    In the forum. Look at the average discussion thread. Now imagine all of these people standing inworld, lets say in a club. And all of them are using the chat at once. Thats chaos. Not only is most of the contribution completely drowned out by the pure mass of itself, it also leads to peoples texts becoming shorter and shorter...because ey, whos going to read Susies 350 word paragraph in a tiny chat box, am I right?! So Susie will cut down on what could have been a nuanced, detailed statement and instead focus on a core sentiment. This fosters misunderstanding more than anything else and puts raw emotions in a pol position (even more, than on the forum). And we are still talking about text chat, right? The general tendency to "misread" others is still there. In some cases it might even become worse, because the discussion is happening in real time and you can't afford taking your time to think about something for too long or the discussion might have moved on and contrary to the forum, you have no good option to jump back to 20 minutes ago and just comment on one particluar thing that has been said. Speaking of taking ones time: A real time discussion puts certain groups of participants at a disadvantage. I'm not going to flex some numbers here (because I just can't), but I'm certain, among the forum regulars are people who would struggle, for one reason or another, to deliver the same quality, frequency and amount of text as they would normaly do on the forum. I count myself into that group, too. Right now, I have a really good moment. I'm not that hungry and still hours away from being tired. I'm in a good mood and I've just watched some videos, that relally stimulated my desire to express myself with smart words and lots of insight. Or in short: Ideal conditions to write lengthy texts. On other occasions I struggle. I struggle because English is not my native language. I don't practice it in my work life. Heck, I don't even practice writing that much at all in the 8,5 hours I'm sitting at a desk, surrounded by paper and tacky christmas decoration (we have a big plastic christmas tree in our office and I have a small clear-plastic on on my desk, that changes colours every couple of seconds. Its awsome). My best chances to still produce something good, and satisfying to myself, are on the forum. I don't have to race against those with a better grasp of the language or those with a better situational mood. I take my time and occasionally re-read my own mess. Also timezones. I would miss a lot of discussions, just because I could either not be present at all due to it being deep in the night or because I could not shove in the time needed to actually be inworld long enough to contribute to an ongoing discussion. On the forum I can just jump in, catch up on whats been said and then type my own reply. And others will do the same, once it fits into their day. Edit: Oh, and the forum makes it easier to include pictures of cute animals.
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    Came back to Linden Reveal to visit this lovely ducks
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    That's kind of why we don't have such water around places like Zindra and old mainland. What is this bizarre 'don't request things' viewpoint that has popped up in here? That's basically how one gets nothing... A request for a feature to be made is not a complaint. This has to be the last kind of topic I would have expected to get a clapback argument out of...
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    Again, I agree. LL has shown that they can be responsive, so I think they need to hear this loud and clear. Belli is the best sailing venue, with the greatest variety of waterways and destinations, in a long long LONG time. Particularly now, with the "clumps" making an appearance. With enough water to allow passage between all the involved continents, "clumps", and reefs of houseboats, this would be the most awesome cruising venue in SL. And I know that's not the goal of this project. But you are SO SO close, at this moment. Incidentally, @Abnor Mole, could you possibly make each of those clumps of homes have an identifying feature ... say, one has a blue-textured top to its lighthouse, another has an immense version of the common sand sculpture you use, another has ALL bright red recreational furniture in a park ... so we can give them nicknames and use them as destinations/racing markers? You know, like daymarkers in RL? Maybe a few of the pier tips of the new strings of houseboats too? The LCC would worship you. I bet that one of your terrific magic Moles could do this in, like, an hour, once the marker items are decided on! There aren't all THAT many places! *bats eyes sweetly*
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    Your trading limits are determined by your past use of the LindeX and or your reliability over the long term, much as the credit limit on your credit card accounts in RL. If the limits don't meet your needs, you may request a review of your account to increase your limits. Include information about your needs. Linden Lab will review your request, and if appropriate create additional limits or make adjustments to the existing limits. Request a review of your limits
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    I guess you are talking about Frank's Elite not Frants or Franz since you have complained about it in previous threads. Maybe it is consiidered a roleplay place to some. You get to roleplay dressing up and going for a dance. Did you ask someone for a dance and get turned down? Is that why you keep complaining about it there?
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    Gorgeous photo, Chic. But get rid of that chunky metal hunk-a-junk house and fill the space with Joshua trees
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