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    since Im an aussie, I'm enjoying the beaches and I purchased this skin from 7DS which gave me a nice "tan" .. getting my summer on for Dec 1st !
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    Doing the winter theme thing this year, so I'll be either wearing holiday colors and/or be in a winter setting. Started off pretty basic today.
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    Not so much today, but...maybe a week? Idk.
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    Very well done inside and out! Amazing what 1 LI mesh can do. I particularly enjoyed being dragged around on my head by your horsey carousel
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    MP freebie scrounging let me to these PJs and they don't even fit my avi but. But they're PINK so I gotta make it work somehow
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    I’ve often wondered what the story or inspiration was behind your Avatar names... ??? So... ??? I’ll go first 😬 Saravendi is a manufactured, made-up word (no surprise there). Years ago, my interior design group was designing a Spa retreat and pitched the client the name Saravendi Spa. It was to be a traditional Spa with Yoga, a retail store etc. They went with another option, but I always loved the name and Sara was alway my favorite name, so when I got the chance to name myself when enrolling for SL (just Sara was obviously taken) Saravendi became it!! I often wonder if ppl think I’m Indian in rl because of the Sanskrit ending “vendi”... nope, just a California girl who loves Yoga 🧘‍♀️ (does that count?) Namaste ~ Sara
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    Soooo cute! Where did you get that hair? You look like a 1950s romantic comedy movie star 🌟😘
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    My name's pretty much made up from things that I love and that also kinda made sense in my head at the time when I was making up the name. =p It's got some Japanese flavor to it because it's my favorite culture, but I only really know a few words and probably structured my name all wrong in regards to how the Japanese normally describe things. n.n; But, 'Momo' means 'peach' in Japanese and it's my favorite fruit and one of my personal favorite colors. However, I originally chose the name because it's the closest word that I know of that the Japanese have in regards to the word/saying 'peachy'--as in 'to be peachy' or 'to be good or happy', which is one of my personal favorite sayings. (I don't think they actually have a word or saying that translates, literally, to 'peachy' and actually do only have the word for 'peach' to describe the fruit or color=p ) The word also plays on my usual gamer-handle I use for other things, which is most often a variation of 'Peachy'. 'Moon Usagi' was meant to be 'Moon Rabbit', which 'Moon' isn't translated to Japanese because 'Tsuki' I felt was a little too long to use. And I just prefer saying 'usagi' over 'rabbit' because I think the word sounds cuter--but combined, they were meant to bring to mind the 'moon rabbits' from Asian folklore. So, sticking all of it together, after knowing that, it's original intention was suppose to be: Peachy Moon Rabbit
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    I used to enjoy watching History channel, until they stopped airing shows about history. During one show, they paid attention to the Thervingian Gothic ruler Fritigern. I liked the name and it stuck with me. When I created my account here, one of the last names that I could choose from was Gothly, so the choice to name myself Fritigern was quickly made, and counted on the fact that the name is not very well known outside of a circle of history buffs 🙂 I was also very much into Gothic (subculture and music) at the time, so there was that. So far, nobody yet has said "but hey, isn't Fritigern a MALE name?"
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    Given the marketshare of Android vs iOS globally it would make more sense to develop for that first. I do think that Second Life is not suited to be used on any mobile phone. Even a tablet isn't really adequate enough.
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    My home for the holidays. I like the multi-color lights. I used a combination of the Linden Lights and the lights from "Real Lights." I also used the Linden snow caps for the top of the house and some garlands from Hive. I tried not to overdo it, but I just love seeing all the colors and lights. I used the windlight "Blizzard" which is a pretty cool look for the winter.
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    Black Friday... ooow... what fun looking at all the sales. Ever get that feeling... and look over your shoulder?
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    Good heavens, @JUSTUS Palianta! May I, most gently, make a few observations and suggestions? Adam was not "telling you how to feel". He was making some obejective observations about what had been said by others. I think he was, in fact, correct. Everyone here is happy that you answered the OP. It was not a personal attack on you for them to point out some possible flaws in your proposed alt detection method. There is not one correct answer for almost everything. But, especially in the matter of alt detection, there are a lot of INCORRECT answers. I won't take your scheme as my example, but a much more widely-used one: the now-banned "REDZONE" alt detector. This device was advertised as a way to detect alts, and a lot of people believed that, and bought it. Unfortunately, REDZONE was prone to both false negatives (NOT detecting when Avatar B was in fact an alt of Avatar A) and false positives (incorrectly identifying Avatar B as an alt of Avatar A.) The arguments about that caused an awful lot of conflict. I am glad to hear that you're a regular forum reader. I hope that you will also become a regular forum WRITER as well. Be aware that not everyone will agree with what you say. Why, only last week I had most of the forum Regulars mad at me about...well, we won't go into that, or Jagix will have to shut us down again. That won't keep me from posting. Sometimes I'll be right...or think that I am...and I'll defend myself. Other times, I'll be wrong. It's happened before, I'm pretty sure it will happen again. When it does, I'll try to concede gracefully.
