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    Look of the day folks, kinda was inspired by the 90s. Hope you enjoy.
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    Today I'm wearing... well, Sara? Not the actual Sara of course, but more like a picture - on a dress I took this candid pic of her while we were out shopping, and I just loved her look... So in addition to frame the pic and hang it on the wall, I made a dress as well
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    (I chose this recording because Dr John is one of my all-time favourite singers and I love this funky, bluesy version of the Duke Ellington classic).
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    New brows, new hair! All is good with the world
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    In the Pickle island: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE189/23/206/25 (Next to south from Siros region)
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    Information about the Maitreya Lara update here : https://sl-maitreya.blogspot.com/2019/09/bakes-on-mesh.html Also Maitreya is providing a BoM Relay HUD in the Maitreya Lara Friends group Notices or here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Maitreya-Bakes-on-Mesh-Relay-HUD/17978540
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    You got something against my happyface? I mean, my facial repertoire is usually limited to either staring vacantly into the distance, especially when talking to people, or outright murdering them with my eyes! I'm likeable, I swear!
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    My theory would be, that those bots might be from users looking for new homes in Bellisseria. Because they all are 116 days or 133 days old (Made shortly after the first sims were released) and look like starter avatars. Maybe to annoy others to give up on their land, idk. But that's only a theory.
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    There is a recognized order in which you should use multiple adjectives! https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/about-adjectives-and-adverbs/adjectives-order Go ahead...string several adjectives together and see how things fall apart if you get them out of order!
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    I haven't seen a house boat or house for three days... because I haven't been looking! *gasp! Shocking I know! Thought I'd take a break and step back for a while and let others grab something. But prior to that movement has seemed slow; people are abandoning less it seems. I could be wrong about that. 🤔 ^ Exactly this. Also remember to wait at least a minute between the time you first open the page to when you start your Auto Refresh tool or you will reach your limit early.
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    A nice somebody turned to my problem and having an eye on it now. As I read from others who also got the same problem: I recommend to all of you: collect the names to a list and send them per AR to Linden Lab.
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    Something like that is probably true. It says something about how well (or poorly) some residents understand the process of getting a home. There's no way that you can use a spy bot to tell you that someone is getting ready to abandon a home -- certainly not reliably enough to predict exactly when you have to be ready to click the button to claim their abandoned parcel. The time between release and the next ownership is measured in seconds. Bots are no help there. Therefore, intentionally or not, this sinister theory could be the real motive. If so, all the more reason to submit ARs when you can.
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    and patronising sarcasm such as - then those 'outside-the-debate' people see that you are already on the back foot in said 'debate' and that you most likely are only a few steps away from Godwin. Actually, my biggest objection is how rubbish, boring, unfunny and lazy those insults are. Come on, man. Make me laugh. Think a bit. Look to my current government for inspiration.
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    I'm just curious (I might write up a blogpost with the answers to this topic later on): What do you think are the most consistently popular/crowded sims in Second Life? Where you're pretty much guaranteed you'll run into a lot of other avatars? I'll start: London City sims (especially the plaza right next to their freebie store).
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    I can't put this in "Linden Homes" because Brown isn't a "Linden Home" sim, although it is a Linden-zoned sim of yesteryear, now largely forgotten. Back in the day, the Lindens tried an experiment with zoning two sims, Brown and Boardman (there weren't more at first, to my recollection) because so many people complained about newbies joining, putting up ugly plywood items, then disappearing, or oldbies with essentially grief-builds on their free-for-life 4096s. Hence, zoning. What was "zoning"? There couldn't be any commercial activity -- although because the drive for commerce was so strong, they put "marketplace stalls" in the center of the sim. It was a PG sim, and no skyboxes were allowed -- the Lindens simply removed them. You could not terraform the land (to prevent "terror-forming, which was popular then when lots of sims were at 40+/- m ability). There were streets laid out and prefab houses for sale. But you could build your own house. This area rapidly became hugely expensive and valued. I remember once an auction I took part in, where a mere 512 in Boardman sold for over $100 US to a famous builder of that era. Incredible! It was valued because while someone might go wrong with your view in terms of a house, the expense attracted not newbies or griefers but more solid citizens. Plus, there were all those easements in the form of roads and some grassy areas. At a certain point, people who had paid a lot of money to be in these sims began to demand that the Lindens make them prettier. The old stalls in the marketplace were awful; Jack Linden (who was in charge of the community back then and later promoted to VP I think) then took it upon himself to put in more aesthetic stalls. There were these ugly dead Linden palm trees -- Jack took out some but not all of them. The roads and sidewalks were spruced up by Michael Linden, who even used a resident's sidewalk (but this was back in the day