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    Gonna channel my inner Sheldon here: "In 1977, Underoos launched a line of superhero inspired underwear that transformed a generation of kids into their favorite characters." Personally, I had the Wonder Woman and Josie & The Pussycats ones when I was growing up. Me today wearing wearing one of Rhonda's shapes \o/
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    I can't believe no one is seeing the obvious clues in these photos. He posted the first one yesterday, on the date October 29. As everyone knows, October 29, 1929 was Black Tuesday. It kicked off the Great Depression, which lasted 12 years, about the age of the child in his photos. The Great Depression was the end of the era known as the Roaring 20s. This all ties together in the photo of a man leaving his "roaring 20s" and entering his 30s with a child to take care of instead of going out partying every night and being a wild man. In the picture taken on the porch, in the background you can easily see the dust, though the area he and his boy are standing is nice and sunny. Is he looking forward towards brighter things? Or is he simply not paying attention to the storm brewing behind him? My interpretation is that he is looking back at his roaring 20s with a smile, not realizing that as soon as he turns around, he'll be facing the dust storm, thus invoking deeply moving imagery of the Dust Bowl. Are the moving boxes at his new house? Or is this the old house that he has packed up? It's the old house, obviously. If he and the boy were just moving in, the furniture would be there before the boxes because it would be silly to unpack all those boxes then have to move the furniture in around all the stuff you've unpacked. Clearly the furniture has already been loaded and they're just grabbing the last few boxes. Much like the Joad family, Patch and his son have packed their belongings and are leaving Oklahoma (Georgia and Oklahoma are both between the 30th and 40th (north) parallel, another nod to a man leaving his 20s and entering the next decade of his life), headed to California (headquarters of Linden Lab) but they are trapped by the Dust Bowl. Don't you see? This is an homage to the Grapes of Wrath... but it goes much deeper. In the movie version of the Grapes of Wrath, Tom Joad was portrayed by Henry Fonda. A young Henry Fonda... ... looks remarkably like both @Patch Linden AND the child in the photos. Henry Fonda, of course, had three children, one of whom was Peter Fonda. Peter shares a first initial with Patch... Do you see where I'm going with this yet?? Patch made it SO OBVIOUS with these clues! Peter Fonda (RIP) was part of the 60s counterculture and experimented with lots of psychedelic drugs which led to many vibrant hallucinations. Coincidentally, Peter's sister, Henry's daughter, Jane, made a movie that was very similar to many of the hallucinations from Peter's very best LCD trips. That movie was the masterpiece known as Barbarella. The year Barbarella is set in? 40,000. What comes after the 20s and 30s? Yes, the 40s... Coincidence? I think not. This little photo series of Patch's is obviously showing him packing up and leaving the more traditional looking homes and the multiple homages to Black Tuesday, Steinbeck, the Depression, the Grapes of Wrath, the Dust Bowl, the Joad Family, Henry Fonda, the 20s and 30s, as Peter Fonda, and Jane Fonda, hallucinogenics, acid trips, and ultimately, Barbarella, are pointing clearly at the next theme of homes being very retro sci-fi fabulous. I cannot believe how far off the mark you all are.
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    Ogilvy, the astronomer, assured me we were in no danger. He was convinced there could be no living thing on that remote, forbidding planet. Just a fun little homemade homage on the anniversary of the 1938 radio transmission of The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles. Since my introduction to that story was by way of Jeff Wayne's musical version (still a classic, and playing in my house tonight) I thought I'd cobble together something. It ain't great, but it was fun to do
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    Give up, the window is nailed shut.
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    Spent the afternoon winterizing the camper. Closed in the porch with windows and baseboard will add a pot belly stove and a sofa etc. I love the campers cause i was able to add a storm door. Both doors work .