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    No thank you. They're all close relatives to the royals over here. And I much prefer Chris Eccleston as the Duke of York. Owait that was Norfolk.
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    Thank you so much for saying that @Caerolle Llewellyn! It’s much appreciated, and I’m really glad that I’ve entered such an open community with such nice and honest people :-))
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    I discontinued the use of my mobile phone. Couldn't be happier!
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    Technically, Real Life is also an adult sexgame.
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    If you don't like the style, let's see, then don't shop there? Really, no one gives a *****. Must be rocket science. You sound like one of those weirdos who thinks anyone wearing heels higher than 2 inches, showing 1 inch of cleavage, or using boob size larger than 50 is automatically a *****. Just because you like to roleplay as a 10 year old doesn't mean 99.99% of the population does. And really, such a legit threat, one person refusing to shop at a store. I'm sure all shops will be threatened into revolving around your tastes now cause their entire livelihood depends on it. 🙄
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    Or it could just be good old fashion trolling. Which always seems to wind people up on this forum more than it should. (I’m not saying you personally either, just that this thread is a prime example of it)
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    US$600 minimum before an entity is required to give you a 1099 in most cases. See; https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-form-1099-misc TurboTax gives the filer an opportunity to declare small bits of miscellaneous income. I don't know what is the cutoff for applicability; I let TurboTax decide what to do.
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    Me too, although the first I was aware of was Eisenhower. I remember hearing political jingles for Ike on the radio before the elections in 1952. My parents were reluctant Republicans, but they preferred him to Stevenson.
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    Did you use the shape that came with it, and the alpha? I found I have had to use the shape that came with the head, and of course the alpha, to get the head to look right. Then I adjust all the rest of the shape sliders to match what I was using for my body.
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    Do you want Prince Andrew? You can have him if you like, the ****.
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    Mine was Edward Gierek. Leader of the Polish Communist Regime.
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    I usually get mine the next BUSINESS day. The only time I experience any kind of delay is during holidays or weekend. Would be nice to have an instant option in exchange for the HEFTY amount that is charged to process it tho. That's wishful thinking.
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    It depends. In this particular case, considering it's about the old forums and that the ranking system doesn't even exist anymore, I'd say even a thousand posts won't do.
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    I came here to dress up and explore. Having sex was at the bottom of my list. If I'd had a list.
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    Yes, but there are an amazing number of people willing to scale that bar, and not all of them are formally educated. I am continually amazed by what I see "makers" do. Their YouTube videos are an endless source of fascination. And a great way to waste time instead of having to trudge into the lab and actually make something myself. I recently watched a video of a guy who made a two-axis computer-driven laser engraver using the guts from a couple of old CD-ROM drives. Others make fantastic rings out of coins, or LED backlights for their TVs, or a home hydroelectric generating plant, or 100 mph go-karts. The people who are using Raspberry Pi tiny computers and a few other inexpensive digital breadboard devices are digging deep into the guts of hardware and software and creating things that even McGyver would scratch his head over.
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    Build platforms in the sky are very helpful for creators who need an area to do whatever needs to be done inworld before they set something out for sale. Prevent those on mainland and store owners will have to either cram their work areas into the ground level build or leave mainland. (And "nothing above 250 m" however it's done will guarantee more low level sky platforms - better to have them above 2000 m, which means ownership and ability to set security if needed up there too.) Separating living space and store space makes sense for those with busy stores, but mine's always been small and low traffic so it's best for me to have them nearby. It's just easier and also increases the chances of a conversation with a browser or customer starting, which is my favourite part of owning a shop. Having a shop and residence on the same sim used to be a done thing. I don't know if it still is. But being on mainland increases the chances of someone with a sense of curiosity and adventure happening by and dropping in for a wee nosy. Those are often the best conversations. Just some thoughts from a "hobbyist" creator in a niche market. Please bear us in mind - collectively we're important to the vibrancy and diversity of SL.
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    Thanks everybody for these wonderfully helpful responses!
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    To help clarify this bit to the OP, Secondlife runs on a model called OpenGL. In such environment, alpha blending goes through 4 alpha depth calculation passes to render the smooth transition from opaque to transparent, whereas alpha masking runs through only one pass. For this reason, alpha blending delivers a lot of issues in regard of depth allocation, giving as result the infamous "alpha glitch", the one that renders alpha textures in their wrong depth order. This has been and still is a common problem in games, where the expertise of developers helped in reducing the effect by using alpha blending sparingly and wisely.