when there were only 10-m prims). The streetlamps weren't changed because there was nothing to change them with. Back then, prims had an option of "bright" and not "light" or "glow" as they do now. And the Lindens retired that because it didn't look so hot. I found later that once a prim had that "bright," even a prim scrubber could not rid you of it. It was an interesting time. Today, Brown has a few end-users, a few rentals agents like me, but at least 10 lots are for sale. No one wants to live in a "G" sim as they are called now where a Linden might remove a skybox. They have long since forgotten this sim and wouldn't care nowadays if there was no nudity visible, but a particularly assiduous busybody resident abuse reports other people (the ultimate irony is this is a person who has skirted the TOS on such matters numerous times and been thrown out of groups as a result). So very SL. But I warn my tenants that if they put up a skybox, they have to expect that it may be removed by Lindens in theory. Nowadays, not only the Lindens do not care and don't always answer ARs, even the busybody has gotten busy elsewhere, I guess... It's a funny sim caught in time. Ryan Linden's original odd prefab, which I never saw anybody actually live in (although maybe you could make it into a stall), is still for sale there -- Governor Linden will sell you the all-perms item for $50, probably the last place you can still buy something from the Gov. Also for sale for $1 is a little sign that says "I am..." with the SL hand looming out at you in animations -- this was something you could put on your house lot to introduce yourself. There used to be mailboxes, too, that the Lindens had on all perms. That meant that somebody griefed mine with a talk script that activated and said "This rent is too high!". I thought it was Lindens griefing me at first (and it might have been), but it was more likely the full-perm problem, that was not turned off. I wouldn't mind if they kept Ryan's house and sign for sale for old time's sake, but that strange corrugated iron that looks like a shotgun shack in Appalachia sort of brings down the area. It was actually moved to this more remote lot near the edge of the sim (which has weird water) some time I go, I seem to remember, from another, more visible lot. A few people still have art galleries in the stalls area. One ancient oldbie put out a wheelchair and a couch on her lot in the year 2003, and it has remained there ever since, although I have never seen her log on. Likely this is the "free 4096 for life". The wheelchair, BTW, is quite a work of art! It weighs in at 80 prims and was made by the famous Albert Linden, who made the one-time ubiquitous Corbusier sofa and chairs in the Linden Library (which aren't there anymore). I don't know where you can still get this wheelchair -- maybe he made it especially for this owner (he's long gone). But there it stands, a monument to the idea that you can and should bring real life, even with its infirmities, into SL. You can also find a memorial to Garth Fairchang (once Nigel Linden) who was an amazing creative presence in SL with his wife Pituca Fairchang (the Lindens blended their last names when they married in RL). He died in 2009. I imagine if the Lindens at least convex-hulled the lamp posts, and picked up some of the side walks and lengthened them to 64, they'd have prims to use on making another lot or two they could auction off. Or offering double prims to residents. Or something to restore life to this abandoned sim. I still think residents make this a more or less good-looking sim with their own houses and landscaping. I personally have gradually sold land there because G is a horror to try to rent (because of the fear of being AR'd and having things returned). There are some cautionary tales here for Belissaria here, of course.
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    But you do need to hold verrrrrrry still.
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    Maitreya just out with this: https://sl-maitreya.blogspot.com/2019/09/bakes-on-mesh.html
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    Yes, the only option I had to remove the person was banning in the members panel of the group window. The person wasn't in the chat, so, no way to do the proper moderation sequence that is used with chat spammers. But the ban took effect only 4 days later. Don't know why the notices wasn't stopped in the server, that, for me, is the logical approach to deal with banned users. I did the ban to the notice spammer (the first ban) user when I was in a newly created region (less than 20 days), that was put in the wrong server when I bought it (it was saying I was in a mainland region). Had to ask support to fix the region the day after the order. Jira created: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227589
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    Ah, yeah the thread itself has been going for a while it seems.
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    thank you jacob for the information that's what i have been waiting for. Def good information so i was right they did have a branch located in UK after all. and that their recent location in the US was actually not their main base of operations. this shed some light on a few things. thanks for taking the time.
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    You can file an Abuse Report that you believe the person is scamming residents but don't expect to get LL to send you any of your lost linden dollars. LL also won't tell you if they took any action against the scammer. That's about all you can do. It's not very cathartic. As Love says, be careful with your dollars in SL.
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    Are you? Truly? Then learn how to conduct one on a forum by quoting people correctly. Your words should go outside the quote, not inside it. By responding within the quote you are putting your words into their mouths. (Bracketing your responses like this doesn't cut it, either.) In addition: when people who are not part of your 'debate' see you resorting to ad-hominem attacks such as - and patronising sarcasm such as - then those 'outside-the-debate' people see that you are already on the back foot in said 'debate' and that you most likely are only a few steps away from Godwin. (Regarding the 'child' thing, I'll leave Selene to tell you how old she is, because she'll probably enjoy doing that. It did give me a good chuckle, though.)
