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    So, for full disclosure, there was.... an accident. We were working on something for something else. We used a Winchester as a test subject. A mistake was made in using a home on a region which contains the production versions of the homes. The homes from that region are the versions that are "published" to production. Through lots of.... .... the errant house got out for a very short period of time. So, some variant of rumors may be true, it may have been seen in it's purple or pink glory. The work and testing of the system was not for these homes.
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    Cassius https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2019/10/25/cassius/
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    Day 25 is " Super Hero/Villain". I went with Scarlet Witch, but I had to learn how to make a plasma ball in PS. It's not too bad for a first attempt.
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    I think my kitchen wants to hurt me. (It wouldn't be the first time.)
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    Orange*Pekoe - Mariposa jumpsuit Maxi Gossamer - Bangles - FAT PACK - Laquered - Pink, Gold, Turquoise and Silver jewellery (V1)
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    Even though this is seriously old....do you not feel that the website had a little more spark back then? xD. Developers blog..I remember this..this was a good idea.. Funnily enough this download link let me actually download the viewer from back then. V1.3.6
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    I imagine we would all be shocked, and humbled, if we knew the burdens others carry. I suspect that SL is just the place not only for introverts but walking wounded. Years ago when I made my first holiday dinner in SL, on Thanksgiving day tons of people ran in to pick one up, and in talking to them it dawned on me: this family dinner was the either the only or the most important one many would have. SL is where their family was.
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    It pains me to see people hurting as a result of participating here. Though I am unable to fully grasp where each of you comes from, I, like Scylla, Kali and so many others, want those of you who feel aggrieved to stay here. You are what brings me back to the forums day-after-day. We are going to cross wires now and then, but we're still a community sharing in the magic and wonder of SL. I am happy this place is here for all of you, and for me. Whether it's a creative outlet, a pleasant diversion, or a needed escape doesn't matter, I want everyone to be happy. Every day you people make me think, smile, and sometimes frown. You tolerate my quirky sense of humor and for that I'm grateful. If you feel like leaving, reconsider. If you decide to stay... thank you.
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    One of these days I will get out and take a photo with a background shot (I had flu. Then crazy trying to catch up with Halloween.) My Dinkie Costume...She is Winter. One of the animations in the AO has a twirl and when she twirls around, it looks like a snow flurry. It's snowing up North in America already. But, I live in Southern USA, so no snow here. It's been in the 90's here. My favorite time of year is Winter and Spring. It can get down into the 30's in Southern USA too.
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    Greetings All! New categories are added to the Marketplace every once in a while, although it has been a while since the last round. Perhaps start a new Thread in the Merchants Forum section where everyone can add their suggestions for new categories so that the Marketplace Team will see the requests and see the demand? Zero L$ items cannot be sent as a Gift. Many merchants set their Demo's at 1L$ so that they can be sent as a gift. At one time, although I do not personally know if it is still true, Zero L$ items didn't log the sales on the Merchants Sales Log, so setting the price of Demo's to 1L$ also helped the Merchant track how many times the Demo's had been purchased. There isn't a specific category, or set of categories, for Mesh products except in the Builders section. There weren't separate categories for Sculpted items when they were originally released, either, again, except in the Builders section. Currently, the most appropriate place for a Mesh Body is the one of the appropriate Avatar categories, depending on how complete the Mesh Body is. If it is just the body itself (or a Body and Head) it should be in the Shapes category. If it is a Body and Skin Applier, it should be in the Avatar Bases category. If it is a fully complete Mesh Avatar (with or without a head), that has a body, skin, and clothing, it should be in the Complete Avatars Category. If you are looking specifically for a Male Mesh Body, go to the Male Shapes subcategory first, then enter Mesh as the Keyword to search for. If you wish to eliminate Demo's, after doing the search for Mesh in the category, set the minimum price using the price options on the left by entering the minimum price and then hit the enter key on your keyboard. If you wish to eliminate 99% of all Demo items, set the price to 2. This will eliminate all Zero and 1L$ demo's. The items can be further sorted using the Sort by option to see the Newest, Oldest, Best Selling, Highest, Lowest Price, etc. If the sellers themselves are complying with the Marketplace Listing Guidelines (no keyword spam, correct category for their listings, etc.), then you should have a better than 90% result on your search return.
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    My wind in the willows house in Toad Hollow decorated for Halloween. Graphics aren't great cos I'm on my laptop 😏
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    Credits. [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tanami hair - Reds [Cubic Cherry] {Anya} glasses clean Must Trade - Simple Choker DRD - Gypsy Bangles - Unrigged Orange*Pekoe - Bikini n.3 bralet AVI(L) little Orange*Pekoe - Basic summer skirt AVI(L) - Flowers2 [NV.Designs] - Bikini Panties for Avi(L) - v1.0.2
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    So, today's theme was " Overly Sexy / Overly Used Costumes." When I went to the MP, I found this Omega applier for only $1L. I did have to fix the neck, in PS, as it didn't meet with the helm tattoo, ingame. That was probably something I did wrong, but I didn't want to take the time to figure it out and fix it, just for a pic. lol
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    Final pic of the day, I swear! lol
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    More recently, someone said to me, simply "Thank you for being my friend." 💕
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    Everyone needs to see the headline of the day. ETA: In case anyone thinks I made it up...
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    I became a premium member for the first time less than six months ago. About a month (?) or so ago I finally snagged a LL houseboat. Until then I've always rented on a homestead (never mainland), anywhere from a sliver to the whole thing. I go bonkers if I don't have at least a tiny bit of my "own" land. I'm totally green with envy with those of you saying, "House, singular? I have many." The houseboat is fun but it is tough getting used to being on the nothing-but-houseboats island. I'm thinking about trying for another spot. Maybe. Meanwhile, I've rezzed a few things inside but mainly have been working on the outside.
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    What does my SL home look like? A mess. Just like my RL one.
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    My beloved Beth just reading this now ,,, in tears come and stay with us . Seriously ,,,,, Will pick you up at airport train station where ever hugs ,,,, you are my family as well as the rest here in second life . Hugs and love and you can im me in world hugs crying ,,,, hugging you hugging you hugging you ,,,,,
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    My place in Horizons. The soft light, pink skies, and of course the double prims. Love it here.
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    I have a little wooden cabin on the lakeshore in southern Sansara. I've had the same parcel since 2009, though I've added to it over the years and I now have about 4,000 sq.m, not counting the extra parcel up the hill for my club. I tend to change things around at least once a year; right now it's a tropical beach with a little wooden cabin.
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