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    Getting in on the Halloween action early... I actually fell in love with the S&P Medusa headdress and dress at Uber and that random purchase inspired me to do something completely different from the everyday; this! ^ The only post-processing I did here was applying a green vignette, the rest was done in world using materials, three lots of green lights, and two lots of DDD particle fog emitter behind my avatar. Unfortunately that caused this hard black line on my shoulder and other arm but I didn't want to process too much. It was my first foray into playing with materials on the skin and a bit of a struggle to set up but I think the end result was worth it!
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    Its pouring rain here in RL sighs so thought I would cheer myself up so am having a pink day here
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    Have been incredibly lazy lately. Cold weather isnt for me.....
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    I tried to add a little fall color for a background but Clover says it looks like I am walking away from a burning building. If that's the case, Maddy should approve.
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    Just did this photo today and feeling really great in this bento head.
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    This picture and the other two, started out as me just wanting to be non cliche in the cyberpunk/sci-fi genre. But it ultimately turned into me talking about how I feel this way too. I hope you enjoy
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    {Vixen} - MOXIE collar - { Bunny } :*BABY*: {SMB} Dianah - Over Dress - 2 - Little [NV.Designs] - Bralette for AVI(L) Youth - For None/Little Chest [NV.Designs] - Bikini Panties for Avi(L) - v1.0.2 [NV.Designs] - Simple Socks for AVI(L) [NV.Designs] - Uniform Mary Janes for AVI(L)
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    A few items at Something Extra caught my eye (and my wallet)... 😜 + Rugged Jacket by Krankhaus + Pantyhose & Thong by V-Tech + Jenna's Slippers by Trinity Clothing *L$1 gift at Something Extra** ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2019/09/26/extra/
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    Are You Ready To Jump? Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/post/14938 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/
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    Another chance encounter with a forum angel yesterday...…. I dropped by at Muddy's for the last half hour in world, lo and behold, who turns up on the bar stool right behind me, but Donna Underall !!!! So we hung out in what can be described probably as my best RL experience in SL. We just sat on bar stools chatting about whatever, for ages......it was very enjoyable! Good conversation in world is hard to find in clubs, or anyplace else for that matter, aside from the forum events, So I always look forward to chance encounters like this. I just did a point and click to commemorate the moment.
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    The moles have been busy on Pickle Island this week. Regions are being decorated faster than I can explore them, and they are all fascinating. Within the past day, @Daniel Voyager and @Alyona Su have both posted about the new Tusktooth region on the east coast, where there is a new mermaid grotto. It's not open officially yet, but I had to go see for myself. It's not hard to find. I started from the pinnacle rocks at the south end of the houseboat docks and swam east. No more than 100 m away, a gigantic rock mass dominates the seafloor. It's more than half a region long. It took me quite a long time to swim all around it, scouting out landmarks. I discovered that there are several openings between rocks, all quite easy to swim through and surprisingly well-lit, thanks to an abundance of Glowing Moleweed. Unlike the twisting maze grotto in Picards Wharf, this new one is a single gigantic room. Its floor is covered with a mat of sea grasses, and the luminous Moleweed is everywhere, in many colors. I spent more than a half hour poking around nooks and crannies. The walls have a soft blue glow in places, and I found masses of bright red, blue, and lavender crystals. ( Ooo! I hope they aren't radioactive! I didn't even think of that until now. No, it's probably phosphorescence. Yes, that's it. I'm sure the moles wouldn't build anything dangerous. ...... right? ) This would be a wonderful place for a large scale gathering of merfolk, or anyone else. Heck, this place is almost as big as Bellisseria Fairgrounds, and you know how many people can gather there. Look at all the room for dancing! And look what else! Treasure! I have no idea why moles would just leave it lying around like this.... ... except that they are lovely, trusting moles, and I suspect they have way more where this pile came from.
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    Hair and sometimes shoes attached to the rear was a very common TP bug for a while. I encountered it a lot in my 2007 days, but can't really remember when it went away -- and apparently never saved any pics of it. Around that same time, I used to encounter all sorts of borked avatar positioning when "standing" from a sit or dance animation. Some of my better ones ones:
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    Oh yes, I'm here, fighting the good fight...
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    My beautiful SL Sister DAWN .... She was standing model for two of my new products. I really like the way she poses and looks at me (you) ...
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    What a bitter little baby you are. I have lost a sister to pancreatic cancer and a very dear friend right now is battling breast cancer, and i'm thrilled that two people gave so much to cancer research so perhaps in the future, others will be spared the pain of having cancer or losing someone to cancer. I pray you never have to encounter either one, so grow up, put on your big girl panties and get over yourself.
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    B bought me a new hair yesterday, Truth Labyrinth....it's a new hair and comes with or without a hairbase. It's typically Newell in style. Here with or without roots...…….
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    The only thing about my current avatar that's not exactly like my RL self is... ...my hair.
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    I just attempted the very scary abandon and catch from an alt that is loosing their premium account and I was able to do it. I didn't see anything through my first 10 refreshes but after the relog the house popped up and I was able to grab it. I did it at 10:20pm slt
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    Went for a mysterious, vintage look.
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    Oh look. A picture of Scylla looking moody. What is it that Dorothy Parker said of Katherine Hepburn? That she "delivered a striking performance that ran the gamut of emotions, from A to B"?
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    This dress by Ison is bento animated and looks like it’s blowing in the wind.
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    If it was Maddy's place you burned down, you'll certainly get my approval, Rhonda.
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    Staking my claim! (Please LL, let me have it!!)
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    Aww, this is so adorable! Welcome to the thread, Kurotadori. I hope to see more from you
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    its so much fun ,watchin the moles combine work and play at the front of my house ,a whole new region being build in front of my eyes
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    So I attempted the alt to main catch and release at 2am SLT time - it went into maintenance for 4 hours! I got bored waiting and then clicked the first camper I saw when I came back. And I got almost the exact same parcel at the same lake almost opposite the previous parcel! Weird! But I am happy with it and it's my main account. I see that as a fluke and a success all at the same time!
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    I've surprised myself at how colourful my interiors have become. I guess there is so little risk in experimenting compared to RL and it is so easy to change things.
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    Well, I have come to the conclusion that some of these interesting, challenging questions of humor, I'm going to start ignoring. Yeah, I just had to see if I could pull this off. Land impact cost is 3. I didn't bother to use the wacky hookups that the moles put down, cause I didn't want to further aggravate myself. Solution, put out my own trailer hookup and well, hooked up to it! So I got an outlet socket, used a lamp plug I had and made a long prim to hook the pieces together. For a better look and lower LI I'd recommend to those that really want to have this look on their trailer, to invest in the cYo Electricity Kit: Power Outlets, Plug and Cables (European version), full perms mesh. And get the 19 - DRD - Trailer Park - Hookup. It should only cost between 2-3 LI doing this and you can keep it on your parcel this way, too.
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    Laura "Red" Dallin. Amanda's evil pirate twin. We seldom do family photos. She's had to wear the eye patch since our last family get together. Thanks again Laika. That worked perfectly.
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