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    Thanks, Skell! This is indeed high praise. 🙂
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    You can't combine applier textures and system layers on the same body layer, but you can use an applier on an outer layer and use BOM for your skin layer.
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    With the Sansar update the term Experiences has been dropped. Now they are called Worlds. I was not impressed with avatar 2.0. They look kind of weird - alien. Avatar movement (walking) is as bad as it has been all the time - not smooth.
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    I vaguely remember a Yavapod tour taking me somewhere like that. Is this the first sim to have a road? Edit ohh I guess that would have been Boardman. The history of these old sims is fascinating.
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    Haven't I been a fair example of this over the years? The more pronounced my rant, the less you believe I actually care. In RL, I'm known for throwing tantrums and hissy fits over meaningless things. Several years ago, I dined at a fancy country club with my neighbor, who's on the club's board of directors. I couldn't pronounce half the stuff on the menu. Waitress: "May I take your order?" Me: "Filet whatsit on a bed of aaahhh-ooooh-gggah? What the hell is that? Why can't you offer me either a hamburger or macaroni and cheese, so I know I'm picking the right thing?" During the first moment, the waitress wasn't sure what to make of me, but the more I ranted, the more she started to smile. When I said "I want something from the kitchen that YOU and I could afford", she burst out laughing. Waitress: "I know just the thing." Ten minutes later, she returned with a beautiful bowl of baked macaroni and cheese. It was simultaneously so-so and the best I've ever had, or will have. An hour later, I gave her a tip that was enough to cover a "Filet whatsit" and said "Don't spend it here". There is (sometimes?) a method to my madness.
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    That small isle down south would be a nice place to live holding one house surrounded by water.
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    Add a list like this to the very top of the script. It will contain avatar UUID keys - you need to customize it for your needs, of course, and delete/replace this example data. You don't need to add the object owner. list accessList = ["key 1", "key 2", "key 3", "10000000-2000-3000-4000-500000000000", "key 5 etc"]; Replace the touch_start() event with this: touch_start(integer total_number) { key targetAvatar = llDetectedKey(0); if (targetAvatar == llGetOwner() || ~llListFindList(accessList, (list)((string)targetAvatar))) { toggle(); } else { if (llGetAgentSize(targetAvatar) != ZERO_VECTOR) { llRegionSayTo(targetAvatar, 0, "You are not on the access list."); } else { llInstantMessage(targetAvatar, "You are not on the access list."); } } }
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    I like reading your walls of text (I do, you have great insight; albeit sometimes more verbose than necessary.) I quote this portion because it's not just Bellissera with this. I won't go into details other than to state that I don't 'wilt" when I see this stuff, I hold my nose, pointing and laughing. Though the main gist of my comment is to say this: The homes make all look the same with limited variety, though the bigger draw, I believe, is the Covenant rules and their enforcement by the Big Kahuna Gods of the virtual world. Then also that it's "free" land; even on mainland, you have to spend $L to obtain it. It's also very well designed as far as the aesthetics go. So why not grab an LL Home, have a decent "view" all the way around, spend only 0%-10% of your in-world time there? - it's a no-brainer grab-and-forget and the ability to say "I own a 2019 LL Home." - Not much more than that. As for "communities" - most across the grid generally tend to be cliquish in most places, and one often feels like a fifth-wheel outsider, almost as though intruding (especially with afore-mentioned clubs, etc.) What Bellisseria does is to give people something greatly in-common with each other, and nothing else really trumps that.
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    Selene, in my RP Moderator days I had at least one VERY angry lady ask me to “Moderate” a gang because she agreed to be a “Passaround” and discovered what a dead-end role that was..after NOT reading their reference material.
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    Which makes them fairly popular targets of trolls for YouTube. Hilarity ensues.
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    I have done everything... rented on estate, owned both old style and Belli homes, and now own regular mainland. As well as that I've also spent years as a homeless hobo with only an infohub to log in at. All of these options have their pros and cons and different people will prefer different things. For me, I liked them all in different ways for different reasons, but I think regular mainland is where I will stay. I like the freedom it has over other options.
