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    They cannot take down an old region if even a single house on the region is claimed by someone. Also, they will not just throw up a new region in the area where the old ones are, so there is no reason or benefit to taking down an old region right now. If those old regions really were taking up enough resources to concern LL then I'm pretty sure they'd do something about them. Many folks have claimed that they could whip out new regions in no time, but such claims have no clue how much work is involved in the actual terraforming and how much back end work is associated with each region. There are plenty of posts by the Moles and Lindens explaining all of this in detail. A bit of searching will find them or I might even post a few links when I get home tonight. If they truly could just plot new regions down super fast, they would probably be as horrid as the old home regions and thus very few would want them. If you'd like to whine vent some more, this thread is designed just for that, with plenty of people that will toss sympathy your way:
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    I am tinkering with my add-on, and have finally placed it up in Humansville. I am looking for what I must upload again. The floors and a wall so far. Some things can only be seen when I rez it in place. But the house is "working" with the physics. 55 LI now with all windows and stairs in. Before, Winchester with no windows this way: And now: I was worried about the tree, but not a leaf through the wall. Only the railing, and that is charming.
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    The pointy green ones mark the centre of the regions. If you look at them in edit, you can see it in the object name.
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    I took a trip to River Run to see why it is so sought after. It is a very pretty sim, yes. But others south of it looks very promising too.
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    Moles are just humans, they can do mistakes. They respond quick to tickets, I think this was a bit unfair.πŸ˜•
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    View toward the Squishy Pickle from the backyard of my "claimed on Day 1 and I'm still there" home:
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    You (or if you've abandoned it, whoever gets it next) could put in a ticket about the tree. That's the sort of thing that's a quick fix if the parcel is otherwise good.
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    Creators that send out a sale LM that drops you - and all 10,000 of your not-so-close friends -- right in front of the vendor, in a somewhat tight area that makes it difficult for everyone to stop standing on each other.
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    I'm horrible at SL photography, and for some reason my pics turn up fairly low res ATM. But still getting my Aesthetic closer to where I want it.
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    Pool Party this afternoon in Puffin Head. Governance18 Linden came over for a bit.
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    One downside might be that the reason your Linden Home doesn't count against your parcel's available LI is that the root prim is positioned so that it's on protected land owned by LDPW (near your mailbox/life preserver) and the LI counts against LDPW's allowance, not yours. So for your plan to work, the parcel owners, not LL, would have to carry the LI for the houses. This might make them a lot less attractive to residents, I think.
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    Dancing to a live violin performance of folk dances at the Renaissance Faire
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    It all depends on who she's cuddling. If it's a friend of ours I would only think that is it sweet. I am also well aware that I am not typical nor traditional. If you are in a relationship and want to cuddle with other people the ONLY opinion that matters belongs to the other person in your relationship.
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    The view from my Houseboat - nothing has been derendered.
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    This thread has gone from offensive to outrageous. Is there anything more to say? Stefon doesn't think so.
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    I think I remember reading somewhere that they are partly the center of a region. I think they do something else but don't know what.
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    No thanks πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ŽπŸ› .... hi smiling diamond caterpillar ... as name?( because enough residents will go do that).... shoot me please.
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    I usually keep my max at 250k, until I see a jellydoll then I crank it up to "No Limit" for a moment because I am nosey and I want to see what they're wearing that's pushed them above the limit. My own ARC is usually in the 60k-80k range though it sometimes creeps up a little over 100k on occasion. I don;t worry about it too much but what I am always careful to do is remove all my huds before going to a busy place.
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    Following this topic is like watching a bad soap on television. There is tension in the air, but nothing ever happens :p.
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    Each time: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, REFRESH: Meadowbrook: ***** YOU COMPUTER!
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    Well, not everyone. I'm not logged in, and I don't even know where you are. No way in the world I can see you.
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    I work with children who have all sorts of mental and physical illnesses and disabilities. I would venture a well-educated guess that many of these kids with extreme physical limitations and disabilities have higher IQs than anyone in these forums, yet they frequently and maliciously hear the r-word or are called the r-word in school, on the bus, on outings, even in the halls where I work (and they live). How lacking in empathy does a person have to be to argue the hateful point that these children, or any children, or any adult, should not be offended by a word that is almost always used in an incredibly derogatory manner in today's society? How dare anyone think they have any right to tell another person what is offensive and what isn't? The r-word is an offensive word. Period. It causes pain to a great many people. It matters not one single iota that anyone believes it isn't offensive because it is. The individual human beings that this word is used to describe say it is an offensive word. Why is this so hard for anyone to understand?
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    ^^ This - most definitely this. Nobody's opinion matters except the people involved - primarily the ones in a relationship.
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    to the first... did you read the official threads and blog posts about Tilia? .... to the second: it IS Linden Lab .. same town, same street, same building, same nr, most likely even share the toiletgroup and coffee machine, and when nobody did wash the cups.. even those to the third: possibly
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    Good collisions on a large concave structure for only 1LI isn't a reasonable expectation.
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    I lively remember the first release, just sorted out my screenshots of that time. But compared to now it was a luxurious time. The houses lasted nearly 48 hours till all were gone and Leora abandoned five on the first day ... after which she had to wait for 24 hours. Meanwhile three of my alts got homes one of which in Sorensen I still hold and try in vain to top. Houseboats ran out much quicker. That's why they made the Squishy Pickle I guess.
