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    Have been incredibly lazy lately. Cold weather isnt for me.....
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    I tried to add a little fall color for a background but Clover says it looks like I am walking away from a burning building. If that's the case, Maddy should approve.
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    This dress by Ison is bento animated and looks like it’s blowing in the wind.
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    I only just started wearing glasses in SL and love them!! These are by Blush and come in a few colors. Panteleeva looks like she might be wearing the same ones
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    That's what I call a grand entrance. Some mole was in a good mood when this was decorated.
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    I took the girls out earlier, which is always a massive effort. This time I ran three viewers on one laptop, but eventually one crashed. It's a lot of fun doing this but the sim has to be quiet, because when I crank up the graphics…..the lag is dire! So here we are: Three different Windlight settings. I took about ten images over an hour or so, well, maybe two.....
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    Thinking about the quietness of time.
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    Masquerade. Outfit by Bare Rose, mask from Avatar Bizarre.
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    I have not done a video in a long while, with the introduction of Bakes on Mesh by Second Life to the grid, the release of the new Redux system by Slink gave everyone the chance to see first hand how it could work. They have been working diligently on the newer system for a year or so, and while Bakes on Mesh was not a part of the official viewers it was in beta for a great amount of time, so people could test out features, create content for it to be ready to go. <click here to read more at SasyScarborough>
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    Oh, hello there! 😍 Actually I saw the name Alotta Mole on the Bellisseria poster for SLB16 and assumed (wrongly) that he was a she! Well he/she may be... I don't know and don't quite care, but the avatar is hot! And since this thread is all about appreciation *clears throat* ...Anyway, moving on... I honestly never knew there was a Yonder Mole or a Sergal Mole either. It's amazing to see these names and faces pop up now. It begs the question; does anyone actually know how many Moles and Lindens there are? It also makes me wonder how do they get (or choose?) their names or are they randomly assigned, or is it like the region releases and they kind of all get together and throw names around or...? πŸ€” Thanks @Leora Jacobus for posting these. And thanks of course to the many wonderful Moles and Lindens for their hard work that goes on in front of public scrutiny and camera flashes and no doubt behind the scenes (screens?) too with all the stress and stuff we mere Residents know nothing about and likely never will. Bellisseria was already pretty special at the very first release but they keep creating environments that just continually impress and blow us away. πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘
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    laughs can some one take me in controll.... i get lost on the house.... way to big now.... but i like it still 129 li left......
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    I play GTFO all the time, but never got a cargo of rugs. Oh, and for anyone who has played Get The Freight Out for a long time, make sure to grab n updated HUD.
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    That looks like the kind of graphics I'd buy cutting edge hardware for.
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    My dream spot! *sigh* I do know that it will never happen to let me live there.
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    The download for the current EEP viewer is https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ You can check which viewer you are running by opening Help>About. For EEP the first line should read: "Second Life Release" Windlight XML files are still included with the EEP viewer but it does not use them. You can find all of the old Linden Lab Windlight files (and many of the Firestorm Windlights) in your inventory under Library>Environments. You can use these directly on your land or copy them into "My Inventory" and edit them to create your own environments.
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    TO ANYONE WHO OWNS A MUDSKIPPER Take it to the big new un-built area below the campers! There are steep rocks that will turn you over, lots of open land and water, the half-built railway station to experiment with driving on tracks and buildings .... you can really open that baby up and play with driving styles without bothering anyone.
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    Thank you roseelvira, it was the most devastating thing I have ever had to witness, but as you said, everyday there are more miracles happening and I pray that one day, all cancer will be cured. It's a killer that needs to be stopped.
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    The viewer's corresponding conversion code has been there for some time (It was put in place so that an EEP viewer could still update the environment on a Windlight simulator, and has never been removed, even after the whole grid switched.) You can find it in llsettingsvo.cpp. (found at the link). Search the file for methods named convertToLegacy( ), there should be three of them. The viewer conversions do not have the issue that impacted the simulator. Be warned. The legacy Windlight format does not include a number features such as customization for clouds and heavenly bodies, independent moon position, and several others. These improvements are stripped in the conversion.
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    I have plenty of builds I can rip apart. My go-to is from L2 Studio (Lindini2 Lane). Her's are quite easy to unlink and put together again and I like her work. Maybe I'll mess around with a few of those - plenty of the houses have outside deck areas perhaps one will fit as is.
