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    "Red is your color. Jealousy drives your beauty. Irredeemable."
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    Howdy everyone! There have been some questions and discussions about decorating Linden Homes in Bellisseria for holidays and seasons. Bellisseria is very much a community and part of being a community is celebrating holidays. So yes, Residents are definitely allowed or even encouraged to decorate their homes for holidays they personally enjoy or observe. In response to the recent queries regarding seasonal decorations and content, we would like to announce the following guidelines being introduced as of today: Seasonal and holiday decorations are permitted as long as they are not intrusive to your neighbors and staying in general continuity of the area, as per the covenant. Natural seasonal elements are permitted if they are applied subtly, such as a light dusting of snow or a scatter of leaves. Decoration should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing. As always please take your neighbors into consideration when decorating for the season. Outdoor holiday decorations are "in theme" with Linden Homes if they are congruent with the holiday season (no Christmas decorations in May or Halloween decor in April) Remember to keep all seasonal and holiday decorations within the borders of your parcel and ensure that no content extends over the parcel lines. We will also be updating the covenant to include the following: Seasonal and holiday decorations are permitted as long as they are tastefully applied. Natural seasonal elements are permitted if they are applied subtly, such as a light dusting of snow or a scatter of leaves. Outdoor holiday decorations should be congruent with the holiday season (no Christmas decorations in May or Halloween decor in April for example). Remember to keep all seasonal and holiday decorations within the borders of your parcel and ensure that no content extends over the parcel lines. Decoration should not be placed out any earlier than 30 days in advance of any holiday or season represented and must be removed within 15 days of the holiday or season passing. Happy holidays! Patch & the Moles
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    I don't get snow, well hardly ever, here in Texas. So I really enjoy having a white Christmas in SL. Some years I've bought a little bit of snowy mainland and others I've rented a little snow patch on a private island. I have friends who live up north and hate snow. In fact, one of them hated it every December when I would make it snow in SL. He kept saying can't we have a Christmas at the beach this year. So, I get it how some might not like the snow but for some of us it's nearly all we get. There's enough SL to go around for all so we can all enjoy the season as we choose.
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    This what I went through too Drake, I am still dismissed as hormonal but I have few trusted friends I can talk too when I hit low however if I crash to ultra low then I hide away and refuse to come out and my mom has to deal with her daughter aka me with what you have dealt with your own child so HUGS!!! Thank you for being a good dad, trying to support them in their low moments as I know I appreciated my mom efforts now but took me ages to open up and talk. However on my bipolar; I take each day as it arrives because frankly I can't see past the end of the current day; exercise helps maybe a little but I know for sure if got my doctors to actually listen to me, that would help but in meantime I talk to those I can and do trust. I'm out of this thread as I don't want to say more for my own sanity and personal reasons. Hugs and love to all who need right now!
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    Gotta remind him the great thing about snow in SL is that you don't have to shovel it!
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    I'm about 7ft in game...he gives slenderman a run for his money
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    this is what happens when driving randomly from southern belli
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    Medications for bipolar disorder have been a godsend, helping many cope. For other kinds of depression or conditions where antidepressants are not really indicated though I agree...antidepressants are prescribed far too often, and for the wrong reasons: https://psychcentral.com/blog/antidepressants-overprescribed-in-primary-care/ "In the 12-year period leading up to 2007, almost 1 in 10 visits to primary care physicians (9.3%), resulted in the patient coming away with a prescription for an antidepressant, the study found. But in only 44% of such cases did the doctor make a formal diagnosis of major depression or anxiety disorder. [ā€¦] That trend escalated between 1996 and 2007, as both primary care physicians and specialists stepped up their prescribing of antidepressants. Even as they did so, fewer and fewer of the patients who got those prescriptions got a psychiatric diagnosis along with their pills, the authors found."
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    If I had to pay that to get a lover, a friend or a loyal host, Iā€™d have bigger problems to worry about.
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    I haven't tested it rigorously, but it seems to behave like one would want it to behave. Essentially, camera-follow-mode (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetCameraParams) becomes the new "default" for the Avatar until the Avatar stands (hops off the vehicle). So, if the Avatar goes into flycam-mode, then hitting ESC puts them back in camera-follow-mode mode. The camera-behavior terminates when the Avatar stands (hops off the vehicle).
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    I am a big believer in historical information. I was likely a lowly scribe copying manuscripts for years on end long long ago -- that in another life thing. Whatever the reason I wanted to note for history that today was a REALLY BAD DAY in Sansar. The latest update came with a few applauded additions (hand controller hold changes for desktop if I remember correctly, so you can hold your gun and shoot more realistically -- not a biggie for me). The new camera controls are indeed better in the dressing room and will be a help to creators taking vendor photos for sure (you can actually take a screenshot of your shoes up close now). Other changes and additions were hit and miss with some not working well, some just not working, some causing continuous crashes for those building -- and now and then just for those standing around. And then there was a REALLY BIG OOPS that pretty much broke a lot of content. If you are a certified Sansar citizen you can read it all on Discord. Take your coffee (well really you better take the pot) as the comments scroll on forever in the certified social "sansar"channel. The devs think they have found their mistake and hope to fix it soon, but meanwhile a lot of previously very supportive Sansar citizenry were humming those "leaving on a jet plane" lyrics as they surveyed the continuous disregard for the builders of the worlds. The problems of today didn't affect me much. I made my items "against the rules" and so there were few changes to my stuff, but I certainly sympathize with the folks who were juggling those last straws and wondering if it might be better to go someone else or simply to stop trying to swim upstream. This was especially bad timing after the layoffs of last week. And honestly (and it was commented on via Discord) we don't even know who is working on the fix (or who caused the problem). The senior software engineer is apparently gone (comments on Glass Door) and the job is now listing as open on the Sansar website. So a few folks anyway were wondering who they're gonna call. I had visions of a twenty something fellow trying to do it all and patch up the problems (ones that he might not have had anything to do with at all). I am glad that I am not in his imaginary shoes. Lots of folks are currently on the fence. Some will calm down, some probably won't. Eventually we just get tired. I am still there but not "invested" like I was in the past and like some are still (the ones most upset). I totally get their dismay and frustration. I hope it all works out, but today was definitely not a good day.
