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    With bff, Heather, relaxing on the bunny...
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    Credits. [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tanami hair - Reds [Cubic Cherry] {Anya} glasses clean Must Trade - Simple Choker DRD - Gypsy Bangles - Unrigged Orange*Pekoe - Bikini n.3 bralet AVI(L) little Orange*Pekoe - Basic summer skirt AVI(L) - Flowers2 [NV.Designs] - Bikini Panties for Avi(L) - v1.0.2
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    Now there's a bridge at Wilderness Point. (Still under construction; it needs a support prim at the region crossing; you fall through.) That connection hasn't been made yet. SSPE281 is still vacant. Paved road to dirt road connection, SSPE194. There are connections between the paved road and dirt road systems in enough places to allow driving around. The dirt roads are quite driveable. Drove this around for about fifteen minutes without problems. This is about as big a vehicle as can be driven comfortably there, because of the sharp turns. Motorcycles were easy. A dirt bike, a Jeep, or a short-bed pickup should work fine. Enjoy.
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    You are too fast, I just added that a few hours ago!
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    I don't need campers, but for ppl who want campers, it must be days with them released too. I was more expressing curiosity that there was so many named and ready camper regions, and no campers released. Annoying with a stuck page anyway, it is that uncertainty, is it a release? Or a stuck one? The only time it is good to see "Meadowbrook" again is when this happens, so I know it is fixed.
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    Latest list of regions that are named and not yet released ... the next release candidates are ... C13 SSPE045 Copper Kettle C14 SSPE046 Orion Falls D14 SSPE062 Madison Creek E05 SSPE069 Badger Mounds E14 SSPE078 Lake Dacus E15 SSPE079 Rabbit Run F03 SSPE083 Wiggle F04 SSPE084 Antelope Lake F05 SSPE085 Todds Landing G03 SSPE099 Hope Springs G04 SSPE100 Huney Junction H03 SSPE115 Coyote Canyon P13 SSPE253 Hammond Park All but Hammond Park are Camper regions The first letter-number - combination refers to my (old!) map of Bellisseria,
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    My records show those ... named and not released ... C13 SSPE045 Copper Kettle C14 SSPE046 Orion Falls D14 SSPE062 Madison Creek E05 SSPE069 Badger Mounds E14 SSPE078 Lake Dacus E15 SSPE079 Rabbit Run F03 SSPE083 Wiggle P13 SSPE253 Hammond Park
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    I think one of the shifts has been local chats used to be more about things you could just jump in on, like a broad topic. Now they’re more like personal conversations out loud. Yeah they’re both done in local, but one of those is easier to insert yourself into. There is a difference there and I don’t even want to call it a nuance. We’re taught you don’t just jump into someone else’s conversation. I think a lot of people feel like if they’re talking in local, people are going to jump right in and it just doesn’t work that way.
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    Reminds me of driving through around in the real world and waving at someone sitting on their porch & feeling embarrassed when they don't wave back to me.
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    Chill. No one treated you like garbage. You talk down to others around the forum and enjoy telling others what to do, but I see none of that happening here. It was all on topic discussion. Perhaps the forum is not the right place for you.
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    I think the shift to IMs is part of a larger shift in Second Life - The decay of the community. Everyone is either at home by themselves, off shopping with a tiny number of friends, or going to their habitual hangouts where they are either communicating with said friends in IM or they are not even really at their computers. Most people are no longer "in SL", but instead in their own little world that SL allows them to carve out for themselves.
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    I have to say it's been easier for me to get homes lately. Of course, there is that risk of not getting what you actually want. I gave up my trailer on Sunday and got a HB on Wednesday, which I let go yesterday. Last night a got a new trailer, quite nice actually
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    Some things going on in the new landmass on the ssp. A few spots like this around the whole of the new area. Saw a mole there a bit ago.