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    Instead of "Bump" I'll add some of the records I collected that might be interesting for you - @RaeLeeH asked me to. I made an Excel Table on 15th of Juli and kept record of the releases ever since. So I can give you the days of the week, how many releases and at which time SLT they happened - here goes! On Mondays there have been 9 releases- times SLT where: 06:40 09:05 09:53 (Double Release) 12:44 12:51 12:58 13:55 15:00 16:40 On Tuesdays there have been 4 releases- times SLT where: 07:40 13:00 13:52 14.30 On Wendsdays there have been 10 releases- times SLT where: 06:15 06:44 07:20 10:22 10:25 (Double Release) 10:30 14:00 14:00 14:00 16.00 On Thursdays there have been 3 releases- times SLT where: 10:27 11:40 13:25 On Thursdays there have been 10 releases- times SLT where: 06:25 07:00 08:15 09:15 09:29 (Double Release) 11:20 11:50 (Triple Release) 11:50 12:00 13:30 As you can see and as Patch has stated they usually release on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during LL office hours. Exceptions happen, especially Tuesday and Thursday releases ... these are a bonus! One thing is important to make quite clear. Each of this times happened on another date. I never witnessed another release on the same day after one had happened. If there had been two regions release or even three they have been releases together at the same time SLT.
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    These are Animesh. XO hero costumes also use Animesh for the capes. "Cape bento animated" As for standard outfits, I'd like to see more like this [edit to clarify: like those shown above by other commenters], but the effect really needs to be super-subtle or it could look really silly after more than 30 seconds or so.
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    Hello Everyone! I am looking for people who have experience in SIM/ group RP management. I am starting a new Political/Government themed project that will have a bit of role play in it but for the most part will heavily be involved in managing the finances, policies, infrastructure and running of sim and group. I will be financially backing the group as far as purchasing the land, financing the group but I would like the main council to start making decisions from the start from the budgets to what land we need to buy, activities, what infrastructure is needed, political involvement and so forth. The group will have full autonomy over the finances, rules, development and every aspect of the project. I therefor am looking for a handful of people to act as the first council (Council of Ministers) in order to get things up and started with decision making. Each member of the council will manage the budget for there respective department and vote on each matter that comes before it. The following positions I am Immediately looking to fill before I sit down with the council as a whole are as followed with a description. Councillor for Land and Development: This position requires someone with a understanding of the land transaction system here in SL as well as building up a SIM, LS , building and scripting. NOT saying that this person will be responsible for building and scripting the sim but anything that is needed for the sim Infrastructure, scripting, terraforming, or building this councillor would be the go to and oversee these areas. Position would entail scouting out different land's for possible purchase and comparing them to the needs of the group. Act as dominant person on council for these matters and have the ability to handle the budget for there respective department. Councillor for Political Development: This position requires someone with a understanding of government/political affairs as well as some knowledge of role playing. While the main Idea of the sim is to develop a mock government to run a sim and it's land as opposed to traditional management, some elements of Role Play will be incorporated here. The head of this department must be knowledgable in political affairs and will be tasked with developing the political infrastructure of the project. Councillor for Finances & Budget: This position requires a candidate to have experience in running some form of financial venture in the past, wether it be a club, RP group or sim that involved finances and profit. This position will be charged with overseeing the treasury and budget of the group as well as planning out monthly expenses, pay roll, and purchases of the group. This department will be handling the receipt book of the group so prior experience in financial management is a must. Councillor for Public Affairs & Outreach: This position requires someone who has a outgoing personality and experience in event planning is heavily favored. This department will be charged with creating awareness of the group and planning public events as well as reaching out to established political forums already in SL with the goal of recruiting other participants into the project. This department will be the go to between people interested in the project as well as shaping the list of activities and involvement available to group members. This position is tasked with getting across the general message, Ideas and overall goal of the project to it's members and prospective clients. These position are the ones I see as necessary for the first meeting however, the council may decide to create news council positions. These positions will also be paid and this pay will be set by the council themselves however I would ask that anyone interested in these position take interest in the project and not just the pay Also, excuse the newbie-ness of this account. I have been playing SL for almost 15 years but its been awhile and I forgot the password to my old account sadly but I assure you I am not a noob. Anyone interested please contact me In-world and drop a note that includes the following. Name Position Interested in? Experience which qualifies you for the position? SL or RL skills that would make you a better fit for the role? Time zone and time availability? Management or Budget experience? Any interest or experience in political affairs?