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    I think that’s a misconception because only oldbies stand around saying “Look at all these oldbies! I’ve been here 13 years how bout you! Remember prims??” There are TONS of Residents in Bellieseria. How do you recognize an oldbie in Second Life? Wait five minutes, they’ll tell you 😛
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    I can only speak for myself, but as an oldbie I like Bellisseria because it isn't a ghost town. After I moved in, I let my other rentals go because I enjoyed Bellisseria so much, and I still do several months later. I did rent a tiny little parcel a couple of weeks ago to put a quiet skybox in just for those times when Bellisseria is too busy for me, but I don't see myself getting another large empty plot in a vast wasteland of other large empty plots and siphon the money I pay LL through a land baron. I quite like paying it directly to the Lindens and I think they are learning some really fabulous lessons from the success of Bellisseria. With @Ebbe Linden's dedication to diversifying revenue streams and hopefully making LL less dependent on the land barons, I'm looking forward to seeing more variety in the Linden Home environment. Larger parcels with higher Li, but with the same quality landscaping, attention to detail, and homes, and all owned directly by LL. Diverse themes to appeal to a wider variety of people and creatures. An adult continent. Two adult continents, actually. One for people who want more adult themes, but not necessarily sexual (where child avatars could still be allowed) and one for people who do want a sexually open environment (where child avatars are absolutely forbidden, please). I have a big wish list of things I'd love see see LL implement and profit off of rather than land barons who don't really do much for the greater community of SL other than buy and sell land. I know SL was born on the concept of user-created content, and I love the amazingly talented people who make the things I buy, but LL has some wonderfully talented employees and contractors as well and I'm pretty cool with buying directly from them when possible. It might make creators up their own games a bit, and some of them who've gotten lazy because everyone buys whatever they release need that kick in the pants. Before Bellisseria, I never once considered the thought of having more than one premium account. Now, with the trailers and upcoming new themes, I know I'll be upgrading at least one alt, and possibly more. It would be awesome, though, to not have to use alts. Give me a premium level that would allow me to rent multiple LHs once they're all built out and I'd be happy as a clam and utterly delighted to have my landlords be Lindens instead of someone I don't know or trust. I also think it would help with new user retention and increasing premium memberships, and I would make certain to feature them in the new user experience that we all know needs some serious work. I also think Bellisseria residents are also absolutely loving having more interaction with Moles and Lindens. Even though the interaction has quieted down a bit with the angst strewn upon them for not building cookie-cutter homes, they are still around and it's fabulous. Hopefully once the fussy people get homes (or get homes they're satisfied with) @Patch Linden and the gang will start coming out to play again and that sort of fun with the much loved Lindens and Moles can't be offered by anyone other than LL. TL:DR version - If LL starts pulling in more money from individuals, and some land barons start losing money and bail... shrugs.
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    This is the kind of post that made me surprised how young you are. Chock-full of wise and experienced advice. In my experience, the best and most successful relationships are the ones that start out as friendships. Partly because you already know what you're letting yourself in for, and partly because you'll know that a person who is already a friend will have your best interests at heart, as well as their own. Compromise does not mean "lowering your standards". It means co-operating and complementing one another. TLDR; don't look for relationships. Look for friendships first.
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    It is a nice idea one more for begin, hope see your nice pictures Kisses
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    No clothes?? No skins? Lol https://www.flickr.com/groups/4644070@N22/ Hating and bashing without proper researching. Legacy is by far the best looking body in SL in 15 years. I've had none of the drama lined out in this post. Maybe some folks just need a reason to be negative, which is fine for me because I dont mind looking better than 98% of those around me. But I'm also happy to help anyone who cares about visual fidelity and I get that there's a lot in SL or in rl that do not care about this at all ❤️
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    As Catwa heads are Omega compatible they're already Bakes-on-Mesh compatible. Even if they weren't, it would only take one person who was able to make a Catwa applier to make an applier that would send the necessary UUID to the head. As far as the current onion layers, as far as I can tell if they're turned off the rendering engine just ignores them. I doubt that head makers will spend much time updating their old products. The big difference will start to come when makers decide that making new heads without the onion layers and necessary scripting and HUD's are quicker and easier. Someone will start releasing good quality heads without the layers that are far less expensive than the current L$5000 heads and customers will simply ask why they should be spending L$5000 any more. As system skins and tattoos are "jailbroken" by their nature being tied into a proprietary system won't be a factor anymore either.
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    “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” If you are capable of doing so, build the Firestorm viewer from source and try my fixes. Start here with the Firestorm building instructions. Build the Firestorm viewer from source code and run it. Add my fixes from the link in the Firestorm JIRA above. Three files on Github replace the files with the corresponding names in the "newview" directory. Rebuild Firestorm. See my "README.md" file for instructions. Try some vehicles in Second Life. There's an in-world support group for people who build the Firestorm viewer from source, "TPV Self Compilers". You can get help if you're stuck.
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    My ban list currently has 16 bots on it. Also my parcel is no where near the middle of the region but they seem to always choose mine.
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