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    Quiet moment in my sky platform. 🙃 🙂
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    Someone mentioned to me today that they don't think they've ever seen my avi dressed in "normal" clothes. And I just got to thinking...but I think, honestly, all these avi varieties of mine are "normal" me. 💛 Although, to be fair, I do have "normal" clothes for my avi. Wait until winter time, I'll be dressed up in sweaters all day erryday.
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    I can assure you that the posts here do get read, not just by various Moles like me but also by LDPW Lindens and by LL staff and executives all the way up to the most senior levels. We're constantly discussing and trying to take on board suggestions and comments we see both here and in the in-world community groups, and we're also constantly adapting our schedules and working practices to create more regions as fast as we can, while still retaining the standard of design and building that's so great a part of Bellissaria's attraction for so many residents. The problem, though, is that many of the ideas people keep on proposing to help relieve the backlog and to make a better distribution system are ones we've already considered but have had to reject as unworkable for various reasons. I know how long it took to set up the present distribution system, for example, and I know what the people who would have to write and maintain the code for a waiting list have to say about the practicality of the idea, and how long it would take to adopt, given the back-end system as it already exists, and it's just not something that can be done in a timely manner to a satisfactory standard. It's not that we're ignoring ideas or can't be bothered to implement them. When we don't take them up it's generally because we've already investigated them and come to the conclusion that many of them just won't work, for reasons we often didn't know about until we started considering in detail how we'd implement what seemed at first to us, too, an apparently attractive proposal until we examined it more closely and discussed it with other LL departments who would need to be involved.
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    Long day. Good day. Building on my new sim. Making Windlights(R)
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    I had so much fun switching out my beach house from Winchester to Adams, that I next changed my houseboat from Barnacle to Evening Star. I'm using Blush's add-on made for the Evening Star, which helps make the houseboat into more than just a big open space, and have been decorating away. Currently, I'm tinkering with the bathroom:
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    Okay, I wasn't going to do this yet, as the work isn't nearly half-way done; but since ppl have been so kind, just a small preview. Avi look may be subject to change (or be completely swapped out for something else), but presentable, at least: And here's Bento, ftw!
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    Causing A Commotion... Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/post/13191 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/
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    We went to great lengths in writing the covenant in a way to give residents the freedom to be creative and express themselves while staying within reasonable limits that help preserve the look and feel of Bellisseria that residents have come to expect. It was a lot of trying to find that balance. The 15m height was decided upon to keep resident creations at least partially obscured from view behind the trees (that is what the trees are there for really). Staying "in theme" is also important. But really the most important part of the covenant is simply that it is there. It is to get people in the mindset of thinking before they rez. The letter of the law isn't as important as the spirit if the law. We want people to ponder for a moment and ask themselves if what they are putting out might be viewed as an eyesore by their neighbors. Not because they might get reported or get in trouble for being .2m over the line... but because it's just the thoughtful thing people within a community should do. Do we want people going around being nosy as self appointed neighbor police? No. But if they do see something truly bothersome or questionable then yes, we do hope they will either politely say something to the neighbor (in case they aren't aware) or report it so it can be handled that way. As far as decorating houses for holidays, how is that NOT in theme?
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    I'm not really good at following orders from random strangers, so yes, I will respond. Thank you for calling me a child as well! I turn 50 in just over a month so, hey, I'll take the compliment! I'm not desperate for attention, but I also don't back down when I'm confronted, and in case you need a reminder, you confronted me. If people think I'm being insulting by calling them out when they are behaving atrociously or being insulting and hateful, them I'm good with that. Perhaps you should read up on the Paradox of Tolerance. I'm not going to sit by and watch anything in this world, including these forums, be ruined by people who are full of animosity and hatred. I also know you're reading this. You might mute me but you won't be able to resist seeing what I had to say...
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    Just regular old decorating content. We have a budget we have to stick to. It is a reminder for the moles decorating to not go over budget on one side of the river and not leave enough LI for the other side when we get to it. That region is about half done and 6k is roughly half the budget for that region. Mystery solved. *thinks about saying something like "that is where the pet rock breeding stations are going to go" anyway and watching the speculative comments fly at the speed of rumor*
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    Bored while waiting on a trolley.
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    If we meet up in line, this will be me, Beef. 😁
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    We were curious to see if residents would be able to take the innertube in that little lagoon under the dock and make their way to open water. (Answer: Yes, they can.) So yes, I was "inspecting" 😁
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    At around 11:04pm CST one popped up but I wasn't fast enough... then 3 mins later I was able to nab one! Good luck all! They are out there.. just be patient!
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    Decorating our home has been a really slow ongoing process and is still being tweaked with here and there to make the most of our land impact usage. Here is some of the things hubby and I have done differently from last time. Still very simple. 😁
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    Slightly more cyberpunk today...
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    One more before I fall asleep! Love the new wet look outfit from BB. No practical use in any way I could think off, but excellent for picture
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    It's not even the whining that bothers me anymore. I absolutely understand that people are upset that they don't have a home yet. It's the armchair quarterbacking and telling LL what they should be doing and flat out saying the Moles are incompetent. It's unnecessary and helps nothing. If anything, it actually hurts the process because it's demoralizing and demeaning to the extraordinary work they do. I know I wouldn't be putting my best efforts forward for people who insult me at every turn. Negging doesn't work for the incels, nor does it work for the Bellisseria homeless. Be upset that you don't have a home, but don't be insulting to the people actually building those homes.