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    Funny. This is their answer to Second Life, yet they are refusing to take lessons from Sansar and have made it VR-centric? Second Life need not worry about anything VR related. I hope Facebook is ready for the onslaught of "desktop mode" feature/support requests.
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    Catznip Viewer does this, among other game-changing features not in any other viewer. Why FS team doesn't implement them (and LL also) is a genuine head-scratcher.
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    You did not say whether you are willing to come sit on my pillows as a decoration piece and do nothing else. You can always organize your years of inventory while you sit there. ~harrumphs~
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    i tend to agree that we all can reach our own limit for how much we can take of a good thing i waited patiently for a trailer. Then I got. Filled it up with stuff and not even a week later its ok, now what! do I dump the stuff and fill with other stuff ? Or dump the whole parcel and try get another one ? Or maybe get another old Linden Home for the banlines ? Or maybe a old mainland parcel ? Or maybe my head is hurting with too many choices. Or maybe I do nothing for a while, as is ok to do nothing. I am going with the nothing for now
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    Oh, another zombie post. Halloween must be around the corner. In other news: how can I make sure people in the grocery store IRL can't see fondling avocados?
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    The laundry room and bedroom are a shared space. There is a loft and bedroom upstairs. I put the nursery in the loft.
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    Some yard pictures and my new Trompe Loeil house. The Roost house I had before was just too big and not enjoyable to decorate considering it's just me and an animesh baby living here. The blue house in the background is a neighbor's house.
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    There are textures marked "trim" for the Chesapeake but they don't actually match the trim :D. I used one anyway and tinted the trim pieces to match. IF the creators used baked textures instead of tiling textures then the "starting" texture may not be very close at all to the finished baked texture and that certainly could be what is happening to any of the textures. So those are more like a starting place. And if you do have the ability to make seamless textures in your graphics program a photo with some very CLEAR Windlight will do a pretty good job. Not for trim though as you would never be able to get a large enough photo of what you needed from a tiny piece. The "missing textures" may eventually show up --- or they may simply not be available because of the way the trailers were made. I Lost Mole Airstream is a beauty (the Shenendoah) and it is definitely baked textures on the outside (looks like Substance Painter maybe) so for any of the trailers made in that manner you will just need to get as close as you can most likely. The original texture use might not be available OR they could have made the texture inside their 3D program and there would be no actual texture to pass along. Hope that makes some sense.
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    Editing up top here: @PrudenceAnton had me over to her place and it looks like it will be too big for most of the trailers. I didn't realize that the Chesapeake was so roomy in relation to some of the others. So it will just be an apartment kitchen and that's fine too. I will be most interested to see if there are more add-ons for the trailers. ************************************************* Need some input please :D. I am remaking the kitchen part of the Chesapeake build to be square (how quaint LOL) since square will work for others that need a tiny low prim kitchen but didn't choose the Chesapeake :D. It will be freestanding so "could" go in the airstream trailer and act as a divider wall too, but not visualizing that well . ANYWAY right now it is 4.68 meters wide by 3.87 meters tall by 1 meter deep. This is basically the size it was (not near as deep because there is no curve) but the same width so feels small enough in scale. My question is --- is this a reasonable size? Could it fit anywhere that you non-Chesapeake folks might WANT it to fit? If not it will just be for apartments and that works too, but if being a tad taller or narrower would be better for the trailers it is easy to do that NOW and much less effort to mod it later. Thanks a bunch for any insights.
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    I had the same issue yesterday. I finally found a trim in one of the boxes that 'kinda' matched and with a little color manipulation it worked but I'm pretty sure the actual trim I was looking for is missing from the texture boxes. I had a chat with another camp resident who said she had the same issue. I was going to ask the mole that made the version I choose (air-stream) but since he wasn't online I sent a very polite question about the textures to @Abnor Mole who never bothered to even acknowledge that I contacted him. I know they are busy but dang, complete silence. I can only suggest that you improvise like I did. *shrugs
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    Hmm... I don't have any more enough free LI to rez my bigger boats on my parcel. But I can still rez a bumper boat (it works on land and on water) and drive it to the water. The rezzer is only 1 LI, and the boat is 6 LI. This is how it works: Click the rezzer, a boat appears. Hop on. πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Dive towards the sea. 🏍️ There you go! πŸ˜ƒ
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    Creators running giveaways on Facebook. I get that you want publicity, but why Facebook? How many SL residents even have Facebook accounts (that they post SL stuff on), given that they demand RL details? And more relevantly, how many Facebook users would care about that picture of shiny virtual clothes that you shared? Nobody who ever was in my friend list, that much I know for sure. Surely twitter or Flickr would both be much more suitable if you insist on social media. There is also the radical ideal of doing giveaways in-world, but banish the thought!