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    Loitering... Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/ Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/post/15528
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    Just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS to the Moles and LDPW collectively for the fantastic Christmas decorations in the Lodge too. I'm a little late to the party seeing them since I don't live in the area but was supposed to be taking part in the Winter Swaginator hunt and got distracted by all the pretties... A HUGE THANKS too for all the extras included in the recent update. I know the thread title doesn't include Lindens but big thanks to all parties involved. So to that end; ❤️ 🎅 🤶 🎄 🎁 😊 🎉 👍 ❤️
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    Moles are not customer support staff. If you need support, you can contact us here: https://support.secondlife.com/
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    Tonight was my turn to unpack my Blueberry Mega Pack. My style is not like Ellie, I'm more of a country girl!! The location is Bumrose Beach and Marina.
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    First of several new outfits I bought this week: LOVE this sweater from Baiastice with pants that fit. Shoes are from Pure Poison.
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    If you want to see how the general public- the people you want coming to your "events"- feel about how you're using the events calendar, it would take a few seconds to do a search on the topic, there are lots of threads, and aside form the ones wanting to know how events work, most of them are complaints about how it's being used-hence LL's recent "we've received a lot of complaints"(I think they forgot to check the complaint box about events for the last...lots of years, lol). You'll find most people find the obsessive spamming to the calendar to be ridiculous and obnoxious...regardless of how great the place might be, or the intention of those doing it. There are tools to advertise a specific DJ, host/ess, dancer, etc, especially free, but also not all free, of course...Groups are a wonderful way to do this, and the most commonly used one. If someone wants specific information about a specific person they are far less likely to use the overly spammed events calendar to do that. I have some singers I like, and even DJs, a lot-even though I refuse to go to clubs, I can listen in on their streams whenever it tickles my fancy by using those tools. I use mostly groups, but you also have inworld advertising, profiles, subscribers that don't take up group slots, out of world advertising methods which are most definitely only limited by your imagination, etc.. They are FAR more helpful and are more likely to reach people interested in specific folks. Just because LL doesn't have a specific rule in writing telling you "don't do XYZ", doesn't mean that doing XYZ isn't frowned upon by a lot of people, or won't give the wrong impression. I'm not knocking individuals, or individual places (other than the overly spammy nature, which, frankly, that's ridiculous, that's 12 postings per day if you run 24 hours...come on, that's excessive), but the overall consensus about the events calendar and how it's currently being used (and has been, for, forever) is pretty negative. I'm actually kind of surprised by some of the places that use it for set advertising, because not only do I think it hinders them....lots of others who are far more likely to patronize these places, do too. That's pretty counterproductive, if you ask me, especially for places that generally have a good vibe, atmosphere, reputation, whatever have you without that. I wouldn't want a place I loved and cherished to be lumped in with the likes of most of those other spammy places advertising just as much there every day...your mileage may vary. It just gives off a weird vibe in general, and, for me...nah, it wouldn't sit right. Even when I did DJ if I was ever asked to make an event for all my sets-or if anyone did it for me..I'd actually be miffed, given the bad rep the calendar has had.
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    Do you see this? ^^ That's what I felt when I woke up this morning and read the lot of ya and your postings of nonsense dragging down what should have been a well intentioned thread. Shame on some of you who had to sully it with off-topic personal diatribes and attacks. You know who you are. I've pinned this post both as a blatant reminder that the negativity will not be tolerated and to make sure the message from the American Cancer Society, one of our corporate partners is seen prominently.
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    The system requirements page is super out of date and not recommended to be used to choose a system. As mentioned, ATI doesn’t exist anymore. They made video cards and were purchased by AMD ages ago. 945gm is an on-motherboard Intel video chip from 2006. Its not relevant. AMD makes processors and video cards. Nvidia makes video cards. Intel makes processors. Intel and AMD have integrated graphics built into their processors. Intel HD 620/630 for example is intels current gen integrated video. AMD doesn’t have integrated video in every processor but instead makes APUs which are a cpu with integrated video features, speaking in context of modern hardware only they are a lot more powerful than an equivalent Intel integrated graphics option. Pick up the option with the RX 550 as it’s substantially better graphically than either the integrated Intel HD 630 or just the Ryzen 3 2200g option on its own. Even if you’re stepping down to an i3 instead of an i5. Worst case that can be upgraded fairly easily down the line. Though I think there’s a pavilion option with the Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 3 1200 or 2200g that has an RX 550. That would be the ideal choice in this price range.
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    Well hello there. 😍 *swoons* If you ever get tired of being his alt... you could come over here and be mine... (And I figured out who - check your PMs).
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    That picture makes me want to have land again. That I can terraform and place the house I want on. Sigh. I am hoping that LL will offer some sweet land deal when they finally reveal Super Premium.
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    Creo que debes leer más, yo no soy la más inteligente del mundo y pude hacerlo a la primera vez y sin guía ni ayuda de nadie, incluso revisaba el status de la transacción, que también se puede revisar desde la misma página de SecondLife.
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    ...and this is likely something you already know, but with most merchants, if you want to gift something instead of buy it for yourself (especially with those no transfer items), right click on the item and a menu that offers 'gift' should come up.
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