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    Extremely new is right. Just ressed today. Welcome to Second Life. If I knew the right place for you to find what you are looking for I would tell you. I have been out of the loop for a while and was never involved in male dominated play anyway. What I can give you is some advice. First thing is take it slow. There is a stigma about new accounts because so many people before have made new accounts to do something naughty and then never return. You will find there are places around the grid that do not allow people newer than 30 days anyway. Take your time, learn to move around and how to use search. Maybe spend a little time working on your avatar. Get your feet under you before diving off into the wild world of SL BDSM. OK .. you don't want to hear that and probably rolled your eyes so hard you checked out your own butt .... Search: you need to know how to use it. Playing with it is the best way. It's not to hard to get used to. Groups: look for BDSM groups. Join a few and find out what's active. Events: search events for "munches" or narrow it search for discussions. There is usually something going on somewhere. BDSM Clubs: Yeah, don't go there. I wont say they are all meat gardens designed to extract money but enough are that just taking chances anywhere is a bad idea. Good luck. I hope you find someone that will take care of you.
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    Hi! I’m extremely new to SL and still finding my way around it, I decided to get it because I’m interested in a very specific dynamic. I’m looking for a master who owns other pets/subs and would like to add me to the (harem?). If anyone knows how I may find something like that or even has SL communities or places I may find something of the sorts I would love to know!
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    It doesn't feel right. Seen about 60 campers by now (didn't catch a single one), and the page just seems stuck on them...
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    Slink has updated the Redux bodies so you can now use materials appliers (both Slink and Omega) on them. More info here: https://slinkstyle.com/2019/10/23/a-little-update-of-redux/
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    "Why a Duck?" (a Marx brother)
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    Some people actively seek flexi, and others actively avoid it (it's more laggy and can clip and for some hair styles not very realistic - seeing flexi on afros, extreme curls, and so on leaves it not 'fitting' for African and often also Semitic hair. In this example - it's a demo advertising wrongly. Like buying a demo of a skybox and getting a house with a porch and walkway to the outside street - less extreme but still the same kind of mischaracterization. And BTW, an actual example of a product in my inventory... I've also reviewed demos for bad fit, clipping / poketrhough, AND - good things I found. I've even bought demos of things I bought inworld just so I could leave a good (or bad) review -somewhere-... Sometimes I wish we could see the review history of reviewers - though I know sellers would use it to discriminate against buyers that are honest... As a consumer it would help me know to ignore reviewers that leave too many of those 'paid for' 5-stars...
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    Jesus. I thought you couldn't get into SL at all if you were under 16? These immature idiots sound like they're about 10. Body shaming is just generally, in both RL and SL, stupid, irrational, and deeply unpleasant of course, but it's particularly odd in SL where we get to choose, mostly, how we look. Surely they must be aware that you want to look as you look? How do you criticize someone for a particular aesthetic preference? What's even the point of that? For what it's worth, Pixie, I've seen pics of your avatar. She's adorable.
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    @MichaelTrenchcoat If you are a Premium member and not logging in very often...two things will happen, and maybe a third. Your Premium dues will be collected by LL. Your membership, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually, renews automatically, and LL charges your registered payment method If you own more than 1024 sq m of mainland, you will automatically be charged a monthly tier fee, as Alwin says. (Note: If you own a Linden Home, it counts as 512 sq. m. of your free 1024. The new Linden Homes, which were introduced last summer, count as 1024.) If your payment method can't be charged (you go over your limit, your PayPal account runs out of money, your card expires), LL notes that you are "in arrears." If they can't collect from you in a reasonable amount of time, your account may be cancelled. For this reason, it is a VERY good idea to make sure your payment method is current. Or, if you know you will not use SL for a long time, get rid of your Mainland and downgrade your Premium account to a free Basic account.