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    I just yoinked the Bellaire one... Given the time frame, it seems to be every hour that it updates? EDIT: Nevermind it's trash there's a linden works tree floating 3 inches off the ground >this is obviously a joke.< Not the tree part, that's real. EDIT 2: Highlighted and pointed out a VERY IMPORTANT PART IN THIS POST.
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    Exakt same here - though I refreshed with two computers. They both gave alarm though but I wasn't fast enough. Never mind will take a look ar Siros to see what I missed Congrats to the faster ones!
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    The green trailer placeholders are being removed in areas, the houseboats in SSP230 are now the right way around in the docks, the big building is getting new tree decor... so looks to be the final frills getting done. I did notice someone working up in SSP84 as well, so I wonder if they'll toss that one into the release as well.
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    First usage we still have record of predates the internet by 800 years It's Lancelot, of Arthurian legend. In that story cycle, he was fostered and didn't know his identity or parentage. Le blanc chevalier was used to designate him until he found out and claimed a name. It was also used as a hereditary title in medieval Ireland.
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    Autocorrupt slaps my booty ALL THE TIME. Ugh. hahaha!
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    and they shouldn't If people don't like it, lock yourself in a sim, with rules that don't allow it.... but hey isn't that what many already complain about?... the banning of small avies on private regions?
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    I wonder what your style is. I can think of some ideas: More formal look with wood terrace instead of a flat green prim. Raised planters. I think a terrace flor is 100% better than a grass prim. Or a stone terrace, like this: Or whimsical, with ponds in natural rocks and plants around. Gravel, wood and stone paving are much better options than a green prim.
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    Mine's hovering at just over 40k right now, and I'm not too concerned. I did ditch a lot of system layer stuff when I first went mesh about 2 years ago, and now that BOM is coming I'm rather disappointed that I ditched it. I do, however, still have my favourite system skin that I was wearing right before I went mesh, so I am pleased about that. One day I am gonna box up all the clothing sized for mesh bodies I don't own. But...
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    More boats seen passing by my house. It seems that there is more boat traffic during weekend than on working days. (The boat with octopus in front of the boat was seen some days earlier, all other boats were seen on Sunday.)
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    this is about somebody that entered a building that was left behind in a sandbox .... keep it a bit real please, you'r not that confused to mix that up with real griefing.
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    goodness.... it's a public sandbox... get real please buy a sim and lock the door if you want full privacy and nobody comming close.
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    Well just had a couple of live people pop into my home while I was working on my avatar. Oddly enough the LH security system didn't eject them though it was turned on an their names not on the list. Which is rather disconcerting I rather have someone come up to my mail box an IM me a howdy instead of just randomly bust into my home. So put up a 3rd party system to how the covenant mentions it should be set and we'll see what happens.. FFS this feels like needing more then one anti malware program to keep unwanteds out.
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    Bellisseria's North Coastal Road's easternmost point is, paradoxically, in a cul-de-sac in West End. Some Linden had a sense of humor there. The road runs westward through quiet neighborhoods in Washburn and Abiatti . I have traveled those parts of the road before, so I decided to start today's travel at the grand roundabout in Rutherford. It's quite a large roundabout with a clear pond in the middle. There are no ducks to feed, but there are benches to rest on. I saw no crosswalks to it, but in the ten minutes that I sat there I never saw much traffic. Not even another scooter. Anyway, from the roundabout, the main road hugs the rocky coast. There are stately homes high above the road on the south side and a sheer drop to the sea on the north. It must be exhilarating to live in one of those homes and be able to look out your front window at the sea in the morning. The road follows the coast faithfully from Rutherford through Leera and Ketran, with very few trees on the seaward side. At Venber, it takes a sharp turn inland and up onto higher ground in Emerson Lake. You have little choice but to follow it. Houses from there to the west in Venber are perched right on the rocks overlooking the shore, so there's almost no way to wander that direction without cutting across someone's lawn. Certainly not on a scooter. If you keep looking for city streets that look to the west, as I did, you can find your way into Rourke and then back down to the coast again in Jacinto. I have to say, that's probably the prettiest part of the north coast. There's a beautiful little park by a turnout at the end of the road, full of flowering shrubs. It has a stunning view of the shore in Rourke and beyond, where houseboats are moored in the harbor. If you are on foot or have a scooter like mine that can handle some mild off-road wandering, you can stay on the beach from there. You'll end up on the spit that is part of the Wheelhouse breakwater at the mouth of the harbor. It's a narrow bit of land with a relaxed, sandy beach ( and NO SEAGULLS ! ). Take off your shoes, strip down to your bikini, and enjoy. That was the end of today's journey. This little beach can hardly be a secret but, you know, I didn't see a soul there either. Why does everyone stay indoors when there are lovely places like this to visit in Bellisseria?
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    Maitreya just out with this: https://sl-maitreya.blogspot.com/2019/09/bakes-on-mesh.html
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    Aww, hello, hugs and good luck to you! You can of course sell your Lindens for cash but unless it's a substantial amount you probably don't want to bother. Dive by charity is fine and as Bigmoe said, you won't be the first. What I would have done, was donate to some of the volunteer grops that do so much good work making SL a better place for us all. Since I'm a builder, I'd probably have given my Lindens to the in-world schools that helped me so much in the beginning. For other it may be their favoirte clubs, role play sims they've enjoyed, the newcomer help centers or some of the other places free for everybody to enjoy.
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    "Are you on the list?" This club owner needs a scripted doorman.
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