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    Interesting, two pics in two days. This move is going quickly! I agree, the text is not a hint. But the pic has some clues as to the house and neighborhood. All houses visible have 2 stories. The window here is not elaborately mullioned. Look at the decor molding on the front of the house outside the window, might be cute! I see foliage right outside both windows, low ... built-in windowboxes? I see an evergreen out there, doubt it's Great Plains, as I theorized above! The crown moldings are just a touch fancier than in the traditionals, I think, and well mitered, nice touch. The floorboards look like a broad pine or fir to me. I CANNOT BELIEVE that there is a mover's tape dispenser somewhere in SL. Hey, @Patch Linden and/or @Abnor Mole ! I don't suppose you're able to modify these at this point, but I have a feature request for new 2-story houses! Have one panel on the side of the house, 2nd floor, that can be either: > normal wall, OR > A DOOR! (this would make having a 2nd floor add-on room MUCH more intuitive and low-prim, because you don't have to add another stairway to it.
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    Checking out some soon to be released trailer lots not far from my place, I spotted the primo plot by a large meandering "lake". As you move inland from the beach, the trailer lands become more suburban and less camper with straight roads -- although still dirt.
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    The layout isn't the same. It's about what I'd expect from someone who owned the same furniture set. The arrangement of the detail pieces is quite a bit different, and it's typical for beds to be placed against windowless walls.
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    It could be that yesterday you simply saw some Moles there fixing an issue --- their profiles often mention that they work for the Linden Dept of Public Works.
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    An abandon. And thanks to all the amazing people that help so much in this forum, I've managed to derender a huge rock that was blocking part of the view. You guys are amazing, you've inspired me to keep on looking while enjoying the process, and I've learnt so much from you all
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    Tess, this is a magnificent picture. I admire it very much!
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    This is the first time in months, that the home page has given me the option of chosing between a camper and a traditional. So happy to see we are getting to this point
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    Might interest you ... just the newest release times from Monday 21.st till today ... 06:50 14:39 09:12 06:53 14:50 09:55 09:50 14:53 08:41 14:49 07:13 14:54 06:38 ... notice something?
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    Gather Round A Pinot Eh? ROUGE
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    ..and like meadowbrook, there's nothing wrong with them, it's just if you are not looking for those plots at the moment.
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    Can ugly leotards trigger impotence? PARTS
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    not really, the selling point of my avatar is that you can wear maittreya clothing. but even so. it leveled the field in that there is now an opportunity for that to happen for small creator. edit- i also mean though, a level field technologically........having to go to omega was not a level field for everyone............to me BoM as we know it today should have been released when mesh was. then everyone would have been happy with it.
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    Honey Our Son Eats Ribs L O T T O
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    Glad to hear it! Every time I think I find it or I can't be tempted further they tempt me further and I go after it ...but they have built and are ready to release the regions I like so we shall see will be good to stick!
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    Does BoM have a use? Sure it does, but the main issue is that for 5 years the userbase as well as content creation has gone down one path expanding on possibilities and brining SL to a reasonable quality standard, yet all BoM has done is taken it a step back from there. The very fact Teagan posted someone has a work around for non-features in BoM doesn't surprise me at all and even predicted it in my first post of the thread. It will only get worse and 5 years down the track another quick fix from Lab will be introduced to deal with some unfriendly workaround just like onion bodies now. You basically answered your own question, albeit very basically. If as you say all BoM does is flattens diffuse textures together, why didn't LL look at the same process for Normal and Specular Maps. Theoretically they are the same, just a texture, so why didn't they just apply the same process to the Normal and Specular Channels as they did to the diffuse channel. Would the above work, no idea (can't see why not though), I'm not that tech savvy, though it does make me wonder if it was even looked into. From what I can see all LL did is move one old system to a new completely incompatible system, gave themselves a pat on the back and said done. No, I don't believe there is a misunderstanding. BoM is a method implemented to reduce appliers, make content creation easier across different mesh bodies and reduce or remove onion layer bodies. Has this been achieved? No, but in part it has. I don't have a problem with the idea of BoM. I want it to work, I want to use it. The problem I have with BoM is that it doesn't keep the status quo with what is currently available (step backwards) and therefore means that people who use multiple material layers currently are forced to either live with laggy mesh onion bodies that will now never be updated (that many of us want to be removed) or downgrade to an inferior (yet newer) mesh body that will make their 'look' drastically flat or different. OptimoMaximo's scar example is a perfect one where multiple materials would be a necessity. To expand it further given the month we are in, a Halloween makeup for the face with stitches etc. All possible to make look realistic with materials however with BoM-v1 not possible unless the entire skin and scar/makeup is made by the same skin maker. This then means that you are back to square one of having to only select and support one creator vs the current (or is it now older?) and better system of having the ability to buy a really cool skin, then go to a store that sells Halloween makeup and apply that over your skin. The later creating far more possibilities, user creation and income for all. EDIT: Should have looked at the other threads prior to this one after not looking at the forums for so long. Laughable that now those same content creators hailing the new and improved mesh bodies with a reduced ARC and being onion layer free have now (or considering) introduced applier layers and material layers etc. Says it all and is how onion layer bodies started 1 layer turned to multiple. Wish there was a 'told you so' emoji.