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    I can understand both sides. I'm a member of some higher group fee sims. I also scratch my head at some sims that charge higher fees. I can understand the reasons for wanting to go to a sim that has mostly only people that you're attracted to. I can understand the people who think that those people in those sims are shallow etc. Some are, some aren't. You do what you want, go where you want, and pay what you want. If someone else has a problem with that, and causes you stress, then figure out a way to ignore them. Temp mute, block, avoid, etc. Our feelings can get hurt at what others think no matter which side of the fence we're on. Just agree to disagree. But remember, not everyone will be willing to do that. They'll want to keep digging, scratching, insulting. Walk away and let them waste their time and energy with someone else.
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    Two wolves eat 'leven voles. LEVEN
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    LOL, Josephine! I wouldn't dream of Chippendale-ing it to a formal event I'm checking to see if I can take Billy Porter as my inspiration - - but the combination of a tuxedo jacket and the right kind of long skirt (either modifiable for a male body, or a flat-chested jacket that would fit Skell's Syd persona) is proving nigh-on impossible to find. I'll see what I can do, but am not holding out much hope.
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    Add Lock For Additional Safety ALARM
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    Ack, hold on a sec! ETA: Move along folks, nothing to see here!
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    Oh, I just saw this thread. I posted two BOM attempts earlier in the release, with older skins from Birdy. In this one, all the cosmetics are BOM as well as the skin More fun with Bakes On Mesh by Blaise Glendevon, on Flickr And in this one, it's a mix of BOM and appliers. I think, for now, I'm going to hold on to my Onion Layer head and use a relay. I have too much stuff I like with appliers to walk away from that system. Bakes-On-Mesh by Blaise Glendevon, on Flickr And edited to add one with a skin made specifically for BOM:
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    Status Quo Used Instruments Deftly 😏 PUNKY
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    Yes that's one I regret letting go. The location was so perfect. Love the tiny homes, wish they would give us more prim allowance with them though.
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    Yes, that preference is important (though you didn;t mention that typing the M key was bringing up chat) - so kudos to @Lyssa Greymoon for thinking of it. Now that you have your keyboard back when not in chat mode, this may be useful: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/All_keyboard_shortcut_keys
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    What a fantastic idea! Give new users last names like old ones and burn all the people in the middle that have signed up over half of SL's existence! That's won't cause any issues at all. Unless "Residents" decide that they've been deceived with promises of bringing last names back (578 days ago and counting), had enough and take their $ elsewhere.
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    'Messing about in boats' Lake Tatakaka
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    I am a little late, but can i still apply?
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    Firestorm with VR support? WOULD LOVE TO! I mean it.. I really would! But one small problem. For us to do so, would require that each of our developers working on it, own a VR headset. And not just one, but one of each brand most likely. We'd also have to purchase headsets for a few of our testers and QA, and of course at least a handful for our key support people. If I had to hazard a guess... maybe ~20 headsets should do it. Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of money. Not to mention, we are very heavily taxed right now in development areas. Really short handed these days, as there are fewer and fewer developers around SL now. There was an attempt at FS VR support a while back, can't remember who it was that worked on it now, but it got abandoned. And I heard recently someone else is trying their hand at it. I genuinely wish them luck and hope something comes from it. But unfortunately, it can't be us.
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    If Second Life had enabled VR functions at the release of the Oculus, then SL would have gotten all of the fame that VR Chat currently has. Ask a teenager what Second Life is, you will get a blank stare. Ask them what VR Chat is and you will likely hear how great it is.