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    Well it is a completely different platform so I don't think the TECHNOLOGY can transfer over. They may have learned some things that would be helpful here though. We can hope.
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    It's from Dust Bunny. The set is called Gracie you should be able to find it in their store. I bought the set awhile back.
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    I teleported to PG place and my c**k was detached
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    They say it beats the alternative. I wouldn't know for sure, but I am not curious enough to find out yet.
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    I know para RP'ers that run two or three avatars on two or three different SIMs at the same time. That way they have something to do during the long periods of waiting. Para RP has to be the most boring thing ever invented, but three simultaneous sessions is only one third as boring as one.
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    One of the most popular modern day fads has got to be pressing F5 repeatedly (within set limits, of course) to refresh the Land page in the hope of getting one of the new Linden Homes. However, the "fad of all fads" award, at the moment, surely has to go to abandoning a new Linden Home, then pressing F5 repeatedly in the hope of getting a better new Linden Home! (Lazier Craftier players of this have discovered the joys of auto-refresh functions.) Lots of folks, who haven't yet succeeded in getting one of the new homes, will be praying that this will soon rate as a "short-lived" fad, I'm sure!
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    Thanks to you and Miyo for a great day out. I had so much fun. And Riley made a new friend - her first! We should so make this a weekly thing! Rally the Bellisseria parents! And this is Riley and I at Pal Park today.
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    What you can do also is go to one of the areas that has not been released yet (SSPxxx on the map) and have a look around - gives you the opportunity to see them empty and cam around inside. Walking around you will be able to see all the styles as at least one of each will be rezzed on the land (not sure about all the colour choices though inside). Just be mindful if there are any Moles working nearby though as you don't want to get in their way if they are busy rezzing items or building - preferably go to a region that's empty of anyone there. There are both camper and traditional regions being built now, not yet released in the south of the continent you could look at.
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    yep! velk you are right i messed up, a pair of rings i was wearing actually had a deformer that moved the arms, and it was somehow also changing head shape just slightly, at least im not totally crazy thanks for the help!
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    Reminds me of a joke I heard. "Mommie, sis called me a hoe. So I called her a shovel." hahahaha Photo of me showing the leggings I won in a contest...woots! And, yes, I have an AO...I just wanted to show the little dot leggings I won.
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    The Photo was actually inspired by the bike, actually both the Photo and the Outfit were inspired by the bike. I wanted to make myself look rough yet sleek. Oh and the title, It is the original song not the cover. Tom Cochrane is so much better than Rascal Flatts. Sorry, not Sorry. I hope you all enjoy
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    This is a great shot! WHY IS THIS NOT ON YOUR FLICKR FEED????
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    Well, personally, I'd feel rather inadequate and sad if I didn't think I was different from other people. Or that I was so good at conforming to social norms that I "fit in" perfectly. What a dreary existence that would be. What a dreary person that would make me. You're right: no one is ever going to know exactly how you feel. And yet, here you are, pretty regularly actually, connecting with people who can't possibly imagine what you are feeling, but nonetheless seem to like and respond to you. Being a part of humanity doesn't require some sort of magical ability to inhabit someone else's head: we can't do that. I wouldn't want someone to do that to me. Being really human means instead being able to connect with someone, to enjoy and value someone, precisely because they are special and different. So, yeah. You're not just different: you're unique. There's never going to be another you. And that makes you unimaginably valuable. So for everyone's sake, and especially for those of us here who have come to know and value you . . . take care of yourself.
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    Really? Are you absolutely sure of that or are you just vehemently against DD/bg? Appearance means very little. Unless you are in an actual child av. A short female av does not mean child. My human av s just over 6 feet tall, and i get called a child all the time at clubs. Height discrimination is a thing that needs to stop in SL.
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    Here is my latest machinima about destination in second life. This time, I took video in Baja Tides. I love the serene, peaceful feelings this place has to offer! Please watch in 1080 HD and Enjoy! flickr link:
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    First, good job on sharing wireframes and uv mapping. Second, there's no need for such a debate, it's your learning project so go for it! šŸ˜‰šŸ˜
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    If people go grammar nazi on me I tend to respond in Dutch and see how well they do in a foreign language
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    Singularity need to merge in this fix: https://hg.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix-firestorm-lgpl/rev/5f073ce21cc1 You can work around the bug by using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+WINDOWS+B to reset the display adapter after closing the viewer.
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    LL can't, and therefor won't, enforce their TOS outside of Second Life and the forums. You can copy-paste a conversation from SL IMs to Discord, Skype, a blog, Facebook, or anything you want, really. From the wiki:
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