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    Satisfied adults don't look yearningly. UNITY
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    It's AT Swimmer HUD. Available here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AT-Swimmer/5646038 And it's totally FREE. 🙂
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    After touring the gardens in Vyshgorod, it's relax time in the palace.
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    Here's my modified Winchester. I added a porch extension, spare room, and a garage. There's also a prim chimney that I'm fiddling with because I felt it all needed to be evened out. I wanted a tower but just couldn't figure out an elegant way to fit it in. Due to the off parcel landscaping I have no road access in the front thus the backward facing garage and a driveway taking up a good chunk of the backyard. I guess that I tend to make room for at least a dozen cars shows how fanatical I am about cars in SL. The backyard wall I originally created using the wall kit that came with the house, saw that its LI was over 70, then picked myself up off the floor and created my own that's LI 10. Though this far from done but I'm posting this because further progress is unlikely, I get super enthused when it comes to building but as far as decorating goes it's all I can do to get myself to put down a cat bed for Raven. That concrete slab for a patio is the result of a night of prodding myself to do something. I did add skins over the interior walls so that I could texture each room differently and, most importantly, I could texture them with something that didn't make me want to puke.
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    The steady flow of campers has ended ... it's Meadowbrook again. There have been three houses ... but I didn't catch any of them. I do not know if that has allways been the case but my autorefesh only sounds the alarm- music after having SHOWN me the house for quite some time, directly before refreshing again, so unless I keep an eye on the netbook there's no chance to get the house - usually - there are exceptions!
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    Electric Romance: Robot On Robot. L I G H T
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    Heck, even Lindal loves onions. FRUIT
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    As a RL male who plays as a SL female, I make it clear in my profile that I’m here to enjoy the anonymity and experience of living in a virtual world and that I’m open to friendships and relationships in-world, but nothing beyond that. It’s important for me to lay down that distinction. Anyone who asks to Skype or exchange social media account details within the first few minutes of meeting me is clearly looking for a different kind of relationship so I politely decline or cite my “RL boyfriend” as the reason why I can’t do this, then move on. When engaging in conversation with people in-world I’ll happily talk about and be very honest about all aspects of my RL. Gender is actually irrelevant to 99% of my/your daily life, so it’s actually a lot easier to do this without gender being an issue than you may think. I’m also happy for people to share as much or as little of their RL as they like, without any pressure on talking about anything that makes them uncomfortable. So I’m essentially living as a female online. It doesn’t feel dishonest or disingenuous as for all intents and purposes my avatar is 100% female and that won’t change. I’m here to fully enjoy all the benefits a virtual world allows me, and that includes being the gender of my choice, not to deceive or trick anybody. Ultimately I hope to meet fellow SLers who play for the same reason (an escape from reality and an opportunity to express themselves and be who they want to be free from the restrictions of the real world and enjoy a second online existence). Although I identify as a cisgendered male in RL, in SL I play as a cisgndered female and have relationships and share physical intimacy with those who represent as male in-world, despite whoever is controlling them behind the computer screen. It doesn’t matter to me. I am always open to meeting and beginning relationships with RL females playing as a SL male. Any reading this, please do get in touch! 😊 Personally I enjoy the attention I get from male avatars It’s part of the appeal of being female in-world for me. However I appreciate that I have to luxury of not experiencing unwanted attention outside of SL, where it’s much more difficult as a RL female to block or TP away from unsolicited male company. Why do I play as a female? Although I identify as straight (possibly bi-curious), I’ve never been a typical guy’s guy in RL (I despise macho posturing or shows of bravado). So in SL I enjoy the opportunity to embrace/connect with the more feminine part/aspects of my psyche. As someone who has enjoyed all the benefits (and disadvantages if you believe there to be any) of being a man in RL, I also feel it has been beneficial for me to experience living as a female (even if only virtually). Although the experiences may not be comparable, I genuinely believe it has helped me understand and connect more closely with the women in my RL. I also enjoy designing, building and dressing my avatar. As a cisgendered male, I obviously find the female form more pleasing and enjoyable to watch. Female clothes and are also much more fun and there are so many more exciting options. As a SL female I’ve discovered that I can bit of a shop-a-holic, and love putting together cute new outfits, building up my inventory, and finding shoes for every occasion! One thing that won’t/can’t change is my sense of humour and personality. I don’t think that’s something you can ever really change even if you were trying to! I’m probably a bit more flirtatious as a female, but I think that’s also because I’m in the safe and comfortable setting of a virtual world.