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    Choppy VR is not like choppy frame rates without VR. In this case one choppy, while absolutely annoying, can often be somewhat remedied, but even in the instances wherein it cannot, it is merely an annoyance. Choppy instances in VR can, and does, actually take a toll on one's literal health-both in the short and long term, it's a far, far worse idea than simply having low framerates in a virtual world (or even a game) without VR. The two are not comparable even remotely, though it might be difficult to understand the mechanics for some, the facts remain the facts. The whole "yet you still play sl" comments make me think you don't really understand the difference between the two, or perhaps don't realize there is a difference. Most likely that's because you're absolutely enthralled with the concept of VR. I totally get that, nd your enthusiasm, but you're missing, or ignoring, a lot of information. It is this information which is the leading cause for WHY VR didn't, and is not going to, continue to work for sl, even with third party viewers. The idea wasn't canned because it wasn't highly adopted, it was canned because....it doesn't work like you think it does, and it causes actual problems that are not easily, if at all, remedied without making so many changes the initial product stops being the initial product. The changes necessary for functionality aren't things that are just going to magically happen out of thin air, they (when/if properly done) will take YEARS of testing, upgrades, reverting, updating, more testing, more reverting, changing of base open source code that's not going to change because LL doesn't want to put that effort in to do so(firestorm can only make so many changes without base functionalities changing too)....you get the point, lol. That doesn't even include what happens when more than a few beta testers start going at it and the impact that may have. A handful of people who can use VR isn't going to be enough for any third party developer to be all "oooh, these five people can use it, let's ignore the other five thousand"-which is what you're asking for. It might be nice, lol and I totally understand that part, because you (like lots of others) are really excited about something you enjoy (even if you keep putting down the very platform on which you want to use it..but I digress on tat part, lol) Ftr, my vision impairments make using VR in the same capacity as most people impossible, especially now, but I do have...(a number higher than 20 ) years worth of working with VR (and also AR and AI) in slightly less than orthodox manner(s), along with more orthodox manners-including the use and creation of tech for different applications. I really don't think the majority of people actually understand VR the way they think they do, let alone how to implement it and all of the...well, everything, related to it. I'm not a diehard firestorm fan. I mean, I'm a fan, but, it's a viewer, it's not bacon. My words apply to all viewers, third party or otherwise. Plenty of people far more well versed in VR have come and gone before you, it might do you some good to read on why they left the project(s) where they did, and why it's not been more widely adopted. They didn't give up at the first sign of trouble, or first sign of things not working, and implementing VR isn't as simple as you might think. Others gave up on the idea because of how absolutely difficult it truly can be to work with from the backend. Maybe some folks only know what they know from reading a lot, studying the subject even, but they're still very much coming at it from a user point of view-even if they do understand more of the technical side than some others. If it was an easy thing to do, more would have done it by now. Far more intelligent people have been *attempting to do exactly what you're asking for more years than a lot of people have been in sl. You're acting like they tried it once, it didn't work, so they scrapped it. I assure you, that's not how things have gone over the years, lol. If those other third party viewer folks WANTED to join another team....they could have asked, they probably would've been accepted. Perhaps there is good reason why they haven't that you're not considering. Not all ideas even with the bets intentions actually come to fruition, sometimes it's hard to understand why, especially when we want what we want and can't have it.
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    for me there's no need at all to spend many hours work to add a nearly non used feature on the already heavy FS code. It's a niche market, not worth the money.
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    🥰 Enjoying a quiet moment at my new Linden home in Fofita. Almost time to get back to work. Those home add-ons refuse to make themselves. 🥰
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    I was boring. Now I'm waiting...
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    Creators running giveaways on Facebook. I get that you want publicity, but why Facebook? How many SL residents even have Facebook accounts (that they post SL stuff on), given that they demand RL details? And more relevantly, how many Facebook users would care about that picture of shiny virtual clothes that you shared? Nobody who ever was in my friend list, that much I know for sure. Surely twitter or Flickr would both be much more suitable if you insist on social media. There is also the radical ideal of doing giveaways in-world, but banish the thought!
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    Men who IM me and say that they like my look then EXPECT me to like them. After I tell them thank you and then they ask what I am doing, to which I say that I am talking to some friends, they get angry and start insulting me. Nowhere do I ask for IMs in my profile and I am not single and it states that there. However, I know many don't read profiles. Why can't people understand that just because they may be interested in you, that you are not obligated to feel the same, ughh!
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    You had me up until the bolded part.
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