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    Sooo, after a lot of work and effort (and fun silly moments!!)trying to create a whimsical, wild retreat in my back yard, I think I'm getting close. It's actually becoming a shelter for wild animals, hehe, and I love it. Hope you do to!!! Thank you all who suggested those great ideas, sending messages and comments, they were truly appreciated.
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    Did some minor edit to this blog I did.. I think I did okayish on it! I added some mini sparkles & made the detailing on the overall picture to be sharpen more! And that's it I don't edit in Photoshop so 🤷
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    ZOMG... it's going to be THUNDERDOME!! Once finished, the quest for a Bellisserian house ends at Thunderdome! Two residents, one Traditional house. A fight to the death. SO MUCH FUN!
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    I thought so too but maybe we have entered .. The Twilight Zone 😨
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    Boy, you lay down for a few hours and *beep* hits the fan. Too many posts over the last 2 pages to respond to. So I'll address a couple and be on my way. Yes, there is a lottery system and a first come first, first served method in place. Its called first in line at the window, clicking to get a Linden home, hits the jackpot, gets the home. Again, it is the most unbiased and fair method, if not fully practical. I'm going to state this again, because I feel this is most important for those heating up their keyboards, feeling there is a better way to get things done, or that how LL is implementing the building and releases is not to some people's satisfaction. A person should always look into the committed, continuing purchase, you know, buyer beware: the axiom or principle in commerce that the buyer alone is responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before buying. If you signed up for a premium account, like I did, after you learned about the new Linden homes for 2019, that responsibility to ensure what was available, what might be entailed for you getting one of these 'in demand' homes, falls squarely on each new premium members shoulders. Not Linden Labs. That means it is the responsibility for each of us to look up the information, review the latest news, then assess the questions. "Do I want to invest my money into a product that is high in demand but low in availability?" "If I make this revolving monthly purchase for premium membership, knowing that my main reasons is to acquire a new Linden home, yet the product is in high demand and my odds are going to be rough at getting one, am I willing to go the extra lengths for this?" If you answered yes to the questions above, if you did your homework, need I say more? If you did not, shame on you. If you were already a premium member, its your own responsibility to monitor the new information that Linden Lab puts out there for premium members. Lastly, the posts regarding how the moles build these regions just baffled me. Oh yeah, I've seen these so called regions: take a blank region and terraform, landscape and theme a region in a matter of hours. Any region that is done in that short amount of time is not quality, but a flawed rush of sloppy workmanship. I design and build on regions, and even with a good team it can take a few days to get an area completed, looking top notch and well constructed, even then you are going back again and again to ensure you didn't miss something and fixing the things you missed the first, second or third inspection. Doing an entire region, takes even more time for top quality work. Now take into account that Patch and his moles are doing an entire continent, must match up and align road ways, water ways and place homes in a precise puzzle of precision and then there is the complexity of giving each region its own distinct artistic landscaping, is no mocking matter and should be respected for the difficult task and fine craftsmanship that this team is working on to give all premium members top quality homes in beautifully landscaped settings. The ambiance alone, is one of the highly favored and key sellers for many of us wanting these new Linden homes.
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    I have been in Yorkshire too, it is nice little place. sad that you didnt manage wander there more. Try go back some day, it is worth of it. /p.s. very old pic from mine classic head days, made in Yorkshire/
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    Looking for Aegle, Hesperia or Erythia? I've been to some performances over in the church building before - but now it is restored to... well, a church.
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    We're trying to explore new sims when we get time and today I've done about four I think. This one is very well put together with a lovely stream...….perfect for a photo..... No shadows today, just a sky setting...... The sim is "Mimmo", and as I write this, I crashed out...….
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    I'm so ridiculously busy right now...…...having just joined a dance troupe....yeah really...….that I haven't been able to fit in any photos...…….. So I made time to go out with Salty. There's a new sim called "Yorkshire"...….. Well we had to go. For some reason it was super laggy, and we had to dodge a 4 day old numpty who got in the way. With Windlight and shadows set it was almost impossible to get a decent image but hey, that's SL...…. When we go home we relaxed and discussed how the session had gone...…..
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    What I don't understand is the persistent need for telling others they don't work, don't have a job or are lazy because they've been able to attain a home while the ones who do not are forever at their job working long hours and so on. What a huge and rather rude assumption. Perhaps take a step back and realize Earth is a big planet and the community of SL consists of people from all over the world. Different time zones and different types of jobs. Some even do work from home. I work from home so it does happen. The need to belittle others in this manner is mind boggling to me just because they've been fortunate to get a home. Beth even said she considered herself lucky to of gotten a home. She was humble and to the point. Plus she made me snarf on water when I read, "I, too, can terraform and theme a region in a matter of hours... minutes, even (it'd be crap, but whatever)." That was pure awesome sauce! 😂 There is a huge difference between being blunt and being rude. In fact, all over this section of the forums you will find continuous responses of how people feel so thankful they got a home. I also don't understand the need to constantly attack the Lindens and Moles who are doing a good thing for all of us. It is bringing Lindens, Moles and all of us together as a community. They are doing a wonderful job. They are reading and giving feedback. They are all doing their jobs the right way even through the persistent verbal bashing they get because some don't understand the concept of being patient. The entitled tone from some is what is truly ridiculous. You're wanting a home that will be part of a large community of people so maybe just try to realize we're all on the same side including the Lindens and Moles who are working as fast as they can on a huge project that is going to take time. Try making friends seems to be a logical thing to do since this is the case. it isn't hard to be kind, to show a little patience and be a bit more positive.
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    I need changes in sl so much,so I tried shapes and skins I have in inventory or never unpacked and tried,and go back to what I had,so for now let me post cat pic.
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