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    /me wonders when Washington and Oregon moved from the west coast...
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    Day 27 is "Phantom of the Opera". I did it as if Christine wears the mask now.
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    Just chillin' at home if anyone wants to drop by. Yes, I'm wearing shorts.
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    It's Halloween! Well, almost, anyway. I'm gradually getting over my fear of flying, so I decided to grab the broom and get out there again. I'd hate to miss seeing what fun things Bellisserians are doing for the season. Besides, as I discovered before, if I fly at night, hardly anyone notices. I'm safe even if I really embarrass myself by falling off or by running into a tree. Everyone else is inside doing ... well, indoor stuff. There's a full moon out there. Really lovely. There's no perfect place to start a flight plan, but I have heard good things about Pickle Island's east side, so I headed for Blackwater Shoals -- sounds like a spooky place, right? There are lots of pumpkins in Blackwater Shoals and in Port Laury next door. Also some creepy looking gnarly trees. In Sario, they seem fond of lighting and other special effects. Many homes have blinking strings of lights. I found this little tableau particularly inviting. I waved to the watchman but he was totally unresponsive -- asleep on the job. He reminded me a bit of my weird Uncle Harold after he retired and started wearing old PJs and slippers all day -- except that this guy didn't have the PJs. This guy wasn't talking either, but he had a snappy wardrobe and a well-kept flower garden. And corn and pumpkins. Homeowners in Allweiss and Verdant Falls like pumpkins. They also like music and sound effects. There's nothing quite as eerie as grinning Jack-O-Lanterns with Brahms' Lullabye somewhere in the background. I was impressed by how welcoming many homes are. This homeowner even left his front door wide open. By the time I got into Verdant Falls, I finally found places with a bit of spirit -- like this spritely little ghost. He's not much for conversation, but at least he flies around and he's cute. He's almost like a cat --- a glowing green cat, but still........ And then there's this fellow. Talk about lively! Not much of a dresser, but he really knows how to dance. I was tempted to join him, but the resident who lives there has a security system with a 15 second fuse and I couldn't convince the dancer to set foot off the property. He was friendly, though, a true gentleman. He didn't even have a tip jar. He was just dancing for fun. If I had been smart, I would have ended the evening on a high note. But no, I got suckered into watching a low life at the other end of the porch. That guy could dance all right, but what a loser. Talk about sleaze! He had only one thing on his mind, and I wasn't having any of it. "Hey, pal! My eyes are up here! Don't you know its rude to stare at a lady's pumpkins?" I've seen some weirdos in my life, but that guy made my skin crawl. Where do they dig up creeps like that? I yelled goodbye to the skinny guy at the other end of the porch and took off. I'll wait a while before I take the broom out of the closet again.