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    I'm not sure where to put this. Since I'm taking the photo from my front yard, I guess it fits here. I know I have a hard time finding low prim/low cost decor ideas for holidays so when I find something I feel is so sweet, I want to share. I came across this adorable little pumpkin couple in my search across the marketplace in a huge box of decorations. Everything in the box is one land impact. They are all mesh and full perm. You get tons of decor for one linden! Please if you purchase the item read the full perm policy included on the marketplace page. I apologize if this is the wrong place. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/XO-Full-Perm-Fall-Yard-Decor/6449211
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    Wow I havent been here in * counts the pages* Holy ***** 7 pages?! Well then... I hope y'all are well and being respectful lol I've got a couple new peeves to add, and actually this ties in to what I seen someone talking about here: This! Both SL and FB, it seems like no matter how politely you put your statement, people will take any sort of statement about avatars personal and go off about them. I made a peeve list on the SL friends group of FB and most of them had to do an avatars appearance (Disproportionate Avatars, Splayed Bento hands, etc) and people got so heated over it I had to delete the post. went about personally attacking me, posted things I had on my alts profile in the comments and using it as a means to attack me, people asking me to post a picture of my avatar, even though my FB profile pic IS a picture of my avatar the over all reaction was honestly startling and made me uneasy. in the span of an hour I got around 200 comments and almost ALL of them were nasty. The Growing problem of rude business owners in SL, From the Owner of the Brand Brittany Golden, to the Owner of the event LEVEL and the creator of of a popular vendor system. and This is anything from how the respond to constructive criticism, to how they respond to blogger applicants asking for feedback and even general customer support, it seems like theres a gradual decline in SL Professionalism and a growing lack of tack and human decency, its like these people don't seem to get that how they treat people, whether it be a customer or a potential staff member, reflects on their business, especially if it gets out how they act I posted on facebook about this one so I'm just gonna paste the status here: I've gotten to where I strongly dislike getting the "Hi/ Hello/ Hey" IM's. I'm not against talking to people, I can talk ya ear off if what we're talking about is interesting but more times than not I never know how to keep these conversations going and it seems like the person on the other end doesn't really know why they've IM'ed me either. I'm not kidding when I say this is usually how every "Hi" IM goes: Person: Hi Me: Heya =) Person: How are you? Me: I'm good and how are you? Person: I'm good too Me: Thats good =) *long pause later* Person: So what are you up to? Me: oh not too much, store hopping mostly, what about you? Person: Not too much, just standing around Me: Awww hehe *After another long pause and person not saying anything, I close the window* Anyone who knows me know I can be easy to talk to but if you don't give me SOMETHING other than Hi to work with then the odds are of it leading to a dead conversation in 5 minutes is pretty high. TL;DR version, please IM me with something more than Hi, please lol It'll be less awkward for the both of us!
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    Baby I Like It... Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/post/14742 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/
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    aawwww... thanks, Scylla. I'm enjoying taking landscapes, so it may be something you see more often. lol I've also taken these, so far, both at Clifton Forge, as well.
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    Latest home on the mainland Atoll continent in a sim called Goodelli, which is nice. I like the ground textures on the Atoll continent. (Thank you Eric Linden)
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    So I had a little bit of a re-design... I got tired of the cottage I was in, mainly because the exterior stairs were bugging me. Also Madison and I were reminiscing about a tropical beach island we shared for a short while. So I have turned my lakeshore into a tropical beach. I've switched to a much smaller cottage and focussed more on the landscaping. I still have a cafe-bar at the end, but it's shrunk a bit... The cottage interior was a challenge as it's so small, but I think I did okay. I even found a kitchen that fits. And now all the hard work is done, I can relax.
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    Thank you so much to those that posted here. I feel a little less crazy for swimming upstream My place is feeling more like home as I approach my last fifty prims. This black board is an extravagant 19 land impact, but somehow this is *so me*. At home I have lists everywhere, and it is fun to update the text inworld. I am having some difficulty adding lived in clutter, as I spend so much effort trying to streamline our house in RL. However, I am determined to finish decorating a house for once.
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