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    10 days of playtime was enough to realize an important part of SL Community is really harmful and hostile against new players. If they check and see your playtime is like a few days, they will either ignore you, block you, accuse you of being fake (depending on gender) or alt. I joined a nude beach and complimented a woman, and 10 days later, today I learnt that she was really mocking me off under the table. She thought I was trying to have an intercourse with her, while in fact I was experimenting on people's reactions to a compliment in middle of nudist beach. Guess what? This experiment was successful, and will help me to write my book. Long story short, biggest threat against newbies are old players. At least half of them hate the newbies to death. So if you want to survive, create your account and freeze yourself for a few years, then boom! You will see some respect finally. (I will close my two accounts and leave this game for good. I hope you will have a better experience than me and not encounter this people. Stay safe.)
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    I know you're not new, but try The Shelter. It's a PG place so that in itself eliminates a good number of "idiots" but it's very popular with oldbies too, and most importantly, it's active almost any time of day. There's usually plenty of local chat going on so it's easier to dive into the conversation and start getting to know new people. As far as racism is concerned, unfortunately SL is not immune to that. If someone sends you an IM that is racist, report them to the venue owners/moderators. Racism is also worthy of an Abuse Report (if you decide to go down that route, don't respond to them in local or by IM, just submit the AR and ignore/block them).
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    Good thing we're neighbors. We really must have a Beaten Path kegger!
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    Love this. Funny thing is when I first looked at it, I thought all the sunflowers were a group of martians. And, that worked for me too
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    I love seeing those pics of dem cute little trailers 😍 I really thankful for what the moles do! And that LL finally chose to updated the long outdated Linden Homes! We live in a traditional home and I love the sim surroundings there too! I really enjoy seeing that the moles and LL finally seem to have fun again with building and creating :3 it felt a little abandoned and stale the past years so its cute to see they are kinda reviving things ...and I feel that especially the bond between us residents and the mighty LL employees and moles is getting stronger again finally ^^ They listen to us, and residents start to trust in them doing/fixing things finally again! I really missed that about the very early days in SL ❤️ So yeah I just love seeing all those pics and Lindens and Moles answering in here too
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    That is freakin' awesome! Love it. 😍
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    Will try. Kinda bleary at the moment. Waiting for soup to get warm. The problem with the handles is that they are TINY and tiny things break up FASTER (oh so much faster) than larger things. I "could" have incorporated the handles into the cabinets, but that cuts down some of the modifying and I while I was making this for me (well mostly the challenge part) I did want it to be useful for others so that everyone wouldn't be using the same trailer LOL. Anyway, even though I uploaded the handles at full LOD for the first three levels of viewing the only way to get them to be REALY solid at a distance would have made them very primmy. There "is" a trick (or a couple) that you can use in this instance and I "may" try that and add that piece in for those having LOD issues. The reason that the handles "work" with the divider wall and door is that the wall breaks up the visual space. So it is VERY difficult to see the handles in the bedroom when you are standing in the kitchen for example. When it is all open then there is a noticeable problem (for me anyway). I LIKE the handles but they do add to the LI count even as is. I did try a couple of other "mesh tricks" but while they kept the LODs better the LI went up and I KNOOOOOOW people are after the lowest LI they can get and still have reasonable LODS. So that wasn't a good answer. I have three versions of woods done and tested now and I "may" (after some food and a gaming break) try another "handle trick" and see if THAT one will give better results. I am NOT going to redo four inserts, but if the handle is "better" I will pack in the "high LOD handle" for do-it-yourself folks. Remember I'm not a cashing out gal any longer. I am not worried about sales or "my brand" or any of that any more. I just want to make something useful that is also game asset mesh and looks good. AND people can of course come and SEE the build as I always urge folks to do -- so my consensus is clear. I was a bad girl the other day and forget to check the LODs on an event item. Sigh. So some major design work arounds in order to USE said bad LOD item LOL. You would think ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolfington/25/64/40 OK. Soup and puzzles and then I'll see about the handles. Hope my ramblings made SOME sense. And to @RaeLeeH the ONE trailer (really a "tiny house" not a trailer) has straight walls. That is the only one that isn't problematic. If you are working on that large airstream know that "I" wouldn't be able to make much for that one -- even after all my thousands of hours in Blender. Winter is thinking of making some things for the trailers but not sure if she is willing to tackle that one either LOL. So anyone brave enough ----- MANY KUDOS even for the effort.
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    The Williamsburg model looks like all/most of the walls are straight - at least it looks that way from the outside.
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